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Therapy - Hawks x reader x Dabi

Chapter 2 - My hero?

It was finally Saturday night and I was on my way to meet David. I was sitting on the train picking at the skin on my thumbs nervously.

What if he tries to Netflix and chill me....

I blushed and shook my head.

Kelly was just trying to get you scared so you wouldn't go through with this.... besides I have a quirk... I mean it's pretty useless but it might shock him if nothing else....

I let out a sigh and the doors opened while the announcement signalled my stop. My stomach was doing flips, I couldn't even remember the last time I had been on a date with someone. Let alone a date that might lead to sex. Which was never..

Oh god I can't do this....

I walked up to the small ramen shop and saw the boy standing there. I was right, he was tall. Like he might not even see me tall.

Might not notice if I just bail then...

"(F/N)! Hey!" David yelled as we made eye contact.

I got closer and felt like my face was on fire and would melt off at any moment.

I gave him an awkward wave when I got to him.

"Wow you look beautiful, how was your trip here?" He asked politely.

Okay now I know he's gotta be lying... I mean I did try and dress up but I'm no beauty queen...

I tried to compose myself before I spoke. "Thanks you too. I mean I'm good thanks, I mean I got here good... thanks." I said and then quickly choked on my words.

You did not fucking just say that ...

I looked up at the boy and tilted my head. "Wait, you look familiar." I said trying to salvage my dismal introduction.

Ahhh yeah from tinder you idiot...

He gulped and looked around as if someone could hear us. "Yeah, sorry I'm not actually David."

My jaw dropped open.

Omg it's happening... I'm about to get killed..

He noticed the panicked look on my face and quickly recovered. "Oh wait, no it's not like that. I just couldn't put my real name on tinder because of my father."

I raised an eyebrow and tilted my head the other way this time.


"My names Natsuo Todoroki." He said waiting for me to process it.

I gasped and quickly cupped my hands over my mouth.

Of course the first decent guy I meet I definitely can't date...

"I'm sorry but I can't go on this date." I said with a sigh.

He looked equally disappointed. "Yeah I get it." He shrugged.

I saw the sadness in his eyes and figured he deserved an explanation. "Oh it's not because of your father, I actually work with your mum. So conflict of interest I guess. I'm sorry, but I take my job pretty seriously." I said with another sigh.

"Oh, no worries I get it. How about I at least shout you some dinner. I mean we are here now after all." He said with a smile.

"I don't want to take advantage of your kindness I'm sorry, I'll just go." I said awkwardly giving him a wave as I left back towards the train station.

Oh I'm such a hero.... not...

I walked back in silence mulling over what just happened in my head.

I could of at least had dinner with the poor guy.... oh god I wouldn't be able to look Rei in the eyes if anything happened though.... imagine that... "how was your tinder date?"... "oh yeah good just ended up sleeping with your son."..... ehhhh...

I looked up when I noticed the power went out. All the street lights went out and it was pitch black. I quickly opened my phone and turned the torch on as I looked around. There was no one around the train station this late at night, it was empty.

I heard a girl scream, she sounded close really close.

She sounds way to close for comfort... I better start running back to that shop... wait...

Before I could even move a young girl ran up to me and clung to my shirt as she hid behind my back. I could feel her body tremble against me.

"Please.... please help me..." She sobbed as she collapsed to the floor.

"Shit are you okay?" I asked turning around to face the girl.

Yeah good one... This girl is terrified and you come out with shit!...

"Please help me... please." She looked up at me and I saw a stream of blood trickle down her cheek.

"Oh god." I said looking at the state she was in. "I'm not a hero but let's go find one." I said trying to pick her up off the floor.

"Looks like I found another snack." A deep voice said from in front of us.

I froze. I felt my body seize up as I shuttered my head towards the voice.

I had never in my life seen a villain this close before. I was completely and utterly helpless.

It looked like some kind of zombie you would see in a horror film, pieces of flesh falling from its face. I managed to get the girl to her feet again.

"Listen to me," I said trying to sound somewhat brave. "There's a ramen shop just down the street here that's still open. I need you to run there and tell them a villain is attacking someone. Then point them back to where I am okay." I said pointing in the direction of the ramen shop.

She nodded and continued to run and stumble off to the shop I had pointed out.

Hmmm okay hot stuff what now...

The zombie creature lunged out towards me and I quickly ran past it, in the opposite direction I sent the young girl.

"Hey! You ugly ass monster, pick on someone your own size! That girl was like 7!" I yelled.

Wait... come to think of it, why is a maybe seven year old just out and about this late.... hmmmm....okay this is not the time to be thinking about this ...

