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I'm a girl who just transferred schools from Nekoma High to Karasuno High. I'm in my first year. But most importantly I'm on the boys volleyball team. Also my name is Sunni Saito I DONT OWN ANY FANART OR THE HAIKYUU CHARACTERS, Just my Oc and the storyline SEQUEL OUT NOW

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Welcome to Karasuno High!

Mature Themes and Language

7:00 Am


I wake up excited to start my first day, i get up and get dressed. I'm practically running around. I went downstairs and sat down to eat cereal for my breakfast.
"Are you excited sweetie" my mom asked

"YES I AM SO EXCITED MOM" I said while smiling.
Finishing my cereal I got on my shoes and put red and orange clips in my hair. I said bye to my mom and left out the door. While I was walking I saw a boy that looked my age, so I walked up to him. "Hi I'm Sunni"

"Oh hey, I'm Tanaka. I haven't seen you before"
"Yeah I'm new around here"
"Today is my first day at Karasuno High"

He smiled
"Well your in luck I go there too, we can be walk buddies since we live by each other"
"Okay sure" I smiled
A few moments later we finally got there

It looked nicer than my old school I thought. I wonder how many people go here.
"I could show you around"
I look at Tanaka
"That would be great thanks"

He showed me around to my classes and the rest of the school. Then the bell had rung
I went to my first period, Math. I honestly hated math, I was never good at it but somehow still passed. I walk into the class and the teacher stops me.

"Look class today we have a new student joining us"
The whole class looked right at me
I was a bit nervous
"Hi I'm Sunni Saito, I'm 16" "I came here from Nekoma high, and I like to play volleyball"
"Wonderful Sunni, you can sit next to Hinata" she points to the orange hair boy

I sit next to him
"HI" he puts his hand towards me as he smiling
"Hey" I shake his name

"My name is Hinata, my friend kageyama is over there and Tsukishima, oh and Yamaguchi" he points to all of them. They all wave and smile as I do the same back.
I was in the locker room changing and went out waiting with the girls for the gym teacher. Coach Ukai finally came out and had introduced me. After that I had went up to him and asked "Can I try out for volleyball"

"Oh sorry sweetie we don't have a girls volleyball team"
"I know"

"Oh... do you have what it takes?"

"Yes I do, please let me try out"

"Okay sure after school today"

I smiled probably the hardest I've ever smiled

"Thank you so much"

I was starving since the cereal wasn't much. I had got my lunch and saw Tanaka and sat next to him while he was with a whole bunch of other boys. "Hey Tanaka"

"Ohhhhh heyyy Sunni"
The other boys look at me in confusion

Tanaka introduced me to all of them
"Finally someone that's the same height as me" Noya said laughing

I roll my eyes "yeah I get that from my mom"
I proceed to eat my food

"So I heard your gonna try out for volleyball" Tanaka said excited

"Yeah! I am, after school today"

"Oh cool we'll all be there"
After school

I ran to the gym excited and went inside I changed into the volleyball uniform and came out. Coach Ukai was waiting for me. "Okay let's start"
I had went against Kageyama first.

They called him the "King of the court". He served and I jumped up and spiked it onto the ground on his side. He was in pure shock . I had laughed. Everyone seemed shocked. "DAMN KAGEYAMA YOU GOT SPIKED" Tanaka yelled while dying of laughter.


I couldn't believe my eyes, she was like 5'2 and jumped like a foot in the air. I couldn't help but be a bit embarrassed but I found it exciting at the same time. "Coach Ukai, we need to put her on the team"

"I want her to go against Noya and then I'll decide"

I seen noya come running up and I got ready.
I served and Noya slid on the ground and hit the ball I then slid backwards and hit the ball and it landed on his side in the floor.

Coach Ukai look at me with a beam in his eyes
"Sunni you are the first girl on our team, Congratulations" as he handed out a orange gym uniform. I took it and smiled "thank you so much coach" Noya looked at me "why does she have a orange uniform like me"

"Because shes the only female, it will make her stand out"

"Alright everyone we have practice tomorrow, don't be late"
I walked home with Tanaka and went inside my house. "How was your day sweetie"
"It was amazing mom, I got on the team"
"that's amazing sweetie"

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