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|𝓒𝔂𝓷𝓸𝓹𝓼𝓲𝓼| Y/N L/N is just a lonesome girl who moved to Karasuno for a fresh start. But who knew a pack of candy would lead her to find what she was looking for? ~ ~ ~ DISCLAIMER: I do not own Haikyuu or the characters! I only own the plot and original characters.

Romance / Other
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Holding your sketchbook in hand, you walk out the doors of Karasuno High School.

Still having some time to spare, you walk towards the club rooms as you were unsure of whether or not you should join a club. As you reach the club rooms, you become a little hesitant.

Maybe joining a club would be fun, but I don't know if I'm ready to join one just yet...

Turning around, you walk away and sit by a nearby gym. As you approached the opposing wall of the gym, you could hear the sound of squeaking shoes and balls hitting the floor. Curiosity got the better of you, so you peaked your view through the crack of the open door.

It was the Karasuno's men's Volleyball Club. You had heard about them a couple times at your old school, and although it never really piqued your interest, what you saw amazed you.

A boy with soft orange hair had jumped to an unbelievable height, and spiked the ball straight to the floor.

After what you had just witnessed, you finally understood why everyone you heard talking about this team was stunned.

Sitting down on the concrete by the open door, you gazed at the scene of the boys practicing their techniques. Checking the clock on the wall, there was still plenty of time to kill.

Even though you didn't enjoy drawing too much at the moment, you felt compelled to sketch the moment you just saw. The way the boy had moved so quickly, eyes filled with determination and passion.

Not only him, but the others in the gym as well all seemed to play an important role. No one's quirks going unnoticed. For the next couple of hours, your hand flew across the paper producing amazing sketches of the different movements you saw the boys do as they played.

After a while, the voice of one of the boys could be heard. "Alright everyone, it's getting late so let's start cleaning up."

You picked up your head and checked the clock for the time again. Complaints and whines could be heard from the same orange haired boy.

It's getting pretty late, why on Earth would someone whine about not getting to stay longer??

Picking up your belongings, you put your pencils, pens, and other supplies in your school bag. As you stood up, a notification popped up on your phone.

To: Y/N
From: Mom
Hey, sorry I can't make it home on time. Also make sure to do all of the chores, and make something to eat for everyone. See you tomorrow!

Not surprised... She pulls the same thing all the time.

You weren't surprised with your mother, just disappointed as usual. It's not that she was a bad mom, but she could definitely improve in some areas. Pushing most of her problems and responsibilities onto you since you were a kid definitely didn't form the best relationship between the two of you.

However, she was super supportive in your interest and passion for drawing, so it wasn't all too bad. The walk to your house was a little ways away, and the grumbling in your stomach had appeared.

There is a convenience store on the way home, I suppose I could stop there and pick something up...

With that thought, you quickly placed your hands and phone in the pockets of your (f/c) jacket, and began your walk to the convenience store to find a particular candy.

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the
prologue! This is the first fic I've ever made, so let me know what you think : )
I'm currently in my last year of school, so I do get busy from time to time. However, I'm almost done so I'll try to update at least once every month. I'm almost finished with chapter one, so see y'all soon^^

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