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Lila's life is a complete and udder mess and that's putting it lightly. read to find out her story and who she ends up with the possibilities are endless. Will she fall for her old teacher Eraserhead. Her childhood friend Dabi. Pro hero Hawks, Endeavor (haha no) Shouto Todoroki? Bakugo or maybe a female pro hero read to find out.

Drama / Romance
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Back Story (1)

(Lila is only a year older than the main cast of mha so the main cast is in their third year)

Beaten, Broken, Lost, and Alone. All these words describe me. I wander down a side street keeping my guard up my ears turning towards every small noise.

"Oh Lila where are you hiding?'' I hear a deep voice call out, I flinch but keep moving silently. I hear other voices talking and I know the police have been informed that I've been seen in the area. Shit, shit, shit, I can't go back... I'd rather die. The thought of dying sends a shiver down my spine as I walk. "Come on little fox it's time to go home before you make us any angerier." Nope not happening. I can't go back to that abusive place. I walk past a shop and see the tv on. I see the caption 'Pro Hero Divergent's Daughter Missing.' I stand and watch for a moment using my enhanced hearing to listen.

'Lila Mack has gone missing, she is the daughter of Kevin and Louis Mack, She is to be married to Pro hero Master Puma. She was last seen three months ago after her graduation from UA. It seems as though she was taken during a trip to the beach and hasn't been seen since.' My picture appears on screen. I didn't go missing. I was sick of being a punching bag. I've been able to cover a good distance and this is the closest they've been to catching me. All of my bruises and cuts have healed but the mental damage is still there. I hear a set of wings above me and see Hawks flying overhead. He swoops down and lands in front of me.

"Lila I'm not going to hurt you but you need to go back." I shake my head no, I back up a bit.

"I've said this every time someone finds me. I can't go back, I'd rather die." I spit out growling softly. He sends out a red feather and uses it to drag me towards him.

"And why's that?"

"They'll kill me if they catch me now. I'm not safe."

"Quit crying wolf they aren't going to hurt you now lets go." He grabs the collar of my shirt and drags me towards everyone. I see cameras and look up at him pleading with my eyes. He wraps an arm around me like he's comforting me and I put on my best smile as we walk into the chaos.

"Oh Lila thank heaven you're okay!" My father says running towards me followed by my fiance. I feel terror take over my body and I want to bolt but I don't stand a chance. Eito pulls me into a hug then kisses me. I freeze for a second before kissing him back for the cameras. I pull back and see Endeavor and give him a pleading look begging for him to help me. Eito grabs my hip and squeezes harshley making me yelp in pain. I put my head down and blink back the tears. My tail tucks itself between my legs and I see Eraserhead looking at me questioningly. He seems to be the only one to notice my odd behavior. I guess I should explain my quirk, It's called Elemental fox. I can control the elements and not just earth, air, fire and water but the other smaller categories as well, I have the same attributes as a fox I'm quick, sly, have balck and white marbled ears and tail that match my hair, my eyesight is enhanced along with my hearing and sense of smell. Im basically a human fox. Eito's quirk is Panther he is just a normal panther in a human body. My fathers is cloning he can clone himself and others along with objects. Everyone takes a step back from me and I bolt. I hear them curse and chase after me.

"Come on don't start this again it will just make things worse for your brother until we catch you." I freeze instantly hearing them mention my seven year old brother. Eraserhead grabs me and pulls me into a hug being the first to catch up. I start crying into his arms as he pets my hair.

"I don't want to go back... I just want to be happy." I cry as my old teacher comforts me. He rocks us back and forth humming softly.

"I wish I would have stepped in the moment I figured out what was going on during your first year. It would have made everything easier but now I can't do anything Lila." He says regret in his voice. I take a deep breath and nod. It's not his fault or anyone's but mine that I'm in this situation. I hear wings then the sound of landing as Hawks approaches us.

"So the kid isn't lying they do abuse her?" Eraserhead nods still softly cooing in my trying to stop me from having a panic attack.

"I've known for a few years but she begged me not to say anything in fear that they would hurt her brother. She's tried getting out of her engagement as well seeing as it's her father's doing." Aiwaza explains making sure no one hears him.

"Now if I don't go back they'll hurt Liam and he's only seven! So looks like it's back to hell for me." I look back and see Hawks approach my father and start talking to him. I pray that it's not about what he was just told. They come closer but I just hold on to Aiwaza tighter.

"Hey now little one you need to let go and go with them. I know you don't want to but I'll check in on you okay?" I nod and slowly pull away and walk over to my father willingly. Hawks gives me a sad look before asking a question.

"Lila who did you do your internship with along as your hero study?" I smile at the question.

