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Join my discord server :) link in bio! TIMESKIP Y/n felt as if something in Japan was calling her name, so she made the impulsive decision to pack her things and leave her home. After the most heart wrenching breakup she had ever gone through, Y/n met the unlikeliest of people. It seemed like everywhere y/n went, she'd run into him.

Humor / Romance
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1 - Farewell

*3 Days before*

With tears streaming down her face, y/n packed her bags in hopes that her boyfriend wouldn't return from work while she did so.

As if the universe wanted to make a mockery out of her, y/ns boyfriend, Peter, had just entered their shared apartment and announced his arrival.

In panic, y/n threw the rest of her remaining clothes in the suit case and sat on their bed, waiting for Peter to enter their room.

Y/n and Peters relationship was as healthy as a relationship could get. In fact, their relationship seemed to be everyone's dream, except for her own. Y/n couldn't help but feel trapped, like she was being held back and it wasn't Peters fault at all.

"Y/n?" Peter opened the door and immediately noticed a crying y/n and went to comfort her faster than the speed of light, completely unaware of her packed belongings.

"Hey hey, it'll be okay. Are you alright?" He rubbed her back and smiled softly, however it only

made her feel worse for leaving him so suddenly. She knew Peter didn't deserve it because he was an extraordinary man, he treated her like a queen.

"Pete.. i'm sorry" Y/n had finally composed herself enough to mutter an apology. "I need to go..." She looked at her packed bags and Peter did too.

Peter squeezed y/ns knee softly as he felt his heart literally break into pieces. He thought back at anything he could've done that might've made her want to leave so abruptly but nothing came to mind. He had been nothing but good to Y/n.

Tears formed in the corners of his eyes. Peter was never one to cry or show his emotions but he just couldn't help the tears from falling.

"Why" He muttered and looked up at y/ns tired face. Although y/n was leaving him, it hurt him worse to see her so drained and exhausted, she looked like a walking corpse.

Y/n glanced at Peters caring face, worry and sadness painted all over it. Her heart clenched, knowing that he was currently worrying about her health and not the fact that she would be leaving. 'Even at a time like this, he still worries about me' She thought as the immense guilt twisted around her stomach.

"It's not you Pete. Please" She grabbed his cold hands. "Please understand that it's not you and it never was. I just - I need an adventure. I think- I think i need to be on my own for a while. Discover myself. Figure out who i am... without you." Y/n knew it was a cliche thing to say but it was her genuine reason for leaving.

One night y/n felt restless as she had thought about all she missed out on. Y/n is 23, in a comitted-almost married like- relationship, she hadn't explorered the world. Y/n had yet to do all the normal things that 20 year olds would. She craved the experience.

"I understand" Peter sniffed and engulfed y/n in a tight hug. "Can i ask you a few things?" He pulled apart from y/n and gave her a sympathetic look. She nodded.

"When will you be back? Where are you going?"

Y/n was taken back by his questions as she hadn't expected him to ask such things but all in all, she didn't mind to answer them. It was the least she could do.

"Japan. And..." She looked away from the still-crying man "I don't know when or if i'll come back"

"When does your flight leave?"

"3 days, around 7 am"

Peter sighed and hugged her again. "I hope you find what you're looking for y/n"

"I'm so sorry Peter" Tears began to form again. This was just as hard on her as it was for him but y/n knew that she'd never forgive herself if she didn't do this.

"Don't apologize. Just... go. Please be the happiest you can be"

Peter had been nothing but supportive of y/ns choices, even if it came at his expense. She always overlooked that detail until now. This was when she noticed all that Peter had sacrificed for her and it made her feel that much worse.

Y/n called a cab and bid her goodbyes to her now ex boyfriend. She sighed before breaking down into her hands. In the moment, she didn't care that she was wailing in some random mans taxi, she didn't care what he'd think of her crying, all she cared about was her aching heart.

*3 Days Later; Currently*

Y/n stepped out of her taxi and inhaled the fresh morning air. She only had two suitcases and a one way ticket to Japan (Her mother promised to send the rest of her belongings through the mail).

Her peace was cut short when a loud cab parked in front of her own. Y/n fished her luggage out of the trunk and watched her cab drive away.

She stood frozen on the sidewalk, beginning to wonder if she should abandon her impulsive journey to Japan and just return home to Peter.

