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The Lid

The night was a blur but I knew it was completely insane given that Lee passed out on my room floor. And Lee always stay in my room during the circumstances of drunk Fred and George. They always tend to mess around with their room mates before falling into a deep slumber.

Mason avoided me after last night's quickie, as expected. When I went down for breakfast, after authorizing Lee he could sleep on my bed while I was gone, he was sitting around with some of his friends and when I waved at him, he did not care to wave back. Again, as expected.

The castle was calm and quiet as it always was on Saturday. Lee helped me clean up my room and kitchenette before we spent the whole day playing wizard chess. The day went and came, so did Sunday.

The weather did not change on Monday when Lee and I raced down to the Great Hall. I pushed him on the end of the stone steps as we headed toward the entrance hall and he fell, not harshly, though. I took the advantage and stepped over him and rushed into the hall. Fred was reading the newspaper when I approached the Gryffindor table. I immediately hid behind him, pulling his arm causing him to spill his orange juice all over his newspaper.

"Oh, well, that's lovely, Ella," he said sarcastically, setting down his goblet. "Who are you hiding from?"

"Shh!" I muttered. "From Lee! Oh shit."

Lee emerged from the wooden doors looking rather audacious than usual. He had his red crew neck sweater sleeves pull up above his elbows and observing the hall.

"Oi!" Fred called out for him. "She's right here!"

"Shut up!" I slapped his shoulder which earned a playful wince from him. "You idiot!"

Lee sauntered toward us, his bold expression still present. It made me nervous.

"I'm not going to do anything, mate," he said once he was within a couple feet away. "I'll get you but not now."

"Oh I pity you, Ella," Fred said, sarcastically shaking his head. "That sounds serious and painful."

"Why the generosity, Jordan?" I goaded. "Did you hit your head too hard back there?"

"Ha. Ha," Lee said flatly, taking a seat next to George who seem uninterested. "Very funny. Actually I'll be worry about myself if I were you."

"I don't know, Lee," I said, sounding smug. "But I seem fine now, don't I, Freddie?"

"Oi, don't get me involved," he said shortly. "Don't want anything to do it with it."

"Enough with all the chatter," George said suddenly. The three of us looked up at him as he spoke. "But notice the high table is empty?"

He was right; the high table looked untouched.

"I thought they would be back today," Lee said, referring to Dumbledore, McGonall, etc. "Where are they?"

"Probably busy doing orgys," Fred said, but the way he winced and squinted his eyes told me he immediately regretted it. And I regretted imagining it.

"Fred please shut the hell up," I said shortly. "That's disgusting."

"What time is it?" George asked. Lee glanced at his wrist watched and muttered, "a minute from nine."

"Classes start in a bit," I mumbled. "But if there is no Professors then there's no lessons."

"So no classes today?" Lee said excitedly.

"No you idiot," I said directly. "Well yes but where the hell are they?"

"Maybe they're running late," Fred suggested.

"Or got caught up with something," Lee said.

"Nah," George said. "They wouldn't—"

Everyone in the hall yelped from a earsplitting, thunder-like noise that came from outside. I felt my heart stopped for a minute and looked around.

"Thunder?" I said, befuddled, removing my hands from my ears that I must've clapped against out of instinct. "Is it raining?"

"Nah," Fred said skeptically. "I don't think that was thunder."

I watched him as he climbed over the long wooden bench. There was curious, mumbling students looking out the windows on the left side of the hall.

We followed Fred around the large tables and joined the interested and concerning crowd. There was a not so visible thing that seem to be pouring over the castle like a—a dome.

"What is that?" I said. I don't know if I was looking for an answer or speaking my first thought. I pushed away from the crowd and rushed out to the entry hall, disregarding the following crowd. I stared straight up, standing in the center of the courtyard, and watched as the dome thing completely cover the castle until it hit the floor.

It looked like water; it was rippling but water does not just float. Especially in a dome shape. Fred's hand gripped around my shoulder, pulling me back.

"EVERYONE GET BACK!" George shouted and everyone complied immediately.

The pouring stopped completely but it was still rippling. I could still see the sky and everything else but why what is there?

"Do you think Dumbledore put it up?" George said, staring up at the lid. It looked like a lid.

"What for?" I said, scoffing.

"I dunno," Fred said, his grip on my arm not loosening. "Does that mean they're back?"

"One way to find out," I said, finally taking my eyes off the lid. "We need to check Dumbledore's office."

We ordered all the students back into the castle and prohibited them from stepping a foot outside. We raced up the head master's tower, which I attempted to push Lee again but Fred blocked me.

