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18+ Haikyuu Book of Smutshots 18+ (NSFW)


Hello babies, So Ive decided to make a book complied of random smut shots I've thought of. Every oneshot is NSFW themed so be warned. If you're under 18, please don't state your age in the comments as this isn't targeted for your age group and I'd like to avoid my books from being deleted off Wattpad. I hope you enjoy these stories and plz dont take them seriously. its literally fan fiction, im not a professional writer. All OCs are named as 'Y/n', and Ive decided not to specify on many features, like hair, eyes or height, so majority can feel included. Most of this smutshots are M x F but Im gonna try dabbling at F x F/M x M as well but since thats unexplored territory, I'll need some time. Im not into threesomes so I don't think there's gonna be any of that in this book. Sorry horny kids Anyways enjoy! ❤

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Suna Rintaro: Boring? (NSFW)


Giggles were heard at the back of the bus. The cheer squad of Inarizaki Highschool were enjoying banter between themselves after their school won another volleyball match. The ride back to school was rather long and most of the cheer team was fast asleep, except the teenagers at the back.

"Did you guys see the Miya brothers today!?" One girl gushed and another nodded

"It was so hard to not cheer for them, loudly. They're so hot!" She squealed

"Y'all are sleepin' on Aran senpai... Now, he's dreamy" Another sighed, looking giddy at Aran's social media. Y/n smiled at her friends before sighing, stretching her legs slightly. The captain of the cheer squad wrapped an arm around the second year, laughing

"Y/n-chan, you're so lucky... Suna was so hot on the court today. He's so aggressive" She wriggled her brows, before nudging Y/n with her elbow. The young girl flushed as her friends laughed

"You guys have been going out for a few months, now right?"

Y/n nodded, smiling

"Yeah, it's been around 5 months now!"

The heads of her first years peaked over the travel seats in front of Y/n, eager to hear more information

"Did you confess to him!?"

Y/n laughed, shaking her head

"Actually, Suna asked me out first..."

The juniors jaw dropped,

"No way, he doesn't seem like the type... to confess his feelings...."

Y/n raised a brow,

"What do you mean?"

Her junior sheepishly laughed,

"Um... I just meant... He seems a bit like a robot..."

Y/n's mouth opened slightly as the captain laughed, next to her

"A robot!?"

"She's got a point sweet Y/n-chan, I can't imagine Suna being romantic at all... How did you even meet? He's not in your class..."

Y/n sweatdropped, thinking back to the beginning of the school year.


It was quite a random morning; she was making her way inside the school building till she heard a ruckus by the entrance. Cocking her head to the slide, she watched the Miya twins make a spectacle of themselves as they tousled. Since it was the beginning of the year, no one knew just how rowdy the twins got with each other. Y/n was one of the first people in school to witness a hilarious moment. Both of them may have been very goodlooking but...

they fought like little bitches...

She giggled, whipping her cellphone out to record this moment

"Wait till the girls see this... the twins won't seem so sexy now..." She muttered, recording them, stifling her giggles.

"Even I can give a better left hook than that... He totally missed..." Y/n mumbled, watching Atsumu growl in anger when his brother dodged his punch and instead swirled, kicking the blonde behind his legs causing him to fall over.

She froze when she heard chuckles next to her. Snapping her head to the side, she was met with a boy, who was amused as he held his phone between his hands, recording the twins as well.


Suna turned his head, making eye contact with the girl he was next to. He was finally aware of her presence, realising both of them were holding their cellphones in the exact same manner.

His face was stoic as he ignored her, leaning down to see the video from her angle

"You got a better angle than me..." He mumbled, now feeling less keen over his recording.

Y/n wasn't sure what to say at that moment.

She was standing next to Suna Rinataro...

He became instantly known after he joined the volleyball team in first year. After the first few matches had taken place, almost everyone in school knew his name, including Y/n.

She wasn't much of a sporty person but being on the cheer team meant that she got to witness these matches, firsthand. She was very aware of who he was.

Quickly retracting her phone in embarrassment, she blushed, pretending to brush the ends of her skirt.

"Um... I'll see you then..."

She turned to walk into the building, feeling embarrassed that she couldn't even hold a conversation with one of the guys she would cheer for, on a monthly basis...

"You're on the cheer team, right?" Suna's voice came through, halting her movements

'Is he talking to me?'

Cautiously turning, she was met with Suna, just a few steps behind her, hands shoved in his pockets.

He looked sleepy, if she was being honest... She wasn't even sure, if she imagined him talking to her....

Fixing the strap on her bag, she nodded

"Y-yeah, I am... Since first year..."

Suna didn't say anything for a few moments and Y/n wasn't sure whether she should've waited or left...

She was going to get late for class, at this rate

"Can I have your number?" He asked, holding his phone out to her and she was confused, feeling shy all over again

'Oh man, he's so hot and he wants my number!?'