Y/ns thoughts were interrupted when she heard a car door slam to the left of her. Naturally, y/n turned to look and she saw a large man in a purple shirt remove his bags from the taxi trunk.

Y/n wasn't sure if she was still tired or if it was the sudden change in air but she swore that even from the back, this man looked handsome.

Another man with spiky, messy hair stepped out from the other side and helped the larger one carry out his bags. Y/n couldn't help but stare, she suddenly became so curious about the two men.

Unfortunately, the spiky haired man noticed her staring and pointed it out to the taller man. Y/n and the man with olive green hair held eye contact that lasted for 3 seconds, but for her, it felt like a lifetime.

The sudden realization hit, she had been caught staring. Just as he was about to wave, Y/n broke the eye contact and scrambled to gather her things. After doing so, she hurriedly walked inside the airport.

'That was so embarrassing' She thought. All of her nerves were on edge and she simply wished to evaporate after that very embarrassing encounter.

About a half hour later, Y/n stood in the line to board her plane. The new chapter of her life was about to begin, she couldn't help but feel excited. That was until she heard a familiar voice that repeatedly shouted her name throughout the quiet airport.

"Y/n there you are!" Y/ns high school best friend, Sam, called out and trapped her in a hug, ignoring the other scattered people in line. "I'm sorry i had to see you one last time. I'll miss you" Sam wiped her fake tears.

"I'll miss you too Sam. I'll call and update you all the time! Promise. Now i've got to go, okay? Make sure Peter is okay." Y/n hugged Sam tightly one last time before turning back in line.

Through her peripheral vision, y/n saw the familiar tall man from earlier standing in the same line as her and y/n immediately tensed up. All the embarrassment she pushed down came crawling back up as she replayed the horrendous memory.

Y/n handed her plane ticket to the woman in front of the walkway doors. "BE SAFE OKAY?!!? CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU LAND. I LOVE YOU!" Sams shout echoed through the quiet airport, all attention drew on her but she didn't care.

Y/n smiled at her best friend and waved before walking away. Once Y/n was on the plane, she put her bags away and settled herself near the planes window. She understood that it was going to be a long and tiresome flight so she might as well make herself comfortable while doing so.

Y/n opened the windows blind and gazed upon the rows of large planes and the tiny little men standing next to them, looking like ants in comparison. She was so entranced by the planes that she didn't even notice that her "plane buddy" as she called it, had found their seat and was now placing their bags above their heads.

Her attention snapped when she heard rustling above her. Y/n looked to the right and her face met with a dark purple shirt. A mans dark purple shirt.

Like a microwave ding, it registered in her brain that she had seen this very same purple shirt on 2 different occasions.

Y/ns body burst into flames and the embarrassment rose again. She silently hoped that her plane buddy wasn't the same man from this morning. She eagerly waited to see his face. She wasn't aware of how weird her staring might've been.

Unbeknownst to y/n, he was fully aware of her lingering eyes. After putting his baggage away, he took his seat, avoiding eye contact with the girl at all costs. That mornings incident was enough to do him in.

Y/n sighed and pouted when she realized that, although, he sat right next to her, she couldn't see his face because he was so tall. Then the idea clicked in her head. Y/n had always introduced herself to her plane buddies because maybe they needed someone to talk to and she would be there to listen, not to mention that it was a long flight so you might as well get to know people.

She swallowed her embarrassment and poked the olive haired man with a smirk. Calmly, he looked at the smaller girl as she was internally freaking out. Not only was he very handsome but he was also VERY intimidating, not in a scary way. If anything, him being intimidating made her more curious about the guy.

"H-hello. L/n F/n" She nodded and held her hand out for him to shake.

He stared at her for a second, surprised that she had spoken to him in japanese. "Ushijima Wakatoshi" He had quite the grip when he shook her hand.

Then the awkwardness had settled in and y/n had began to feel guilty for staring at him for so long. But at this time, he was doing the staring, not that she minded.

"S-so... are you going home?" She wearily smiled.

Ushijima nodded. "You?"

Y/n took a deep breath and stared at her hands. "Yeah. I'm a little nervous though. It's my first time living in Japan so... i'm nervous because it's a major lifestyle change" She chuckled and looked out of her window.

The reality of it all had hit her like a truck. She so suddenly packed her things and left the only person she's ever known. Now, y/n was alone in an unfamiliar country, moving in with a family, who so kindly took her into their care.

