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Hanging Out

Mature Themes and Language
7:00 am


Another day at Karasuno High, and I was still excited. As I was getting ready for school I got a text from Hinata. "Hey Sunni, do you wanna get something to eat after school, with me and the boys?"
I responded "Yeah of course"
And continued to get ready. I was out the door and was waiting for Tanaka to come out his house. After about five minutes Tanaka comes out with a speaker in his hand. He was blasting rap music at 7:40 am.
"Tanaka", he couldn't even hear me.
"TANAKA" i yelled, finally he heard me.
"Huh" as he lowered down the music
"Why are you playing your music so loud, it's to early for that"
"Oh shi- sorry about that Sunni" he smiled
We then continued to walk to school.
We got to school and I was walking down the hall until I ran into this blonde girl.
"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry"
"It's okay, I'm Yachi" she had a big smile on her face
"I'm Sunni, I'm new around here and I'm in my first year"
"Oh cool I'm in my first year too, I'm pretty sure your in my math class. Do you wanna be friends?"
"Of course I would" i was so glad that I actually had a girl friend. We walked to class and I had to sit in front of Kageyama.


As I seen Sunni sit down in front of me, I remembered yesterday and how she spiked me and jumped like ten feet in the air. I don't like getting called the "king of the court" but it was a bit surprising to me. I was really the only one who hasn't talked to her in our class. The teacher started passing our work out and I ripped a part of it and crumbled it up. I threw it at her head.

"Hey" she turned around looking at me.
"What did that hit you?" As I smirked
She rolled her eyes and hit my head
"Look at what the paper says"
I had wrote my number on the paper and she looked at it and had a small smile on her face.
"King of the court gave me his number, guess he wants tips to be a better volleyball player"
"Hey, don't call me that, and I don't need any tips from you"

After school


I went with Hinata and he didn't tell me that, Tsukishima, Kageyama, and Yamaguchi were coming with. We all walked to this local diner. We got a table and I sat next to Kageyama. I'm not gonna lie he was kind of cute. The waitress comes up and we all order.

"We have our first game on Friday" Tsukishima announced.
"I'm surprised coach didn't make us stay and practice today" Kageyama said
""Who are we going against" I questioned
"Nekoma High" Hinata said
I was a bit surprised when he said that.
Yamaguchi asked "didn't you go there before you transferred"
"Yeah I did"
The food came and we started eating


While I was eating I was looking at Sunni chewing her food, she was quite cute. But I could never tell her that. I'm glad I gave her my number. Once we all finished and paid I offered to walk her home, she agreed and we started walking back to her house.
She was walking in front of me and I couldn't stop my self from looking down at her skirt.
"Thanks for walking me home"
I didn't even realize that we had got to her house because of me being in my thoughts so much.
"Of course, have a good day"
I walked back to my house
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