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The outgoing Gryffindor head girl, Ellanise Adira, was finally given one of the most important possession of the castle that no one, besides the headmaster, contain for decades. It was only for the weekend but the limited became the unlimited. Headmaster and staff had disappeared and a unmistakable ward had settle over the enormous castle. Her and her companion, George Weasley, aka Head boy, now took the responsibility of the students and their safety. But things take a turn when a student runs into the ward and another claims to witness strange creatures lurking outside the ward. Warning; Gore, Sexual content, Death, Fighting. Please, whenever you feel uncomfortable, stop reading immediately. This story is not for everyone.

Mystery / Romance
Age Rating:

Gryffindor VS Ravenclaw

The air that surrounded the castle was crisp on Thursday afternoon, the day before the first match of the season. Gryffindor VS Ravenclaw.

There was no one more excited about the match than my Ravenclaw boyfriend, Mason. He was one of the beaters on the Ravenclaw quidditch team and made me come to all his games. He invited me down to his room today to hang around before the big game tomorrow. It was always our traditional to do so since our fifth year.

Once I reached the fifth floor on the west side of the castle, I found him waiting for me which I was incredibly thankful for. I never like solving the complicated riddles. He lead me inside and snuck me to his dormitory where all his friends left to give us privacy.

"Are you excited for tomorrow?" I asked him once he shut the door behind him and I took a seat on his bed. "I might wear blue but I know Lee will give me shit for it."

"Who cares what Lee thinks," he said, pushing me down to the bed and beginning to plant kisses on my cheek. "You look better in blue anyways."

"Would it be funny if I wear green?"

"Slytherin isn't playing, though."

"Exactly," I said, titling my head to get a view of his face. "That's why it's funny."

"Not really," he said, exhaling and kissing my jaw. "Can you take off your shirt?"

He moved to the side which allowed me to sit up and pull of my white uniform shirt and throw it across the room.

"You're so hot," he said, getting back on top of me. He pushed his lips against mine a couple times before reaching down between us and unbuckling his belt.

"Can you we warm up first?" I asked, trying to hide my frustration.

"You can go down on me and we can get started," he said, not looking up from unbuckling his belt. Once he manage, he dropped himself on the side of me and I slid off the bed onto my knees, in front of him. "Hurry up."

I sighed and pulled down his trousers then his length. I licked his tip and looked up at him, to see his reaction.

"I hate when you waste time," he groaned. "Just put it in your throat. . . And don't look at me. I hate it."

I did what he said and took him fully into my mouth which he let out a small whimper. Before I knew it, he had his hand on my head, not grabbing my hair, and pushing my head down. I gagged.

"Don't gag," he said, his voice trembling. "I hate those noises."

After getting dressed once again, I left Mason's room and wasted no time getting back to my room. The best advantage as Head Girl was having my own dormitory sized room to myself. It had a kitchenette and bathroom.

I dropped my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and turned on the water, waiting outside for it to become warm. It was a walk in shower which was great but I love taking baths. I would go down to the fifth floor and use the prefect's bathroom every now and then.

I skipped the first half of lunch to go and see Mason so when I was done with my shower and dressed, I headed downstairs to the Great Hall. I used the quick drying charm on my hair in the entrance hall then went in the Great Hall to find Lee.

Lee and I had been best friends since our first year at Hogwarts. Then he befriended Fred and George Weasley which was all right at first but then George suddenly became not so fond of me during our third year. I never knew why but I continued being friends with them, avoiding George most of the time.

It was rather ironic though. We were Head Boy and Head Girl and every time we had to communicate it always lead to immature arguing. Other times, mostly in front of other staffs, professors, or especially McGonall, we would put our squabble aside as though it was never there. We took our jobs as Head Boy and Head Girl seriously.

"Hey, Lee, Fred," I said, taking a seat next to Lee who was shoving potatoes in his mouth.

"Hey, El," Lee said, almost sounding like he was gabbling. He shut his mouth and seemingly struggled to swallow the potatoes down.

"Ella," Fred said, looking smug. "Where's your Ravenclaw boyfriend?"

"Probably preparing to lose tomorrow's game," George taunted, looking down at his plate.

"Shut up, George," I said firmly. "And he's preparing to win tomorrow's game, matter of fact."