Y/ns chest felt dense and her breathing became uneven. She knew what was happening and tried her very best to calm down by subtly tapping her collar bones and chin. She tried to be as discreet as possible because she didn't want to seem like an insane person next to this handsome man.

Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes and her hands shook.

"Are you okay?" Ushijima tapped her shoulder twice and stared at her intently.

As soon as his eyes met hers, y/n bursted into tears. Ushijima looked at y/n holding her face in her hands as she silently cried, completely at a loss on how to comfort the girl. He softly placed his hand on her shoulder and lightly shook her.

"It's alright."

She looked up at him, a single tear fell down her cheek as she thought about how kind this stranger had been, although he was very awkward while doing so. Y/n knew that if it were her in Ushijimas position, she'd be weirded out by all the staring and sudden crying. Y/n wouldn't be surprised if Ushijima thought she was mental.

"T-thanks" Y/n muttered and looked away.

The two fell into a comfortable silence as the plane began to take its flight.

"Are you okay?" He poked y/n again. Ushijimas face had been plain and he seemed to be uninterested but y/n felt that he was being sincere.

Y/n thought for a moment and decided that the likelihood that she'd run into this man again was 1 in a million. Y/n had always listened to other peoples problems while on the plane, now it was her turn to be heard by someone else.

Y/n let out a deep sigh and faced Ushijima. He took note of how sorrowful and drained she had looked.

She started off with talking about Peter, then went on about her impulsive decision to move to Japan because she felt trapped in her relationship. Y/n wasn't concerned on whether Ushijima was listening or not, she just really needed to get her worries off of her chest. Although, he listened to every word and carefully watched her expression change as she talked about different things.

By the end of it all, y/n was burnt from her rant. She placed her hand on Ushijimas shoulder and sighed "i'm sorry you had to hear me ramble like that but thank you for being kind enough to listen" She softly smiled and looked out of the window.

*2 hours later*

Y/n woke to Ushijima lightly shaking her.

"Yeah?" She mumbled as she opened her eyes.

Ushijima pointed at the flight attendant next to him. "I don't understand"

"O-oh" She sat up straight and looked at the woman. "Yes?"

"Would you like any drinks or snacks?" The Air-Hostess smiled.

Y/n looked at confused Ushijima. "She wants to know if you'd like anything to eat or drink"

He looked up at the stewardess and shook his head no. "I'm good too. Thank you" Y/n smiled as the flight attendant nodded before walking away.

"I'm sorry for waking you"

"Oh it's fine" Y/n genuinely smiled.

Ushijima took note of how y/n seemed to be in a better mood since she fell asleep. He figured that y/ns past behavior was just due to her being exhausted.

"So" Y/n settled comfortably in her seat. "Why were you in the States? If you don't mind me asking" It didn't occur to her how forward she was being.

"I met with my father" Ushijima simply stated.

"Well, thats great isnt it?"


Y/n sunk into her chair, realizing that she had nothing else to say to him.

Ushijima was about to say something to y/n when a small boy and his mother approached the pair.

"Hello" The woman bowed. "My son here is a big fan of yours, can he take a picture with you?"

Y/n looked at Ushijima in confusion. Was she sitting with a famous person the whole time and she hadnt realized it? She positioned herself away from the camera, so she didnt accidentally photobomb their photo.

The woman and her son thanked Ushijima for his time before they headed back to their seats.

"Hey" Y/n poked Ushijima. "Are you famous or something?"

"Or something"

Y/n burst into a small laughter "Wow, youre funny" She snickered. "But are you? I would feel extremely rude for speaking to you the way that i did if you are actually famous"

"Professional volleyball player" He simply said and her eyes lit up.

"WOW. Professional huh? Badass"

Ushijima hummed in response.

"There's a kid i know, he plays volleyball too"

"What position does he play?"

Y/ns face sunk in. She wasn't all that familiar with volleyball positions and things of the sort, Ushijima seemed to notice this.

"Are you familiar with anything that he does"

"Oh!" Y/n perked up. "He touches the ball all the time and he says that it's a very tough job."


"I don't know" She shrugged. "Probably"

The captain of the plane came on the intercom and announced that the plane would be landing shortly, much to y/ns surprise. She wasn't sure if it was Ushijimas calming company or if she had slept too much but the flight went by a lot quicker than she anticipated.

Y/n had gushed to Ushijima about the new family she would be living with. She explained how she met them and that she was so excited to finally meet them in person. Y/n and her new family had been pen pals for 5 years.

