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[ deal with the devil] sukuna x reader


y/n was a curious young girl when she accidentally made a deal with the kings of devils . this is the story of a girl who made a deal with the devil . n͎o͎w͎ s͎h͎e͎ w͎i͎l͎l͎ t͎e͎l͎l͎ t͎h͎i͎s͎ s͎t͎o͎r͎y͎ t͎o͎ h͎͎e͎͎r͎ c͎h͎i͎l͎d͎ .

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

~ Flashback~

Its was a bright blue day , with birds singing and the cool ocean breeze blew over the land has a little girl and her friend plays in the near by woods.

The were slowly wondering from far from home , has laughter and smiles filled the air . They played and wondering outside of the town of the village. Laughing and running to exploring ponds and caves .

Until it her and her friend decided to play hide and seek . her little friend named itadori ran away has far has his little legs could take him has little y/n count to 10 .

But when she was looking for him she couldn't find him anywhere like , he just disappeared . she searched deep in the forest till she got lost her self.

Drip , Drip

Has the rain started pouring out of the sky , thunder started clapping in the sky has she ran to find shelter she then fell over a stick she then called out " Itadori!! Where are you ". She then got up and started running until she found a little cave in the middle of the forest she entered has she has seen no harm or danger inside of it.

She then sat down and drew a circle and a star.
Has 6 year old y/n was very intelligent she was wondering though the library when she found a book

[ how to make a deal with the devil]

Has she was reading see saw a drawing of a man sit a throne below it where skulls of person he didn't approve of looking down to the word at the bottom reading them [sukuna king of devils ] she then put down the book and went home.

She then but her thumb letting the blood fall into the circle.
" has the dead feeds on the living , cutting and tearing , devils that feasts on the weak please hear my call" she closed her and chant .

She then saw black , until torches light up one by one leading to skulls with a man on a throne looking down at her with a smirk.

"Well, well look have what we got here , a little girl that couldn't solve her problem so she tried to summon devils " he said looking down at her.

She then realized it was sukuna her eyes widen .

" please sukuna, can you give me back my friend and get me home " she said has tears left her eyes

" If I grant your wish what will you give me little brat ?"

She thought for a moment but nothing came to her head she then looked down in silence .

" OK.here's the deal , when your 20 birthday comes you will be mine to claim you will birth my child and that dear friend of yours shall lose his his life so I can take his body and walk the earth"

She then thought for a moment " well he doesn't come of has bad has what the book told her" she said to her self looking back at him .

" OK fine just bring me back to my normal life please" you begged

" OK , but let me tell you once there other devils finds out your my future queen they will come after you one by one killing everyone that gets in there way . but let's hope 14 years go by quickly " he said with a smirk.

Then every thing turn black. She opened her eyes to see herself on her bed with itadori on the guest bed in her room .

"I'm so sorry I did that to you itadori , that was very selfish of me but its was needed to be done " she said crying her self to sleep

~Present ~

Y/n then stop to look at her baby boy sleeping in her arms . welp aren't you sleepy today did mommy bored you with her life story . she then walks to the baby bed . well tomorrow I will continue she said has she looked through the window .

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