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You fall into a hole, leaving your old world behind. You wake up unconscious not remembering a thing, but wake up to realize you live in a terrifying world of titans. Levi Ackerman, your captain is a cold, mean and scary guy who seems like he doesn’t care about anything in the world but surviving. But is it possible that he could care about something far greater than that? ‼️⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️‼️ I do not own Attack on Titan or any of its’ characters.

Romance / Adventure
mia ackerman
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1. Supernatural

hi, so this is my very first story. i hope you all enjoy, if anyone ever even reads this lmao 🕺 ah well.


Your friend's POV

"I'm sorry. Goodbye." She said as her last words before gracefully falling into a deep gaping hole in the middle of a field. She always had this fantasy. Where she could somehow physically shift into her desired reality. I didn't blame her at all, though. She was only (y/a) after all, and had a slightly bigger imagination than others. She would rant for hours on end about how she would just love to shift realities into her favourite anime. What was so good about it? It couldn't possibly be better than the reality we lived in. It was a fantasy world filled with man-eating giants, where people would constantly live in fear inside of walls. Why would she want that?

You're such a weeb. I thought.

She always told me about how she admired this one character, Captain Levi I think it was. He was the corporal of the Scouts, a team designed specifically for the purpose of abolishing all of the giants. She's showed me so many pictures while fawning over this guy. I'll admit, he looked okay, just like any other ordinary male anime character. She constantly said she would die for him and all that bullshit. He was her wallpaper for her Home Screen, her Lock Screen, and her profile picture on nearly every social media platform.

She was obsessed. She also wasn't like other girls. Sure, a bunch of girls fawn over this man, but Y/N was different. Something about her made my heart skip a beat every time I looked at her, or anytime anything involves her. From head to toe, she was the definition of perfection, in my eyes at least. She didn't have many friends. I was her closest friend and felt honoured to be the one who makes her smile every now and then. She was the person who brightened up my day, just with her smile, even on a day where I felt like complete shit. But now she's gone. This hole in a field, took her away from me. I think: I should follow her. I can't lose her. But she would have wanted me to stay here, so that's exactly what I did. I stared deeply into the hole and waved with a smile, tears forming in my eyes. I hope she sees me. Seconds later, the hole quickly shrank and disappeared. The next thing I knew, the love of my life was gone forever.

Your POV

I wanted to take the chance. I wasn't happy here. I thought hole would bring me to my dream reality, the Attack on Titan world, with Levi. I felt like he could be the only one to make me happy. I don't know why I didn't like my current reality, I had Oliver with me. Oliver was my best friend and always put a smile on my face. I guess you could say I loved him, in a friend way. But I loved the thought of finally leaving this boring ass world more than I loved Oliver.

I grew up a happy kid, I had both my parents together and rarely fought with them. When I was twelve, someone broke into my house and my parents died trying to protect me. Oliver heard the commotion next door and called the police. They arrived before the man could shoot me too. I wish he did. My parents were the joy of my life, but now they were gone. As I grew older, I became miserable. Empty. The bone-chilling memory of my parents getting shot right before my eyes left me pained and sad. I seemed like I enjoyed my life and I put on a smile for others to not kill other people's mood. I pretended to be happy. I pretended to be someone I'm not.

Ever since then, I had always felt like something was missing inside of me. I was deep into my thought once again while taking a walk with Oliver and that's when I saw it. A hole, this is some Alice in Wonderland type-shit... What if I... no way, that's impossible. The hole looked intriguing. The basic emptiness of it had a pull to it, inching me closer and closer to it. How mesmerizing. I walked up to the edge of it and took a peek inside. Pitch black. I suddenly felt a tug on my sleeve.

"(Y/N) get the heck away from there! What are you thinking?!" Oliver screamed and pulled me away from the hole.

The hole that could finally end it all.

"Hey Oliver, what do you think is down there?" I asked him. He looked at me in disbelief. "You're actually curious about this thing? I think death is down there if you ask me." He said half-jokingly.

I want to go in. I really shouldn't. But I want to.

It all happened so suddenly. My impulsive thoughts influenced my body movements and the next thing I knew, I was falling down a hole.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye."


What happened? Where am I? When did I get here? Who am I? Why am I on the ground? Am I on somebody? Wha-

My thoughts were immediately cut off by an annoyed and confused voice underneath me.

"Who the fuck are you? Get your filthy body off of me, you brat."
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