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EDITING ASF!!!! hi hello this is my first ff so please dont be harsh. i will TRY to update as much as i can. if you are looking for a long, funny, a little cheesy read, this is the one for you! there's also A LOT of drama. i really hope yall like it! THANK YOU TONS FOR READING Join my discord server :) link in bio, i swear i dont bite. ~ y/n always had tendou in her class since junior high although she never paid any attention to him, and he never paid any to her either. that soon changed in the summer before their 2nd year, the summer that would follow them for the rest of their lives and leave a haunting mark on their hearts. Life seems to throw the pair many misfortunes and VERY terrible timing, how will they persevere? Will they get the happy ending that they deserve? Started: October 30, 2020 Ended: January 30, 2021 this story does contain mature content !

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1 - surprise

Jackie- Discord server link in bio :) Its fun, i swear.

my first year of high school is completed.. can you believe it ? it felt like yesterday i was late to every class because the Shiratorizawa campus is so large, i often get lost. now its finally the summer time

the school bell rang and i RAN out of that godforsaken classroom. to be completely honest, i dont know why i am so eager to go home, i know that nothing good will be waiting for me when i arrive. but with that being the case, i think ill take my time

dads car is in the driveway. meaning he must be home, lets hope he didnt make a mess in the house. hes so damn lazy and cant even clean up after himself, its quite annoying actually.

when i walked into the house, there was beer bottles and cans all over the floor. my eyes darted around the house as i walked in, searching for dad. there he was, laying on the couch passed out and drool all over his face. thank GOD he was asleep.

letting out a relieved sigh, i began to walk down the hall to my room, unlocking the door.

no doubt my room was the cleanest room in the house. although i spend hours cleaning the house everyday, it ends up a mess within seconds. thats what having 3 younger siblings and an intoxicated dad will do to you

i threw my school bag on the floor and jumped on my bed forgetting it was broken for a second. i winced hoping that it wouldnt brake more from the jump. you see, dad and his.. wife broke it. the ONE day i forgot to lock my door, they came in and used my bed for their... deeds and they broke it.

i scrolled through social media, posting a funny meme on my story.

<<AN this would be a meme but inkitt wouldnt let me upload pictures, so sorry about that>>

i sat at my desk getting frustrated at a geometry problem. i wanted to break my stupid pencil in half, WHO THE HELL EVEN MADE MATH. yes, it was summer but studying never hurts. how else was i supposed to maintain my class rank, i am 10th to be specific. math was the only reason my rank was so low.



i picked up my phone and saw that someone named.. tendou replied to my story.

tendou_satori101 replied to your story: BAHAHA THATS HILARIOUS. didnt know you read killing stalking.

who even is this guy? i opened the message and clicked on his profile.

OHHHHH that cute redhead from my old class. i remember following him a while back because i thought he was really cute, though i never shooted my shot because i'm too much of a scaredy cat

y/n : haha yeah i absolutely love that manga. you've read it? never thought someone like you would read that type of story

tendou_satori101: heck yeah, i like gorey stories like that. i never thought you'd read something like that either. seems like we both surprise each other

y/n: yeah.. seems like

tendou_satori101: well i've got to go.. practice. hope we can chat again soon l/n !

how the hell does he know my name. i get we've had a class together since junior high but i didnt think he'd notice me, much less know my name. i like to keep quiet and mind my business. he's the opposite. he's loud and sticks out like a sore thumb.. everyone knows tendou satoris name. in a good or bad way.

y/n: oh for sure. bye.

i hope that didnt sound sarcastic but its not like he'd ever text me again. better not get my hopes up

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