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18+ Haikyuu Book of Smutshots 18+ (NSFW)

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Nasty, Filthy, Moving Your Bawdy

Themes: HusbandDom!Sakusa x WifeSub!OC (I guess? Idk he goes soft at some moments but its still cute), Multiple creampies, Spanking, Dacryphilia, Deep-throating, light choking maybe? Idk this smutshot is kinda all over the place n wild but whatever, its Porn with a plot, I guess)

AN: Inspired by the song Bawdy - Shygirl (Im obsessed with her music, most of smut inspo comes from her music). I know Sakusa is a germaphone but I truly believe he's actually a Mean but Soft Dom in the bedroom who likes to get down and dirty with his s/o. This Smutshot is basically just my fantasies about said fictional character)


"Man, I can't believe you've been married for nearly two years!" Hinata gushed at the couple in front of him, his eyes sparkling in wonder. Bokuto grinned, wrapping an arm around Hinata's shoulders, raising his beer glass

"Feels like yesterday when he told us he met someone!"

Sakusa just shrugged, not touching the glass in front of him. His hands remained under the table, shaking his leg in anxiety at the thought of how unhygienic his surroundings must have been. His wife, was seated next to him, laughing and politely enjoying the banter with his teammates. It was one of those rare times of the year where they had gotten a short holiday from their daily training regimes. The men decided to enjoy their first night off with a celebratory meal, bringing their partners along, before going their own ways for the holiday.

The table had split their discussions into groups, currently Sakusa and his wife, were interacting with Atsumu... and his nosy girlfriend....

Atsumu chugged his glass, his (new) girlfriend leaning over the table, gazing at Y/n.

"Are you guys, highschool sweethearts!?" She gushed and Y/n flushed, shyly gazing at her plate


Atsumu's girlfriend just hummed, still prying further, "College?"

"It was an arranged marriage." Sakusa said curtly, and the woman just inquired further, slightly irritating the inky haired man. Atsumu had an attraction towards loud, obnoxious women. They may have been attractive, but it all melted away the moment they opened their mouths...

"Arranged!? No way, that's so old school!" She laughed, grabbing Atsumu's arm while he grinned.

"It's not old school, it was practical. Besides, if I didn't agree to this marriage, then I wouldn't have met Y/n." Sakusa coolly muttered, ushering towards his wife, who smiled softly, cheeks heating lightly.

Atsumu placed his glass down,

"Awe, would you look at that... Omi-kun's become a little softie now... Y/n-chan's managed to melt his frozen heart" He laughed and Sakusa's eye twitched. He was about to pass a snarky remark but Atsumu's girlfriend, butt in, yet again, this time directly talking to Y/n.

"So, how long did you guys date for till you got married?"

Y/n bit her lip, not looking forward to her reaction, she gently stirred her drink

"6 months..." She laughed, feeling a little awkward when the other woman's jaw dropped.

"But that's... Wow.... Fast... That must mean you both fell in love with each other superfast! It's totally destiny!" She gushed in excitement, slapping her hands on her cheeks, looking at Atsumu

"We've been together for five months now..." She sighed happily and Atsumu stilled, quickly looking at the couple in front of him. Sakusa raised a brow in amusement, letting Y/n carry the conversation.

"Originally, we met once before our marriage was arranged... Our parents are acquaintances, they had been wanted to introduce us to each other for a while. But I was a little shy... I come from a traditional family, so I went to a private girl's school... My interaction with men, was quite limited..."

The other woman's jaw dropped,

"So, you never dated before Sakusa-san?" She asked and Y/n cringed, of course she had boyfriends before Sakusa but... that was a sore topic for him. He never liked to remember that both him and her, had relations with other people before each other.

"Ofcourse I did..." Y/n laughed, shyly again, diverting the topic, "It was by chance; Omi had come to my father's clinic for physiotherapy. He injured himself, during his training when he had been recruited for the Jackals... His family had sent a request to mine, asking if I'd be interested in Omi as a potential marriage candidate..."

