Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 9: Space

Chapter 9

“Stay still Maro! I gotta clean you up” She groaned as Maro scuttled around his plastic container, where the warm water began splashing. Y/n had woken him up to his displeasure and he was not in the mood to be friendly. She groaned, grabbing the soft bristle toothbrush, gently brushing his dirty quills, letting the dirt wash off. Maro seemed to finally calm down, staying in a corner on the plastic box, enjoying the warmness of the water, when he realised that he wasn’t being harmed. She held her breath, fingers going under his belly to rub it before he could nip her. She let Maro walk under the stream of the kitchen tap, lounging around as the warm water fell on him.

Y/n gasped, when arms wrapped around her waist, Tendou’s chin resting on her shoulder

“Good morn-”


Tendou groaned, crouching over, wheezing lightly, when she elbowed his stomach and Y/n quickly turned around,

“Sa-Satori! Oh my gosh! I’m so so sorry!!! I got scared and hit you without realising!” She rushed to him, gripping his arms as she kept gushing out apologises. He chuckled, trying to control his pained expression, shaking his head

“No… It’s okay, I shouldn’t have snuck up on you like that…” He muttered, blushing from how his gentle morning hug took an unexpected turn. She began rubbing his taunt stomach, trying to ease him forgotten pain as he stood there, trying not to groan from her smooth hands caressing his skin. She flushed, stepped back, whispering another apology and he laughed

“It’s okay! I’m fine, see!?” He reassured her, slapping his stomach, inwardly regretting it as he held back from flinching. She blushed, now realising that his torso was bare. In the morning light, he looked unreal, she didn’t realise that he was well built.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked, immediately regretting it as she remembered last night. Tendou eyed the hickeys on her bust, smirking proudly, a cheeky smile on his face

“I haven’t slept that well since I was kid! What about you? How was your night?” He teased, winking at her and she blushed again, turning back to Maro, lifting him from the tub.

“Stop teasing me…” She muttered and he chuckled before he glanced at the time. He had to get ready for work. Remembering Elise’s sudden arrival, made him feel a bit awkward to excuse himself. He was not looking forward to her reaction, Elise was a stubborn woman… She would ask a million questions. Y/n eyed his expression, but she didn’t think much of it. She let Maro down on the floor, turning to him

“Coffee?” She asked and he looked at her, his grin reappearing as he nodded,

“Coffee sounds great, thanks” He said, slipping onto the barstool by her island. She smiled, pouring two mugs, quietly stirring before she opened her mouth

“Um… Elise-san has gone to a hotel; she gave me your keys…” She said quietly, placing a mug in front of him, before she sat in front of him. She offered breakfast but he refused,

“Elise came to your place?” He asked and she nodded,

“Yeah, just by the door to give your keys… That’s all… I didn’t want to wake you up” She lied, she didn’t want to tell Tendou about their little heated moment, opting to keep that information to himself. He nodded,

“Alright… Don’t forget to come to Angelina after work, okay? I’m walking you home” He reminded her, and she smiled, nodding

“Thank you, Satori! I won’t forget”

Tendou gazed at her fondly, a happy smile on his face, making her blush and look away

“What…?” She asked shyly and he grinned, leaning forward

“Nothing, I just like the way you say my name… its really cute” He said, resting his face between his palms and she felt her breath hitch. He was the one who was being really cute. She sipped her coffee and Tendou stood up, stretching, she eyed his abs as the stood out more from his stretch. Tendou smirked, he really liked teasing her. He was glad that he kept to his fitness in his free time. Early morning jogs had been a habit since high school. He petted her head before washing her mug

“I gotta get ready for work now… Thanks for letting me… sleep over?” He ended, making his way to her room to grab his shirt. She picked Maro up, to put him back on his cage to continue his slumber. Before Tendou walked out, dress. He made his way to her, stopping in front of her. She gave him a small smile and he ushered his arms out to her

“C’mon pretty girl, don’t leave me hanging”

Her cheeks felt warm as she shyly walked into his open arms as he wrapped them around her and she followed suit, being encompassed by him. Tendou grinned, bringing her close

“Dinner at mine, tonight?” He asked, and she felt her heart pound, squeezing the back of his shirt, she nodded

“Sounds nice…” She said, he wanted to kiss her so badly but after nearly vomiting from being elbowed in the stomach, he decided not to press his luck. He excused himself, leaving for his own flat. She suddenly felt really lonely… His chirpy loud presence resonated with her now. She wasn’t on edge anymore.

