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down low / sugawara x reader


Y/N is Keishin Ukai’s niece who recently transferred to Karasuno for her third year of high school. After dropping off some food to a practice, she ends up at official setter, and part time skater, Koushi Sugawara’s party. Will her past in Tokyo get in the way of her new life?

Other / Romance
lex ;)
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- welcome to chapter one ;)
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I stepped onto my front porch and took a sharp inhaling breathe as I looked at the message on my phone.

You've got to be joking. There's no way that he's serious.

Uncle Keishin :
Hey kid. I'm starving, and this is a GREAT opportunity for you to meet some possible classmates and make friends. Just friends though, you got that? But anyways drop off some food to the boys practice for me? You're the best see you soon.

Did he really just try to gatekeep his boy's volleyball team from me.

After listening to my uncle go on and on about his team, I had a pretty good idea of what they were like. There were three third years on the team, which peaked my interest.

"They're good guys but very much off limits." he would say through his cigarette after I had asked about them.

"Whatever, old man, you're not my dad." I'd joke back with an eye roll.

Me :
I didn't say yes yet

Uncle Keishin :
See you in ten. :)

This bitch.

I admit that I'm pretty curious to see all the boys, but I guess I was thinking I would just see them around at school on Monday.

An audible sigh left my body as I grabbed my keys and bag off of the desk that was put into my room that day.

My room was bare. All that there was to adorn it was my bed, a desk, and a nightstand. Boxes were everywhere. I haven't had the motivation yet to unpack, and I was planning on enlisting the help of the friends that I had around here.

The only people I really knew around here are my family members like my uncle and great grandpa, then I had two friends I'd made through sports and visiting my family often.

They were pretty much polar opposites.

- a/n : i'm gonna base them off my friends and give them names cause that's less confusing! enjoy your new friends boo ;)-

Em was, in the kindest way possible, a dumb bitch. She's one of the sweetest and most loyal people I've ever known, but holy shit she makes some questionable decisions. Em is also somewhat of a party girl, but aren't we all sometimes?

Rae on the other hand is pretty reserved. She can come off as a bitch at first but that's mostly just her face. She's actually super sweet. It can take a while for her to open up but once she does, she become a dumb bitch in her own way.

I'm lucky to have them, or I don't know if I would be able to handle transferring schools at the beginning of my third year of high school.

My family was living in Tokyo, but once my great grandpa started to frequent the hospital, we moved to the Miyagi prefecture to be closer to him and the rest of our family.

I start at Karasuno on Monday. It's Friday afternoon, so basically I have 2.5 days to prepare myself.

Being the new girl is cool and all with the whole getting extra attention and everything. But shit, there's also the pressure of first impressions, which I like to think are pretty much make or break.

Fuck. I thought to myself as I walked down my stairs and out the front door.

I have to go make about 14 of those right now.

It's not that I'm scared, well maybe a little nervous, but there's a lot riding on this.

My future husband could be there for all I know.

While getting in my car I paused a moment to appreciate the fresh scents of the outdoors in Miyagi. It was a nice change to smell trees, it felt cleaner. Tokyo was fun, but I guess it's nice to experience a change. That's not to say I don't miss my friends, but we stay in touch. I smiled to myself as I got fully into the car and pulled the door shut.

I'm in a new place where I can have a fresh start and be whoever I want. It all felt so liberating.

I started my car and headed off to the mart to get the food.


"Thank you have a nice day!" I smiled to the cashier and he handed me the bag of takeout.

Even my music wasn't enough to calm my nerves.

Why am I so nervous to go introduce myself to a bunch of guys. Nothing new.

I was pretty used to dealing with guys at this point in my life. I've been dealing with them all of school. In Tokyo I was decently popular and would receive notes and gifts pretty often, but this felt different.

All of these people have probably known each other for years. And I guess I'm not sure where I'll fit in, or if there's even a place for me.

As I parked my car outside the gym I let out all my nerves and breath in one exhale.

No turning back now it's go time.

Go look hot, be funny, and steal their hearts. I joked with myself in an attempt to hype myself up.

I stepped out of the car and walked towards the gym, my head held high. No way was I actually going to let a couple boys psych me out.

My hand hesitated seemingly on its own as I reached for the slot to slide the door open. I took a deep breath in and slid the metal door open.

Peeking inside would have looked creepy as hell, so with all the confidence I could muster I stepped inside, good bag in hand, striding towards my uncle.

The sound of shoes squeaking against the wooden floor planks halted after my first couple of steps. I could feel the boys eyes burning into my soul. As nonchalantly as I possibly could I glanced over my shoulder and smiled softly in their direction.

My eyes skimmed over them. It wasn't hard to tell the junior players from the older ones. My eyes met with a tall long haired player who was blushing. A short ginger who looked utterly confused, and then I caught sight of one of the most attractive dudes I have ever seen in my whole life.

Don't get my wrong, the whole team was pretty attractive all in their own rights. But this one, he was more my type than any of them.

Not wanting to, one: look creepy, and two : get called out by my uncle, I broke off the eye contact and instead looked forward at my uncle.

I was silently praying that there wasn't any trace of a blush on my face as I finally got next to my uncle.

"Hey kid," he smiled, "thanks a million." He took the bag and examined the contents before snapping his head up to face his team. They were all still silent aside from a few mumbles, and none of them had moved since I came in.

