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My Desire - Levi X Female Reader

2. New Beginnings

Hi guys, thanks so much for reading this, if you have. I really appreciate it. I hope you like this second part!! ❤️

Your POV

"Who the fuck are you? Get your filthy body off of me you brat."

I gasp as I regain consciousness and become aware of my surroundings. (Well, sort of)
I look beneath me and I see a glaring man, with raven black hair and piercing blue-gray eyes stabbing into my (e/c) ones. I immediately scramble off of the man and take a brief look at him. He's wearing a green cape with white pants, a brown jacket and a cravat. Wow, he's gorgeous. He slowly stands up and eyes me suspiciously. I cower from his gaze in embarrassment. A few minutes after, the awkward silence and tension was broken. "Who are you?" He questioned. I wasn't even sure about anything at this point. I couldn't remember a thing. Why couldn't I remember? Surely I came from a family. Everyone did, so where was mine? The only thing I was sure of was my name and my age. "(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). I'm so sorry about how I fell onto you. I didn't mean to." The gorgeous man simply glares at me, rolls his eyes and proceeds to ask questions. "Whatever. Where the hell did you come from? You fell from the sky onto me. And you're fucking heavy, dude." Ouch. This guy apparently doesn't know his manners.

It took me a while to realize that there were other people surrounding us, with dazed and confused expressions on their faces. Suddenly a tall blonde haired man with really thick eyebrows walked up to me. "Sorry about him. Levi can be rude at times." He apologized.

Levi. That name. It brought a small spark to run through my body.

"Tch. Whatever. Erwin, get this brat out of here and clean her up. I was in the middle of a lesson until she fell from the sky and squashed me like a bug," The gorgeous man spoke up. Who's he calling a brat? It was an accident. I folded my arms and glared. I was close to speaking up for myself before I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and the bushy eyebrow guy, (I suppose his name is Erwin) calmly told me to follow him into the building. My cheeks flushed with redness as I quietly followed Eyebrow Man into the place with many eyes staring at me. I could hear a couple people snickering, which made my embarrassment even worse. "Come with me to my office," Eyebrow Man said as we entered the building. I was asked a couple of questions like my name, my age, where I came from and other things. "My name is (Y/N) (L/N) and I'm 19 years old. I don't know where I came from. I simply remember waking up and hearing that mean guy telling me to get off of him."

Eyebrow Man sighed. "Yup, that's Levi for you. Like I said before, sorry about his attitude. That's just how he is. My name is Erwin, and I'm the commander. Changing the subject, we would like to test you on your fighting skills, just to see if you're good enough to be in the Survey Corps with us. You seem like a pretty strong girl." Why would I need to be tested on my fighting skills? Whatever, I'll ask for explanations later.

- -

"Seems like you did pretty good, where did you learn to fight like that?" Erwin said in shock.

I honestly don't even remember. "I'm not sure, natural talent I guess?" I said with a smile. He chuckled and proceeded to ask me some questions on the living conditions around here.
"So you know about the titans right?" He asked. Titans. Why did that word send a shiver down my spine? And how did I know what they were? "Titans are big ugly giants who have killed hundreds of thousands of people. I want to kill them all. I know about their weak spots, how they regenerate, their variety of sizes and some of the most deadly ones out there." I spoke quickly. He seemed impressed that I knew about so much, especially since I couldn't even identify where I came from.

My training begins tomorrow in the morning. I seemed worthy enough to fight in the Survey Corps, at least in Erwin's eyes. I was led to the mess hall, where I was introduced to my new comrades. I was guided to a table where boy introduced himself to me, a boy with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. "Hello, I'm Eren Yeager, pleasure to meet you." He said calmly while sticking his hand out to shake mine. These people seemed nice.

By the first five minutes, I had already gotten everyone's name at the table. There was Eren, Mikasa Ackerman: a girl with short black hair and black eyes, Armin Arlert: a short blonde kid who looked like a cute little coconut, Jean Kirstein: a tall guy with pinkish brown hair, Sasha Blouse: some really hungry girl with brown hair, Connie Springer: some bald kid who looked like Aang, Ymir: a tall, short haired freckled girl and Krista Lenz: a short blondie. A few seconds after I finally got all their names down, a strange tall woman with goggles came charging at me with a huge smile on her face. I only had a few short milliseconds to process what was happening until I couldn't feel the ground anymore, and I was being crushed in a huge hug by this crazy woman. "Hey there new bestie! I'm Hange! Pleasure to meet you!" So I guess Crazy Lady has a name.

I felt so welcomed here. So many people were so nice here. The only thing was that there was some tension in the room, and I could feel a pair of eyes burning at the back of my head. And it wouldn't stop. I had turned to find who was staring at me, but I couldn't find the culprit. I figured a plan to find out who it was, I would wait until after dinner to catch this mysterious person. As everyone was walking back to their dorms, I still felt a pair of eyes on me. As I turned around to see who it was, I immediately recognized the pair of piercing blue-gray eyes from earlier. Lo and Behold, it was Levi.
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