"You know he's playing our House, right?" George said, trying to hide his annoyance.
"Your House?"

"Don't worry, brother," Fred gruntled, "the man is making her happy in bed. See what happy sex does to a person."

Lee spat all the potatoes all over Fred from his 'comedic' statement. I gave a deep guffaw as I shoved a piece of toast into my mouth.

"Very funny," I said. I grabbed a empty goblet and pointed my wand at it which filled with Cranberry juice.

"Yuck," Lee said, once he finished wiping his mouth with a napkin and Fred used a cleaning charm on himself. "I do not understand how you can drink cranberry juice. It's so bloody gross."

"She drinks it so her pu—" Fred began but his words dropped.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him and turned to Lee. "I like it because I like it. Fred thinks I drink it to make my vagina taste good for Mason but that's not the case at all. It tastes perfectly great on its own."

Lee and Fred were pressing their lips together and George was hiding his face in his arms.

"What?" I asked.

Fred raised his eyebrows behind me and my heart sank. I looked up to a bewildered McGonall standing right behind, between Lee and I.

"Oh," I said suddenly. "Good afternoon Professor McGonall."

"Good after noon to you, Miss Adira," she replied sternly. "And to you too Mister Weasley," she added to George whos face was reddening. "I want you both at my office after lunch. I need to speak to both of you about something very important."

"What is it?" Fred asked, wiping his tears from his eyes.

"Nothing that concerns you, Mister Weasley," she said, her gaze coming back to me. "After lunch."

"We'll be there," George answered and McGonall left after.

"You guys are gits for not telling me she was behind me!" I quietly shouted at them. "That was foul!"

"That was all on you, mate," Fred said. "Anyway, we want to see you wearing your colors at the match, not some stupid blue scar, got it? You're a Gryffindor, not a stupid blueberry."

I wrapped my scarlet scarf around my neck as I made my way along the corridor toward Professor McGonall's office after I was done with my meal.

George was standing by the entrance of her office when I arrived.

"Do you think she knows?" he asked.

Every once and a while, a bored Gryffindor would plan a party and everyone will just comply to it. Despite the fact that George and I were Head boy and girl, we were also part of "everyone".. . . Even when McGonall specifically told us to stop the parties, we would always claim we didn't know.

George and I waited in the two chairs in front her desk. She wasn't sitting which didn't help my nerves at all.

"You're not in trouble," she said finally, her lips pressed thinly. "As you know the first match of the season is tomorrow. The staff won't be in the castle for the weekend... We need to attend a meeting at the Ministry about. . .things. I don't want anyone knowing this information just the two of you. And absolutely no fooling around or parties when the staff are gone."

I felt George adjusted himself in his chair but I didn't bother to move or hint that I was. . .interest.

"What about the match?" I asked.

"It will continue," she said flatly, gripping the top of her chair as she stood behind it. "The main reason I brought you both in is because Dumbledore is putting both of you in charge. Again, I don't want any other knowing this information because if they do. . . Merlin, I don't know how chaotic the castle would be."

"What about the coach or—or everything else?" I stumbled amongst my words. "You're putting us in charge—specifically, George?"

"Hey," he said defensively. "I'm a good Head. . . Boy. . ."

"Sure you are," I mumbled.

"Don't make me second think this," McGonall said firmly. "We're leaving tonight. Ellanise, I expect you to be coach for tomorrow's game. I'm sure you attend enough to know how it goes. And try your best to have Lee use the least profanity."

"I'm not su—" George kicked my leg under the desk which made me paused "I will try my best, Professor McGonall."

"And again, no parties of any kind," she said.

"The whole weekend?" Lee asked once George and I told him and Fred about our whole conversation with McGonall. "That's like—one in a life opportunity! Imagine how loud we can have the music or all the booze!"

"Don't think ahead of yourself, mate," George said gleefully. "Sounds fun and all but what if it's just a test or something?"

"A test?" I repeated mockingly. "McGonall is not going to risk us all for a test."

George and I immediately broke into a blabbering argument for a few seconds before Fred interrupted.

"Who cares, honestly?" he said cheerfully, his hands rubbing both our heads, easily making a mess of our hair. "We could have our winning party after the match tomorrow with no worries. You know, after El's boyfriend's House loses."

