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THIS IS A PART TWO!!!! READ "summer" BEFORE THIS ONE OR ELSE YOU'LL BE CONFUSED!!! Join my discord server if youre sexy, link in bio ~~~~ y/n and tendou enter a new chapter of their lives, excited and fully in love. But will that be enough to keep them together? Started: 2/3/2021 Ended: ongoing

Humor / Romance
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Jackie- Because it is easier for me, im changing gf/n and bf/n into actual names so.... sorry for the inconvinence. I love you all :)


Its been 7 months since their engagement, y/ns wedding was planned out right down to the very last detail. The thought of her wedding made her so giddy and happy, she felt like a child with candy.

In the past 7 months, Y/n graduated University and now held a teaching position at the local middle school. Tendou is now co-owner of Miss Sanas old diner, now called "Sanas". Sana would come in often to help Tendou with what ever he needed help with, although he'd hardly allow her to do so, her cancer became aggressive again and it was obvious that Sana was becoming weak.

The diner was not like Tendou and Y/n were used to, now it was constantly crowded with people. With the help of Tsukiyomi and her fame, Tendou had customers from all over the world go to his small local diner.

Since y/ns graduation, the couple began to save a portion of their money, so that it could later provide for a child. Although, it was the least of their worries. They were mainly focused on each other and their upcoming wedding, deciding that if y/n were to randomly get pregnant, it would be for the best. "Trying" Wasnt on their to-do list. To them it was like "it happens when it happens".

For now at least.

Misumi and Semis baby, Hanako, now 7 1/2 months old. Y/n wasnt sure how it happened but somewhere inbetween, Misumi had gotten pregnant... AGAIN. Shes currently 3 months pregnant, having another girl.

Nishinoya and Hikaru babies, almost near their due date, are a boy and a girl. Their home is fully baby-proofed and they have everything packed and ready. Misumi and y/n had never seen Nishinoya or Hikaru so prepared. Theyre taking their fatherhood very seriously.

To keep things short, everyone was happy, everything had been smooth sailing so far.

Y/n hadnt heard from Ushijima since the day of Hanakos birth, and for a while, she was worried about his threat from the diner but nothing had happened, so her silent fear dwindled away into nothingness.

A few months into their engagement, Tendou urged y/n to mend some of her relationship with her father, much to her inconvenience, but she agreed so that he would get off of her back. So far, her efforts have gone to waste, not that she really cares.


Jackie- this was a very short chapter but the next one will be rather interesting to compensate. We're going to go 4 months in the past (3 months into their engagement) to look at the struggles y/n faces while DRESS SHOPPING!! and im also giving a sneak peek into the conflicts that Tendou and y/n face. HOW EXCITING!.


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