"Do you know his password?" Lee said to me, waiting for an answer.

After mumbling Dumbledore's childish password, we entered his office. It was deserted.

"Where is everyone, then?" George said at once. "They were suppose to be here before we woke up."

"And what is that thing?" Lee said, motion toward the ceiling, the sky, preferably the lid. "Who the hell put it if it wasn't Dumbledore or any of the teachers."

"I got another question that is unexplainable," Fred said, moving away, hands on hips, and walking near the bottom of Dumbledore's office stair case. "Where did the paintings go?"

The giant canvas was empty. It no longer hold whatever painting it had before.

"Maybe," I thought for a quick moment. "Maybe they fled? The thunder or that shit. . . The lid was loud."

"The what?" George said, sounding perplexed.

"The lid," I said quietly. "It's covering the castle so it's basically a lid. . ."

"You're naming that weird thing—?" George began.

"Can you two shut up," Fred discontinue the start of our argument. "We need to send a owl to Dad, George. Who knows what that lid is? For all we know it can probably block out all of the oxygen."

"Looks like the paintings in Dumbledore's office weren't the only ones to scattered," Lee said, motioning toward the corridor walls after we left Dumbledore's office to make our way to the Owlery.

The walls were decorated with basic paintings backgrounds. No movement in any of them. Everything was . . .gone.

"This has to do something with the lid, right?" I said hastily. "Like this can't be a coincidence, right?"

"No shit, Ellanise," George said scornfully. He was shaking his head lightly from my words, his lips thin. "Paintings are gone. Professors and the bloody Headmaster are gone. Why couldn't you gone with them and save us all trouble?"

"Piss off," I said shortly. "I don't know why you're always such a cunt—"

"If you both don't shut it then it's Filch's office," Lee said solidly.

"You were serious about that?" I said, furrowing my eyebrows as we finally reached the stairs that lead up to the Owlery.

"Of course," Lee said, sounding sincerely. His hands were deep in his pockets so I was not able to see if his thumb was tapping his lap. He always did when he wasn't truthful. "To be frankly, you and George's arguments are a pain in the ass for me and Fred."

"Say it louder, mate," Fred agreed calmly.

"George always starts it," I said, throwing George a dirty look. "It's his fault. Not mine."

George did not say anything else but simply bit his bottom lip and lift up his sleeves.

"We're only sending one owl?" I asked. Lee opened the door that lead up the stinking Owlery and I followed him in. "To be sure we should send at least—Ow, Lee! What are you doing?"

Lee had stopped in his steps which caused me to slam my face against his broad back. When he didn't respond, I push through him and Fred to see what caused the three boys to freeze.

The Owlery was empty. There was poo from the owls scattered mostly everywhere but not a single owl in sight.

I sprinted across the Owlery and peaked my head out one of the seven large openings of the tower. The lid was still there but not a owl in sight.

"Where the hell are they?" I said, spinning around to find the boys still standing in the same spots. "Shut your jaws and say something."

"Mate, does it look like we know any more than you do?" Fred said,playfully rolling his eyes. He joined me, followed by George and Lee. The three of them peaked as well.

"Where the hell did everything go?" Lee mumbled.

"The paintings, owls, and Professors. . ." George said quietly under his breath. "What about the ghost? House elves? Hagrid's animals for magical creatures or Peeves?"

"There's only one way to find out," Fred said.

After one hour or more, we managed to explore the castle for any signs. We found that everything was gone. Everything.

The animals Hagrid had caged away disappeared, though, we didn't see them anywhere to assume they'd escaped. Nearly headless Nick and the rest of the ghost were no where to be found. And Peeves, surprisingly, hasn't been around the castle to torment anyone.

We strolled back to the Great Hall, nervous that we had to tell everyone what was going on—or what we knew.

Once we entered, we found that the all the prefects had their Houses sit at their table and by the looks of it, they had been waiting for George and I.

"Lee, Fred," I whispered, "go sit. George and I will make the announcement."

"No we go with you," Lee said shortly.

"Yeah," Fred said, "if they try to go crazy, we be by your side and all."

"No—" I began.

"Let them be," George said.

"Fine," I sighed.

I felt everyone eyeing as we made our way to the top of Great Hall where Dumbledore and the rest of the Professors usually stood and ate their meals. Everyone's chatter died down once we settled where Dumbledore usually stood.

"I know you're all wondering what is going on," I shouted.

George held up his wand and pointed it to my neck.