"My number...? But we don't even know each other..." She said shyly and Suna just cocked a brow

"I want that video you took of the twins... Can you send it to me?" He blankly asked and she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. (AN: Sorry)

"Oh... Yeah, sure..." She grumbled lightly, taking her phone out. A few clicks later, she received his contact, quickly sending the video to him

"Thanks" He said, tucking his phone in his pocket

"No problem..." She muttered, turning to walk to class

It was quiet around Y/n, as her squad mates gave her an unimpressed look

"What...? That's how you met... that's pretty boring..." The captain sighed as the juniors nodded in agreement. One enthusiastic second year, decided to butt in

"But surely he must've started texting you right!? Did you guys fall in love through text?" She wiggled her brows and Y/n sighed, looking outside the bus window

"Not exactly... He just randomly replied to my video text later that night... with a meme..."

"A... meme?"

Y/n nodded,

"Yeah... We just ended up sending memes to each other for a while... but we never really spoke in school... Eventually, he added me on Instagram and began DM-ing some stupid flirty memes... and it just became a thing, I guess. We'd flirt like that... and I did start crushing on him"

The cheer captain gave Y/n another blank look...

"Please tell me, he didn't confess through a meme..."

Y/n giggled shaking her head,

"Nah... If he did... I would've blocked him"

One of the eager juniors, leaned even further over the top of her seat

"How did he confess!?" She asked in excitement and Y/n cringed... The girl was in for disappointment, but she couldn't lie


"Fuck... I forgot my umbrella..." Y/n muttered, staring at the heavy rain pouring outside of the school entrance. She had to stay late today, it was her turn to sort of the gear of the cheer squad after school and she didn't realise how much time had passed. It was gloomy and dreary...

She heard a sigh and her head snapped and she was met with Suna, yet again as he unamusedly stared at the rain before him. He hummed again, turning to look at Y/n, cocking a brow, realising she was standing next to him.

"Hm? Y/n-chan? You're still here?" He asked and Y/n felt her cheeks warm and heart race lightly, looking away from his sharp eyes

'Oh my god, this has to be fate! I could ask Suna-san to share his umbrella with me!'

"Yeah... I forgot my umbrella..." She hinted, twirling a piece of her hair before tucking it behind her ear

He began rummaging through his bag before he pulled his umbrella out. He popped it open, holding it above him before he walked past her.

Y/n sweatdropped,

'Seriously!?' She screamed in her head, about to flip him off.

Suna stopped, turning to look back at her and she quickly composed herself.

"Aren't you coming?"

Y/n froze, her blush was more evident.


She quickly rushed towards him, getting close as they huddled under his umbrella walking out of the gate. Y/n had to hold in her creepy smile, she was tempted to wrap her arms around Suna's muscular arm. She wasn't going to lie but after they began 'texting', she often found herself creeping on Suna both at his matches and on his Instagram...

Come on? She was a horny teen... and the boy next to her was her current crush.

'My shoujo manga dreams are becoming a reality!' She cheered in her mind, peeking up at Suna, who still remained as stoic as ever, quietly watching the road ahead of them. Y/n wasn't sure how to start a conversation... Suna didn't really seem interested... compared to how he was quite lively on phone... She kind of didn't expect this... but he was a gentleman! He offered to walk her...


He didn't even ask her which direction her house was? Where were they walking to?

However, the airheaded girl just shrugged to herself

'Atleast, I get to spend more time with him' She sang in her head

A few minutes passed and it was Y/n's turn to match Suna's blank face... Half of her body was drenched because he did a pretty shit job sheltering her from the rain...

The rainwater was leaking over the umbrella onto her head...

Her eye twitched and she shivered,

Suna didn't really make an effort talking to her. She wasn't even sure if he was aware of her presence. The little conversation she tried to make, he responded with grunts or hms.

'He was clearly just fucking around... I mean, the dude was sending memes! I'm an idiot for thinking he was flirting... Fuckin dumbass' She cursed at herself

Deciding to give up on Suna, she stopped walking

"Hey... I realised that my house is in that direction..." She pointed behind her, "...So, I guess I'll see you later. Thanks..."

With dropped shoulders, she turned around, getting pelted by pouring rain, walking away from the taller boy. She felt like an idiot, swooning over a guy like that. He didn't give her any lift... and she was foolishly expecting something out of their banter

She was stopped in her steps when his warm hand grabbed hers, pulling her back. She gasped, slipping and toppling over the boy. His umbrella flying out of his hands.

Y/n grunted, her eyes opening to meet with Suna's. He stared at her, in a bit of astonishment as the rain poured on them. Y/n flushed, she could feel his body underneath her. She was becoming aware of his solid form under her, it was evident that despite his lazy demeanour... He took care of himself. His sweats were almost thin enough for her crotch pressing against his-

She gasped, scrambling to get off him

"Sorry Suna-san! I-I'll get off you!" She squeaked, trying to push herself up but Suna's hand gripped the back of her head, startling her. Y/n looked at him and her breath hitched, Suna's cheeks were tinted pink and he was avoiding eye contact

"Stop moving... You're making it... worse..." He mumbled...

Y/n wasn't sure what to do... For one, she was glad the streets were empty because of the weather... Second, he asked her not to move but she was still sitting on his lower body... Cursing, she quickly stood up, embarrassed.

