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What I love but you hate || Nishinoya Yuu

I just sat there with the sound of balls hitting the ground and yells from the balls of energy from the Volleyball team.

As their yells and the sound of volleyballs played as background noise I just stared at my thighs. As I stared at them my leg began bouncing up and down.

The bouncing of my leg helped to stop the thoughts of my thighs for a while at least.

My actions didn't go unnoticed though at the end of practice Nishinoya confronted me.

"So what's that about looking at your thighs as if they're the ugliest thing in the world and the leg bounces?"

"Bouncing my leg helps me get distracted"

That's all that left my mouth I wanted to tell him the rest but I wanted to know if he really wanted to hear me again.

"What about the way you were looking at your thighs?"

He wanted to hear me again so I'll tell him.

"I hate how my thighs look like (however you imagine your thighs)"

"I hate how (Slim/thick)(you choose) they are"

"(Y/N), you May hate how they look but I love them. I think they're perfect, I'd let you choke me with your thighs any day"

I didn't notice but I had a smile on my face. I wanted to laugh a bit too since Nishinoya made something perverted sound pretty sweet.

Word count: 232

A/N: thank you to whoever reads this

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Eat some food
Wash your hands
Sleep at least for a little bit
Keep warm or cool depending on the weather where you live
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