My voice immediately echoed throughout the hall. "Oh—I know you're all wondering what is going on. Er—we don't neither. All we know is the staff and paintings are gone."

There was an roar of gasping and whispering from all four tables.

"Does that mean there's is no class today?" someone from the crowd shouted.

I looked over who George, who lightly nodded.

"Yes," I said, sighing at the cheering and roaring. "But until then no one is allowed outside the castle for any reason. We don't know what that thing is. For all we know, along with the paintings and Professors, the elves and all creatures had disappeared as well."

"And what about the food?"

George took the wand away from my throat and put it to his: "The food always magically appeared every day. We get all wizard and witches that are legal to use their wands to get food prepared. . . Until the Professors and Dumbledore return."

I hesitantly pulled his wand to my throat to speak. "All Prefects, I want you to keep watch on your Houses while George and I head down to the kitchen."

Everyone immediately blurted into whispering, seemingly about what had happen. George, Fred, Lee and I stepped down from the small stage and went over to the door that lead down to the kitchen.

"Ellanise," a voice came from behind me.

I turned to find my boyfriend, Mason, approaching me. He looked like he just awoken, his hair very messy.

"What is going?" he asked, grabbing my arm. "You both will figure this out, right?"

"Yes," I said, removing my arm from his grasp. "Go back to your table, okay? I'll update everyone once we find anything."

I didn't bother to watch him skip away as George, Fred, Lee, and I climbed the torch illuminated stairs down to the kitchen. We opened the door, already expecting to find it empty.

"Well," I exhaled deeply. "We get all legal wizard and witches to help for lunch and dinner. Hopefully they'll return tomorrow and help with whatever that lid is."

"What I'm wondering is," Fred said distinctly, "who cooked breakfast if the house elves were gone."

"Don't be thick," I said abruptly. "They had to disappeared after, along with everything else."

"Are you saying my arse is plump, El?" Fred said then spin around to playfully stick out his bum. Lee and George gave a chuckle as I pushed his shoulder away from me.

"Very hilarious, Fred," I said sarcastically. "You and Lee go let all the eighth years know they'll be cooking for the castle. I know we have Prefects but I want Angelina in charge for our House."

"And why not us?" Lee and Fred said in sync.

"Because you two can't take anything serious," I said shortly.

Fred and Lee threw me a "yeah right" look before making their way to the exit of the kitchen. Then when Fred murmured something along the lines of "and she called me stupid", I struggled for my wand which the two boys immediately noticed and hurried out.

I placed my wand back in my robes as George began to look around the large kitchen.

"For lunch I want pumpkin juice, sandwiches, kippers, porridge, and toast with marmalade," George said loudly, looking inside the refrigerator.

"Why do you get to choose what we eat today?" I said, arching my eyebrow at him.

"Sorry, I should've assume you were in charge," he said, shutting the refrigerator firmly. "Even though I'm head boy and all."

I watched him as he carefully strolled around the kitchen and toyed with every he can feel. He stroke his fingers along the metal tables and fruits that sat inside the wooden bowls.

"No, no. You're right," I said smoothly, narrowing my eyes at him and giving a small grin. "Go ahead. Take charge, Weasley. It would be entertaining to watch anyway."

"As you sh—" he cocked his head at me. "You think I can't handle being Head Boy?"

"No," I said flatly. I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a smirk. "But again, it be entertaining to watch. So please, take over, Weasley."

"Very well," he said, shrugging slightly. "I like being in charge anyways."

The wizard and witches, surprisingly, prepared food for the castle very easily and well. It was magic of course so it shouldn't been hard. I skipped lunch because the feeling I had in my stomach vanished my appetite. Instead I took the opportunity to strolled around the castle to double check if we missed anything.

As previous before, everything had seem to vanish into thin air. It baffled me because it was really strange for this to happen. And I didn't want to risk leaving the lid given that I didn't know what its effects were. And I knew enough about wards to know they can be deadly.

After dinner I waited in the common room to hear any news about Dumbledore and any of the staffs return but the time drag and I got impatient. Soon after students left up to their dormitories and went to bed. Fred, Lee, George, and I sat down on the couch, in front of the fire place, leaving us to be the only ones left.

It was comfortable silence as I sat on the far left of the couch, Lee laying his head on my lap, Fred on the far right, Lee's feet on his lap. George was making origami silently on the floor.

"Stop pinching my bloody feet, Fred," Lee said, breaking the silence. "I don't know where your fingers been."

"Probably inside Angelina," George said, sounding smug as he folded a swan.

