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⌌⊱⇱⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊰⌍ Disclaimer I do not own Hunter x Hunter or the characters. I will specify when OCs are used in the story. This story contains: MATURE content (sex, sexual humor, sexual acts, cussing, alcohol, drugs, violence.) You have been warned. ⌎⊱⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⊶⊷⇲⊰⌏ ╱ ╲ Modern/College AU where y/n is in college and is introduced to Feitan through a party hosted by the Phantom Troupe (popular friend group on campus) ╲ ╱ Please do not steal, copy, or plagiarize any of my work! No heavy inspiration please!

Romance / Erotica
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You blink your eyes open as you feel a chill run down your body from the cold morning. Rubbing your eyes, you look over to your cluttered bedside table, grabbing your phone.

Another snow day.

Your roomate, Machi, had probably gone out with her friends for breakfast, explaining her absence. You were amazed at how she always persists and stays active with her friendgroup no matter the weather.

Her friendgroup... they were famous on campus. Students nicknamed them "The Phantom Troupe". The troup hosts killer parties that never fail to impress. Most of the friends live in a huge house where parties are held, while other live with roommates in dorms.

Many members could be seen around campus or in classes, including your ex. Chrollo. He was the man in charge of hosting parties. Before the troupe even existed, you guys dated and messed around. But when the troupe formed and you didn't like the partying lifestyle, you two stopped talking and cut the relationship off.

Your hunger interrupted your deep thinking about the troupe. You stumble out of bed and brushed your hair to get rid of the mess it was. You were a sleep jerker, kicking and thrashing in your sleep. It always startled Machi when she woke up to the sound of you rolling onto the ground.

Smiling to yourself at the memories, you walk to the small dorm kitchen to pour a bowl of cereal. You open the cupboard to find it completely bare. Does Machi never shop for food?! Scowling, you slap the cupboard doors shut and drag yourself to your clothing rack to get a coat.

The best thing you could find was a black zip up hoodie and a black tennis skirt. You sighed, putting together the outfit. You slipped on some black fleece lined leggings for extra warmth. All black was totally your style, it kept you warm too. You weren't a scientist, but you knew black was the best color to attract heat. It draws sunlight.

You grab your keys and finally make it out, a gust of cold wind blowing your hair in all and any directions. Cringing at the cold, you regret not stealing one of Machi's scarfs.

You finally get to your car, immediately bumping the heat up to the highest point. Luckily for you, the roads had been plowed before you woke up, otherwise you would have had to walk to the store.

You finally arrive, stepping out of your car. You head towards the entrance when a short man in a black hoodie and black sweats catches your eye. You gaze at him, seeing him switch which leg would be resting on the wall he leaned on. He was deeply invested into whatever was on his phone, slouching and looking intensely.

You recognized him from Machi's photos. He was always crouching down or had his hands in the pockets of a hoodie in them. Feitan.. Feitan Portor...?

He goes to speech therapy. You recall Machi telling you about his speech problem. What was he doing anyways? You shook it off, not wanting to get into people's business. You walked into the store and head towards the cereal isle, making detours to buy candy and microwave foods. While paying, you text Machi about your encounter.


machi 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

hey machi!!! i just saw one of your friends from your group outside the store. are you around here or soemthing?? i thought you went to hang out, or did you hook up with someone???? ;))))

machi 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Pfft no. I went out with some of my girls for breakfast and shopping. I would have asked you but I know how cranky you get when you get woken up.

ohh okay. i was just curious since i recognized him from the photos and your gossip. so no hook ups then ???? ;((

machi 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Lmaoooo no hookups. You should totally talk to him. He's not that social but he's pretty chill. You could give it a try. It'll be good for your social status.

we'll see 🙄🙄🙄


You sigh in a playful manner, slipping your phone into your hoodie pocket and taking your bags. You walk out of the store to see him gone. Oh well, didn't feel like talking anyways. I just wanna go home and eat.

You walk back to your car, unaware of watching eyes from the vehicle parked beside yours. He watches you pull out of the lot and drive away. Machi had talked about you to the members before and personally, Feitan was curious about you. He gazed at his phone again, going back to his activity.

You piqued his interest, to say the least.


OMG this is my first normal fanfic and AHSJKD idk if this will even get recognition or attention or anything. idk, we'll see ig 😁
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