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His Bride to Be?


Small whimpers escaped my lips as I struggled to keep my composure. "Shh," He breathed into my ear, "We wouldn't want him to hear us now would we?"

Romance / Erotica
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We dashed into the spacious bathroom that’s connected to her bedroom, hungrily kissing, still holding on to the other and closed the door. I pushed her up against the door running my hands along her waist before bringing my right hand to her neck while the other gripped her firmly in place.

My breath becomes shaky as she moved her chest against mine, driving me crazy with every look she steals at me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I whisper.

She smiled and quickly drops her head, trying to hide the flustered look on her face.

I mirrored her smile in awe at how cute she was.

“I wish I could’ve met you sooner.”

“Me too,” She replies while looking up at me.

She runs her hands across my chest with a small smile playing on her lips before looking at me most seductively. I could’ve sworn my stomach did backflips.

“You’re gonna make me lose control Safiya,” I say as an overwhelming feeling begins to take over.

Her hands continue to rub down my body, from my chest to my abdomen...

To my lower groin.

I groaned in anticipation of what she was about to do next.

She tiptoed and leaned towards me so her lips were right at my ear. I shivered when her warm breath touched me.

While unbuttoning my jeans she says,

“I want you to lose control.”


I let out a growl of pure need and watched as she pulls my underwear down and begins to stroke me. I hissed at the contact of her hand and looked up to catch her already staring at me, her eyes so full of lust and seduction.

She begins to walk forward, causing me to walk back until I feel the bathroom wall against my back. My eyes nearly doubled in size when I saw her get on her knees.

“Safiya wait I-,” I gasped, feeling her tongue lick the tip teasingly.

She giggled at my reaction and proceeded to take all of me in her mouth.

I threw my head back and felt my eyes roll over at the sensation of her tongue sliding up and down.

“Ohh fuck.”

“mhm,” She hums.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned a little louder.

She pumped swiftly while looking up at me with the most innocent face, sending me over the edge.

I grabbed a fistful of her curly hair and made her take all of me in her mouth. Roughly bobbing her head and thrusting my hip, she dropped her hands to the side allowing me to take control.

“Shit,” I whimpered.

It’s getting harder and harder to breathe as I feel the pressure building. A string of profanities leaves my lips as I’m getting ready to release. I buck my hips one last time, unloading in her mouth. I watch as she swallows everything and runs her thumb across her bottom lips.

“I love how vocal you are,” She says while looking at me.

With no energy to answer I fall to the ground and try to stabilize my breathing.

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