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Chloe is saved from abuse by Rascal. Romance blossoms.

Fantasy / Romance
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(PLEASE DON’T READ IF YOU GET TRIGGERED BY THINGS SUCH AS ABUSE AND RAPE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, I’m using the AU where Chloe didn’t have parents or a brother and instead had an abusive Uncle. I read it in another person’s story but I can’t remember who the author was! Sorry! Also, there will be a fair bit of backstory before we get to the main Chloe x Rascal bit.)

Rascal the joker/jester. He was cunning, manipulative, sadistic. But, he had a soft side for someone. Someone who... made him feel happy and warm. Chloe Aoki. She made him... complete. But, she had a secret. A very dangerous secret that could get her hurt.

Long story short (and to have a bit of backstory), Chloe was a victim of abuse. Chloe never had parents. She was kicked out of her house and put up for adoption as a baby. Even then, no-one wanted her. Chloe’s uncle adopted her and treated her like a slave. She has acknowledged this and, instead of complaining and whining, she is dilligent and is subservient to her uncle even when he throws his alcohol bottles at her. She thought everyone went through this and, therefore, began to look it up. You see, she was fortunate enough that her uncle went out to the pub every day so she could sneak onto his computer and look things up.

She was shocked when she found out this was not normal and instead was something called “abuse.” Even when a website called ChildLine told her to contact someone if this went on, she didn’t and continued as normal because she was afraid of her uncle.

To rub salt on the wound, Chloe was forced to wear a maid’s dress when serving her uncle and she was to call him “master”. If she was ever disobediant, she would be punished which usually included being whipped and used as a target whenever her uncle was throwing alcohol bottles at the wall.

Chloe was also a victim of rape. She would’ve called the police YEARS ago but... this man had... her secrets. Dirty secrets. And... the fact that Chloe was a Glitter Force Warrior. To understand why this is so bad, we need to go back...

Once, somebody spread a rumour that Chloe was a magical girl. Of course, people didn’t believe the rumour but they began to ridicule and bully her. They humiliated her. They wrote things on her desk like: “KILL YOURSELF!” “I dare you to go jump off the roof!” “DIE- from the whole class!” and other things. However, Chloe didn’t look depressed on the outside. Instead she hit back at the rumours with comebacks such as “Jump off? I’ll do a friggin BACKFLIP off the roof AND LAND IT!” (Bijuu Mike? Is that you in a blue wig?)

But, Chloe began to slowly feel more and more depressed and just decided to move schools and transfer to Rainbow Hills High.

Anyway, enough of the backstory of the backstory.

Chloe always tried to fight the rapist but her efforts led to nothing. He always made her be on birth control so she wouldn’t get pregnant with a “bastard child” as he called them. The rape started when she was seven years old. She was now fourteen years old. Seven years... SEVEN YEARS this had been going on. And, to make it worse, she had a crush on her arch-nemesis Rascal.

Of course, he would never love her back. If anything, he would laugh in her face and begin to mock her. Or so she thought.

Okay, so now we move onto the main story. Everybody BUCKLE UP cause here we go!

Rascal was looking for an opportunity to cause chaos when he felt a surge of negative energy. He smiled evily and went straight towards the negative energy. However, what he found was not what he expected at all.

It was Chloe, crying in the middle of the woods. Rascal felt this... strange feeling... sympathy and pity but also.... sadness. He felt sad for this girl, clearly hurt, crying and sobbing into her knees.

Rascal approached Chloe with great caution. “Breeze?” He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chloe shot up with fear in her puffy, red eyes. “R-Rascal!!! Don’t come any closer or... or I’ll transform!”

“Hey! I just wanna know what’s wrong.” Rascal convinced her to sit down and talk about it.

(You guys already know Chloe’s backstory!)

“A-And I managed to escape his house but I have nowhere to go! A-And to make matters worse, my maid’s dress is getting quite tight around my chest and-” Chloe stopped when she noticed a blush creeping up both of their faces. “N-Nevermind.”

Rascal couldn’t stop staring at Chloe’s tight maid dress. He’s 17! Jeez! Give him a break!

“Chloe... I didn’t realise! I’m so sorry.” Rascal said.

“It’s fine... there’s nothing you could do about it.” Chloe said, sadly, “Well, I better get some rest.”

