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1. New Year, New Beginnings

( y'all don't mind the cheesy title I have no idea what to put lmao anyways )

I now have to go through another year at Hogwarts, what a lousy school that one is. Being run by a 100 something year old who will probably die any day now. I packed my stuff to go on the train tomorrow since I had no other choice. My parents said I have to go since all my other relatives went and I have to " follow in their foot steps " I finished packing after an hour and my mum called me down for dinner. I went downstairs and sat down at the table with my parents and my annoying older brother Micheal. My brothers older then me by 1 year and uses that to his advantage. We ate in silence for a bit until I decided to speak maybe convince them I don't have to go " So...do I really have to go to Hogwarts this year." " Yes Madison, we've spoken about this before and your not getting out of going so please stop asking." I shrugged while Micheal started to chuckle. " What are you laughing at." " You obviously, Hogwarts isn't even that bad you should stop complaining." I gave him a death glare and we all continued eating until we were done. I went back to my room and changed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt. It was around 7:45 and went downstairs to grab some water and heard my parents taking " Do we think we should tell them just yet?" " Not now Alice, we'd be worrying them Michael and Madison have around 2 years we still have time." I had no idea what they were taking about but I went down the stairs anyways a little worried by their conversation but I brushed it off. They saw me coming downstairs and quickly changed the conversation to some boring news they must have heard. I grabbed my water and went upstairs and read for a little bit and put on some music. About an hour later I decided to go to bed early since my mum would probably force me to wake up at 6 am anyways.

I woke up to my mum shaking me awake " I'm up I'm up jeez." " Good now get ready please, and don't take 2 hours." After 5 minutes I got up from my bed and went to go take a shower. I got out and picked out a skirt and a white tube top and a green cardigan and some white doc martens. I curled my hair and went to go check I didn't forgot anything in my luggage. I did my makeup which is just nude eyeshadow, mascara, some light blush, and lipgloss. I went downstairs at around 8 o'clock to eat before they went to kings cross. I sat down and ate and noticed Michael wasn't there " Where's Michael, surprised he's not shoving his face by now." " he's already eaten, he's packing the last bit of his things." I finished eating soon after and went upstairs to read before we left. After like 20 minutes mum called us down to leave. We put our luggage's in the car and drove to Kings Cross which took about an hour.

We arrived at Kings Cross and took out luggage out and brought them over. We said out goodbyes to our parents and ran into the wall to get to platform 9 and 3/4. We got into the train and I went to look for my friends. I looked into the stall to see Blaise, Draco, and Pansy and went inside " Hey bitches, did y'all miss me to much." I put my luggage away and sat down. " yeah yeah Mad, we missed you lots." I gave Pansy a hug " Speak for yourself Parkinson," last time me and Draco talked we were fighting over who was hotter. " Shut up you know I'm still hotter then you, plus I could have twice as many people falling at my feet." It's always fun to taunt with him. " Shes right you know, Madison's hot." We all started to chuckle " Thanks Blaise, means a lot." We all were taking about our summer and what we had done. " So Mads , how's that brother of yours still fine, still single?" Pansy and me started to giggle at her attempt of getting with my brother. " For one, yes he's still single and two your not getting with my brother." We then started to talk about family and changed the conversation every ten minutes. Once the train arrived we all grabbed our luggage's and left to head to Hogwarts.

Once we arrived we headed to the feast as usual. As much as I did dislike Hogwarts it had its good parts, one of them being the food. We watched the first years get sorted and tried to guess who would go where. Afterwards Dumbledore started to talk about the triwizard tournament which I've heard about a couple times. He talked about some goblet which would pick out the champions who would compete. Seemed pretty cool he then brought up that you would have to be at least the age of 17 to compete. Apparently it's too "dangerous" how boring not that I really wanted to do it anyways. Some guys came into the room making some big performance walking in. Then a bunch of pretty girls walked in with beautiful blue dresses and all the guys were looking at their asses, disgusting. This was a little extra if you asked me. After he explained all the rules I sat and ate while taking to them. After we all finished eating me and Pansy went to our dorm to unpack while taking. " So Mads, do you fancy anyone?" She asks me this question around 100 times each year and honestly I'm getting quite tired of her asking. " No Pansy is still don't, honestly I don't have time to fancy anyone and frankly it's a little pathetic." " what are you taking about, it's not pathetic." We went on arguing about wether love made you weak or not until we finished packing. " I'm going to bed, you should too we do have our first classes tomorrow." Not that I really cared but I was pretty tired " fine fine, I'll got to bed." We both changed and got in bed and tried to go to sleep, occasionally checking if one us was up. Around 30 minutes later we just decided to talk until we both got tired and thought we could sleep. We started to talk about the triwizard tournament and how we thought it would go. " I wonder what they have to do I mean competing for eternal glory." " The people competing are just power hungry to be honest." We kept changing the subject every now and then. It took around an hour before we actually went to sleep. God I wish I was back home in my bed.

( not to hype myself up or anything but this actually decent. Anyways I'm gonna put the characters in the next part lol 😗✌🏽 Also this
seems shorter on here. I’ve moved this story to here as well as wattpad because I’m scared it might get taken down. Anyways hope y’all like this. )
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