I love you...I guess Bakugo x black reader


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Romance / Drama
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Y/n-means your name
L/n-last name
H/c-Hair color
E/c- Eye color
Quirk- Shifting, you can shift into any animal or insect you can think of, even if your not in the animal form you can still use their strength

It was a towards the end of summer and you were nervous as ever. You didn't have to do entrance exams because you had got in from recommendations. You and your two younger siblings all lived together in a three bedroom apartment. Six years ago your mother was attacked by a villain but this villain wasn't just any villain, this was your father. Your mother married to your father without knowing he was a villain at all. They had four children that your loved dearly. You never knew who your father at all ( he a deadbeat smh). When your mother and father gotten married he told her to never tell their children anything about him, it's wasn't so they could be safe it was just if he had kids he didn't want anything to do with them.... PAUSE..NOW THAT'S A DAMN SHAME.. anyways.

Y/n's pov
Finally this year I'm starting high school to become a Pro Hero and all of this hard work would pay off. I walked into the kitchen to go eat breakfast but instead I saw someone I didn't want see AT ALL. "HOW'D YOU GET IN HERE!" I said getting ready put these hands up. "Rellllaxxx, I came to see you darling" The man said walking closer to me. "Ryu I told you to never come near me ever again!" I said backing away from Ryu. Would you blame me his family is the reason I'm like this.

After going back and forth I had to do something to get him out of my apartment. "I need you to leave me alone" "Why would I do that" Ryu pinned me on the wall like we were in some Romance movie. "LET GO OF ME YOU PIG" "Now now calm down I just wanted to talk to you" I had to do something and something fast. "Now won't you be good and co-" You had just vanished in thin air but you didn't. Ryu looked shocked because you had just disappeared. He was looking around for you everywhere but no luck so he just had to wait until you appeared. After twenty minutes of waiting he was still waiting you had a plan and it was just about time you started. You shifted back into being a human with fighting positions ready to go. Ryu turned around looking at dead in the eye. "Well well well look who's finally came back, now if you stop being a brat this will be real easy" "shut the hell up". You were done waiting so you just walked up to him. "See was it that easy, maybe I should give you a reward" Ryu said wit a grin on his face. All you did was flicked his face making him fall through the slide door. "DAMN IT Y/N" Ryu yelled as he was limping. You looked down at him and said " Bye BITCH".

(Bad bitch tingz 😌) anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter even if no in reads this I'm going to keep making this

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