Suna looked up at her, from his view and she wondered what he must've been thinking about... She wasn't aware of the panty shot she slipped when she stood above him, fixing her appearance

"Are you okay?" She asked him and he shook his head, snapping from his thoughts, getting up. Suna startled her again, gripping her jaw

"Suna-san?" She asked startled but he bit his lip for a second, licking it when he released it from between his teeth. She wasn't sure if her legs shivered from the gust of wind or from how sexy he looked. Suna was a little embarrassed but he kept his gaze locked with hers

"I'm not good at stuff like this..." He started and she raised a brow

"Like what...?"

He shrugged,

"Flirting and shit..."

She was at a loss of words,


Suna sighed, this was going horribly

"Listen Y/n... I like you..."

Y/n blushed again, she was sure his hands were now using her face as a personal heater in this cold weather, she shyly gazed at her hands, fiddling with her fingers

"You do...? But... you never really talk to me... I mean... there's only so much one can respond to a meme... "

She reasoned and he grunted,

"I know... I did a pretty shit job in making an effort... but I really do like you and I want you to be my girlfriend"

Y/n looked away, feeling unsure

"Suna-san... I don't know... Part of me, wants to say yes but..."

Before she could continue, he gripped her face again making her look up at him before he dove down to kiss her hard. She was taken back for a few moments, but she found herself, wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening their kiss. He felt so good against her, and she felt herself shivering in delight when his hands gripped her body lush against him.

Moaning lighting against his lips, Suna took the chance to slip his tongue into the mouth, both of them no longer caring about the rain. Her fingers ran through his hair, letting him explore her mouth.

Oh, was he a good kisser...

As soon as they parted, she found herself panting lightly, looking up at him, dumbly saying


"Are you serious....?" The girls around Y/n said and she felt embarrassed

"This is why I didn't wanna tell you guys! He's not a romantic guy but that doesn't mean he's a shit boyfriend!" She justified and the girls just nodded, not saying a word...

After a few moments,

"He must have some mad dick game... That's why you guys have lasted five months..." The captain muttered to herself and Y/n scoffed, cheeks heating at her friend's comment

"Rude! He's really caring and sweet... He's not good at PDA, that's all..."

"But is he good in bed?" Her friend asked

"Yeah!? Does he at least show some expression under the sheets?" A junior wiggled her brows, Y/n raised a hand to her

"You're a child. Sit down... Enough, we aren't discussing this topic any further..."

All the girls went back to their seats and the captain folded her arms, leaning back into her seat next to Y/n

"So... his dick game really that good, huh?" She whispered

Y/n sighed, crossing her arms, leaning back into her seat, next to the captain

"Five months going strong for a reason..." She admitted, closing her eyes before both her and her friend burst out in laughter.

"Say... Does he show any expression when you guys are... alone?" The captain asked in sheer curiosity and Y/n shrugged,

"That's for me to know... and you to never find out"

The captain laughed, before she closed her eyes, catching up on a bit of sleep before they reached school. Y/n sighed, looking at her reflection in the mirror... She began thinking of her boyfriend, he was on another bus with his team members, but they were going to reach school around the same time. He promised to walk home with her home.

She couldn't forget the way her friends reacted towards Suna... They all seemed so judgy but... who could blame them? None of her stories were exciting... Even she wondered, how she fell in love with Suna... But she knew it was through the hidden efforts he made

Her friends didn't know the sweet gestures he made, like the times when he would pass her in the hallways, secretly brushing his knuckles against hers. Or whenever he won a point for his team, he would always turn immediately to the stands, looking at her for a reaction. When they were alone, he had an annoying habit of trying to record her in embarrassing angles, causing her to whine but he always called her cute.

and when it came to sex...

He was no doubt, good... Good enough to make her jealous of his previous girlfriends who experienced his magnificent dick. Suna was better than her ex-boyfriend but then again, her ex and her were highly inexperienced when they dated... Her first time... was a nightmare...

but Suna...

He was a god at making her tremble underneath him when he was in the mood. From the way he whispered dirty things in her ear to the way she cuddled her after. She didn't understand what a true orgasm was until the night when they first had sex. (Her life changed)

(AN: *raises glass*Here to all us humans, who will never be able to experience Suna's magnificent dick)


She thought through the various times they romped, and she slowly realised...

He wasn't very expressive...

Slipping her phone out of her pocket, she quickly swiped through the countless photos she had of them... and sure enough, his face was blank in all of them...

He didn't really look like he was enjoying himself with her...

Nervously chewing on the tip of her thumb, she thought back to various times they were alone... Sure enough, Suna wasn't expressive at all.

'Am I boring when it comes to sex...?'

