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Me: Hey! Welcome to this book! If you’re seeing this, it means I decided it was good enough to publish! I am Author-Chan. As you can tell by my username, I LOVE Chloe Aoki (technically Chloe Winters because Aoki was her Japanese last name in Smile Precure but... whatever!) and I also love Chloe x Rascal. I am always happy to Roleplay a Chloe x Rascal scenario if you PM me. Now-


Chloe: Oops... my fault... Sorry.

Me: SHUT UP! Not you Chloe, you’re an angel! Anyway, before I was rudely interupted, I was going to say, Now time for introductions!

Emily: Hi there, I’m Emily! I love fairytales and giving this world a happy ending! I’m Glitter Lucky! *whispers* I also like a certain furry wolf!

Kelsey: Yo! I’m Kelsey. I love Volleyball because I always win! I also love my family’s restaurant which I hope to take over one day. I’m Glitter Sunny! *Whispers* Psst! Can you keep a secret? I’m also in love with April/Glitter Spring.

Lily: U-Um... Hi... I’m Lily. I’m very shy but when you get to know me, I’m quite talkative. I love art and anime. I’m Glitter Peace! *Whispers* I also love a certain red troll.

April: Hey there! I’m April! I love soccer-


April: Fine... I love FOOTBALL and I like the colour green. Even though I like green, I can’t stand what lives in nature! B-Bugs! They creep me out! I’m Glitter Spring. Ironic, right? *whispers* Hey... I’m kinda sorta in love with Kelsey AKA Glitter Sunny.

Me: Last but not least of the Glitter Force, we have the Student Council Vice President, The Ice Princess, The Angel From Above, The Wild Card *winks at Rascal*, The Sensible One, The Only One That Really Matters: CHLOE!!!!

Chloe: *Smiles nervously* Um... Hello. I’m Chloe. I’m the student council vice president at our school. I hope to be the Student Council President one day. I love school-

Audience Member: NERD!

Me: SHUT UP! *whacks them over the head with a chair* Continue, Chloe.

Chloe: Okay... um... I love the snow and winter. I’m Glitter Breeze. *whispers* I-It may come as a surprise but I also have a crush on Rascal.

Me: That’s it from the Heroes! Now let’s hear from the villains! *a dun dun dun sound effect plays* Huh?! *looks up at the sound guy* Dude! Not now!

Ulric: Hey. I’m Ulric. I’m a wolf. I love blue leather jackets and I love to destroy the Glitter Force. *whispers* I have a crush on Emily/Glitter Lucky.

Brute: *dumbly cause... yeah* Hey... I’m BRUTE! I may look dumb at first but I actually am pretty smart! I bet I can be smarterer than Glitter Breeze!

Chloe: It’s Smarter. And no, you cannot.

Me: You go girl!

Brute: Whatever! *Whispers* I like Peace! Glitter Peace!

Brooha: Seriously? I have to explain myself to an invisible audience of people who have enough time on their hands to be reading this garbage?!

Me: 1) It’s rubbish because we’re in England. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! 2) JUST DO IT YOU FRIGGIN WITCH!

Brooha: I’m Brooha. I’m a witch. *whispers* Hey... If you give me any asks/dares... I’LL PUT A CURSE ON YOU!

Me: *rolls eyes* Whatever Broo-Whoo-Whoo-Ha.

Rascal: Greetings. I’m Rascal. *bows* I’m what you call a “wild card” and *whispers* between you and me... Glitter Breeze looks quite fetching today.

Me: *counts up all the introdutions* Who’s missing...? NOGO!

Nogo: WHAT?!

Me: Intoduce yourself!

Nogo: Fine... I’m Nogo... That’s all you need to know...

Me: Leave some asks or dares for them! Do it! Now! Do it! I can’t see you doing it! Leave some asks or dares!

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