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Mine ( A Fred Weasley Story )

2. The Unforgivable Curse

I woke up the next day around 6:30, Pansy was still sleeping I decided not to wake her up just yet. I went to take a shower and picked out my clothes. Afterwards I got changed into a black skirt and a sweatshirt with some boots and my robe. I went to check if Pansy was awake, she was still sound asleep and if I didn't wake her she would stay in bed forever.

" Pansy, wake up we have class." I started to shake her but she was still asleep. I went ahead and got some water it would wake her up and be funny. I grabbed a handful of water from the bathroom and went back to her bed. " if you don't wake up I will pour this water on you with no hesitation. Alright this is your fault." I poured the water on her hair and she jolted upwards while I'm laughing at her" what the hell mads, why would you do that." " if you must know your lazy ass wouldn't wake up so I took it upon myself to pour water on you."

We both started at each other and burst out laughing. " Alright I'm gonna do my makeup and then go to breakfast it's already, 7:37 so hurry up." " fine fine I'll get ready." I did my makeup while Pansy changed into some new clothes. " I'm leaving right now see you later." " bye Mads." I left my dorm and went off to the dining hall.

Once I got there I saw Blaise and went to sit down with him down with him. " Hey, Blaise, where's Draco?" " he's still in our dorm doing whatever, where's Pansy?" I looked over at the Gryffindor table to see the "Golden trio" talking, how pathetic those ones are. " She's in our dorm still getting ready." We ate for a little bit when Draco came in and sat next to us. Pansy came in 10 minutes after. We all talked for a while before we had to head to our next class. Every once and I while would look at the Gryffindor table to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I never had anything against Hermione she seemed like a pretty decent person. She was definitely smart but the only problem was that she was a muggle-born if my parents ever found out i was taking to one god forbid friends... I don't even know what they would do. Another problem was that she was friends with Harry who I have no reason to dislike but he just rubs me the wrong way. Everyone giving him attention for just existing, not to think how stupid you-know-how must have been to not been able to kill a baby. She also was friends with Ron who was apart of the Weasley family, what a disgrace those are to all pure-bloods. I went back talking with Pansy, Blaise, and Draco before I checked the time and it was 8:45 " we should get going to class." " Don't be such a goodie two shoes Madison, we have 15 minutes anyways." " Oh shove off Malfoy, so what I wanna be 2 minutes early." I got up and left and headed to the d.a.d.a which I had with some of the Gryffindors, just great.

I made my to the class around 5 minutes early and everyone else was there too. We waited for the new teacher, mad eye moody Ive heard that he's a bit well...mad. Mad eye walked into the class quite dramatically I must say. He started to go on about something that I wasn't fully pay attention to. I looked over to the table next to me to see Weasley and Potter looking over at me and laughing. " What are you two laughing about." I whispered trying to make sure mad eye didn't hear me. " None of you business Hilton." " Better shut your mouth Weasley before you end up like potters parents." He looked at me and scoffed and looked over to Harry who had started to fiddle with his fingers. I started to pay attention when mad eye started taking about the three unforgivable curses. "Who can tell me one of them?" He eyes the room I knew all of them but didn't wanna be the first one to answer. " How about you Weasley." I gave a small chuckle at the face Ron made " My father told me about one... The imperius cruse." " Your father would know all about that wouldn't he." Mad eye went to the front of the class and brought out a spider and mumbled the imperius curse. He then moved the spider across the room while we were all bursting out laughing on whoever it landed on. It ended up on Ron's head which nearly had me pissing myself. Mad eye then moved the spider to Draco which his face was priceless, I'm never gonna stop bothering him about this." He looked at me and said " Look who will have a great laugh now." Little did he know I love spiders to be honest so when he moved it to my head I looked at and smiled at it. Everyone gave me a shocked look and mad eye put the spider back on his desk. " Not afraid of spiders are you?" I shook my head no. " Come up here." I stood up and walked to the front of the class where mad eye was. " Tell me another unforgivable curse then Madison." " The cruciatus cruse sir." " Ah yes the cruciatus cruse... Crucio." He aimed at the spider but I could feel it as well. I tried to keep a straight face but failed as my face started to scrunch up and I wanted to leave the classroom at that exact moment. Hermione then yelled " STOP IT, CANT YOU SEE ITS BOTHERING HER." Mad eye then stopped the spell and I quickly went back to my seat with slight tears in my eyes. " Mad Eye walked to Hermione " Mrs.Granger, would you liked to tell me the last unforgivable curse." Hermione stayed silent " alright then... avada kedavra" We all saw the spider die in a blink. Only he would be as crazy to preform this in class, I mean what is he thinking. Class was then dismissed and we all rushed out of there as fast as we could. A couple people asked me if I was ok after class I told them I was fine and to leave me alone. Surprisingly after we left Hermione came up to me " I- I hope you doing alright." Ron came from behind her " She's fine, why do you care anyway let's go." " Shove off Weasley, and I'm fine Hermione thank you." She smiled at me and left with Harry and Ron.

Later Draco and Blaise came to me and Pansy's dorm. " Mads are you alright, I heard what happens in d.a.d.a seemed pretty cruel." I was kind of sick of people asking but also a little touched that people cared. " I'm fine Blaise." He looked at me like he didn't believe what I was saying " Really, I mean it I'm all good now." " fine, I'll let it go." We talked for a bit no longer taking about what happend. " You and weasel bee were taking all class, don't tell me you fancy him." " Really Draco, listen I might have some pretty low standards but there not that low."

Around an hour later Draco and Blaise left our dorm and it was around 10:13 so i decided to go to bed. " I'm going to bed Pansy good night." We both hugged " Good night Mads." I went to bed thinking about what happened in class and thinking about the scream I heard...when did I hear that scream?
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