She became more aware of how she was the one who usually initiated sex first... He wasn't quite as 'aggressive' as her friends thought. She wasn't going to lie, her boyfriend was quite laidback in the bedroom, he preferred when she was on top while he lay down, letting her do the work... But that didn't mean he didn't take charge either... He had his moments... It was the fact that his face barely held expression

Biting her bottom lip, she began second guessing her relationship. Y/n leaned back, sighing lightly. She didn't want to break up with him over a stupid reason like that, but a million things began running through her mind. She found herself restless throughout her journey

It felt forever until her bus reached the school. The evening sun was almost set, the fiery shades of the sky slowly creeping dark. Y/n bid her friends farewell, making her way to the school gates. Sure enough, she saw his figure leaning against the wall, face lit by the blue light shining from his phone. Y/n's brow raised, he seemed to be smiling at something on his phone. She was curious but the moment Suna heard her footsteps approaching, he turned his screen off, shoving his phone into his pocket.

Before she could overthink, she quickly wrapped her arms around him

"You played so well today, Rin" She beamed, enjoying the warmth of his chest. Suna wrapped an arm around her body, pulling her tighter against him. All of a sudden, her earlier stress melted away and she began calling herself a fool for second guessing him.

"Thanks, your cheer routine was great... Wish I could've recorded it..." He mumbled and she giggled, pulling away from him, reaching for his hand. Suna let her intertwine her fingers with his and they walked out of school. Y/n found herself content, walking with him. He was telling her about today's shenanigans in the locker room, making her laugh at the twin's antics. Just as they reached the road where they sometimes parted ways, Suna tugged on her hand

"Yeah?" She asked and he stared at her, before wiggling his brows

"Okasan's got the night shift tonight and my sister is sleeping over at her friends..."

Y/n played dumb, teasing him a bit


Suna raised a brow before he cheekily pulled her against him, hand going under her skirt to squeeze her ass, making her squeak.

"So..." He leaned closer to nip at her ear, "It's a Friday night... and..." He went closer to her face, his lips ghosting over hers, ever so lightly, "...We can watch Netflix... and chill..."

Laughing she pushed him away, he was in a flirtatious mood and it was growing on her. She knew what he was implying... and she couldn't wait... truth be told, the way he was on court today, did fire her up. She leaned forward to kiss him, only to open her eyes when he pulled away, making her pout

"Rude..." She muttered and he chuckled, holding her hand

"Let's go?" He asked and she nodded, squeezing his hand


An hour later, Y/n had set herself up for disappointment... She was sitting against Suna's bed, lazily watching a movie he played on Netflix after they ate dinner. She was hoping he was going to initiate sex but, he became lazy as soon as he stepped out of his shower, flopping on the bed above her as he scrolled through his phone, watching the random movie from time to time.

'What the fuck!? How do I set the mood!?'

Pouting, she turned to rest her chin on the edge of his bed, looking at him

"Rin" She sang, noticing the small smile on his face yet again before he shut his screen, looking at her

"Sup?" He asked and she frowned,

"Spend some time with me"

Suna was about to reply but his phone started ringing. Frowning, he turned to grab it

"Okasan..." He muttered, climbing off the bed. He answered the phone, leaving Y/n alone in his room. Sighing, she flopped onto his rug, feeling annoyed with him. He asked her to come over but he's been on the phone ever since...

"Idiot..." She muttered, turning her head to the side, glancing under his bed. Eyes widening, she turned on her stomach, hand reaching out to grab the magazines under his bed. Curiosity, taking over her before she glanced at the covers. Feeling embarrassed, she sat up

"Porn mags... Seriously Rin..." She mumbled, of course he has them... He's a teenage boy with hormones... but still... He could've found a better hiding place...

"Better put them back..." Y/n muttered, pushing them under his bed. Not even a split second had passed before she dragged one magazine back out from under his bed

"Just one peek..." She reasoned, flipping open the magazine. Eyes widening at the lewd images, as she flipped through the pages. She began realising there was a theme...

She stopped at a page, jaw dropping, when she saw one image

"Does he really like stuff like this....?" She asked herself, flipping another page, stopping once again, gaping at another photo

"There's no way a human could do that... What the fuck is she doing with her legs!?" Y/n was about to lean in closer, trying to understand what fucking sex position this was, when she heard shuffling outside his door. With lightning speed, she shoved the magazine back under his bed and turned to stare at his laptop screen, heartbeating hard against her chest

Suna traipsed back in, throwing his phone onto his mattress before he flopped next to her, wrapping an arm over the blushing girl's shoulder

"Sorry... Okasan just wanted to check up on me... She says hi"

Y/n just hummed, leaning into him

"Tell her I said hello..." Her eyes remained glued to his screen, but her mind wandered elsewhere. Suna glanced at her, he could tell there was something on her mind.

"What's wrong?"

Y/n hummed, looking at him for a second before she went back to the movie

"Sorry but this movie is pretty interesting, I'm kinda engrossed..." She lied, not even remembering what movie they were watching... He didn't say anything, letting her lean against his chest. She couldn't stop thinking about the pornstars in the magazine... Did stuff like that really turn him on? She suddenly felt embarrassed about the plain underwear she was wearing underneath her uniform... She felt like a child, compared to those busty models... Subtly looking down at her bust, she felt a little insecure... Although Suna, never complained... But then again, he had those magazines under his bed... Probably because she wasn't satisfying him enough.

