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Secret Singer


Chloe Aoki is a secret pop princess but her secret gets exposed!

Fantasy / Drama
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Pop Princess


“Chloe Aoki. Smart, beautiful, fierce, sassy. So many words to describe her.” Rascal wrote in his diary. Truth was, he had a crush on Chloe. He was crushing on her hard. It all started when he first fought her. He was not able to feel ‘love’ before he met her. She was like Aphrodite. A goddess of love and beauty.

“Whatcha writing?!” Rascal jumped a mile, throwing his diary on the floor as Ulric began to read it out loud in a mocking voice. ”She is just so cute especially when she’s mad. God, she turns me on so much-”

“ALRIGHT! STOP!” Rascal yelled in embarrassment. “I admit! I have a crush on Glitter Breeze.” He muttered while blushing.

Ulric began to tease Rascal and laugh as he walked out to tell the other generals about Rascal’s little crush.

“Oh princess... I love you....”


Chloe was happily taking a walk in the park when a little kid came up to her.

“Oh! Hello!” Chloe said sweetly.

“H-Hi! Y-You look like my idol, Winter Noel!” The little kid said shyly.

“Oh! Thank you so much! I think your mother wants you to go back to her now, though. It was nice meeting you!”

“Bye!” And the little kid went back to her mother happily.

‘That was close...’ Chloe thought, ’She almost found out that I am Winter Noel.′

Chloe Aoki held a HUGE secret. She was a secret pop princess.

Only her older brother, Spencer Aoki, and herself knew. Chloe’s parents and grandparents had died when she was just 3 years old so Spencer had always taken care of her. When Chloe was just 4 years old, she became an international sensation as her alter ego Winter Noel. Winter Noel was someone who Chloe felt she could just... be. In truth, Chloe was EXTREMELY shy. Winter Noel wasn’t shy. She was the opposite of real Chloe.

Chloe got bullied a lot for being a ‘nerd’ and it affected her daily life a lot. She wrote loads of songs about being bullied and they became Winter Noel’s greatest hits! She also wrote songs about being heartbroken, her latest song being called Hurt From The Heart. Her boyfriend had dumped her a few days ago and the pain stung so much that she felt compelled to write a song about it.

Rascal watched this from afar and beat up her ex-boyfriend as soon as he walked out the door. Rascal was obsessed with Chloe and would, quite literally, murder anyone who hurt her.

One day, Rascal was flying above Chloe’s town and spotted her in an alleyway. Little did he know, she was transfroming into Winter Noel.

“Hello Chloe- WOAH!” He gasped as he saw the sight before him. His arch-nemesis and crush transforming into the pop princess he had heard so much about from Brooha. “Y-You? Y-You’re Winter Noel?!” He asked in shock.

“Yes. O-Oh! Please don’t tell anyone! If you do, my life will be ruined! Paparazzi will come to my house and stalk me! I’ll have cameras in my face all day everyday! I’ll have to redo my Witness Protection Programme thing again and get a new identity!” She went on a worry-rant about all the terrible things that could happen until she accidentally said, “I could lose you- oops!”

“Y-You could lose... me? Y-You care for me darling?” Rascal said, surprised.

“Y-Yes. I do. Ok? And I have done for a while and I know you don’t feel the same way but-” She was cut off by Rascal pulling her into a passionate kiss.

“I love you, dearie~ I always have and always will~” He smiled and quickly said, “I’ve gotta go. Promise me you’ll meet me under that Sakura tree on Friday?” He asked and pointed to the Sakura tree not too far from the alleyway.

“Of course. I love you.” Chloe replied.

“I love you too.” And with that, he teleported away.

Little did they know, a hardcore fan of Winter Noel was recording the whole thing and leaked it online. No, he didn’t get the part where Winter Noel transformed but he did get the confessions. Soon enough, there were headlines and news stories about who this mysterious lover was. It wasn’t long before Brooha found out Rascal’s crush.


“So Rascal....” Brooha questioned, “News is you were spotted with that Winter Noel girl and you kissed her and asked her to meet you under the Sakura tree.”

Rascal nearly choked on his water. “W-Where did you hear that?!?!?”

“It’s all over the news. And... I think I know who Winter Noel really is. I’ve read your diary and the way you describe Winter Noel and Chloe Aoki is very similar.” She smirked.

“F-Fine,” Rascal said kinda embarrassed, “You cannot tell anyone that Chloe Aoki is Winter Noel! If you do, you’ll end her life and then I’ll end you!” His mask began to glow red at the end but soon returned to its normal black colour.

“Jeez! Ok! I won’t snitch!” Brooha agreed.