"Actually... That's not entirely true..." Atsumu said and Y/n gave him a confused look. Sakusa's brows furrowed a little,

"Atsumu..." Sakusa warned but Atsumu just grinned,

"C'mon Omi-Omi... Y/n-chan should know"

Y/n raised a brow,

"Please tell me!"

Atsumu's girlfriend, whacked his arm

"Yeah TsumTsum! Tell us!" She whined, and Sakusa was one breath away from going home. Her shrill voice was beginning to irk him. Atsumu's grin widened,

'Omi-Omi was the one who requested the arranged marriage, not his parents"

Y/n's jaw dropped lightly,

"W-What?" She turned to look at her husband, whose face was burning under his mask. Atsumu hummed, nodding

"Oh yeah... Remember Bokkun!?" Atsumu elbowed Bokuto who broke away from his conversation to look at the blonde next to him

"Remember the night we got Omi-Omi drunk?"

Bokuto thought for a second before a cheeky grin was plastered om his face

"Oya~ Drunk Omi began confessing that it was 'love at first sight'... That, it was 'meant to be'!"

Y/n perked up, feeling her heart pace faster. Sakusa never told her this... It was a new revelation, but it made her happier, nonetheless. When the proposal came, she was surprised. However, she had taken note of the volleyball player during his weekly visits. She had developed an interest in him so when her father had asked if she was interested in meeting him formally. She agreed immediately.

At first, she was reluctant. Sakusa wasn't very keen on public dates and she was extremely shy because he invited her to his apartment for dinner on their first night. She somehow, didn't make a fool of herself but it was hard to remain composed. Sakusa probably expected her to be an extremely elegant and refined woman. Which was partly true... from the way she displayed herself but there were somethings she had supressed about herself.

However, they both found out just how compatible they were in a short amount of time...

The chatter picked up on the table, as Sakusa began getting teased by his friends. Y/n leaned a little closer to him and he glanced at her, not missing the happy smile on her features. He suddenly felt a little pleased with his friends, he liked seeing his wife smile.

"So, are you thinking of having a baby soon!?" Atsumu's girlfriend loudly asked, alerting everyone's attention. Sakusa and Y/n froze... This was a topic they hadn't discussed or even brought up. The other woman felt a bit awkward, clearly realising her mistake but Y/n kept her composure, smiling. Sakusa cleared his throat,

"We haven't discussed having a child yet... Thanks for asking..."

Y/n bit her lip, quickly lifting her glass to avoid making a reaction. Atsumu just chuckled, trying to ease the tension

"Babe, Omi-kun's a germaphobe... I bet when yer havin' sex, ya wear gloves and wrap yer dick in like four condoms, because of 'germs'..." He laughed at Sakusa, who rolled his eyes, when everyone laughed again. He looked at Y/n, when he heard her giggling too, feeling slight irritation.

She knew what he was really like...

Look at her feigning innocence...

"Shut up Atsumu" Sakusa growled in irritation, crossing his arms.

"Aww, c'mon Omi-Omi, it's just a joke..." Atsumu said, before leaning towards Bokuto

"It's really not..." He whispered loudly, making Bokuto grin.

Atsumu's girlfriend nudged Atsumu, laughing

"Don't be mean! It's okay if some couples like vanilla! Y/n-san is an elegant woman, and I'm sure Sakusa-san satisfies her well, they've been together for two years!" She blurted, making Y/n blush, a little startled at how causally this woman she just met was talking about her private bedroom life.

However, when Bokuto and Atsumu burst out laughing. Sakusa's eye twitched once more, glaring at the Atsumu and his girlfriend. He could handle their jokes in the locker room... but he definitely didn't appreciate them talking so crudely in front of her.