Feeling irked, she decided she was going to entice a reaction out of him today, one way or another. Getting up from his arms, she walked towards his door

"Where are you going?" Suna asked


Suna cocked a brow, watching her leave before he sighed. His ass hurt from sitting on his floor. He turned to get up before he realised his magazines were poking out from under his bed. Raising a brow, he realised they were stacked incorrectly before he put two and two together.

Y/n sighed, checking her uniform in the mirror before she stuffed her bra in her bag. She was feeling hesitant about taking her panties off but... she couldn't get those images out of her head. She wasn't a porn savvy girl, compared to her friends. She knew the basics and understood the jokes, but she never found herself overly curious about it. Whatever she and Suna did, was enough for her but she wasn't sure if it was enough for him. He wasn't enthusiastic nor did he take initiation. It was almost always her taking the lead... Including this time... She was the one making an effort, but he wasn't reciprocating.

Pulling her panties off from under her skirt, she slipped them into her bag. Inhaling, before she marched back to his room. Aware of the breeze drifting underneath her skirt, with each step she took. Walking back into the room with determination, she noticed Suna had changed into his sweats. Sitting ontop of his bed, laptop on the side. His eyes wandered to her, before he patted the space between his legs

"Come..." He said, making her flush lightly, as she cautiously climbed onto his bed, trying her best to conceal herself from his view. She suddenly lost all the confidence she had a minute ago... Now she felt like a pervert... She didn't say anything as he let her lean against his chest, feeling warmer than earlier. Suna's laptop screen was dark and she could see him gazing at her

"Rin..." She started but he hushed her, leaning forward, pushing his chest further into her back as his arm outstretched towards his laptop

"Um... Are we watching the movie?" She asked, feeling a little disappointed. Suna just hummed, starting the video. It took her a few seconds, but she blushed, feeling embarrassed as soon as the video began.

"R-Rin! Oh my gosh" She covered her eyes from the dirty video he was playing but Suna just pulled her hands away, holding her wrists. She turned her head, but he nibbled on her ear

"Naughty girlfriends should get punished for snooping around their boyfriend's room"

She blushed, feeling mortified that he caught her

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" She reasoned but Suna let her hand go, gripping her jaw steadily, making her look at him

"Don't lie baby... Did you look at them?" He purred, making her heart race. Subtly squeezing her thighs together, she bit her lip. He was really teasing her... It was flustering


"Did you like what you saw? Did it turn you on? He cooed, making her quiver under his hold. His assertiveness was getting her wetter by the minute, it was almost embarrassing

"N-No... It didn't..." She lied and Suna hummed, hands letting go off her for a second, letting her sigh in relief but he climbed off the bed, pushing her down. Y/n's legs felt like jelly, watching him pull his shirt of his body.

"Liar..." Suna muttered, before he grabbed her ankle, pulling her closer towards him. She gasped, feeling her skirt flip over, almost flashing him, she shoved her hands to kept it down, but it was already too late. Suna's eyes darkened, leaning over her

"Well... well..." He muttered, "What do we have here?"

Suna moved her hands, his hands creeping up her thighs, making her mewl slightly when they slid under her skirt. Suna felt his cock begin to stir, feeling her soft skin slowly heat under his touch the closer he reached his destination.

"Rin" Y/n sighed, covering her eyes with one arm. Suna licked his bottom lip, his hands trailing back down her legs slowly, gripping under her knees, she gasped when one arm pushed her knees back, making her skirt flip up on her stomach, exposing her lower body completely to him

"Fuck..." He groaned, both his hands gripping a knee, spreading her legs apart.

"Hold your legs like this" He ordered and as if she was under a spell, she held her knees apart for him, exposing herself vulgarly.

Y/n was trembling under him, she felt so dirty, but she was getting so turned on by his reactions. He was so sexy right now and she was melting under his deep gaze. His expression didn't differ much from usual, but it was his eyes... They pierced her body with that sharp gaze, eyes greedily zeroing in on her pussy

"I knew it... You're such a dirty girl..."

His thumbs spread her pussy, watching her juices drip down her skin as her hole throbbed around nothing

"This slutty pussy is practically drooling... It really wants to be filled up..."

Y/n was in a daze, was this really her boyfriend? She didn't think he would have such a perverse side to him. Her breath hitched when his fingers danced along her folds, one pressed against her throbbing hole, barely pushing it in. Her legs trembled; she could barely say his name. His glanced back at her face. She looked so cute, head tilted to the side, trying to avoid making eye contact. He felt a small smile grow on his face.

"Agh!" She moaned loudly when he pushed his middle finger knuckle deep, without any warning. Her knees slipped from her hands, dropping on the bed below her.

"You're not wearing a bra either..." Suna called her out, eyes zeroed in on her clothed chest, seeing her nipples poke against the white fabric. His brows furrowed slightly, his finger staying stagnant inside her

"Have you been like this all day?" He asked her, feeling jealousy swarm in the pit of his abdomen. "Did you want to be seen like this?" His voice dropped slightly, thinking of her cheering with nothing on underneath her uniform. Y/n shook her head, blushing

"A-are you crazy!? I took them off in your bathroom earlier... I was gonna surprise you..." She admitted and Suna felt his jealousy disperse but feeling smug now. He began pumping his finger in and out of her pussy, making her mewl.

