"there areamu things that are better forgotten"

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A surprise shower came on his way. Atsumu grumbled profanities under his breath as he tried drying himself under the shade of an old Japanese temple.

The sun was shining brightly, but the upsetting weather said otherwise, it's just another case of sunshower that occurred in the daily basis.

To others it may be a hindrance, but to her. It's just one of those things she apriciate to the out most. The sunlight that seepes between the leaves, as the shadow cascaded leaving a heavenly sight. The cold and dry breeze of dried out ground, to the cold contrast of the rain shower.

Everything seems to amaze her.

As her brilliant hair sway from side to side; Atsumu nearly jumped when he saw an out reached hand, touching the cold water. The sudden rustling of dried out leaves made her shift her eyes.

Atsumu's breath nearly hitched; she was a piece of artwork. A masterpiece that was carved into perfection— not even a single flaw was visible. A fallen angel; that's what he called her.

"oh! Atsumu, good morning!" her solemnly pure and energetic voice snapped him out of his own world. With a little wave, Atsumu greeted the girl back. "Good morning Y/n."

The two have been classmates eversince primary school, but Atsumu never had the chance to talk to her.

Y/n L/n is a well-known artist. Her masterpiece are just extremely exquisite, attracting audiences all around the globe. Her family remained humble and very supportive of her, always reminding her to work hard, but also enjoy her art.

Call it weird, but a guy like Atsumu who doesn't even know w single thing about painting wanted to see one of her art exhibit. But the tickets were always sold out, and it's very difficult to get.

If that doesn't explain how talented she is, I don't know what to say.

"Don't you have practice today Atsumu?" staring right back at her e/c eyes seem to be almost impossible for him. As if he'll get lost once their gaze meet. And Atsumu having a huge crush on her didn't really help.

Atsumu nodded his head as a yes. "to be honest I will get scolded by coach for being late, but since I only have five minutes left before our morning practice, might just sta here a little longer."

That wasn't a lie, well— half of it wasn't. He was late, like, extremely late. But he wanted to stay by her side a little more. Because there's no telling if he will still have this golden opportunity to talk to her alone.

The setter eyed the raindrops who meet the grass. He wanted to hate the rain, but also wanted to thank it. "wait a minute!" Y/n shouted gaining his attention.

He watched as she fiddle with the hem of her uniform feeling nervous that her long time crush was right in front of her, looking so handsome as always. 'damn it y/n just suck it up and do it!' her inner voice shouted agonizingly.

"you're gonna get in trouble so please accept my offer!" Atsumu was surprised on how high her voice have gotten, she must have been very nervous. Y/n felt her face flush more red from embarrassment, handing the pink umbrella; Y/n can't help but feel a little worried. Getting scolded by a sports teacher doesn't sound good to her.

Atleast she might come to help, just a little bit. Atsumu watched her flustered form in pure amusement. He kinda feel bad, because of how he enjoyed looking at her bashfullnes(?) but he really liked the sight of her angelic face painted red.

"ofc, I'll take it. But in one condition." the girl looked up a little confused. How come that she's the one who offered but he wanna get anything in exchange from her? But neither the least, Y/n agreed nodding her head.

"walk with me"

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