He was ready to leave, the moment she called him vanilla. His anger was triggered but he felt Y/n's hand grip his knee under the table, squeezing it gently to signal that she wasn't offended. Sakusa pushed a stray curl of hair back, sighing before he pushed his seat back, standing up.

"It's getting late, we're leaving." He said and everyone frowned, clearing realising he was annoyed. Atsumu and Bokuto quieted down, while Hinata cluelessly, begged his friends to stay but Sakusa shoved his hands in his pockets, waiting for Y/n to stand up and bid farewell.

"It was nice seeing everyone, take care" Y/n bowed and Sakusa hummed,

"See you guys after the holidays..." He turned to Atsumu's girlfriend,

"It was nice meeting you... Shame... That this will be our first and last meeting... Goodluck Atsumu."

Her brows furrowed in confusion and Atsumu stilled, he knew he had dug his own grave when he made that condom joke... He suddenly regretted telling his friends, he was breaking up with his current girlfriend as soon as the holidays began.

Y/n gripped Sakusa's arm as he led her out of the bar

"Poor girl... She seems to be really in love with Miya-san..." She muttered when they neared his car. Sakusa grunted, grumpily muttering

"She was annoying as fuck. Thank god, he's dumping her"

Y/n giggled, sliding into the passenger seat, waiting for his to seat himself next to her. As soon as Sakusa shut the door, he slipped his mask off, and she passed him the anti-bacterial wipes

"Thanks..." He muttered, wiping down his hands and the steering wheel while she cleaned her own. The car journey was quiet, she could sense the tension radiating from his form. Her eyes remained on the road ahead of her, thinking back at their marriage and what Atsumu said.

"Is it true? What Miya-san said... Did you really send the proposal?" She asked and Sakusa kept quiet for a few seconds

"It's true, I was infatuated by you..."

"Really? Did I do something?"

He hummed, licking his bottom lip, his cheeks flushing lightly

"You sneezed..." He said and she furrowed her brows

"I... sneezed? What?"

Sakusa cleared his throat when he stopped at a red light, turning to look at her, a little irritated.

"Don't fucking laugh okay." He said before he sighed,

"I was waiting for my appointment, the first day you were working at the reception... You were about to sneeze, but you took your handkerchief out. You caught my attention, the moment you folded it..."

There was silence for a few moments before he glanced at her face, taken back at how she pressed her cheeks between her palms,

"Y/n?" He asked and she looked at him,

"So... If I didn't sneeze that day... We'd never be married now?"

Sakusa chuckled,

"Don't be silly, if I didn't see the way you folded your handkerchief that day... then I'd definitely would have been attracted the next day when you were sterilising the reception phone. Or the day after that, when you were cleaning the physio room, I was in... There were many things you did that captured my interest... But when you looked into my eyes for the first

time, I knew I had to have you for myself."

Y/n's heart melted, and she leaned closer to kiss her cheek

"You're so sweet, Omi. I'm glad I had hay fever that day" She giggled, Sakusa kept driving. He felt the irritation earlier, melt away but he was still annoyed. Repeating tonight in his mind, so many unnecessary things were said. Atsumu and Bokuto were in for it, when this holiday was over.

Y/n quietly hummed, unlocking the door to their apartment, her husband following behind her. It was a routine for them, as they placed their jackets on the hooks before walking to their shared bathroom, washing their hands in their respective double bathroom sink. She walked into her bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, unzipping her dress. Sakusa leaned against the door frame, his clothes long discarded into the hamper, hands still tucked into the pockets of his sweats. (AN: I have a thing for shirtless guys in sweats... I'm a simple woman)

Y/n's humming stopped, and she eyed him.

"What's wrong Omi?" She asked

"Vanilla..." He muttered and she looked at him, in confusion, before he chuckled, walking towards her. Her dress hung loosely around her shoulders, and she shivered the closer he got. Especially when his hand, grabbed her jaw.

"They think we're a vanilla couple... I wonder how they'd react if they found out the truth..."

