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Sister Location: A Not So Sweet Home


As a child, y/n loved to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Soon, the pizzeria was shut down, William Afton was arrested for child murder, and the original animatronics were scooped and scrapped. Eleven years later, Afton escapes from prison and secretly opens a new pizzeria, Baby's Circus World. Heartbroken at the loss of one of her childhood memories, y/n makes a daring attempt to go into Afton's restaurant, and bring back pieces of the scooped animatronics as memories. Little did she know that she would encounter one of the animatronics living in the new pizzeria. What exciting adventure has y/n got herself into?

Romance / Adventure
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*Third Person*
Sirens wailed as little six-year-old y/n was being shoved out of her favorite restaurant, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, by her frightened and worried mother. William Afton had just been caught in the act of murdering a child. "Why did he do it?" Y/n wondered. She was not afraid, she was very brave for her age. But the real questions were: why did William Afton himself kill a child? And what's going to happen now?

~Three weeks later~

"Y/n come here for a second," y/n's mother called.
Y/n went downstairs, "what is it mother?"
"William Afton was arrested after a long debate in court."
"Oh, so someone else will run the pizzeria," y/n asked.
"Well, actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. They're closing down the restaurant for good."
"They decided to do so because it was too dangerous and anyway, there were reports of blood and flesh being smelled and even seen inside of the animaltronics. Honey, you know it's for your own good," y/n's mother said.
Y/n started crying, "It's not that simple! That restaurant meant a lot to me, and so did the animaltronics! Wait, what's gonna happen to the animaltronics? They aren't going to scoop them are they?"
Y/n's mother gave her a sad and tired look. Y/n ran upstairs, went into her room, closed the door, and lied down in her bed sobbing. What was she going to do without that pizzeria?
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