A Little About Me And What I Am Going To Be Doing Here


This is just a little about me and what I am going to be doing on here. If you don't like move on. lmfao :D 'kay anyways...

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Chapter 1

Hello! I am Bubba or Bubs, I am going to be hopefully writing Haikyuu x readers, or something like that...

Please remember I don't own Haikyuu or any of the characters. Only my ocs' and the plot if not said otherwise. I just moved from Wattpad cause of all their shit going on, and ya...

[Stuff y'all might want to know]

-I am a minor but will be writing smut and all that 'fun' stuff

-I am not very active

[and... other stuff ig-]

Please don't be rude to me or others, If you don't like what someone wrote move on and find a different book, Thank you.

I am not sure when I am going to start writing as I am quite busy right now, so if not soon then... I don't know when...

'kay, Thanks. Bye Bye :)

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