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Haikyuu NSFW Oneshots


Just a collection of Not Safe For Work oneshots of all your favorite Haikyuu boys (and possibly girls) THIS CONTAINS SMUT S . M . U .T BEWARE CHILDREN

Erotica / Romance
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introduction + requests

Hello! Thank you so much for reading my oneshot book, words cannot describe how happy I am ^^

Now, if you had read the title, you should be aware that this is an NSFW book.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, it stands for "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" meaning that it has graphic, mature content. Also meaning that if you're a minor (12 and younger) then I'd advise you to leave now and never come back until you reach the preferred age.

Before we start, let me go over my ground rules.


I will state this again, if you're very young, please leave this book. I do not want any children reading this at all.


Please be specific with your request. If you want kinks, add them in your comment. If you want a backstory, add it to your comment. If you do not, I will take matters into my own hands and just write it my way.


Be patient. Unfortunately, I cannot dedicate all of my time to these stories of mine, due to me having a life of my own. So please don't bombard me with demands and ask me when your request is going to be completed.


I have every right to reject your request if I need be. If it is too hard for me to do or I don't like it, I will kindly reject you.


Since I usually do female readers, I will stick with that in every request. Unfortunately, I cannot do male readers nor any other such, I'm sorry.

Anyway that's all my rules for now (may add more) so if you plowed through all of that, go ahead and request, if you want.
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