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the school nurse was talking to you, informing you that she would try to get in contact with your uncle but your ears were distracted by the chatter in the hallways.

'to think that junior would go to such lengths to get his attention'

'well everyone throws themselves at him. she just did it literally'

'maybe she was paid by the next team to distract him during the match point'

there gossip made you sick to your stomach and on the verge of tears. you couldn't help but to regret the choice of going to match even though you had actually enjoyed the first parts.

your fingers dwindled nervously and you looked down at them, trying to fight away the tears building in your eyes. The nurse realized your distraught but sensed it was better to leave you to your silence as she tried to call one more time.

'but bokuto-san really is cool right? To notice and catch her like that'

'but still if I were him. I wouldn't have.....shhh..hello bokuto-san! Great game today!"

you hadn't heard a verbal response but you could imagine that he waved or nodded to them. you were dragged from your thoughts when there was knocking on the door.

the nurse walked to the door and opened it and you glanced up in time to see two males who towered over her enter the room.

the dark haired one entered first greeting you both, a white towel was in his hand that he used to pat at his neck. the one with half toned hair had a white towel around his neck and a water bottle raised to his lips also greeted the nurse.

as soon as the dark haired one's green eyes and the golden eyes of the ace fell on you, you glanced back to your fingers.

"ahh there she is" the dark haired one said as they both walked to where you sat at the edge of the bed and you held your breath as you watched the tips of their sneakers come into your vision.

the ace had gotten a chair and swung it in front of the bed to sit, earning a scowl from the nurse.

"Sensei everything is okay" he chuckled and your fingers froze, it was the first time you had heard his voice so close. rich and energetic, bright but manly.

the setter's voice was softer and alluring , matching his reserved character just perfectly.

"are you okay?" he asked and out of respect you mustered up enough courage to sit upright and face your seniors.

upon doing it you felt so intimidated that you wanted to look away again.

"y-yes I am..." you said earning a quirked eyebrow from the setter who rested his towel on his shoulder now.

"falling from such a distance you should be dizzy huh?" the ace said resting the water bottle by his foot as he leant back. looking closer at him now you realized he had bandages around three of his fingers on his left hand.

they weren't there during the match. were they because he caught me? the thought made a wave of guilt and nausea rush over you.

"dizzy...yes I am"

"I see" the setter said breathing a laugh and you glanced at him, feeling a pant of hurt from his tone of disbelief.

"I honestly didn't fake it. I really am sorry. I-" you felt so pained when you realized people were painting you for a villain and trying to explain yourself made your voice break.

"I really didn't mean to-" you tried desperately again just to explain that you had random fainting spells and that you were trying to leave the area before it happened. you cut yourself off to bit down on your lip and looked down on your blurry fingers .

you really didn't want to choke up in front of them. in fact you just wanted to go home.

they probably hate me.

the ace seated in front of you reached a finger out to tap your knee and you reluctantly glanced up at him.

"you were trying to leave the stands and got pushed over right?" the ace said softly and your eyes slightly widened.

"I believe you. I saw. I was looking up when it happenedโ€”Ow" he explained earning a slap in the back of his head and a glower.

"I told you to focus during games" the setter snapped earning a sheepish apologetic smile from the ace.

"still that explains how you were able to move on time. nice receive" he continued rolling his eyes and the boy with a larger build beamed.

"of course! I am the best ace in Japan after all" he said proudly before glancing at you and smiling smugly when he realized how your expression was slowly transforming from a sulking one to an amused one.

"top four" akaashi coughed and bokuto cringed but seemed more interested with the smile slowly forming on your face.

"plus I wouldn't let a pretty girl fall like that" he said shamelessly with a wink and you flushed as you glanced away and his friend whacked him in his head with the towel.

"bokuto-san stop. she's a junior" the setter scowled as the ace stood up with a chuckle.

"what's your point? Ah reminds me. I am bokuto kลtarล. Fukurodani's ace and captain. And this is akaashi keiji. The best setter and strategist you'll ever meet." he outstretched his uninjured hand and you took it nervously to shake it as you wiped your eyes with the back of your other hand.

you were hoping that your clammy hands were well disguised by their own clammy hands.

soon akaashi-san also reluctantly shook your hand but didn't even offer a smile, though you didn't really expect one in the first place. "nice to meet you. and your name?" he said releasing your hand and you rested your shaking hands on your knees.

"f/n l/n. n-nice to meet you too" you said to them both averting your gaze from them again, bokuto-san's gold eyes were too intense and they made you cower.

"don't worry about the gossip" the ace chuckled ruffling your hair with his large hand and your heart fluttered.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you at the next match. Cheer for me okay l/n-chan?" he said earning a 'tch' from akaashi who was yanking him to the door by his collar.

he seemed to smirk at you and waved nonetheless causing you to flush as you glanced away from his captivating gold eyes again.

"don't listen to this idiot. he has a girlfriend. have a good day nurse" akaashi sighed earning a groan from bokuto who finally turned the right way to exit with akaashi.

"agaashi. you're ruining my life" he whined closing the door behind him and you glanced at the door. the speed of your heartbeat was surprising.

"quite a duo right?" the nurse laughed and the smile finally wormed it's way onto your lips despite the event of the day.

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