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End Signals||Bts FF

Kim Seokjin Trailer

I walked past the graves that surrounded me as I made my way to the sidewalk to get back on the path that I was on to my house. I took one good look at that one grave with a rose leaning against it, looking bright and beautiful. Then turned back to what was in front of me and inhaled slowly then let out the air in my lungs, making sure I remained calm. I slid my hands in both of my pockets and continued making my way down the sidewalk feeling the breeze press against my skin and feeling part of my hair moving within the wind was nice. I needed this. It felt good. The breeze was like my friend, it was making sure I remained in this mood instead of breaking down and releasing many of my tears out of my eyes. “RING RING” I pulled my phone out of my pocket, checking who is calling me. “Bighit/Manager”

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