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F.W.B-Cedric Diggory X Reader


A cocky, licentious, overachieving Hufflepuff boy.... & a vacillating, persistent, Slytherin girl. Both trying to come to terms with each other's questionable habits. Mature Content !!All original things from the Harry Potter series belong to J.K Rowling!!

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:



-this book is raunchy, read at your own expense

-there will be triggering & upsetting topics

-not really slow burn, putting this here because people ask me a lot

- chapters with smut have this in the title> *

-Y/N is placed in Slytherin

-keep in mind that the timeline has been bumped a little higher just for the story's sake, so phones are mentioned but only a handful of times.

-Starts as y/n and Draco dating but it doesn't last long at all, he will be reoccurring throughout the story though

- 6 & 7th year ( starts during 6th)

- if you are easily offended or triggered, once again read at your own expense but there will be some aggressive/sensitive things brought up in this

-Disregard Cedrics death from the original series.. he will not die in this story.
This story does not follow the plot of Harry Potter. The only things that are used from the books are just the settings and characters and some minor events , so if you're looking for something with a lot of correlation to the actual plot I'm sorry if this isn't for you


-Jackie O'Brien (and other characters that will be further introduced belong to me)

-I won't be putting pictures of my OC's , they're up for imagination but I will be doing descriptions of them whenever they're introduced that people could go based off of

- there will be little to no description of y/n, it's an X reader for a reason

-lots construction and re-editing chapters so comment if you see any mistakes

-frequent updates

-sex, drug abuse, violence, you've been warned

. . .

New characters will be introduced in later chapters, Now keep reading if you want to get your back blown out by Cedric..
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