She didn't say anything, biting her lip when his hand slid down her jaw to wrap itself around her throat. Still in his grip, she shakingly stood up, her dress slipping off her body, piling onto the floor, displaying the utterly revealing and risqué lingerie underneath. Sakusa's eyes darkened and his grip became firmer

"You're not as innocent as you seem..." Sakusa sibilated, his other hand immediately slapping her ass, fingers curling into the flesh. She mewled against him, her hands grabbing his arm, eyes dotting with tiny tears. Sakusa released her neck, leaning his forehead against hers

"Was that too much pressure?" He asked and she shook her head, wrapping her arms around his neck

"I don't mind Omi... I don't care what your friends think, this side of me, is only for you." She whispered, fingers combing his hair

"Do you remember the first time we had sex?" He asked and she smiled softly, feeling her cheeks warm.

"How can I forget? It was the same day you won that practice match..." She remembered,

Sakusa and her had begun seeing each other for around a month and she was curious to see what he was like on the court. She remembered the excitement in her body heat up, each time he smacked that volleyball with his hands. The sheer strength he physically held... Sent shivers down her spine.


The moment he locked eyes with her, they knew...

They knew they both held the same secret desires.

She gasped, breaking from her thoughts when his hand fisted the back of her hair, bringing his lips to her ear

"It was a fucking thrill for me when I discovered that you'd do anything for me. I fucked you silly that night..."

Y/n hummed, biting her lip. She relished in the way his other hand kept rubbing and squeezing her ass

"I almost couldn't walk the next day... but the pain was worth it..."

She hooked her leg around his waist and his hand left her ass to quickly grip her knee in place, against his hip. Y/n grinded slowly against his crotch, letting out a light gasp, before she locked her gaze into his onyx eyes.

"You're also not as clean as people think, Omi-kun..." She purred innocently and he cocked a brow

"Really now?"

She nodded, pressing her front against his body, rubbing her clothed pussy against him harder.

"They don't know about the dirty things you make me do for you... They don't know that you do such dirty things to me too..."

Sakusa growled lightly, he leaned down and cupped his hands under her ass, not giving her heads up before he lifted her up.

"You don't sick from the people you love" He simply stated

She squeaked, wrapping her legs around his hips, but they'd done this far too many times for her to believe he'd drop her. Her face was finally levelled with his and she smiled again, quickly pecking his lips

"That's cute..." Sakusa said before carried them into bed. He lay himself against the headboard, settling her between his legs. Sakusa's hands cupped her breasts, squeezing and massaging them while his lips kissed along her shoulder and neck. She sighed in bliss, letting herself settle comfortably in his arms but it was short lived when he bit her neck, sucking harshly

"Omi!" She mewled but his fingers pinched and rubbed her nipple. Sakusa's other hand gripped her face, forcing her to look at him.

"Open your fucking mouth" He muttered, and she immediately complied, parting her lips. He wasted no time, leaning forward, slipping his tongue in. All her thoughts became fuzzy when he rubbed his appendage against hers. Her legs rubbed against the duvet underneath them, lips meshing against his as they sloppily make out. She let go to take a deep breath, her lips were plump and pink, Sakusa shoved his hand harshly to grip the front of her thong, pulling it up roughly, wedging it harshly between her folds. She hissed and her toes curled, when she felt the material of her thong, rubbed against her clit.

"Agh!" She cried, Sakusa grinned, rubbing the material harder against her nub and she lifted her hips

"Sorry honey, but I don't wanna play nice anymore. I'm in a real nasty mood, right now..."

Y/n's pussy pulsated, and she knew what he meant. Quickly, crawling from between his legs, making way for him.

"Good girl" Sakusa purred, sliding back against the head board.

"My wife is such a well-behaved slut..." His fingers massaged her scalp, making her quiver, squeezing her thighs together.

