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Mr. Sandman. Bring Me a Dream


Back from 5 long years in a supermax facility prision, Gaara Sabaku must take his place as the head of his family's international syndicate. Memories of his past, broken relationships, and innocent casualties caught in the crossfire...when the line between good and evil is blurred and his worst nightmare turns out to be himself, can Gaara keep it all together or will he finally snap under the pressure? (Lots of OC's) *I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!*

Romance / Fantasy
blk_stArr ♱
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Chapter 01| Welcome Home

Gaara's Pov
It was pitch black, my sense of sight completely blocked by the rag tied over my eyes. The room reeked of death and dampness. Blood spewed from my mouth as a fist connected with my jaw, freeing the covering from my sight. With the rag off my eyes I could finally take in my surroundings, yup the hundredth floor of the living hell I called home.

"Your sister hits harder than you" I grunted, not a single emotion reached my lips.

I only need to last 2 more hours.

"Shut your fucking mouth, you little shit." the asshole who hit me screamed. I counted twelve other guys who walked up behind him as the lights suddenly blared on.

"Is it our turn yet Kuga?" questioned the first.

"Yea i'm done with this punk, do what you want. But do NOT kill him. Rasa sama will skin us all alive."

I couldn't fight back, those were the rules. Punches, knees, and elbows were coming out nowhere. I took all of it without uttering a single word.

"Awh look at him, he thinks staying silent, will save him. Fucking pathetic. Hold him down"


I thought to myself, watching Kuga chuckle as he jumped down from where he was watching.

My hands where tied roughly behind my back as they strapped me to a chair. The clinking of metal could be heard as Kuga sharpened his knives.

"Let me ask you something Gaara and don't you dare lie to me." Kuga questioned as he sauntered closer.

"Because I really would hate to hurt you" he softly cooed and he traced the knife up my inner thigh and up my chest.

He proceed to lean closer as he whispered in my ear, "What was that you said about my sister earlier? How about we find out who's better in bed, my sister or me?"

I swallowed the urge to slit his throat, and allowed myself to indulge him, chuckling to myself while licking some of the blood off my lip as I stared Kuga straight in his dark silver orbs, "I said go fuck yourself princess." I spat lowly

The small flash of hope I saw in his eyes quickly disappeared as rage filled them.

"So this one thinks he's smart huh, wrong answer you little shit" he yelled as he plunged the knife into my side.

"Oops my hand slipped" Kuga whispered as he twisted the knife deeper into my side.

I coughed up more blood, while maintaining eye contact, "Fuck you, Kuga" I choked out as I spit blood in his face.

"Since you don't want to be nice I'm done playing, you have an hour boys, make him wish he was dead." Kuga announced as he slapped me so hard that chair I was seated in fell backwards. He then licked my blood off his fingers and face and disappeared into the shadows.

I never understood the phrase, "There are things worse than death", until this moment. Pain was all I felt. My cerulean eyes were nearly slits by the time I regained consciousness. I had lost more blood than my body could generate and could barely hear the faint echo of the giant iron doors unlatching. My body was numb and judging from the bruises and wounds that covered my it, that more than just a few ribs were broken. It's finally over, was the last thing I thought to myself as I passed out.

Temari's Pov
I quickly bandaged the last of Gaara's wounds. "You did it little brother, your officially part of the family." I cooed to myself as I reached out to brush aside the red hair that clung to my brother's forehead. I gasped as he snatched my wrist and griped it tightly. His dark eyes fluttered open rapidly as he choked out in his deep voice "The fuck are you doing?"

Gaara's Pov
I was dreaming, that same dream of mother again when I felt a hand touch my face. I quickly snatched it away as my eyes shot open. "The fuck are you doing?" I grunted as I glanced up at the skinny blonde in front of me.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the light as the face of my older sister became clearer and clearer. "How long was I out for?" I asked as I let go of her wrist, not noticing the red finger marks indented in her skin.

"You've been sleeping for two weeks Gaara, the first day of university was three days ago. At this rate you'll miss the first week." she whispered.

"It won't matter, no one knows who I am anyways." I muttered as I sat up and walked into the bathroom.

The light flickered on as I examined myself. I never understood why people found me attractive, having always been told as a child that my presence alone disgusted the people I loved, but as I looked in the mirror a few things stood out to me.

Deep scars and cuts littered my body. Standing at 6' 5, with broad shoulders and a nicely kept six pack, dark black lining his aqua eyes, a jawline that could cut the god’s themselves, visibly sharp canines, my hair, the color of freshly drained blood and the kanji of love carved into his forehead, possessing an irresistible baritone voice He was unforgettable, dangerous, Gaara no Sabaku youngest of the three demon children born to Rasa and Karura Sabaku.
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