“Wait! Stay with us in the Shadow Realm! We won’t hurt you, I promise. And if one of those idiots does hurt you, I’ll kill them.” Rascal proposed.

“O-Okay. But... I have to ask my childhood friend first.”

“Who would that be?”


Rascal’s eyes widened. “Y-You don’t mean Glitter Spring, do you?”

“Yes. I do. But, if she is really my friend, she won’t judge me on this.” Chloe smiled sweetly.

“Okay. Meet me in this exact spot in a few hours.” Rascal put down a two sticks in the shape of an X so they could remember where the spot was.

“Okay.” And so, Chloe ran. She ran to April.

“APRIL!” She yelled, “I need your opinion!”

“What’s up Frost Queen?” April asked.

“Y-You know how I live with my uncle?” April nodded and Chloe continued, “I ran away because of... things. A-And... Rascal has offered to have me stay in the Shadow Realm. He promised to not let anybody hurt me.”

April was silent for a moment before smiling. “Of course you can go with him! And, from the way you look at him during our battles, I think you have a crush on him!”

Chloe smiled and hugged April. “Thank you so much April!!!! I promise I won’t turn evil.” She paused for a second, “Could you lend me some clothes to change into?”

“Of course.” April handed Chloe some clothes and Chloe changed into them.

“Thanks April!”

Chloe then left and met Rascal at that same spot.

“So... what did Spring say?” Rascal asked.

“She said yes!” Chloe beamed and hugged Rascal, “Thank you. Thank you for being their for me!”

Rascal didn’t know how to respond to this but he did blush and hug back. There was a warm feeling in his chest. Love... that’s what it was called. Love.

When Rascal and Chloe teleported to the Shadow Realm, the other generals gasped.

“Look~ Clown Boy’s got a girlfriend~ A Glitter Girl~” Cooed Ulric as both Chloe and Rascal blushed.

The other generals laughed as Rascal took Chloe to his room.

“Sorry we don’t have a spare room. You’ll have to sleep with me.” Rascal said, smiling nervously.

“I-I wouldn’t mind that...” Chloe muttered, red-faced.

“Awww~” They both heard. It was Brute, Brooha, Ulric and, surprisingly, Nogo in his smaller form. Nogo was human-sized now but he still had his mask on with his purple outfit.

Rascal closed the door in annoyance and went back over to Chloe. “So... what do you want to do first?”

“The windows. I’ll scrub them first so that way I won’t drip when-” Chloe started but Rascal cut her off by chuckling.

“Princess, you don’t need to do anything like that! You’re living here, not working here.”

Chloe giggled. “Sorry, I’m just so used to working and now... it’s gonna be so strange! Just to be clear, I’m still gonna fight against you guys so don’t expect me to go easy on you.”

“It’s fine. I might go easy on you though.” Rascal hugged Chloe and caressed her face, “you’re beautiful.”

Chloe blushed and looked away shyly.

Rascal and Chloe went to the dining area with the other generals and Nogo. She was surprised they didn’t have much to eat.

“U-Um...” She said shyly, “I see you don’t have a lot to eat here so...” And then she brought out oen of her famous batches of cupcakes. “Here. I hope you enjoy them.” She smiled sweetly.

All the generals, including Rascal and Nogo, took a cupcake and enjoyed them. Chloe beamed as they let out surprised gasps and grunts of happiness. Her eyes sparkled when everyone complimented her on her cooking.

Nogo pulled her to one side.

“So... Chloe... You like to cook?” Nogo asked.

“Yeah. I guess it’s just become second nature after... my uncle forced me to do it.”

“Oh... I’m so sorry. You’ll be safe here.”

“Thank you. I um... I don’t know how to say this but... I think I’m in love with Rascal.” She blurted out.

Nogo smirked and chuckled. “Oh, we all know. We also know that he is head over heals in love with you.”

Chloe blushed. “Really?”


Nogo told Chloe the plan and smirked as she made her way to his bedroom. When he entered, she sat there in a dress covered with hearts. Blue and Purple hearts.

She pulled Rascal close to her and kissed him with tongue. Rascal kissed back and it soon turned into a make-out session.

They soon pulled away because the heard wolf-whistles from the other generals and Nogo.

“R-Rascal... will you be my boyfriend?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, I will... princess~” Rascal then pulled her into another kiss and shut the door.

It was going to be an interesting night.


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