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Therapy - Hawks x reader x Dabi


(F/N) lives a quiet life, she finished school and studied hard to become a psychologist for the government who specialises in mental health rehab. After receiving some pressure from her friends she finally accepts to go on her first tinder date. Too bad it was all downhill from there. When an unlikely hero saves her from a villain attack she finds herself not able to think of anyone else... that is until she meets the number 2 hero who seems to sweep her off her feet... But wait with two guys fighting for her attention who will she choose?... Cover by: lilytrii Thanks so much for making yet another amazing cover art for another one of my stories! Your the best! 🥰 My hero academia and all of its characters are owned by Kohei Horikoshi

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Tinder Date

My eyes bore holes into my phone as I continued to swipe left on my screen. I could hear people talking around me but I wasn't really paying too much attention.


I continued to swipe left.

Nope... wait...

My finger paused on the screen when I saw this mans face. He looked alright, his description didn't seem to raise any red flags or mention a disgusting pick up line.


I felt something hit my forehead and I quickly looked up from my phone. A chip hit the cafe table after it bounced off my head.

"Told ya she was on tinder." Kelly said rubbing her fingers together at one of the other girls at the table. "Five bucks, I was right!" She chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and looked back down at my phone.

"Come one (F/N), what's the deal? We all know you won't go through with a date from tinder. Your way too fridget." Kelly chuckled.

"And stubborn." Another agreed.

I mean she's not wrong... I'm definitely not an out there kinda gal.... but I could go on a tinder date... I think...

I frowned and dropped my phone on the table. "I can go on a date if I want, I just haven't found anyone worth going on a date with." I shrugged.

"And what's the benchmark hun, a hero? Hawks maybe?" She chuckled again.

"He's super hot." Another one of the girls spoke up.

Totally.. I mean who isn't hot for Hawks?...

"Stop making fun of me!" I said loudly in the quiet cafe. "You never know, I might just find the man of my dreams on tinder." I joked.

"Yeah, I doubt that hun. The only thing tinder's good for is having a one night stand." Kelly smirked as she gave me a wink. "Ya know Netflix and chill."

"I don't think that's what people use tinder for." I said naively looking around at the other girls.

The table erupted in laughter. Some of the girls swung their heads back and forth while the others wiped tears from the corners of their eyes.

Okay so I am slightly naive and not very outgoing but I don't let people walk over me and I speak my mind when I'm given the chance. Even with Kelly we had some kind of love/hate friendship. But okay maybe I should have seen this one coming.

"Oh my poor sweet innocent (F/N)." Kelly laughed with the others. "Your still a virgin right? Just swipe right for someone, hell anyone and you'll get your cherry popped." She smiled.

I gave her an unimpressed look as I went to pick my phone up again.

"Just like this." She stuck her finger in her mouth and pulled it out the side making a popping noise.

I went bright red.

"Funny Kel, real funny." I scoffed as I finished my coffee. "Right if you'll excuse me, some of us have real jobs." I said slyly as I stood up from the table.

"Sorry we all can't have good government jobs." Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah well maybe if you actually applied yourself with your studies instead of going out to parties then you would have a decent job too." I chuckled and gave her a wink as I pointed a finger out to her.

She was right though, I had a pretty good job. I mean I couldn't complain. I worked as a psychologist for the government. I'm only young but I finished my degree pretty quickly, I really wanted to make a difference and help people. I knew I could never become a hero because of my lame quirk, so this was the next best thing. I usually had high profile clients and had to keep them top secret but I didn't mind. I mean I don't really like taking about my own personal stuff with people.... so it works... ironic isn't it, the therapist who hates to talk about herself.

"Right girls I'm out." I said with a wave.

"Wait!" Kelly yelled. "20 bucks says you won't be able to score a date this weekend." She said extending out her hand for me to shake.

She's totally right... I absolutely won't...

"Your on!" I said nervously grabbing her hand.

"That means you'll have to start swiping right hun, good luck." Kelly said as she gave me a wave.

I walked out of the small cafe and continued to walk down the street towards the psychiatric hospital. All of my clients I had booked in today were patients there. I hated hospitals, always did. They always had that weird smell, you know the one I'm taking about.

I showed the guards at the front my clearance and waited on the chair outside my first clients room. I unlocked my phone and opened up tinder again. The same image appeared of the guy I paused on before.

His age was listed at 19, and I'm 20 so that's fine. His hair was white and he looked like he had grey eyes. As far as I could tell he looked tall in the photo but I mean it's hard to tell really, it's a photo after all.

"(F/N), Rei is ready to see you now." The nurse said as she opened the door to let me in.

I gave her a smile and walked inside the small room.

Rei was one of my favourite clients, she was so lovely. I swear she didn't even need me here, the poor woman had been through so much and yet somehow still thought it was all her fault. I swear the only light at the end of her tunnel were her kids. She loved them so much.

