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Hange's sister is one of the strongest soldiers in the scout regiment and has always loved experimenting with her sister. What will happen when she starts to get closer to Levi?

Action / Horror
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chappy 1

i’m sorry if the paragraphs are long lmao

also my first language isn’t English so sorry if it sucks


“Y/N! Y/N! COME ON. I HAVE TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING,” Hange yelled. Y/n put on her sweatpants and, went downstairs. There she saw her sister sitting with a paper in her hand.

“What’s that,” Y/n asked. “Oh I was just about to tell you,” She said and Y/n just sat there looking at her sister waiting for her to start explaining. “Soooooo this is a folder for the 102nd Cadet Corps and I wanted to know if you wanted to join? Maybe you could join The Survey corps and then you can work with me,” She said. “But I’m not strong and I’ll probably die fast,” Y/n complained.

Hange gave her a worried look and said “You are way stronger than me and you are a genius. Please just do it. Do it for mom and dad. Avenge them,” Talking about their parents was a subject that neither of them liked to bring up but sometimes did if Y/n needed a reminder why she is still alive and fighting. “Fine, I’ll do it. For mom and dad...”

Present time

“N/N WAKE UPPPP” Sasha yelled. “Yeah, I’m awake chill,” Y/n wasn’t a morning person. She may be Hange’s sister but she isn’t crazy and energetic all the time. In the morning please stay as far away from Y/n as you can if you don’t want to die.

She stood up and put on her oh so difficult uniform as fast as she could. She showered last night so her hair was not greasy. That was a good thing because no one likes when the Corporal yells at you for not being clean, and even though Y/n was higher up in the ranks than him she was still scared of him sometimes. Y/n did her hair and brushed her teeth.

Y/n went down to the mess hall and said Good morning to Armin, Mikasa, and Eren. She quickly went to Sasha, Connie, and Jean and grabbed some food. “GOD IM HUNGRY,” Y/n exclaimed, and Sasha giggles. Y/n’s attitude usually gets a little better after she eats so they always tried to make her eat as fast as they can so they can all have a great day without y/n being salty because she didn’t eat enough.

Food is something that Y/n loves SOOOO much that she won’t shut up about it. It’s always food this and food that. That’s how she met Sasha. They both love food so much that they talk about it for hours. Later on, she met Connie and Jean and we all got along great.

“So y/n, how are we feeling today?” Jean asked. “I feel great just a little bit tired,” Y/n yawned. “Why is that? Did you stay up until 3 am again?” Connie laughed. “You got it. I have to stop doing that and get a better sleep schedule,” Y/n yawned once again and they all laughed.

“Y/N COME HERE FOR A SEC,” Y/n flinched but was happy when she turned and saw Hange. Hange has always been her best friend even though she is her sister. Many people would describe the Zoë sisters as crazy, energetic, and loud. Y/n ran over to her sister and gave her a big hug. She sat down next to Hange and asked her what’s up.

“Sooooo I got another experiment coming up and I want you to help me!” She cheered. “Oh really? I would love to, but is Erwin okay with it?” Y/n asked her sister. “Mhm, I think so,” Hange laughed and dragged Y/n by the arm to Erwin’s office. She knocked on the door and went in. “HANGE LET ME FINISH MY FOOD. IM HUNGRY.” Y/n yelled at Hange.

She looked at Erwin and he was laughing. Hange also started laughing and Y/n rolled my eyes. In the corner of her eyes, she saw Levi leaning against the wall with an annoyed face. ‘Not gonna lie he’s kinda cute’ She snapped out of her thought and went back to dealing with a laughing Hange and Erwin.

“Can you guys quit it already,” Levi said before she could even say anything. He looked at Y/n but quickly looked at Hange who was walking towards him. “Hey, shorty at least try to have some fun and try to laugh,” Erwin started laughing and Y/n joined in. “What a great way to start a day,” Erwin said.

Levi rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch. “Okay so let’s go back to what we are here for,” Y/n said trying to do this as quickly as possible so she can eat her food before Sasha steals it.

“So you know about the experiment I’m doing with Sawney and Bean, right?” Erwin nodded.

“So I wanted to ask if I could ask Y/n to help me and do this experiment with me. I could use her help and it looks like Sawney has grown to like Y/n,” She explained. Bean wasn’t very nice and bites but Sawney was a sweetie and Y/n kinda felt bad for him.

“I’m sorry to say this, but I already have a thing for Y/n to do,” Erwin said, and Hange frowned. “That’s why Levi was here. I want Y/n to go on a mission with Levi in 2 days. We have spotted an abnormal titan that we think our cadets won’t be able to defeat since it’s faster than our horses. (I know this titan doesn’t exist but just pretend it does😛)”

Erwin went on and on and on but Y/n wasn’t listening anymore. “So Y/n are you okay with doing this?” Erwin asked her, and Y/n nodded not knowing what’s even happening. Y/n looked at Levi and sat next to him on the couch

“Sup Shorty, (You are taller than him in this because I only see short Y/n fanfics and I want to give my tall girls some appreciation)” Y/n laughed matching her sister’s energy. “Shut up Beanstalk,” He hissed at her.

“I was just kidding plus I’m only 3 inches taller than you, (Sorry if that’s still shorter than you but that’s my height soooooo yeah)” She laughed and left Erwin’s office to go back to the mess hall.

She walked inside the mess hall and saw that her plate was empty. Y/n quickly looked at Sasha who looked terrified. Y/n was pretty high up in the ranks, but she wasn’t mean to cadets because they were nice to her.

“Section Commander Y/n Zoë I apologize for eating your food. Please forgive me,” Sasha saluted praying for her life. “HAHAHAHAHA SASHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” Y/n laughed.

Sasha looked shocked at the fact she wasn’t mad. “Huh, you aren’t mad?” She asked. “Sasha, you are one of my best friends you don’t have to act like that around me, but you still stole my food so go run 30 laps and you’ll be good and forgiven,” Y/n said smirking.

“WHAT. NOOOOO BUT I APOLOGIZED,” Sasha complained falling on her knees. “SASHA AGAIN THAT WAS A JOKE PLEASE YOU KNOW I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU HAHAHAHA,” Y/n laughed as she offered a hand to Sasha who was still on the floor.

She took Y/n’s hand and stood up. Jean and Connie started laughing as Y/n left to go to her office.

She walked into her office and sat down in her chair. She sighed as she grabbed the paperwork she still had to finish. Y/n doesn’t like doing paperwork because it’s boring and it takes too long.

Y/n was almost done and decided to go grab something in the kitchen to eat. As she walked to the kitchen she bumped into someone.

“O-Oh I’m sorry Y/n I didn’t see you there,” Armin stuttered. Even though they were close he still had some trouble talking to her outside of experimenting. “It’s fine Armin, don’t worry!!” Y/n stood up and gave Armin a hand and pulled him up.

“I have to go sorry!! I’ll talk to you later,” Y/n explained as she ran through the hallway to go to the kitchen. Armin waved goodbye and turned around to go to his dorm.

As Y/n opened the door she saw someone she did not want to see. Levi. He was making tea (As always) and he looked at Y/n was glued to the ground with a shocked expression on her face and the door closing behind her being the only sound in the room.

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