"You barely ate tonight; you must be hungry..." He cooed, fingers lifting her chin, making her look at him. Smiling, he pulled his sweats off, letting his hard cock free. Her eyes were locked in, absorbed in the large hard shaft in front of her.

"Well then... What are you waiting for, whore? What do you say to your generous husband?"

She locked back up at Sakusa, lust brimming in both their eyes, she swallowed lightly, licking her lips

"Thank you for the meal, Omi-kun"

Sakusa chuckled, watching her crawl between his legs. Laying herself flat against the bed, she gripped his cock, bobbing her hand back and forth against his shaft. Sakusa grunted, observing her

"Ass up."

She curved her back, lifting her ass up, before dragging his cock towards her lips


She kissed the tip, giving the bulbous head soft licks. His eyes glazed over, watching her rubbing her cheek against his throbbing length. He held her face, in place. Lightly slapping his cock against her face.

"Are you ready to suck my cock? Is my pretty whore gonna take it all the way, down this tight throat" His finger trailed down the middle of her throat to the valley of her breasts

Goosebumps raised on her skin, her lips engulfing his cock. Sucking his shaft as she bobbed down inches of his cock, deeper.

"Fuck... That's good..." He groaned, as she pulled back, letting out her tongue slip from her mouth, saliva dropping down onto his cock. Her hand rubbed his shaft, getting it wet. He growled when she took a small breath, widening her mouth, before engulfing him again. Sakusa groaned, feeling his cock slid down deeper.

His hands grabbed the sides of her head, she almost fell forward when he moved her back and forth, to his pace.

"Remember how many hours we'd spend, training you to suck my entire dick without gagging? You could barely handle half in the beginning but look at you now... My entire cocks disappeared in that greedy mouth of yours."

He pulled her head back, letting his shaft slip out form her mouth, letting it sit against her face as she panted, kissing his wet length

"Omi-kun, more..."

He hummed, watching her look dumbly at his cock, licking up the underside of his length

"Fuck my throat, Omi... Please?"

His brows furrowed, feeling sparks rise within him. The blood rushed to his dick as it stood tall and proud. She gasped when he pushed her onto her back, now standing over her, his knees on either side of her head. Eyes widening, when he pumped his cock with his hand above her.

"You asked for it, so you better fucking take it"

She opened her mouth, and he showed no mercy. Holding the back of her head still, he shoved his cock down her throat. He took pleasure in listening to the sloppy sounds emitting from her throat. She was absolutely filthy and he loved it.

"You're doing so good, princess... If it gets too much, you know what to do..." He said, as he continued thrusting his rod down her throat. He occasionally gave her a break to breath from time to time, but he stilled shoved no mercy. Her tears rolled down her reddened cheeks, she was so wet, she felt the wet patch on the duvet growing, under her. She couldn't help but slide her fingers under the waistband of her thong, rubbing her clit hard.

Sakusa growled, harshly pulling out, before he grabbed her hands and shoved them above her head

"Did I fucking say you could touch yourself?"

She panted lightly, quickly shaking her head

"I-I'm so sorry Omi, please don't stop, please!" She pleaded but he kissed his teeth, letting out an irritated sigh, getting off her, climbing off the bed.

"And you were doing so well earlier... You know what's going to happen now, don't you?"

She sat up, still catching her breath, wiping her damp lips, she nodded. Sakusa crossed his arms, glaring at her

"Then why are you still sitting there?"

Y/n immediately stood up from the bed, Sakusa stood behind her, unhooking and throwing her bra to the side, but he didn't take her thong off, just yet. He pushed her shoulders down, making her bend over and grip of the mattress at the end of his bed.

His palms rubbed her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, making her toes scrunch against the floor. Sakusa didn't wait, pulling his hand back, stretching his fingers before his palm collied with her ass, making her yelp.

"This is what you get for such disobedience..."