"I did my internship with Nighteye and work study with Endeavor." I say in a bored tone before I hear a voice behind me.

"Don't act like you didn't have fun on your work study Vixen. You learned a lot and by then end I was going to offer you a spot as one of my sidekicks but you're father said not to." I smile softly and my tail wags slightly hearing the complement. "I mean you also hid from all the hero's for 3 months. Thats a great skill for a hero to have."

"Thank you Endeavor." I say politely he gives a nod before walking off. I turn towards my father. "Lets go I guess its time. Goodbye Eraserhead, Hawks." We walk away and back to a car. I'm shoved in and the door closes. I fall asleep on the drive back to the hell hole.


I'm woken up by my hair being pulled as I'm thrown out of the car. I bite my tongue trying not to cry out as I'm dragged into the house. My little brother sees me and runs over hugging me. I hug him back before I'm pulled away and smacked across the face. I take a deep breath as I feel the sting of the slap. I watch a fist come towards my face and I let out a cry as it hits. I hold my cheek as they start beating me. I think back to what it was like on the streets as a form of escape but I still feel every blow. They are screaming at me but I cancel it out, its all just to tear me down and destroy my self confidence but I got complemented by the number 1 hero. I would have loved to be his sidekick, but fate had other plans. I see a foot coming towards my face and i quickly dodge it. I realize my mistake and let out a string of cuss words under my breath. I'm grabbed by the hair and dragged into my bedroom and start shaking. I know whats coming and it terrifies me. Eito pulls me into a kiss and I shutter in disgust, he of course takes it as an invitation to rip off my clothes and his.

"Maybe if I get you pregnant you'll understand you can't run away from me. I'll always get you back." He growls before shoving me down on the bed before slamming into me. Tears fall from my eyes as he thrust in and out of me. His hand wraps around my throat choking me. My vision blurs and I pass out.


The next few weeks passed with the same routine. That night repeating every night and sometimes in the morning. During the day I help my mom out with my brother and the household chores. Right now I'm sitting in the bathroom crying looking at the positive pregnancy test. My life is over now... this may stop most abuse but not all of it and now I'm gonna be forced to bring a child into this. Do I try and run again? Do I stay? Do I fight? I shake my head, no the first option could hurt my brother, the second on will protect my brother, the third one will be my death. I hear pounding on the door and yelling coming from the otherside.

"Lila get your ass out her now, you have a visitor." I open the door after putting the test in my pocket. I look up at him and wipe my tears before walking to the living room. I see Aiwaza and walk over to him, he gives me a small smile and pulls me into a hug which I return. "Get your hands off her Eraserhead she's mine." Eito growls and I flinch and try to pull back but Aiwaza refuses to let me go.

"Actually she is no longer yours. You see before she returned home Hawks gave her father the option for her to go work for him. He offered a great amount of money to send to him each month." I look up with a shocked faced. I hear a growl and turn and push Aizawa back before Eito can attack him. I take the blow and let out my own growl and the test fall from my pocket. I kick it back to Eraserhead and lunge forward activating my quirk. The shadows quickly obey and grab onto Eito and I tackle him to the floor. My nails elongate into claws and my canine teeth do the same. I slash his face leaving a decent mark as blood falls from the slashes.

"DO NOT LAY A HAND ON SHOTA OTHERWISE I WILL END YOU." I see shock on Eito's face as I hear Aiwaza mumble behind me.

"She hoarded me... My favorite student actually hoarded me." I should make something clear. A lot of those with the fox mutation tend to hoard different things. My hoard is very small but its people. Once someone is in my hoard I will protect them till my last breath. I awakens the feral side of me. Now back to the current situation. Eito throws me off of him. I land on my feet I see my reflection and my eyes are glowing amber. I growl again and go in for another attack. Eito tries to grab me but I jump over him landing softly. I reach my hand around him and dig my claws into his throat.

"You move, you die. Sound familiar?" I let out a soft laugh. "It's ashame my child will have to share your DNA." I hear some gasps but remained focused. (Lila is about 5'3 while Eito is roughly 6'1). I jump off of my toes digging my knee into his spine causing him to fall to his knees. I follow him to the ground, only digging my claws in more. I hear footsteps walking up behind me and I blast the person with fire. I hear my father yell out in pain and smirk.

"Lila let them go. I'm okay they haven't touched me. I you hurt them anymore your just as bad as them." I release Eito on put out the flames.

"If I find out either of you hurt anyone I care for I will make sure its the last thing you do in this life and the next." I walk over to Aizawa and smile at him my canines and claws retracting and I'm guessing my eyes have returned to normal. Aizawa grabs my hand and leads my out of the house and I take one last look at my childhood hell
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