"One more time, Fred," I threatened. "And I'm tackling you."

"I like to see you try," he goaded me. "You have no guts."

"You're lucky I'm not in the mood."

"You just know I can easily tip you with the inch of my finger," Fred said.

Lee and I burst out in laughter because out of all the four of us, we had the most inappropriate minds.

"That's not what I meant," Fred said, seemingly trying to shake the redness that was now easing in his cheeks. "Get up, Lia."

I stood up from the table that sat on the far corner of the Gryffindor common room and began to tie up my hair. Lee and George moved out the way as Fred stood up as well. Once I successfully tied my hair, I lunged forward but Fred immediately caught me on his shoulder which I had zero control but he had full.

"Okay!" I shouted. "I was joking!"

"Nuh uh," he said under his breath and carried me around the large sofa where Hermione and Ron were sitting. "Move."

Hermione and Ron scattered immediately which Fred body slam on the sofa.

The next day was dreary and cold when I followed the Gryffindor quidditch team to the field. McGonall and the rest of the staff had left last night which was noticeable given that the high table was empty during breakfast. The house elves still made food, the portraits still stared at us, and Peeves taunted some of the first years.

We climbed through the short tunnel that lead to the enormous quidditch field and waited in the middle.

"A galleon we win today," Fred attempted to gamble against me. "Harry will catch the snitch before Cho."

"Nuh uh," I snickered at his attempt. "I'm not betting between my best friend and boyfriend."

"Aw I'm your best friend?" Fred teased gleefully, rubbing my head again, which tangle my hair.

"Shut it," I portended him.

After a few minutes the Ravenclaw team filed out from the locker room and began approaching us in the middle of the field. Mason made his way over to me and gave a kiss on my cheek. Over his shoulder Fred was pretending gag and George cheered him off with a laugh. I rolled my eyes and ordered everyone to their positions.

Roger, the Ravenclaw team captain faced Angelina in the center of the field which I command them to shake hands.

"Mount your brooms everyone," I said loudly. "Stay in your zones and close your eyes."

Once everyone followed, I pulled the tiny golden ball from my pocket and held it up. The wings flattered out and snitch dashed away into the cloudy, grey sky.


Everyone dashed to the sky after opening their eyes and began the game. It was a quick one. Fred 'accidentally' hit Mason in the head which I had to foul him for.

"That's just bias," Fred accused. "Just because he's your boyfriend and all."

"That's not true at all," I said, grinning. "Get back up and get back to the game."

Gryffindor won.

I gave all the prefects instructions to ensure everyone made it back to the castle. It took a while to convince Mason to come to the party but he agreed. Once we made our way to climb the stone steps, a small voice call from behind.


I turned around to find a small boy in his Slytherin uniform. My third year brother.

"Hey, Alex," I said, releasing my boyfriend's hand and rubbing my brother's hair. "What's up?"

"Is your House throwing a party?" he said, glancing behind him then back to me. I followed his sight and two Slytherin kids were patiently waiting for him.

"Nice try," I said, pushing him slightly. "You're not allowed to come. No one under sixth year."

"Well, that's not fair," he said firmly.

"Life is not fair, remember," I said, grinning. "Go play chess or something. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

He sighed but didn't protest. He left with the boy and girl into the Great Hall. I held Mason's hand again and we made our way up the Gryffindor tower.

I mumbled the password to the Fat Lady and climbed through the portrait hole. The common room was tinted heavily red with music blasting loudly.

Everyone was dancing and jumping to the up beat music. And in the middle of the room, Fred, George, and Lee were dancing on top of a table with their shirts off.

Lee took a swig from a red bottle and looked around the common room. I waved at him when his eyes landed on me and he smiled widely. He jumped off and rushed over. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me away from Mason and back with the twins.

"Come on, El," he shouted over the blaring music. "Let's have fun tonight!"

Fred helped me up the table which I climbed on top and began dancing to the music. Fred grabbed my chin and pushed my head back as Lee pour whatever alcohol into my mouth. I tapped Lee's hand twice which signal him that it was enough and I swallowed the liquid after he pulled away.

It was my favorite drink. Cherry vodka.

"Oh thank you Lee!" I groaned, taking the bottle from his hand and drinking more. "I need this."