He smacked her again and she hissed, letting out a choked moan. Her pussy clenched every time his palm slapped her stinging flesh. Her knuckles dug into the sheets, hot tears rolling down her cheeks before he was satisfied. She collapsed on top of the bed, her arms giving out when he stopped.

Sakusa dropped to his knees, between her legs. His eyes zeroed in on her red flesh, leaning forward to kiss it softly, over and over again. She whimpered, when his knuckles brushed against her lace covered crotch. His ears perked when he heard her sniffles, quickly climbing onto the bed, pulling her against him.

"Y/n, I'm sorry, was that too harsh?"

She shook her head, snuggling into his side

"No... I would've said the safe word, if I couldn't handle it... But it was my punishment, and I didn't want to disappoint you, Omi. I'm still green."

Sakusa's wiped the stray tears on her cheek, her lashes were still damp but her glossy eyes entranced him. He kissed her forehead,

"You're such a good girl... Did my spanking make you wet?"

She bit her lip, nodding and he licked his lips, flipping her back onto her stomach. She quivered when he went back to sit on the floor, pulling her hips to the edge of the bed. She hid her face in the duvet, grabbing the sheets. Sakusa had resumed kissing and sucking her red flesh, she gasped when he bit it once. His fingers hooked into the sides of her thong, pulling the thin lace off her hips.

Sakusa's cock, dripped pre-cum, spreading her thighs further, watching her folds open up. He held in a groan, looking at her juices spilling onto the sheets below her. Keeping her cheeks spread, his tongue slipped from between his lips, before he pushed his face between her legs. She moaned, feeling his tongue moved around her slick walls.

"OMI" She squealed, feeling a shock run down her spine when he sneakily pinched her clit. Her hand reached back to grab his head, grinding against his face. Y/n mewled, the obscene noises his mouth made, would have embarrassed her but she was far too lost in the pleasure. Her feet braced themselves on the floor before she stretched her legs, Sakusa leaned back, shoving two of his fingers in and she cried out in pleasure as he roughly pumped them in her slick pussy.

"Does that feel good, honey? You're pussys practically swallowing my fingers..."

She gasped when he pulled them out, making her whine, grinding against the mattress

"Omi, please... Why'd you stop?" She turned to look at him, batting her lashes, biting her lip. Sakusa pushed his fingers into his mouth, slurping on the juices, making her blush. She shivered when his wet fingers, rubbed her asshole, he teasingly pressed against it, feeling her clench, making him smirk.

"Because I want you to cum on my tongue"

He doved down, shoving his tongue back in her pussy and she let out a chorus of breathy moans, her body twitched when his fingers went back to playing with her clit, massaging her folds while he tongue fucked her.

Her moans became louder, pushing her face into the mattress

"Ngh! O-Omi, I'm gonna cum, please let me cum! Please" She wailed, her hips thrashing wildly, Sakusa held her tight against his mouth, letting his tongue stretch as deep as it could. She saw stars, letting out a shaky moan, feeling her walls tighten on his tongue. Sakusa groaned, letting her orgasm against his face. He greedily slurped on her juices, before he leaned back, wiping his mouth. He panted lightly, watching her breathing hard on the bed. He loomed over her figure, flipping her around to face him. His fingers caressed her cheek,

"Oh baby, the way you look right now. I wish you could see it..."

"Omi" She cooed, and he gripped her jaw between his fingers

"Don't you think it's kinda unfair that you've gotten to cum and I haven't..."

She shook her head, pushing herself further up the mattress before she spread her legs.

"Its super unfair..." Her fingers went down to spread her folds in front him. Sakusa rubbed his shaft, watching her movements

"Please fuck me..."

Sakusa hummed in approval,

"Begging like a true slut... Keep yourself spread, just like that"

She mewled when his lightly slapped his pussy, her hole throbbing and Sakusa pulled open the drawer next to him. He reached to grab the box of condoms, stopping for a moment.

"...are you thinking of having a baby soon!?"