"Well, it worked... I'm really surprised..." He said and if Y/n didn't know him, she'd think he was being sarcastic. Suna pushed his middle finger out, only two shove another finger along with it inside her pussy, and she gasped, clutching onto his bedding

"Does that feel good?" He purred and she shook her head

"No" She panted, and the corners of his mouth dropped, he leaned over her to grip her chin between his fingers, while his other hand kept pumping steading in and out of her

"Liar... Can't you hear those nasty sounds your little pussy's making around my fingers? Makes me want to punish you harder... Fucking telling the truth, does it feel good?"

Her head pushed back against his mattress, lifting her hips slightly when his fingers fucked her in a rough pace, her jaw being held tight with her other hand kept her movements restricted but it only increased the pleasure she was feeling, ten-fold.

"Answer me now, slut"

Her eyes snapped open, a little shock running down her spine, but he felt her walls clamp around his fingers. She couldn't stop her pants, as she mewled in defeat

"It feels so fucking good, Rin"

"Good girl, I think you deserve a little prize"

His fingers squeezed her cheeks, making her mouth open before he pushed is tongue in her mouth, rubbing his appendage against hers shamelessly. Her hands gripped his arm, grinding her hips against his palm, gasping when his thumb pressed her clit, making her shudder but he didn't let her pull away from his lips. He still held her chin firmly in his hand, his fingers were drenched, practically slipping into the hole that he loosened up for his cock. Curling them at just the right angle, he rubbed against the bundle of nerves deep inside her, his thumb pressing and rubbing her hips harder.

Her toes curled, unable to concentrate on his tongue instead moaning while she came undone around his fingers. Her body felt like it was on air, she was breathless when he let go of her jaw, letting her body drop against his mattress. Suna stood up, watching her body twitch lightly. She was flushed, he could feel how warm she had gotten in a matter of minutes.

Leaning down, he silently unbuttoned her blouse. Y/n sat up, letting him slip it off her body but she remembered his porn magazines, wrapping her arms around her bust. Suna looked up at her and she felt a surge of embarrassment.

"They're not that big... Y'know, like the girls in your magazines..." She muttered

Her ears went red when she heard Suna laughing,

"It's not funny!"

But Suna just grinned, making her freeze. He looked so different when he smiled, it was so rare that she had to take a second to really mentally capture this moment. Suna noticed her dumbed out expression, feeling his heart skip a little beat as how cute she was. It kind of made him happy that he could share moments like these with her. He sat on the edge of his bed, turning to pull her over him. Her arms rested on his shoulders, while he held her knees steadily against his sides.

His face went to nuzzle between her breasts, one hand slipping under her skirt to cup her ass.

"Y/n... the tits I like the most are yours..."

Her fingers snaked through his hair, sighing happily when he kissed her breasts softly and deeply. She gasped lightly when his hands cupped the sides of her breasts, his thumbs rubbed her nipples in a circular motion before he teasingly pressed them. She mewled,

"You know... Majority of porn stars have fake tits... but yours, they're so cute..." He pinched them lightly, making her squirm and mewl on top of him. Suna looked up at her,

"and they're really sensitive..." He purred, lips wrapping around one hardened bud, sucking harshly, rolling his tongue around the tip, she grinded her pussy against his cock, making him groan. Her hand sneakily, slid down his body, pushing its way into his sweatpants, gripping his cock between her hand, sliding up and down it slowly.

Suna released her breast, shudder lightly pushing his face against her chest against, he groaned when her thumb swiped his throbbing cock head, thumb rubbing his slit slowly, spreading the precum leaking out. He leaned back when she's slipped her hand out, licking her thumb, making his fingers dig into her ass cheek.

"Fuckin' tease..." He purred, and she felt a little cheeky, climbing off his body, before she rested on her knees, between his legs. Eagerly, looking up at him. Suna licked his bottom lip, leaning back, letting her fingers tug down on his waistband, letting his cock spring free. She stared at the sight before her, his dick in all its glory, flashing in front of her.

Remembering some images from his magazine she leaned forward. Suna closed his eyes, waiting for her to climb over him but his face twisted, and he grunted when her tongue slowly licked his cock. Resting on his elbows, he looked between his legs where she shyly kissed and licked at his shaft. She had never blown him before, oral sex was something she was shy about... but those magazines kept reminding her that she had to engage in the things Suna liked, otherwise they'd never progress...

Her eyes peaked up at him, he was staring intently at her, chewing on his bottom lip.

But... She was beginning to enjoy the things he liked, his cock didn't taste as bad as she expected. Her kissed his tip slowly, before opening her mouth to wrap her lips around it. Suna hissed, when she sucked on it lightly, a hand running through his hair. He groaned when she slowly bobbed her head, back and forth, eyes not leaving his face, eager to see a reaction from him.

