I love you...I guess Bakugo x black reader

First Day

It's been a week since Ryu came to your house and you were just fine by that. That day that Ryu came your siblings were surprised to see what happened but at the same time they weren't. Your sister had turned 13 two months ago and your brother was 14.

Y/n's pov
Today is the day I'm going to U.A high and to be honest I'm nervous. I had woken up at 7:00 a.m from my phone ringing, luckily it was Akari making sure I was up for school. It took me only thirty minutes to get ready NEW RCORD.

This is the hairstyle you went to school with

Akari was already in the kitchen drinking some orange juice. "Hey sis took you long enough" " Shut up you asshole" I looked around and noticed my brother wasn't awake but I didn't care less since Akari was going to do it. I looked in he mirror before leaving looking at my cute ass curves(Purrr) "hold up...did my thighs get bigger!" "OMG GET TO SCHOOL DUMBASS" I noticed it was 7:45 and I didn't want to make a bad impression on myself so I did what any kind of teenager would do, use their quirk.

I made it to school 30 minutes before school started. I guess my classmates were already getting to know each other, and quickly too. I had sat down in my seat and I felt someone was looking over at me. "Hey I'm Mina Ashido, YOUR SO PRETTY" " Hello I'm y/n L/n and thank you you are to". Mina and I started to talk for a bit, man this girl was fun to talk to. After 7 minutes of talking we heard a noise like it was a zipper. "Did you guys here that or was it just me" Said a boy with yellow and a zig zag piece of black hair. " Hello students I'm your teacher Shota Aizawa". Mr.Aizawa had explained how his class and U.A worked, this school is not that traditional. I had noticed someone who had caught my eye. His red eyes were looking towards me with a litte blush. But when he noticed me looking at him he quickly turned away. He's pretty fine 😼.

Finally it was time for lunch. I had walked over to see where to sit but I couldn't really find a good seat,then I heard a familiar voice. " Y/n c'mon and sit with me!" It was Mina so of course I was going to sit with her. When I went over to her she was sitting with some boys in our class. " heYy I'm Eijro Kirishima!" Said the boy with bright red hair. " I'm Denki Kaminari" " I'm going to call you pikachu" " And I'm Hanta Sero" said the guy with tape dispenser elbows. I looked over and saw the guy from earlier looking upset for some reason. " And you are..?" I said with a sly look on my face. " Hmph.. the name's Katsuki Bakugo" He said with an eyeroll...rude. Mina let me sit down between her and Bakugo, and maaannnn siting next sitting next to him was like sitting to this hot ass celebrity. When we got back from lunch we noticed that our regular teacher wasn't in the classroom, instead it was All Might. "HELLO STUDENTS TODAY WE'RE GOING TO BE DOING COMBAT-" he stopped of his sentence when he saw me. He recognized me and I recognized him. " Uhhmm back to what I was saying TODAY WE'RE DOING COMBAT TRAINING SO GET YOUR HERO COSTUMES"


When we started a lot happened, Midoriya had to go to recovery girl from severe injuries. After the first fight the others went smoothly. I had noticed when Bakugo saw me in my hero costume he blushed liked crazy...I kinda like it when he did.

It was finally the end of the school day. " H-h-hey Y/n um what are you doing after you leave here" Bakugo asked me. "Nothing much, I have to get my brother from detention today...why you ask" " I WAS JUST-" Bakugo had got rudely interrupted from one of our classmates. "omg your boobs looks so great" Mineta had said trying to grab them. "I WILL DRAG YOUR ASS ALL THE WAY TO AFRICA..GET AWAY!" I shouted at him. Bakugo smirked before saying something to me again. "Back to what I was saying..I wanted to know if you'd want to get some sushi?" " Hmph since you were a jerk today I'm going to say no...but Saturday we can" I said to him with a flirtatious smirk on my face. He agreed to that but he also asked if he can walk me home so I said sure.

After getting my brother we went home. " Uhm I guess I'll see you tomorrow" Bakugo said as he was blushing at me. "ByeEe" "so who's the guy..like are you guys eating?" My brother said getting inside. "No dummy he's my very hot classmate" When we got settled and relaxed we heard a slam in the door. " UGHH I HATE BOYS" I looked over at my brother and he looked at me...we both knew it was just her and her boyfriend arguing about something stupid 🙄.

This is getting long and it's 1:05 a.m rn Soo...yes next part will be on Saturday ✨

I'ma add spice soon 😼

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