The zombie ran towards me again and this time I stumbled back. I felt the ground below me disappear, I fell backwards tumbling down onto the train tracks.

I rolled my ankle on the way down and hit my head on the tracks. As soon as my head made contact with the rails momentarily lost the ability to hear. All I could hear was a light buzzing in my ears. My vision was shot as I looked up to see the blur of the monster I was trying to avoid.

And just like that I'm dead... no tinder boy didn't kill me.. a zombie did.. yeah you heard me.... a fucking zombie... I could think of worse ways to go... geez I didn't even get to experience Netflix and chilling....

Suddenly a bright blue light blazed above me on the platform. A wave of warmth hit my face and I felt like I might pass out.

I rolled onto my stomach to try and pick myself up when my hearing returned... then I heard it.

A high pitched whistle.

It was the train.

I turned my head and saw the light blinding my face. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact...

My body felt warm.

Wait did someone pick me up...

I opened my eyes and I was in someone's arms.

Oh thank god it's a hero!!...What are you doing... thank them...

"Oh my god, thank you so much for saving my life!" I managed to get out.

The man put me down and began to walk away.

"Wait?" I said looking around to see if anyone else was here. "I think I need to go to the hospital."

"Good for you." He said still walking away slowly.

I tried to get up and quickly fell back down. "Wait, ouch..."

Why would he save me from the train then leave me to die here?....

"What if I bleed out? You saved me from the train just then, didn't you? Yet you won't take me to a hospital?" I argued.

Okay maybe I sound slightly ungrateful... and bleed out?... I'm barely bleeding.... bit of an over exaggeration...

"Not my problem princess." He said as he stopped and looked over the tracks. "Maybe you shouldn't have been out here."

His voice was low and I could just start to make out his appearance. Dark black spiky hair and a dark coat. My heart began to race.

"I was actually on a date thank you." I spat back slightly annoyed by the guy.

He chuckled and took a photo of something on the tracks. Then walked back down an alley.

I managed to get to my feet and with all my stupidity followed him. I stumbled through the alley with my twisted ankle and watched him get into the back of a van.

What the fuck am I doing... I just want to thank him right?...

"Hey wait! At least let me thank you." I yelled looking into the back of the van.

The doors were about to close when the man stopped it with his foot. I managed to walk up to the door and used it to steady myself.

Hmm yes this is not a good idea... yet here I am...

"So umm thanks." I said nervously realising the position I had put myself in.

"Your not real bright aye princess." The man laughed as he knelt out the door of the van.

I could make out maybe one or two other people in the back with him.

Hmm wait maybe this is when I die...

"Ohhh I get it your some kind of vigilante group aren't you?" I asked tilting my head.

I mean who else could they be? Villains?... haha..... oh.... ohhhh.....

My nerves got the best of me and couldn't function all of a sudden.

"What's wrong princess lost all the courage you had before? Adrenaline's a wonderful thing, too bad it wears off." He said with a huff. "And what happened to you bleeding to death?"

He looked back at the others in the van and jumped out in front of me half closing the door behind him. I stumbled back as I let go of the door. We were so close, inches away from each other. The moonlight hit his face and that's when I saw it.

The scars. They looked painful, and they were all over his body. On his arms, neck and even under his eyes.

Oh wow... look at his eyes....

"Look princess, I'm sorry about your lame date or whatever." He chuckled as he looked me up and down. "But I'm more than happy to fuck you in the back of our van here to make it up to you." He chuckled as he hit his knuckles on the back of the door. A smirk grew across his face as he watched my reaction.

My jaw dropped open.

Okay I was not expecting that... he is definitely not a hero.... buts he's super hot.... I mean he's totally bluffing... still doesn't make me feel less flustered....

"I.... I..." I said with my body shaking.

My body began to feel the effects of what I had just been through. A sharp stabbing pain shot up my leg from my ankle.

"What's wrong princess? Cat got your tongue?" He chuckled.

I took a few steps back to get some distance between us and collapsed from my sprained ankle.

"I.... I'm .... wait who are you?" I asked more fearful now than before.

"Let's take a rain check then princess. Maybe go get that ankle fixed up and hit me up." He said cockily.

Hit me up... who does this asshole think he is... a hot asshole but asshole none the less... Are you really gonna let this hot asshole talk to you like that?...

"Hey wait!" I yelled as I stood back up and pulled his arm back around so he was facing me. "The least you could do is tell me your name, I mean sorry where are my manners. I'm (F/N), but who the fuck are...." my voice became muffled when his lips pressed to mine.

They were rough but warm. I have no idea what had possessed me, but I grabbed onto his shirt to steady myself on him and kissed him back....
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