"Keep going baby..." He moaned, shuddering lightly, "F-Fuck... Your tongue..." He grunted when her tongue rubbed the underside of his shaft, she hummed feeling him throb in her mouth. Suna's hand reached to grip the back of her head, he groaned her name and she felt her pussy throbbing when his fingers gripped the back of her head firmly

"I wish I could shove it all the way down your tight throat, but it's too early for that..." He growled, she pulled off his cock, catching her breath

"It doesn't feel good...?" She asked, feeling a little disappointed. Suna sat up, leaning forward to hold her face between his palms, eyes lingering on her wet lips. She was taken back when he kissed her forehead softly

"It felt fucking amazing..." He cooed and she felt happy that he was pleased, Suna's gaze sharpened when his fingers danced into her hair, suddenly gripping her firmly

"But... Who told you to stop?" He said, his stoic face appearing again. Y/n's felt skipped a beat, not wasting a second to wrap her lips around his cock again, sucking harder and faster than before. He gave her that surge of confidence and she wanted to make him cum hard. Letting him guide her mouth, the way he liked it, she listened to the small grunts he slipped, trying to take in as much as she could but her eyes watered when she reached a certain point, pulling back slightly, letting her hand take care of the rest of his shaft.

Suna's pants were heard, along with the sloppy sounds she emitted from around his cock. His dick throbbed hard in her mouth, but he used his willpower to quickly pull her mouth off his cock, groaning when his came all over her chest. She gasped, when she felt his hot cum mark her.

"Now that's a money shot..." Suna panted, looking at her messy body. Even though, he just came, she looked pretty sexy, sitting there, not sure what to do next.

"Money shot? What's that" She asked, and he shrugged, smirking before he coaxed her to climb on the bed next to him.

"Uh... its when you want something to be sexy for you..." He lied, he wasn't sure why but he didn't want to corrupt her mind... despite the fact, she blew him less than five minutes ago.

Carefully, she crawled on the mattress, letting him get up and reach for the box of tissues on his bedside. Suna lazily wiped her body clean from his fluids, discarding the tissues on the floor

"Sorry... I didn't mean to get it on you" He said, and she shook her head, hugging him

"It's okay, I didn't mind, but next time... can you finish in my mouth?" She said and he froze, looking down at her but she wasn't looking up at him. He noticed the pink tint on her cheeks, and he felt his cock begin to stir again.

"You're full of surprises, aren't you?" He asked and Y/n giggled, rolling on top of him.

"Here's another, surprise" She mewled, pecking his lips.

Suna grinned, watching her stand on her knees, unzipping the side of her skirt, letting it fall off her hips, gathering around his waist. Suna's hands trailed all over her body, taking his time to tease and pinch around her body.

"Hey Y/n" Suna muttered, looking up at her. She pushed her skirt off the bed, pushing her wet folds against his shaft, grinding her hips. His hands clasped hers, letting her roll her hips against him, making them both moan lightly

"Yeah?" She panted, grinding harder, Suna squeezed her hands

"Okasan's got a double shift... She won't be back till tomorrow afternoon..." He told her and she felt delight surge within her

"And?" She asked, feigning ignorance but Suna wasn't having it. He grit his teeth, pushing her on to the mattress before he stood up.

"That means I have all night to take my time with you"

Y/n blushed and watched him, pull open his side drawer, hand scrambling around until he pulled out his condoms. Her rubbed her thighs together, watching his tear open one wrapper, wrapping the lubed up latex around his cock. Suna turned back to look at her, lazily tossing the remaining condom packets on the bed next to her.

"Theres no way you can last through those many condoms!" She blurted and he huffed,

"I've been holding back baby... But not tonight..."

She squealed when he flipped her onto her stomach, grabbing a pillow to shove under her belly, lifting her ass. Her legs dangled off his bed and she gasped... They'd only ever done missionary or cowgirl... She didn't expect him to like... this? She let out a yelp when his hand collided with her ass, the smack causing shock to fill her system. Her head snapped back to look at him, in bewilderment


Suna blankly looked down at her, his hand rubbing her red skin once before he smacked her again, making her hiss

"Tell me you want my cock, Y/n" He purred, gripping his cock, rubbing his tip between her folds, not daring to push it in any further, even if it did take a lot of self-control.

"I'll give it to you good, if you just tell me"

She bit her lip, she was about to move her hips but both his palms pressed flat against her lower back, holding her body down against the pillow.

"Use your words, baby. I can stay like this all night" He lied, because he was sure he wouldn't last more than a minute, he was ready to fuck her. With shaky breaths, she caved in, giving in to temptation

"Fuck me! Oh god, please, please, please just fuck me!" She finally panted and he grinned, letting one hand stay on her back while the other one pulled her head back, making her hiss. She let out a breathless moan, when he slammed his hips against her ass. His cock pounded her ruthlessly, his bed creaking in rhythm to his thrusts. Y/n was sure, she would've died if someone was home right now because it was truly obvious what was happening behind his closed door. Her face dropped into his mattress and she felt herself become more and more vocal, asking him to keep going. Her mind was hazy, her concentration solely going towards the way his cock rubbed against her walls.