Lee and Fred laughed and I almost did as well until I remembered it was George who made the joke.

"Nah," Fred said, sighing. "I mean she's hot and stuff but she's a missionary girl, you know."

"I know precisely what you mean," I said shortly. "Mason, he's just—I don't know."

"So I was wrong," Fred said, grinning slightly. "He's not great in bed after all? So what is it making you cheer for Ravenclaw instead of your own House then if it isn't the sex?"

"I definitely do not cheer for Ravenclaw," I said, slightly shaking my head. I slid my fingers through Lee's dreadlocks, massaging his scalp, as I continued. "But he's strictly missionary and basic—blowies. He doesn't like—er—tongue, spit, or gagging—"

"You sure he isn't into blokes, then?" Fred said abruptly. Lee immediately howl in laughter and in result, I smacked his forehead.

"That's not it," I said, watching as Lee's chuckles die down. "He hates when I get aggressive. Gets me shit for it."

"Eh, he probably get use to it," Fred shrugged. "But I don't know a single bloke who doesn't like it. Have he ever gave you a orgasm?"

My face stung, hinting that I was now blushing, and I said, "no." And in that moment, I realized George's hand jerked for a second but he continued to fold his next swan.

"Oh what a fucking wanker!" Lee said. "I say you break up with him. He's probably small isn't he?"

"Lee!" I said, giving him a sheepish grin.

"He is, isn't he?" Fred said confidently.

"Maybe this small," I said, and made a pinching shape with my fingers, the length about a inch or so.

"Oh, Ella!" Fred said, who now laughing hysterically with Lee. "You can't have a small cock bloke bothering you! Find someone better!"

"The sex might be bad but he isn't," I said softly.

Lee and Fred exchanged suspicion expressions but did not say a word until Fred blurted out moments after, "that's a lie."

"Whatever you want to think, Fred," I said, not bothering to continue the conversation.

"Anyways," Fred said, moving his right arm to grip the top of the sofa. "What about you, Georgie? You and Katie?"

George gave a sheepish laugh and lightly shook his head. Keeping his eyes on the origami, he said, "she's way too soft."

"What do you mean?" Lee said, lifting his head and putting a arm under it.

"The way she's aggressive in quidditch you would think she's the same in bed," George continued. "But she's not. She hates when her mascara runs down her face or having her face shove in the pillow, that sort of thing, y'know."

It was really unexpected. I had never thought of George to be that way—if I did, I thought he would be a virgin. In my eyes, he was always the more quieter twin, at least, when I'm around. Or when we aren't arguing.

It had always been that way after third year. George was always his normal self but whenever he was. . . I guess, remember my existence, he would go all quiet and bland. I always glance at him laughing,making jokes, or planning a prank with Fred and Lee but never around me.

"So we're all having problems in our sex life, eh?" Fred said.

"Not me," Lee said. He had lifted his hand up a bit and began stroking the ends of my hair. "Me and my hand are best friends."

"Cheers," I said, laughing and high-fiving Lee. "The best person to pleasure you best is no one but your own right hand, unless you're a lefty. Which is odd. . .who the hell writes with their left?"

"George has ambidexterity," Fred said shortly. "He can write two essays at once and all the type of sort of stuff."

"I told Katie that and it was hilarious," George said and he gave a gleeful laugh. "It was amusing to see her expression. You know how easily wet virgins get."

I shifted in my spot which made Lee give me a odd look. I cleared my throat and pushed his head off my lap.

"Masturbation is my melatonin," I told Lee, looking down at him, smiling. He gave a short, soft chuckle. "When I'm done a huge wave of melatonin just takes over my body and takes me into a deep slumber."

"Here, here," Lee said. "But why you push me off for?"

"I'm going to bed," I said quickly, too quickly. Fred and Lee cocked their eyebrows at me. "I'll see you tomorrow and hopefully all the staff to figure things out."

"You didn't just tell us masturbation is your melatonin then proceed to tell us you're heading to bed, El," Lee said loudly once I reached the bottom of the stones steps that lead to the corridor that held the head boy and head girl rooms.

"Huh?" I stopped at the entrance and turned to Fred and Lee leaning over the sofa. "What d'you mean?"

Fred cocked his eyebrow and it just register that I practically told them I was about to masturbate when that wasn't my intention at all. My cheeks redden and my face warmed from the awkwardness.

"I'm not off to masturbate, you idiot," I said, giving a cheesy smile. "I'm off to bed, really."

"Uh huh," Fred taunted.

"Think what you want," I said quietly. "Goodnight."
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