"Take it," he said, smiling. "There's plenty more over there."

He pointed to the table full of bottles in the corner of the common room. I gave him a quick smile and a pat on the back before saying, "I'm going with Mason. I'll see you later."

"Don't have too much fun, now," he said.

"Can't make no promises."

I climbed off the table which Lee and Fred gave me a hand and made my way back to Mason who was looking rather bitter.

"Drink, Mace," I said, passing him the bottle. "Tonight we celebrate."

"Not for my House," he said, not bothering to make eye contact. "I want to leave."

"Take a sip and we can go to my room," I whispered after pulling his ear to my lips.

When I pulled away I saw his small grin and he took the bottle from my hand and sipped. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd.

We both shoved our own clothes off once I shut my room door. Once I slip my panties off my ankles, I accidentally tumble on my bed which Mason took the advantage to hover on top of me, connecting our lips again.

"Did you lock the door?" I said through kisses.

"Mhm," Mason hummed in my mouth, pressing himself against me.

I kissed him harder and harder until he pulled away. I attempted to climb back to get more comfortable but he insert himself inside me causing me to groan.

"Fuck, Mason," I moaned in his ear as he continued the slow pace and laid on top of me. "Fuck."

I threw my head back against the mattress which he began to kiss my jaw.

"Mason," I breathed, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Faster, please."

"No," he exhaled, continuing the slow pace. "I like it like this."

The unpleasant thing about sex with my Ravenclaw boyfriend was he hated aggressive sex which I fucking loved. Though I never had it before I knew it was something I desired. A few times he went too hard or accidentally pulled my hair or put too much pressure on my stomach but instead of wincing, I moaned harder bringing me closer to the edge.

But the thing is, Mason never brought me to the edge. The process to the orgasm was fun and felt good but I'd never reached the highest of the room. From him.

My right middle and index fingers were my best friends.

"God, Mason," I yanked his brown hair. "Go faster."

As I immediately regret it, he pulled away, still continuing his pace inside me.

"What did I tell you?" he groaned. "I don't like it when you get aggressive."

"I want to go faster," I sighed. "Can you at least go harder?"

"No," he dipped his head in my neck again.

I enjoyed the few last seconds I had until I felt him pull out and spill the warm semen beneath my pulled up red top.

He collapsed again onto my chest, taking deep breaths mixed with groans. I immediately push him off and stood up.

"What's wrong?" he asked, while I went over to my dresser and pulled out new pajamas and underwear. "You're not going to come lay down?"

"No," I said firmly. "I'm going down to take a bath and I expect you to be gone when I come back."

I made my way to the door until his confused voice caused me to stop. "What?"

"I want to be out my room when I returned," I said more clearly. I left the room without another word or looking at him.

Walking down the spiraling stairs, I quickly wiped the burning tears that threatened to fall down my cheeks. I hated Mason but I had so much love for him at the same time. Lee hated him fully, so did Fred.

Lee and Fred almost physically attacked Joey in our sixth year after a small fight. One of my main reasons I stopped telling them about mine and Mason's arguments.

The music was still loud and the party was very much alive, no sign of it ending soon. As I struggled to get through the crowd, a arm was wrapped around me and I looked up to find Lee pulling me away from the crowd.

"You're all right?" he asked once he pulled me near the booze table where it was less hectic in the whole common room. "I saw you disappeared with Mason. . .only for two minutes max" he gave a soft laugh "and your eyeliner is smudged."

"I'm sweaty all right?" I said shortly. "The crowd is. . .crowdy and the common room is hot. I'm going to take a bath in the prefect bathroom."

"Do you want me to walk you?"

"No," I said, giving a short sigh. "I'll be back in an hour or so. Don't let the party die before then."

"You know I won't," he said, wiping the corner of my eye with his thumb. "But" he looked behind me and a nervous expression fell upon his face "oh no."

Fred and George were yelling over the cheering crowd. It wouldn't had bothered me if they weren't carrying my thirteen year old brother on their stupid shoulders.

"You got to be bloody joking," I muttered. I shoved my clothes in Lee's chest and pushed through the crowd; Lee followed. "Alex! FRED!"

Fred, George, Alex, and the rest of the crowd were chanting "drink". And that's when I realized Alex had a blue bottle in his hand.


