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𝐁𝐔𝐍𝐍𝐘 𝐁𝐎𝐘 ➵ 𝘵. 𝘬𝘶𝘳𝘰𝘰



since you didn't get much sleep from staying up all night, you put your head down on your desk, arms around your head, making you point of view all dark. you slowly closed your eyes, but soon shot them right open when you realized you were in school. eventually, you closed them once again falling into a deep slumber.

you haven't realized that kenma was just staring at you. he was actually really worried about you at the moment. even though he himself wasn't really taking care of himself by sleeping. tetsurō on the other hand was in his own so-called dreamland in his head.

he grabbed a handful of his hair, ears and cheeks warming up, and his toes curling in his shoes. even though no one could see his toes curling, different students noticed that the male looked dense. it was like he was carrying weights on his shoulders. different students asked if he was alright, but they eventually got a nod and a 'i'm fine' by the bedheaded male.

the doors soon opened to reveal a black-haired male with blue eyes, who was their sensei. students then quieted down, waiting for their sensei's instructions.

kenma then turned to you, shaking your shoulder. "[f/n], sensei's here." once you heard those words, you quickly put your head up, and kept your posture. the older male in the front of the class sighed, using his middle and index finger to push his glasses.

"now," he started, "as you may know, you will all have a math exam after lunch today." students then started to groan. the male rose his hand up, which made the students quiet down. "i hope you all studied for the exam last night."

'shit! i didn't study half way through!' you cursed in your head. you clenched your hands on your desk and gritted your teeth. you felt kenma stare at you, but didn't say anything. you then felt someone tap your shoulder. you turned around to see tetsurō.

"need something, tetsu-kun?" tetsurō shook his head, which made you raise a brow.

"i was actually wondering if you studied last night." you blinked twice, then you furrowed your eyebrows into a frown.

"based on the eye bags and how tired i am, does it look like i studied?" tetsurō sweatdropped and sat down on his sit.

'guessing you really did get distracted, [n/n]-chan.'


once your homeroom was over, you then started to head to your chemistry class you had with tetsurō. something off was about the male. everytime you would start a conversation with him, he would be silent and was less active.

you then wrapped your arm around the male's shoulder and leaned to his ear. "something bothering you?"

"h-hey! too close, [f/n]-chan!" you chuckled and patted his head. tetsurō puffed his cheeks out, arms over his chest.

"come on, tetsu-kun," you whined, "you've been ignoring since we left homeroom!" tetsurō looked down as he felt his ears burning up. he didn't really have a reason why just then the bell rang.

"you know what you can tell me later after history let's go!" you grabbed tetsurō's wrist and dragged him along as you got to your next class.


once you both made it to your chemistry class with tetsurō, you basically barged in while you exclaimed to your sensei that you and tetsurō were present.

"would you like you to explain why you both are late, [l/n]-san, kuroo-san?" tetsurō then started to stutter on his words. you actually found it adorable for the male, but eventually got pissed off when you heard boys and girls snickering.

"it was my fault! i asked him if he could help me study for our math exam, but we lost track of time." tetsurō looked at you with widened eyes.

"[f-f/n]-chan-" the poor bedheaded male was cut off by the young adult.

"alright, i'll let it slide this time. but please come early to class by tomorrow." both you and tetsurō nodded. you made your way to your seat, which was at the back of the class, with tetsurō next to you.

thirty minutes have past by, and sensei soon announced that you'll be doing a chemistry project. when sensei announced the chemistry project, you looked over at tetsurō who had stars in his eyes, basically beaming in joy.

"remember, the project will be counted as a grade, but the rest will be optional." the young adult explained. "but if you want to work in groups, partners, or individual, it's up to you. as long as you do your project, you'll get a good grade."

you felt someone next to you stare at you. you closed your eyes and gave a small smirk. you, of course, already knew who it was. you opened your eyes and turned around only to see tetsurō giving you his best puppy eyes.

"please, [n/n]-chan~?" you only chuckled and caressed his cheek with your thumb.

"sure thing, tetsu-kun!" you gave him a closed-eyed smile. tetsurō's eyes widened. he felt his cheeks and ears warm up. this may have sound cheesy for him, but the way the [h/c]-haired female smiled made him have butterflies in his stomach. he felt his heart beat faster than usual.

you eventually removed your hand when you felt his temperature rise.

"are you alright, tetsu-kun? you're heating up!" you pressed the back of your hand on his left and right cheek then moved to his forehead.

"i'm alright, [f/n]-chan." you looked at the male with worried eyes, but then sighed. "so, where do you want to start the project at first?" tetsurō put on his thinking face then soon held up his index finger, meaning he already had an idea in mind.

"how about we go to my house after school?"

"i don't mind, but alright."

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