Suna groaned, feeling her pussy clamp down on him. His fingers dug into her hips and he was sure she would be bruised tomorrow but right now; he was ready to turn her into a fucking mess

"You're fucking perfect for me, y'know that" He moaned, slowly his thrusts for a few seconds, only to spread her legs further, before he pushed his occk even deeper. Tears rolled down her eyes, her heart was racing but when her clit rubbed against the pillow under her while he showed her no mercy. She arched her back, hips stilling and she hands gripped her duvet in an iron grip. Y/n let out a cry, the strength in her body leaving her the moment her orgasm approached. She was a panting mess under him but Suna just flipped her flushed form around, making her wrap her weak legs around his waist.

"W-wait..." She moaned but it fell on deaf ears, he kept his pace, making her eyes widen, she hadn't even gotten over her earlier orgasm, but he was intent on making her cum again. Suna grunted, when he felt himself reach the edge. Her head fell back when he pulled out completely for a second, taking her breath away when he sloppily thrusted into her one last time, cumming hard in his condom. Her pussy gushed awfully hard, making a mess on his front and hers but Suna was more than pleased.

He could feel the aftermath of his orgasm take its toll, pulling his condom off, he hastily tied it before he chucked it towards his bin. He let out a sigh, dropping down next to her. Y/n ignored the numbness she felt in her lower body, eager to cling onto him. Suna let her cuddle his side, while he lazily turned on the tiny desk fan on his side desk, letting the gentle gusts of air, cool them down

"We gotta clean up..." Y/n broke the silence, still in a daze and Suna hummed,

"In the morning... No point right now..." He said and she turned to look at him

"Why?" She asked and he lifted another condom packet

"I have a lot more condoms to go through..." He stated blankly and she stared at him for a moment before laughter slipped form her lips. Suna dropped the condom packet, silencing her with a kiss which she gladly accepted.

"So, sex with me isn't boring, right?" She asked and he stared at her


"You said you were holding yourself back... Does that mean, the sex we had before, was boring for you? You don't really look like you enjoy it, if I'm being honest..."

Suna sighed, flicking her forehead, making her hiss

"Are you dumb? Ofcourse sex with you isn't boring... By holding myself back, I mean that I was worried I'd hurt you by being too rough... So, I was trying to be a gentleman... I mean, I gave you bruises today... You'll be sore tomorrow..." He sighed, looking at the bruises shaped like his fingertips on her hips. Y/n stroked his face, smiling

"Rin, I want you to be yourself with me. I want to do the things you like, if you wanna do the stuff in those magazines, then I'll do it with you. I'm your girlfriend afterall"

Suna stroked the top of her head, feeling his heart fill with warmth before he chuckled lightly,

"Whats so funny...?" She asked and he shook his head, sitting up before he reached under his bed, grabbing the magazines, dropping them onto his lap. He flipped open the first page of it and she blushed,


He shool his head, pointing to the corner of the magazine and she leaned closer


She read aloud, before her brows furrowed in confusion, looking at Suna

"The twins are getting their rooms renovated, this idiot asked me to hide his porno stash because their mum's gonna be packing up his stuff for him. These aren't my magazines..." Suna revealed, silently making fun of his blonde friend. In this day and age, who would buy porn magazines... when cellphones were a so much better bet...

(But that was something Y/n didn't need to know...)

Y/n's jaw dropped lightly,

"But earlier, you..."

Suna just smirked,

"I was trying to tease you... That's all... Besides, none of these women are my type..."

Y/n looked at him, batting her lashes

"What's your type then?" She asked, expecting his answer

Suna pulled her close to him,

"You" He said before kissing her. Y/n shoved Atsumu's stupid magazines off Suna's bed, bringing Suna down on top of her.

That night, Suna indeed, did not hold back. Had Suna's laziness not gotten the better of him, she was sure she would've ended up in a wheelchair the next day. She could hear the gentle snores coming form his body and she thought to herself that she was stupid for not understanding his body language, after five months of dating. It was alright that he wasn't ever expressive with his expression, what mattered was that he was happy being with her.

'I've never slept over before... This is the first time Rin's sleeping next to me...' She would remember how she always had to leave before his mother's nightshift ended or if his sister was at home. It was a rare chance for her to witness Suna while he was asleep.

'I bet he looks so sexy...' She thought, before she turned around to gaze at him

'PFFT' She almost burst out laughing when she saw his face. She clasped a hand over her mouth, to hold in her giggles. There were many sides of Suna she had witnessed tonight... but his sleeping face... That was not a pretty sight

She giggled, leaning forward to kiss his temple before she snuggled into his side, hugging him

"I love you, Rin" She whispered, closing her eyes as she breathed in his scent, letting it lull her to sleep.

( AN: Man, Suna's character is a challenge to write, I imagine him being a lazy AF dude but at the same time, I think he'd be such a tease under the sheets. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this smutshot :3 Sakusa Kiyoomi is next, most probably <3 )

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