Alex tipped his head back, and endeavor to take a single swig from the bottle due to Fred and George's heavy jumping that cause him to sway. But he manage—sort of.

He immediately spit out the liquid onto the crowd which yelled and laughed and held up the bottle to read.

"What the fuck is this?" he said in disgust. He brought his sleeve to his saliva-dripping lips and dried them clean. "I'm never drinking again."

"The hell you are!" I shouted and tugged on Fred's jeans, attempting to grabbed his attention. Once he looked down, his smile dropped. "Put him down, now!"

Fred and George complied with out a word. The look on Alex's face when he realized I witness his idiotic exploit was hilarious and I would've laugh if I weren't so angry. I grabbed him by his arm and made him jump off the table and continue to drag him through the "booing" crowd.

"Alex you're so dumb!" I yelled at him as soon as I dragged him out of the common room, far enough so the Fat Lady won't hear us. "You can't drink! Especially in public!"

"But you can?" he said stubbornly.

Fucking Slytherins.

"I am of age!" I murmured. "And Head Girl! I can't have my younger brother drinking and partying! It shows a bad example of myself!"

"You sound like mom," he said flatly.

"I'm just looking out for you," I said, grinning lightly. "You know I trust you with Fred, Lee—"

"And George," he said abruptly.

"And that orange cretin," I continued. "I trust them with you but if you're going to be like this with them then I won't allow you to see them anymore."

"You're such a mouth breather," Alex said in a hurried hush.

"What was that?"


"Who taught you that?"

"The orange cretin," he smiled and shrugged.

"Say that again and I won't hesitate to pitch you off the Astronomy tower," I threatened. "You're lucky I'm not giving you any detention. I'll go get Lee to—never mind. Just go back to the dungeons."

"I want Lee to take me."









"I'm this close to dragging you to the Astronomy Tower, Alex."

With that, he ran away down the corridor and disappeared down the stone steps. I turned back and mumbled the password then joined the party to find Lee and Fred.

I was furious with Fred and George. Infuriated about the whole situation. Once I spotted the pair swigging drinks with Lee near the booze table, I wasted no time to rush over and shout at them.

"Fred! George!" I called out to them.

They exchanged serious, nervous looks when I finally approach. Lee took a bottle in hand, leaning against the top of a sofa, watching, knowing he had nothing to do with this.

"Are you serious?" I scolded them both. "He's fucking thirteen!"

"It was water," Fred immediately got to the point.

"What?" I said, sounding dumbfounded. "No—he spit it out and everything. I saw it."

"You think we would give alcohol to little Alex?" George said defensively. Him and Fred put their hands over their chest in hurt. "We would never."

"Yeah, mate," Fred said. "I cleanse my empty bottle and fill it with water and gave it to him. No big deal. He reacted as though it was real alcohol. Why? I don't know. Probably some Slytherin trait or something."

I opened my mouth then shut it when I realized there was now nothing to be mad about. I studied their expressions; no sight of sarcasm or anything of the kind. They were telling the truth.

"All right, then," I said after a moment. "But I swear if you ever give my little brother alcohol—"

"Not until he's eighteen," Lee said, sniggering. Fred and George lips burst into a pitiful of hysterical laughter.

"Oh that's funny, right? I said in a threatening tone. "I'll beat you all up, honestly."

"We would like to see your one thousand attempt," Fred said, setting his bottle onto the booze table. "But for now let's have fun."

He wrapped his right arm around my shoulders and did the same with George. Lee followed behind as Fred lead us back to the center of the common room where everyone was dancing to some wizard band I've never heard of.

"You know everything would be more fun if you two got along," Fred told George and I.

"We weren't arguing," I said, visibly confused.

I can't be surprised that Freddie was blurting random sentence given his breath smelt strongly of alcohol. I shouldn't even be entertaining his drunk nonsense but as much as I hated to admit it, I enjoyed his nonsense.

"Yeah, I know," Fred shrugged. "I'm speaking of every other time. Both of you drama queens always murder the mood when we're having fun. Learn to get along or Lee and I will have to lock you in Filch's office or something. Right, Lee?"

"Yeah," Lee giggled. "We have Ms. Noriss keep watch."
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