Y/n noticed the reluctant look on his face before he pushed his drawer close. She sat up, looking at him in confusion. Sakusa sat at the edge of the bed, unsure of what to say. She crawled behind him, quickly wrapping her arms around his torso

"Omi-kun? What's wrong?"

Sakusa thought once more, before the words slipped out

"Do you want children?"

She froze, loosening her arms before she sat next to him

"Is what Miya-san's girlfriend said, bothering you?"

Sakusa shrugged,

"It made me think, on the way home, I guess...We've been married almost two years and I'm just wondering what your feelings are about it?" He looked at her and she decided to be honest.

"I've been thinking about it for a while now... Having a baby, would be lovely... but at the same time, I know babies and children can be messy, loud and unruly and you don't like that... So... I never really brought it up because if you don't want a baby, then its alright. As long as we have each other" She whispered, leaning against him. Sakusa pulled away, putting his hands on her shoulders

"If you're the mother of my children, I'd never say no to starting a family..." He admitted and her jaw dropped slightly, her heart beating, she gripped his hand tightly

"Omi... You really mean it?"

Sakusa nodded, feeling his own heart race.

"I do..."

She leaned forward to kiss him and he pressed his lips further against hers. Y/n's hands moved around his hair, massaging and gripping at his curls, deepening the kiss. Sakusa's own hands danced along her body, before they parted. His lips kissed their way to her breasts, sucking on her nipple, making her gasp. His tongue played with her hardened bud, sucking harder and she moaned, fingers digging into his scalp.

"Somehow, the thought of these filling up in the next few months, is getting my cock hard..." Sakusa's large hand, pressed against her flat abdomen, rubbing against it gently

"I can't wait for this to swell up with my baby..."

She smiled, hugging him,

"I can't wait for you to fill me up, Omi..."

Sakusa bit his lip for a moment, his cock was hardening again. She felt her bare skin against his, letting his hand dance down her back before he pushed her back onto the mattress gently, this time. His hands gripped under her knees, before he climbed on top of her, spreading her knees to either side of her body him before he pressed the tip of his cock against her throbbing hole. (AN: This is my shit description of a 'mating press'. I'm sorry, im bad with descriptions but I like writing porn...)

She inhaled, holding her breath. His cock felt so different, without a condom. She could feel the heat radiating from it. Sakusa leaned forward, resting his arms on each of her head, caging her underneath him. She was about to call his name when a scream erupted through her. Sakusa had completely pushed his cock inside her, balls deep. She let out a mewl when he stilled for a second, grinding his hips, letting her hungry pussy coat his entire length with her juices

"Fuck baby... It's so hot inside you... Your walls are really milking the fuck out of my cock... You really wanted this, huh?" He asked, grunting before he began pistoning his hips, his words fell on deaf ears as she sobbed out moans, pinned underneath his thick body.

"Agh! Agh! Agh! O-Omi!" She kept crying out, everytime he almost pull out, only to slam balls deep into her each time. Sakusa moaned, pushing himself back in all the way, before he rolled his hips. She eyes widened and she gasped, making him curse when her pussy squeezed him against

"Does this greedy pussy want my cum? Are you ready for me to fill you to the fucking brim?"

He pounded her harder and her throat burned from her screams, but she couldn't control herself. All she wanted was his dick, she loved his cock. It had her entranced

"Make a messy out of my pussy, Omi-kun ♡" She mewled in bliss, her nails digging into his back, making him hiss

"Oh baby..." He chuckled darkly, "I'll make a fucking mess out of this tiny pussy. I'm gonna cum inside you" Sakusa grunted and groaned with each thrust he made as he continued talking dirty to his wife,

"*thrust*... every... *thrust*... single...*thrust*...fucking...*thrust*... day... *thrust*... of this holiday..."

