Two Corpses We Were, Two Corpses I saw.


two teens who both are going through their own shit help each-other

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Day 1. perfect day?

I am awake, yet again.
is today a good day to die?

I pulled the black hood over my saturated form as I saunter in the soft rain, small pellets of water spitting on my half gloved hands while the remainder of the drops quenches the multiple isolated puddles decorating the asphalt.

I stop in my tracks to see a brown-haired girl standing upon a yellow and black bridge looking down to the water.

I'm so high up from the ground. I'm practically apart of the sky.

the rain had finally calmed down. being outside in the early mornings of 6:35 am was extremely peaceful for me. it calmed me down. I turn my head around to notice how incredible the sky had been, not seeing it earlier from walking around with my thoughts racing miles and miles an hour. the sky was filled with puffs of pinks and hints of oranges and scattered neat blotches of yellows. I was lucky to have been out here at this time of the morning, have I not been I would have missed this beautiful view. I snap a quick photo before turning my attention back to the
brown-haired girl, still facing towards the water.

guess she hasn't noticed me yet.

it was so quiet, all my thoughts were silenced. looking down from the ledge I was on, it was a far drop. the water was mesmerizing, though. so if I did fall, it was worth it. the dark blue waves moving in the ways it wanted to go. occasionally going from a steady pace to the right, then moving to the left in an abrupt motion causing the waves to collide quickly and splash all over. the water was free, why couldn't I be free?

I start to approach the girl, not trying to hide my presence but she still did not notice me. she hadn't stopped facing down towards the water, frozen in place. maybe frozen in thought.

"what the fuck are you doing?" he spits out in a harsh tone.

she gasps, not realizing he was standing behind her. not realizing he was there for as long as he was. she's sees a head of fluffy, indigo hair. the boy's hair was so messy it almost looked as if it was unkept.

a pair of brown eyes stare back at me. they were a pair of eyes I recognized. i know this girl. or At least, i've seen her in the hallways. what was she doing here? what was she thinking about?

I got closer to her to take a better look at her face. on the bridge of her nose, there was a slight bump, making it look like her nose was broken. she had a pale skin tone which paired extremely well with her hair color. her eyes were big but droopy, similar to a dog when it didn't get to go outside.

"Skye Cruz?" he question.

he looks at her with a shocked expression when she tenses up and says whispers to herself "oh my god."

he stands there waiting for her to say something. anything. just, any reply would be nice.

she then starts to feel uncomfortable and tells him "please go." in a rude tone, trying to personally offend him or something.

"well I don't think that's very-"

Skye cuts him off "just go!"

silence starts to take over the conversation for what felt like forever until the indigo haired boy starts to move forward and hop onto the bridge where the Brown-haired girl is still standing. he gets up and stumbles a bit before he catches his balance.

"what are you doing." she asks in the same tone as before.

"i asked you first." he says before he turns to look at her and throw his hands on his hips in a almost sass-like way.

the unnamed boy starts to let out a short chuckle. "this is higher than i thought."

he looks back at her with a big toothy smile but she goes to looks back down towards the water with the same sad face she had before he had disturbed her from admiring the Blue ripples below her. trying to figure out what to do, yet again, he calls out to her.


"hey, look. look what i can do!"
the purple haired boy begins to jump up and down on one foot while sticking the other foot out in front of him. arms out side by side keeping his balance while trying to make the girl distracted for whatever she is thinking about.

"stop. STOP!" she demands, loud enough to scare away furry friends near the two.

he was staring at her with a friendly smile right before she yelled, causing him to flinch and stop what he was doing right away.

"hey Skye." they both look down to the hand he had extended out towards her. signaling for her to grab his hand, he tilts his head sideways, as if she will have any idea what that means.

with her mouth open slightly, she grabs his hand hesitantly and they both look off into the distance.

"Shinso. Hitoshi Shinso. i think we had PreCal last year together."

she doesn't really acknowledge the fact that i say that. "I was just sitting here," she says "on the bridge. i didn't come up here to-"

"let me ask you something." shinsou interrupts. "do you think there's such thing as a perfect day?"

"what?" she looks over, not expecting that to come out of his mouth.

"a perfect day. start to finish. nothing terrible, or sad, or ordinary happens. do you think it's possible?"

"i don't know. have you ever had one?"


"i've never had one either. but i'm looking for it."

she whispers, "thank you, Hitoshi Shinsou." she reaches up and kisses me on the cheek. i can smell her shampoo, which reminds me of flowers. she says into my ear, "if you tell anyone about this, i'll kill you." she grabs her bag from the side of the bridge and walks off.
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