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In which, a problem child had appeared on Karasuno and caused chaos, headaches, and maybe even heartache

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"What the fucking hell, Yua! this is the third time! within two months as well!" Yua's older step brother - Iwaizumi Hajime yelled at the younger boy.

Yua gave Hajime an annoyed look before he 'tsk'-ed under his breath. "Not my fault his can't defend himself."

"for fuck's sake! Yua! first Aoba Johsai, then Dateko and now the school where most troublemakers are - Johzenji kicked you out!" Hajime continues his yelling, not bothering if the neighbors were to report them.

"Look, Hajime. all you're doing is pointless, it's not my fucking fault to begin with! that bastard picked a fight, not the other way around!" Yua stood up and walked over to the front door.

Hajime follows the younger one, "Oi! where the hell do you think your going?!" Hajime yelled after Yua, who only ignored him and continued to walk away from their house.

"That fucking boy-!"


"Yo, Ken." Yua greeted the second year setter of Shiratorizawa as soon as he enters the rooftop of their friend's apartment building.

Shirabu only glared at the ravenette, "What is it this time, Yua."

Yua stood beside Shirabu and took out a box of cigarettes, "want one?" Shirabu's glare harden before he took a cigarette stick and put it betweetn his lips. The two is silent, only the sounds of them huffing out the smoke is heard.

"I got kicked out." Yua spoke after the long silence.

Shirabu snorted, "called it. Futakuchi owes me five."

"Dude what the hell," Yua commented, huffing in another batch of smoke, before letting them out.

"Locks are made for a reason," The two second years heard someone tell them, followed by the sound of the door closing and being locked.

"'sup, Akira." Yua greeted the youngest member of their little 'group' - Kunimi Akira. Though, don't let this first year deceive you. He may be the youngest and most innocent looking, he is the one (second to Yua) who always gets it. i mean, he’s got the fancy bowl and the pen for on the go.

Kunimi made a hopeless expression, "don't 'sup' me, Yua. What the hell are you two doing here so suddenly?"

"I got kicked out." Yua answered bluntly.

Kunimi chuckles, "knew it."

Yua offers Kunimi a cigarette stick, who gladly accepted them. the three high schoolers falls silent and just enjoys their cancer sticks. Shirabu is the first one to finish, while Yua lights up another one.

Kunimi glance at Yua before looking back at the moon, "Yua, tone it down you fucking chimney."

Yua scoff in amusement, "you have no room to talk, Aki."

"fair point."

Shirabu turns around and lean his back by the fences of the rooftop. "Hey Yua, what school will you attend now?"


Shirabu looks at his friends whose still busy smoking, "wanna come to Shiratorizawa?"

Yua chokes on the smoke of his cigarette, falling into fits of coughs. After his coughing died down, Yua looked at Shirabu, "dude stop that. You sound like Ushiwaka."

Kumini snorts in amusement before snickering. Shirabu gave Yua an unamused face, before saying "bro I'm serious. i can try and pull some strings for you."

Yua shakes his head, "thanks, but no thanks. I say no to private schools after attending Aoba Johsai. Private schools and their rules can suck on Hajime's dick."

Kunimi spoke, "how is Iwaizumi-san the sudden victim here?"

"'cause he sucks dick."

Shirabu lets out an amused 'hah' before speaking up, "quite sure it's Oikawa who sucks dick."

Kunimi deadpan, "we're going off topic."

"right, and also 'cause Shiratorizawa's uniform is shitty. i mean come on, purple and checkered? that just doesn't add up." Yua complained, "It's like two bottoms having a relationship!"

Kunimi and Shirabu gave Yua an annoyed look, "Do you have to add the last part?" Shirabu asked, cringing at his friend's foul mouth.

Yua nodded, "yes, it's a metaphor."

"what kind of metaphor is that?" Kunimi deadpanned, a bored expression adoring his face.

Yua laughs in amusement, before talking again, "also, i already have a school in mind."

Kunimi raised a brow while Shirabu questions, "what school?"

Yua grinned, a grin that means nothing but trouble. "Karasuno."

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