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[ deal with the devil] sukuna x reader

Chapter 2

It was lunch time , you were feeding your son chikyu . you watch has her chewed will little of the baby food spilling from the corners of his mouth you slowly clean the area with a napkin.

"Well now should I get back to my story?" You asked giggling taking up the baby boy into your arms and carried him and yourself to a rocking chair.

" After that night I knew I had to learn to protect me and itadori from any harm or danger that might happen later on in life, when I was 7, I train myself in mastering how to battle using a sword . how to swing ,attack and defense was my life , I never took a break ".

~Flashback ~

Days to months pasted but the girl kept on training , sometimes she would accidentally cut her self with the sharpe weapon , has itadori and megumi watch from the side lines helping you if need . To tell the truth they didn't understand why you kept on pushing and trying .

You had sleep less nights , every time you slept you would have conversation with sukuna . constantly mocking her in her sleep making her feel weak . she always asked her self " why me , I'm just 7 year old I should be playing around in the Near by meadows with itadori and megumi .Crying her self to sleep wishing she could tell her parents what was happening but it would be useless they wouldn't believe that a child my age would be going through this .She sat up looking into the ceiling of the house wondering what will happen tomorrow.

Today was day you tested out your skills , your big brother gojo decided to help you with your training today because he was the best swordsman in the village .

Standing one feet apart but person armed with there sword in the air. They then bowed and took fighting stand's.

Megumi was gonna start the battle. " OK , now please y/n don't kill yourself , 1,2,3 .....fight!"

You took off with your sword at your right you swang it up and slamming it down on gojo's sword , he then moves swiftly to your right . you then back alway trying to figure out his next move but before you could you felt a shadow behind you " oh shit " you turn around just in time with your sword in a defense position. She then felt pressure begin push down on your sword you tried pushing it upwards has you looked at gojo's face you saw a smirk . " well look at my little sister trying to fight her older brother" he then removed his sword has you leap backwards looking up at him has you were breathing heavily and sweating.

You then dashed at him getting ready to swing your sword when you felt a sharpe pain in your side . " shit " you cursed under your breath , has gojo's sword piercing through your flesh slowly going through your your skin , your blood dripping out from your smaller body . " stop now ! Y/n if you don't stop your gonna die of blood loss" itadori yelled has he watched you bleed out .

" were done for the day , I'm not gonna kill my little sister just to prove I'm stronger " he said has he slowly pulled out his sword out your stomach .

You were now blacking out from blood loss all you could think of is how sukuna will mock you has her torture your body.

You then woke to hear him laughing " you foolish girl " he said has he stabbed you in the stay spot again .

" please no..., another day please it hurts" you whimpered thinking he would stop .

He then smirked has he stabbed the other side ." now why should I , your the one that hurt this is your punishment for being weak , not being able to protect your self , you wouldn't want to cut your friends life shorter just to come protect you " he said has he dug his hand deeper into your body.

The only thing that can be done is to just take it, has you started to tear up . "it just hurts , just stop it won't have again I promise please just stop " you begged .

You then felt the movement of his hands stop and you felt breathing on your ears has his hand been removed from your stomach.

" well, let's see if you can keep that promise , now brat lay down let me heal you " he whispered

You did has you where told,
Closing your eyes feeling your body slowly healing.

~end of flashback ~

You now were looking down on your son has his red eyes stare at your face. You then tickle his tummy making him laugh while trying to get your fingers . you then heard the door open seeing sukuna at the door. You then took up chikyu and put him on your shoulders walking in another room.

" well aren't you going to greet your husband" he asked with a sly smirk on his face .

" good after noon my wonderful husband , bye has you can see I'm going to put chikyu to sleep" you said sarcasm and anger in your voice.

" well Can't I hold my him well he is my son isn't he " he said

" no " you answered angrily

Has you begun to walk away but was stopped by hands around your waist has you felt sukuna behind you bringing his mouth near to your ear. " OK look here princess you better behave ...or do you want to get punished hmm do you " he said knowing you didn't have a choice . "no I don't" you answered nearly crying " good girl ,now turn around and give me my child and sit down and tell me about your day like a normal wife would do" he said taking chikyu from out of your arms ,then wiping your tears with his fingers.

" why did I made that deal for" you asked your self has you go sit down beside him.

h͚e͚l͚l͚o͚ ......y͚e͚s͚ i͚ k͚n͚o͚w͚ t͚h͚i͚s͚ c͚h͚a͚p͚t͚e͚r͚ w͚a͚s͚ a͚ b͚i͚g͚ o͚o͚f͚ b͚u͚t͚ i͚ w͚a͚s͚ b͚o͚r͚e͚d͚ a͚n͚d͚ h͚a͚d͚ n͚o͚t͚h͚i͚n͚g͚ t͚o͚ d͚o͚. a͚n͚y͚w͚a͚y͚s͚ t͚͚h͚e͚ c͚h͚a͚p͚t͚e͚r͚ w͚i͚t͚h͚ n͚o͚t͚ b͚e͚ t͚a͚l͚k͚i͚n͚g͚ a͚d͚o͚u͚t͚ t͚h͚e͚ p͚͚a͚͚s͚͚t͚ ✋🏼. w͚e͚ w͚i͚l͚l͚ b͚e͚ l͚o͚o͚k͚i͚n͚g͚ a͚t͚ y͚o͚u͚r͚ l͚i͚f͚e͚ h͚a͚d͚ s͚͚u͚͚k͚͚u͚͚n͚͚a͚'s͚ h͚a͚s͚ y͚o͚u͚ c͚a͚n͚ s͚e͚e͚ y͚o͚u͚r͚ o͚n͚l͚y͚ h͚a͚p͚p͚y͚ a͚r͚o͚u͚n͚d͚ y͚o͚u͚r͚ c͚h͚i͚l͚d͚ a͚n͚d͚ n͚o͚t͚ h͚͚i͚m͚ b͚u͚t͚ i͚ w͚i͚l͚l͚ w͚o͚r͚k͚ o͚n͚ t͚h͚a͚t͚ l͚a͚t͚e͚r͚ o͚͚n͚ .

n͚͚o͚͚w͚ i͚ s͚h͚a͚l͚l͚ s͚a͚y͚ m͚y͚ g͚o͚o͚d͚ b͚y͚e͚ u͚n͚t͚i͚l͚ n͚͚e͚͚x͚t͚ c͚͚h͚͚a͚͚p͚͚t͚͚e͚͚r͚😶 b͚y͚e͚.

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