When Brooha left, Rascal said his thoughts out loud because this is a fanfic and there’s no such thing as “one specific universe!” *fourth wall completely breaks and crashes down on the dude who leaked Chloe’s kiss online*

‘Be safe, Princess...’


Chloe was in complete shock and denial! Now everyone knew that Winter Noel and this myserious boy were dating! Oh god! Everytime she went out as Winter Noel, there were reporters and journalists asking her questions about the myserious man of whom she was supposedly ‘dating’. It was ONE kiss! Plus, if anyone ever found out that Winter Noel was Chloe and Chloe was Glitter Breeze, she would be shipped off to Siberia!!!! Seriously, the agreement she signed said that, if she revealed her identity to anyone who wasn’t in the Glitter Force or a villain, she would be in Siberia by the next day! Oh gosh! Why was her life so unfair!!!???

Suddenly, her older brother Spencer walked in with some legal documents.

“Chloe! Who was that boy? A-And did you know someone was recording?” Her brother was a bit overprotective of her and her identity. “I wanna meet this boy!”

“Spence... he’s just a friend. Yes, a friend that kissed me but it was an emotional moment!” Chloe retorted, not exactly telling the whole truth. “And no, I didn’t know that someone was recording! I didn’t know anyone was there. It was an empty alleyway! I-I didn’t think! God! Those mean girls are right! I’m so stupid!”

“H-Hey... Sis... You’re not stupid. You just weren’t thinking straight because of all the stress the press put on you. I don’t blame you, you’re a teenage girl with hormones and I think it’s time we had the talk about the birds and-”

“SPENCER, NO!” Chloe jumped up, red-faced.

“Hahahahaha! Oh! I was only messing with you, kid. You’re so funny!” Spencer was basically rolling on the floor laughing.

“S-Spence! You know I get embarrassed about those things....” Chloe muttered red-faced once again.

Spencer swiftly apologised but then an idea came to his head.

“Chloe... You know how you get really stressed about having to keep Winter Noel a secret?” Spencer said.

“Yeah...?” Chloe replied.

“Well, what if you didn’t have to keep her a secret anymore?”

“S-Spencer?! Are you suggesting what I think you are? Me revealing that I, Chloe Aoki, am Winter Noel?!”


“Spencer! That’ll ruin my career! The answer is no!” Chloe then walked out.

Both Spencer and Chloe were unaware that the same boy who had videoed her kissing Rascal had also videoed her confession to being Winter Noel.

“Hehehe~” He chuckled as he played the video again, taking it out of context and then leaking it online.


As Chloe was walking to school, suddenly a group of journalists and news reporters swamped her.

“Chloe Aoki! What do you say to the allegations that you are Winter Noel?”

“Are you really Winter Noel or did the video lie?”

“W-What?!” Chloe said, shocked, “What video?”

The news reporters played the video- which had gotten over 100000000000000000000000000001 hits by now- to Chloe.

“Me revealing that I, Chloe Aoki, am Winter Noel?!” Chloe stared at the video, shocked at the fact that everyone knew her secret. “I-I...” Chloe started but she just transformed and ran.

“Well...” The news reporter said, “There we have it. Chloe Aoki is Winter Noel. I repeat, Chloe Aoki CHLOE AOKI is Winter Noel!”

As Chloe ran, she bumped into Rascal at the Sakura tree. Oh yeah! She almost forgot that it was Friday.

“H-Hey Chloe.” Rascal said, nervously but then he looked concerned. “W-Why are you crying?”

“Rascal!” She hugged him tight and then let go. “E-Everyone knows! Someone leaked the video online and now everyone knows I’m Winter Noel!”

“How did this happen?” Rascal asked, infuriated that someone had hurt his Chloe.

“T-There’s a boy. He’s been stalking me and somehow manages to get videos of me and puts them online!” Chloe bawled into Rascal’s arms and Rascal simply smiled sadly.

“Don’t worry dear~ I’ll make sure he never bother’s you again.” He smirked evily as he spotted the stalker, videoing from a couple of metres away. The stalker ran away in fear.

“Anyway, I know it might be a bit to soon but... Chloe Aoki,” He got down on one knee, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“R-Rascal! I-I... YES!” She yelled in delight and kissed him passionately. After a while, she pulled away from the kiss and said, “Oh! My brother wants to meet you.”

“Oh god!” Rascal jokingly said and they both laughed.

“We’ll get through this, ice princess. I promise~”


AW! That gave me feels just by writing it! Thanks so much for reading!

You don’t know it, but when you guys give me support, it helps me SO MUCH! Seriously! I wanna thank you all for sticking with me through this time in our lives! 2020 is almost over. We’re almost into a new year and another chance for life.

Thanks so much for supporting me and my stories!

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