"Rei, your looking well today." I said giving her a warm smile as I came to sit down opposite her.

She smiled back. "Ahh yes thank you (F/N), I feel like I've had a very positive day today. My son Shoto visited early this morning."

"That's lovely to hear." I said as I took out my note pad and placed my phone on the table.

I hadn't realised it but my tinder profile was still open.

"Oh those new dating apps are all the rage aren't they." She smiled seeing my phone open to my profile.

"Oh!" I gasped quickly locking the screen. "Oh god, yeah my friend made me get it." I said completely embarrassed.

She chuckled to herself. "I'm sure a beautiful young girl like yourself doesn't need a dating app to meet a boy."

I let out a sigh. "Oh Rei, it's tough out there at the moment. I mean all the boys my age kinda just want one thing." I said quickly choking on my words once I realised what I had insinuated.

I cleared my throat and tried again. "I mean, they are either hero's who are wayyyy outta my league or sleazy guys." I sighed again and rested my head in my hands while my elbows sat up on the table.

"You never met any boys while you were studying at University?" She asked tilting her head at me.

"Nope, I crammed a 4 year course into 2 so I literally had zero social life. I didn't even get to go to any cool parties." I laughed.

"I'm sure the right one will come around, probably when you least expect it." She said with a smile again.

"Yeah..." I said as I looked out the window.

"Oh!" I quickly palmed myself in the forehead and looked down at the piles of papers in front of me. "Anyway, sorry instead of me helping you talk through things this session seems to have gone the other way around." I laughed awkwardly.

Yeah... maybe I should be paying her for a therapy session...

"It's nice to talk about other people every once in a while." Rei said looking back out the window I looked out before.

Her tone shifted and she almost sounded... sad.

"Okay so Rei, how has the rest of you week been? You mentioned that Shoto came to visit you this morning, have you had anyone else drop by?" I asked as I began to take notes.

I hated seeing Rei in here, she should have been out years ago. I mean if it was anyone else they would have been long gone. The only reason she was still here was because of her husband.

I didn't stay for long only half an hour or so, that's all I was paid for. Once I was finished I gave her a wave and left. I had 6 more clients in the same hospital so I continued my day and visited the rest.

Once I was done I walked slowly back home still looking at the same tinder profile of the white haired guy. I felt like I was stuck, unable to commit to swipe left on him.

His name was David Smith, I mean such a generic name might have been a red flag. Maybe this was the red flag I was looking for. I pressed my finger in on the screen and looked at his face. A part of me knew I was never going to go through with any date from an app I just did it to shut my friends up. At least that's what I told myself.

I was about to swipe left when someone bumped into me. My finger flicked right across the screen. I let out a horrific gasp and almost dropped the phone.

"Sorry about that." The person said as they walked away.

Part of me wanted to grab them and swing them back around and punch them in the face for just ruining my life. But the other part knew it was the push I needed. Literally...

"Thanks." I said not looking at the person but staring at my phone instead.

I waited for something to happen but it didn't. Truth be told I had never swiped right for anyone before, I was in completely uncharted territory.

Oh maybe they didn't swipe right for me....

I tried to ignore my phone the rest of my walk home. I had managed to make it back, have dinner, shower and get into bed without checking my phone.

I rolled onto my side and plugged my charger in. I unlocked the phone and opened tinder.

You have a match...

My cheeks burnt red as I checked the notification. Someone had private messaged me;

David: Hey (F/N), I'm so happy we matched. I was wondering if you were free on Saturday night? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat and get to know each other.

My heart started racing as I remembered what Kelly said. The only thing tinder's good for is a one night stand...

I let out a sigh and started to type a response.

I can't go through with this Kelly was right... besides I'll probably just get myself killed, no way this guys even real.... ughhhh....

I was about to reply when I paused for a moment.

Am I really going to keep living my life so cautiously.... I've done everything by the book and I've never taken any risks...

Against my better judgement I wrote a reply accepting his invitation to meet up. I jumped out of bed and started to pace around the room.

Fuck... why did I do that... oh godddddd....

My phone went off again and I raced over to it to read his reply.

David: Awesome I can't wait. How about we meet at the Mitsu ramen shop near the train station? It's the best ramen shop in Musutafu.

My mind immediately thought the worst.

Wait that place will be really dark at night... but I guess I need to take the train there anyway.... wait everywhere will be dark at night idiot... just tell the boy no... we both know you won't go...

I couldn't seem to get the bet that Kelly wagered out of my head. My pride got the best of me and I accepted.

Little did I know that night was going to change my life forever...


A/N: Hey everyone, thanks again for reading my new story! Just a shout out to lilytrii for creating the cover art for this story! How amazing is it!! Thanks again!🥰❤️
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