Banished From The Shadow Realm (Fan Story)


Chloe needs the help of Rascal and Nogo to defeat her parents.

Humor / Fantasy
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Chloe Winters was an... average girl...


Yes, Chloe, the student council vice president, was secretly Glitter Breeze. She had fought her enemies skillfully. However, there always was one jester she couldn’t get out of her head. Rascal. The boy who literally almost killed her.

She knew it was silly to have a crush because they were mortal enemies and could never be together. But, Chloe was a 14 year old girl. Oops... my mistake. 1400 year old girl. Chloe was immortal. She would never look a day older than 14 even if she was 2300! Or 7200!

Chloe had a rough and tumble childhood. That’s what happens when you have an evil mother and evil father. Chloe never liked to say who her parents were because nobody would EVER want to be near her if they found out she was the daughter of Maleficent and Hades.

One night, Chloe was walking in a park to calm herself down when she suddenly heard a cry for help. The voice was high-pitched and sounded a bit like...

Rascal?′ She thought. It couldn’t be him... he was the second-in-command to Emperor Nogo. Him... crying for help?

“H-Help...” Rascal said as Chloe approached him. He then passed out.

What do I do?′ Chloe thought. She finally made a decision. She (somehow) picked him up and took him to her house. Her parents were banished to a secluded island so they weren’t home.

Chloe lay Rascal on the bed and got a cold flannel to put on his forehead, which was burning up.

What Chloe didn’t realise was Ulric was looking through the window. He went back to tell his girlfriend, Chloe’s sister Emily, about this.

Chloe was worried that if she told her friends, they would hurt him. “Ugh... Why does life have to be so difficult?” She said aloud. She began to hum a little song she wrote, then she began to sing quietly as to not wake up Rascal. “They’ve all gone... There’s no-one here... It’s my worst fear come true...” (A/N: I actually wrote this song. These are just a couple of lyrics from it.)

Suddenly, Emily and the rest of the Glitter Force burst through her bedroom door.

“Chloe!” Emily whisper-yelled, “Why are you keeping HIM in your bedroom?!”

Chloe cringed and knew she had to tell her friends the truth. So, she took them outside of her bedroom.

“Look, I know you’ve all got questions. The thing is, I found Rascal hurt and crying for help. I can’t just leave him. If you don’t like the fact that I want to help someone with feelings, you can get out right now because, as much as Rascal’s hurt and taunted and mocked me, he still has feelings and I can’t ignore someone crying for help.” Chloe said. She took in a shaky breath. She really hoped her friends would accept this.

“Chlo.... It’s fine.” April said.

“Yeah. But, if that clown hurts you, we’ll hurt him ok?” Kelsey said.

“Okay.” Chloe replied while smiling. “I gotta go check on him. You guys wait downstairs.”

The rest of the Glitter Force went downstairs while Chloe sat next to her bed, looking at Rascal and bandaging his wounds. Unfortunately for her, she had to take the top half of his suit to bandage the wound. He had a six pack. ‘Why me...?’ Chloe thought while blushing madly.

A few minutes later, he was all bandaged up so Chloe sat at her desk to do her Geometry homework early.

“Ugh... Where am I?” Chloe heard Rascal say. “G-Glitter Breeze?”

“You’re in my bedroom. I saw that you were hurt so I helped you.” Chloe said bluntly.

Rascal’s eyes (well, mask) softened. “Thank you.” He said.

Suddenly, Chloe’s goofy older brother Spencer came in.

“Chlo-Chlo! I challenge you to not sing to these awesome songs!” He said.

Chloe stopped for a second before raising her arm with her index finger pointed in the air. “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

However, a few seconds into the challenge, she broke and began to sing. “Ra Ra-a-a-a-a! Ro ma! Ro ma-ma-ma! Ga Ga! Ooh La la! Want your Bad Romance!” She laughed. Spencer left and Chloe turned back to a very confused Rascal.

“Oh right! Me and my brother sometimes do these challenges where if I lose, I do something for him and if he loses, he does something for me.” Chloe said.

Rascal chuckled. “Ya know, you’re not as bad as I thought.” He said.

Chloe smiled and heard a knock on her window. “Who could that be?” She said. She heard a romantic song playing outside her window and her eyes widened. She opened her window. “No Rachel.” She said, “I will not nor never go out with you!” She then closed her window and the music kept playing while Chloe blushed with anger and embarrassment.

“Sorry about that.” She said, “It’s my ex-girlfriend. She wants to get back together with me.”

Rascal looked surprised. “You aren’t...” He started.

“Oh no! I’m not lesbian.” She said. “But I am bisexual.”

Rascal nodded. Her bedroom door burst open again, it was Emily.

“SIS?! YOU’RE BISEXUAL?!?! CONGRATS!” She screamed and hugged Chloe tight.

Chloe stiffened. “Thanks Sis....” She said. Emily left and Chloe began to read one of her favourite books.

“Breeze?” Rascal said.

“Call me Chloe.” She said. “And, yes?”

“Nogo. He banished me because he sensed light in me. But, I did overhear him saying something about a greater threat. Maleficient and Hades. They have twins.” He said.

“Yeah... um... Rascal...Those twins are me and Emily... Those are our parents.” Chloe said, biting her lip.

Rascal looked at her for a moment before smiling. “Two Glitter Force members have evil parents? Didn’t see that coming...” He said.

In the Shadow Realm, Nogo was listening to his former second-in-command being friendly towards Glitter Breeze when he suddenly gained interest when Chloe told Rascal about her parents. ‘Hmm...’ He thought, smiling to himself, ‘This’ll be interesting...’

Nobody expected what came next...

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