Her back arched, when he slammed into her pussy, her eyes seeing stars when his cockhead pushed itself as deep as it could go. She let out a guttural moan, squeezing him before he finally groaned, spurting inside her. Y/n shuddered, feeling the warmth fill her up. Sakusa's sweat dripped down his back, his hips still grinding against hers, letting him ride out his orgasm. He braced himself over her, panting hard before rolling onto his back.

Y/n gasped, feeling his cock slip out from her pussy, his thick cum slowly trickling out. Sakusa composed himself for a moment before he turned to her,

"That was intense..." He said and she nodded, still catching her breath

"I don't ever want to have sex with a condom again..." She revealed and he chuckled,

"Me too..."

Sakusa sat on the edge of the bed, looking at this essence drip out of her folds, before he frowned

"It's going to waste..." He muttered and she raised a brow,


Looking at her messy pussy, Sakusa's dick got hard again. She squealed when he made her sit on his lap, holding her thighs apart as he lifted her hips above his cock. Her arms went back to grip the back of his head. Her slick pussy hovered over his cock head, before he sheathed himself inside her

"Omi!" She mewled, she was already far too sensitive but Sakusa grunted

"One more round Y/n, you were wasting my cum earlier, I got to fuck you again just to make sure"

"That doesn't make sens- Agh!"

She gasped when he loosened her grip around his neck, pushing her entire upper body towards the floor. She braced herself with her hands, a little shocked with this position but Sakusa didn't waste time, holding her hips still before he pistoned his cock inside her. She moaned, letting him pound her once again. In total fairness, she was absolutely loving it. This was definetly a little wilder than doggy-style and it strained her arms but she felt like his fuck toy and that excited her to no end. Sakusa grunted feeling his cum leak out even more but it didn't stop him. He kept that brutal pace, his hand going under her body, pressing against her lower abdomen

"Fucking hell... I can feel my cock from here. It's going so deep" He pressed harder against her flesh, making her gasp when he added presser. Her walls were squeezing him hard again, and she begged him to go harder. Sakusa groaned, hand going up her body, pressing flat against her chest before he pulled her back against him. She screamed, feeling his cock slide in deeper, crying against him

"Ooooh... Omiiii" She huffed and whined, her legs losing feeling against his ruthless thrusts but Sakusa didn't show sympathy. His arms went under her knees, bringing them to her chest before he held her head in place, immobilising her movements. Her moans got louder, each time he slammed him cock into her.

Sakusa groaned,

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum again... Are you ready, princess?"

She shook her head vigorously, mewling out yeses, announcing her own climax

He thrusted his hips up, pushing her all way down his cock and she screamed, feeling herself gush all over him. Sakusa moaned, feeling his cock spurt ropes of cum into her pussy one more time, a little more than before. As it still managed to drip out of her plugged pussy. His hands unwrapped themselves from her and she felt back against him.

He kissed her softly, muttering sweet praises and she let him, spoon her

"You did so well, Y/n... Look, you look a bit swollen already" He ushered, placing his large hand back on her lower abdomen. She hummed, placing her hand on top of his

"I feel so full too... I think I'll definitely be pregnant after tonight..." She muttered and he hummed,

"If not tonight, there's always tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after that..." He said and she giggled, before sitting up

"Shall we take a bath?" She asked but he shook his head, surprising her

"Not tonight... I want to keep it inside you" His fingers pushed inside her pussy and she took a deep breath. She raised a brow, ignoring the scissoring motion of his fingers inside her

"You really are a pervy man, y'know..." She muttered and Sakusa gave her a devious grin

"And you're an equally dirty woman..."

She grinned back at him, leaning forward to kiss him.

Sakusa bit her bottom lip, pulling at it gently before he released it

"Baby if it's with you, I don't mind getting filthy..."

Y/n shyly giggled, intertwining her legs with his much longer and thicker ones.

"I think I'm ready for another round... You know, a third time... Just to seal the deal" She muttered, and it was Sakusa's turn to chuckle, his hand squeezing her ass again, his gaze darkening

"You don't have to tell me twice..."

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