Over the course of the 5 years, they became more comfortable and more open, thus, leading to their new living arrangements. They'd often facetime too. Miss Sana was 44 and her husband, Kori, was 50. They had a grandson, Youta, who was in his third year of middle school. Y/n knew them all fairly well. They were quite literally Y/ns second family.

She wasn't aware that she had been rambling, otherwise, she would've felt bad but y/n was just so excited to meet her friends of 5 years, she was excited to begin a new life.

Y/n and Ushijima walked out of the plane together, him listening to her talk about her job and how y/n was over the moon that she got the position as a grade school teacher.

However, Y/n realized how different America was compared to Japan. It seemed like every second, someone would come and ask Ushijima for a picture. Not that she minded, it just put into perspective on how recognizable he was. To her, Ushijima was the equivalent of a famous football or basketball player.

(AN/ i'm guessing here. Don't bite my head off)

They had walked out of the airport together as Y/n asked him a bunch of questions about his volleyball life. She was curious to know just how great he was. 'I mean, He's got to be greater than 'good' if people are asking for a photo left and right' She thought.

"Y-y/n?" Her heart immediately fell to her ass as she recognized that voice like no other. Y/n slowly turned her head in the direction she heard her name being called, scared that her suspicions are right.

Peter stood a few feet away from her with flowers in hand. From his expression, it looked like his heart and been ripped out and stomped on.

"W-what are you doing here?" Y/n looked at Peter in full disbelief.

"You know" He clenched the flowers so hard that his knuckles turned white "If you were leaving me for another man, you could've just said so" He marched up to y/n and handed her the crushed flowers.

"W-wait! I just met this guy on the plane Pete" She grabbed his sleeve to hold him back.

Peter shrugged her off and walked away. Y/n looked at Ushijima, tears threatening to fall at any second. "I-i'm sorry. It was really nice meeting you but i have to leave now" Y/n gave the best smile she could as she grabbed her luggage and sprinted in Peters direction.

Ushijima had no idea what just happened, all he knew was that y/n was very upset, so was the other man.

Y/n caught up with Peter and pulled on his sleeve again. "Stop please. I wouldn't lie to you. You know this. You know me" Y/n gave Peter a pleading look.

Peter sighed and rubbed the back of his head. His pale fingers ran through his brown curly hair. "I came here... to beg you to come home. I shouldn't have let you walk away like that."


"Y/n. Ive always sacrificed myself for you and your dreams. Not that you asked me to, i just did it because i loved you enough. But just this once, i want to be selfish. I won't sacrifice my feelings for your dream this time. So i booked the first flight here so that i can take you home"

Y/n stepped back, her cold hand covered her mouth. It was in that moment, all ounces of doubt she felt before had left. Now, y/n was sure of her decision to come to Japan. Y/n knew that she would never regret it because she felt something calling her here. Deep down, she knew that her life would now be in Japan and not in America with Peter.

"I-i'm sorry Pete. I cant go home with you" She muttered.

"Why not!" He shouted, making her flinch in response.

"My life is here now."

"With that guy!?"

"N-no. I told you, i just met him on the plane."

Y/n had never seen him so angry, it scared her. Peter noticed this as well.

He engulfed her in a tight hug and sighed. "Y/n be honest. Is this what you want? Is it me? Was this my fault?"

Y/n sobbed into Peters arms. This was an extremely hard break up for her. "I want this so bad Pete. And look at me" She cupped Peters cheeks. "This is NOT your fault okay? You were never the problem. This is all me. It's my decision. You were incredible to me. So please, don't blame yourself."

Peter nodded in her hands, a single warm tear ran down his cheeks. Y/n gave Peter one last hug before walking back out of the airport.

She knew it was a long shot but she searched for Ushijima. She thought 'Maybe he waited' Although y/n knew it was highly unlikely. Much to her disappointment, he had already left so she settled on a nearby bench and waited for Miss Sana and Kori to pick her up.


Jackie- AYO FIRST CHAPTER. this is also my first time writing in 3rd person so pls don't be harsh on me.

I felt so bad because i did Ushijima DIRTY in my tendou ff so... this is his redemption. THE TWO ARE NOT CONNECTED BTW. these are TWO SEPARATE FFS, just making it clear bc ushijima in the tendou ff was a little ... well. if you know, you know.

I really hope this chapter was enjoyable. Thanks <3

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