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Adopted by nbayoungboy


Princess was a girl in a group home and one day she was adopted by the famous nbayoungboy

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Meet me.

Hi my name princess and I'm 15 years old and I live in a group home.My mom and dad never wanted me so when I was a baby they dropped me off here so I been here all my life. This is a free things about me...I can rap and sing I got IED....personality disorder...bipolar disorder...anger issue...like when I get mad my eyes turn red and black and when im.sad they turn blue and when I'm happy they there normal color and that is pink but I also got a little that is one of my personality and her name is Kayla and then I got the mean one and her name is Amara and then I got the sweet/mean on and her name is Amelia and then I got the sweet one and her name is aliyah..the little is a bratt at sometimes but anyway back to the story.

The headmaster just called all the girls down tell us that someone is coming to adopted us tomorrow and that we need to be ready but I left cause I know I'm not getting adopted.

Nbayoungboy POV

Man I want to adopted a little girl I said to everyone sitting down on the couch

You sure you want to kd said

Yea I'm sure I said

Well we can check the group home tomorrow Ben said

Yea you right let me call Montana I said
Calls Montana and let's him k no one everything
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