"NOTHING TO SEE HERE, GET BACK TO WORK." Keishin yelled with a scowl.

-a/n i don't want to keep typing uncle cause i'm assuming you all get the drift so yeah if you see me just say his name it's too avoid being repetitive and annoying-

They all jolted back to life and turned their heads away from us.

I'd call that a successful first impression.

I introduced myself to the assistant coach, Takeda, and the prettiest girl I had ever seen and learned her name was Kiyoko.

"Is it cool if I stick around and watch?" I asked Keishin. "I've been missing volleyball."

I'd been around volleyball my whole life. I used to play until I hurt my knee, and even then I managed for the boys team in Tokyo.

"Sure, knock yourself out. You might even be able to help me point out all the things these guys suck at." he smirked back.

I rolled my eyes back. "You really ought to be a little nicer, old man. You're starting to sound like Grandpa Ukai."

He turned to me obviously a little irritated. "Shut it, kid."

I laughed at him a little, which only made him more tense.

Turning my attention back to the team, my eyes found the boy with the silver hair again. I studied his movements, he was a great player. His movements were fluid, and his sets and passes always seemed to get where he aimed them.

Not wanting to look weird I turned my attention to the rest of the team. Their libero was amazing, and their first years were all pretty impressive too.

"Alright alright, bring it in boys." Keishin called out.

They all dropped what they were doing to circle up around their coaches.

I looked up and immediately made eye contact with the silver haired boy again. After watching their practice it was clear to me that he was a setter.

He smiled at me softly and I immediately felt my organs shutting down. How is one person so... hot.

Keishin started his after practice speech, " Good job today boys, things are really looking like their starting to come together here. Enjoy your weekend and be ready to work hard on Monday."

Nobody moved. They all just stared back at him, glanced over at me, then back to him again.

Finally someone spoke up. "Uh coach, is that your girl?" the libero asked out loud


I could only imagine how my uncle and I probably looked to everyone else right now.

"No!" he barked, "This is my NIECE, Y/N."

Their eyes were all wide at this point. The second hand embarrassment was real.

"She recently transferred over here from Tokyo, and please note that she is very much off limits to all of you." He finished crossing his arms.

The little ginger was next to speak, "Wow Tokyo?! That's so cool!" he beamed.

I smiled back to him in response.

"Yeah yeah" Keishin spoke up again, "Get this gym cleaned up, then you can socialize." he turned on his heel and walked away from the circle, leaving my alone with the team.

A couple of them looked at me for an extra second or two before joining their teammates in taking down the net and sweeping.

I started to turn away towards my uncle before I heard someone call out my name.

I turned to see three of the players, the one who said my name introduced himself first.

"I'm Sawamura Daichi, I'm the captain of the team." He smiled. "What year are you in, if you don't mind me asking."

"It's nice to meet you." I smiled back, "I'm a third year."

"That's cool, the three of us are third years too, maybe you'll have one of us in class." he replied and turned to his friends, "This big guy is Azumane Asahi, and next to him is Koushi Sugawara."

Asahi gave me a shy wave. I looked over at Sugawara and he was smiling.

"You can just call me Suga." He said, his smile still adorning his perfect face.

"It's really nice to meet you guys. It's definitely nice that there'll be a few more familiar faces at school on Monday." I said.

Suga spoke up, "Yeah, hopefully we see you around. Why don't we all exchange numbers? That way if you need anything, you have people that you can reach out to."

Hell yes.

I did my best to act natural as I said, "That sounds great."

Suga smirked a little as I handed him my phone. The boys passed it around and added their numbers.

"Well, there you go, Y/N. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!"

Goddamn Daichi sure is polite. Asahi seems really shy, and Suga... all I have to say right now is yes. Very much yes.

Daichi continued, "And If you're not doing anything tonight, we were planning on having a little party tonight to kick off the start of the season. Nothing too crazy, just the team, and a couple other guys who play in the prefecture."

"Yeah, Y/N, it's at my place." Suga said, "You should definitely come."

I'm going.

"Oh cool, yeah I'll think about it and text you for sure. Would it be okay if I brought a friend?" I asked

"You can bring as many friends as you want, don't worry about it." Suga laughed, "As long as you come."

I smiled at him and studied his face. His eyes were so pretty, and the mole under his eye is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I want to kiss it so fucking bad. I-

My thoughts were cut off by my uncle yelling over to me from his place by the door, "Y/N, enough flirting let's all get out of here so I can lock up."

I felt the blush spread across my face.

I said my goodbyes to everyone once we were out the door, and had to give "good bye hugs" to who I had learned to be Noya and Tanaka. I didn't mind cause I knew they were cool.

Suga walked by with Daichi and stopped to put a hand on my shoulder.

"See you later, Y/N."

"Yeah, see you guys later." I smiled and started walking towards my car.

Once I sat down in the drivers seat and pulled the door shut I texted Em and Rae as fast as I could.

Bad Bitties Chat :

We're going to a party tonight. I'll convince you both in three words, hot volleyball boys.


a/n : hey ;) who's ready to party ? me. I am. Next chapter might be up tonight, but it will 100% be up tomorrow. don't forget to click the little star ! k bye love you all.
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