All day, Elise’s face flashed in her mind. Y/n didn’t forget their encounter at all, even in the office, she couldn’t find herself to work. Only thinking of the blonde woman, who was important to Tendou before they met. Foreign women seemed more open and easier going with romance… Y/n was neither of those things… In fact, she found herself quite boring, whereas Tendou was a bubble of joy. Tendou looked like an outgoing man, she knew he was still restraining his true self around her, only letting it slip sometimes during their more ‘intimate’ moments. She knew that he definitely had beast like energy in bed but to make her comfortable, he held himself back by invisible chains. She really wished he would ease out but then again, she (accidently) assaulted him this morning because he scared her. She was super glad; she didn’t punch him in the face.

She was looking forward to walking home with him tonight. Y/n flushed but she clenched her fist, she was going to make the first move today. She was going to hold his hand before he could do it. Somehow, this embarrassed more than the fact that she was laid out bare under him last night. His body crouched over her lingered in her mind. She found herself in a daze, thinking about his scent, the way he rubbed it against her…

“Do you know what cunnilingus is?”

She bit her lip, resting her head on the desk, remembering how his tongue felt against her most intimate parts. She clenched her legs, remembering his soft cheeks pressed against her thighs, how he held her in place. Her eyes widened and she sat up straight, the moment she felt herself starting to get wet. As she sat up, her co-worker looked at her worried,

“L/n? You don’t look well? Why don’t you lie down in the nap room?” She suggested and Y/n felt embarrassed,

“Good idea… My stomach’s hurting a little… Please excuse me…” She said, as her co-worker just nodded, feeling sympathetic, as she watched Y/n scuttle down the hall. It was times like these where Y/n was grateful that employees were allowed to rest in the office. She slipped into one of the empty private rooms, locking the door behind her. She kept thinking of Tendou and his body. Last night was repeating harder in her mind. She was ashamed to admit it, but she had become so bold because she felt threatened by his ex-girlfriend. Y/n didn’t want to lose him, he already meant so much to her. Why couldn’t she just admit her feelings to him? Why was being nude easier than confessing for her? She flushed, hiding her face further into the blanket.

Tendou groaned feeling his shaft get coated in her juices, he eyed her clit, grabbing his shaft and letting the tip of it rub her nub making her squirm under him

“You’re doing so well baby… Just looking at you quiver underneath me is turning me on so much. You’re so beautiful, I could look at you forever” he groaned, increasing his pace and she kept moaning and panting, her pussy pulsating intensely as she twisted and rocked her hips against his.

Y/n groaned, feeling her lower regions throb. She was flustered, remembering her moaning. She didn’t realise she could make noises like that… Tendou’s member felt big but she had nothing to compare it to… Was she being biased because she liked him? SO many thoughts raced in her head but what. Stayed stagnant was the feeling of his fingers against her mound. Even she had never had the guts to touch herself, but he played her like an instrument, she came undone so quickly. He literally left her breathless

She bit her lip, her fingers slowly sliding to touch her panties, she flushed at how wet she had become. She pushed her skirt up further, trying not to feel perverse as she began touching herself a bit more, thinking back at Tendou’s actions. He did it perfectly, she didn’t know where to touch, she was just stroking her clothed lips, but it didn’t feel the same at all.

“Why isn’t it working….?” She groaned quietly

It didn’t feel good, in fact, it made her need the toilet.

Feeling ashamed of trying to do something lewd at work, she rushed to the toilet, relieving herself before she decided to get a grip and focus on her novel. Hours passed, she managed to do a bit of her own work before she eventually shifted onto editing other author’s works. Evening came, and she had never looked forward to clocking out of the office. She hummed, as she walked through the streets, making her way to Angelina. Y/n was excited to see Tendou, his grin flashing in her mind, making her feel warm inside. As Angelina’s sign approached, she stood straighter, keeping composed as she walked towards the shop. She looked through the window display only to freeze.

Tendou was standing inside the empty shop but he wasn’t alone. Elise was there and her arms were wrapped around him. Y/n didn’t know what to make of the scene, Tendou was frozen before his arms slowly wrapped around the blonde woman. Y/n felt her breath hitch, all her excitement earlier had washed away. She felt a sting in her heart.

“Cutie-chan? You okay?” Her eyes snapped behind her, where Ryo was placing a sign. Y/n just nodded, feeling tears prick her eyes.

“Um… I was just leaving… Sorry…”

She rushed past Ryo,

“H-hey! Wait!” Ryo called after her but Y/n ignored her, rushing towards her flat. Ryo was puzzled, turning to look inside the shop, just in time for Tendou to break their embrace. She curiously walked into the shop, the couple not notcing her when she heard him mutter,

“Elise… I don’t hate you for getting the chocolatier position. You are incredibly talented and I’m glad to see you’re doing successful…”

Elise sniffled, looking down

“I maybe successful but I’m not happy Satori… I was at my happiest when we were together… Please come back to Paris with me? We can be together, I’ll even give you half of the patisserie. We can do it together, 50/50…” She said, her pleading eyes watering and Tendou sighed, a hand on her shoulder, making her look at him

“Elise… Thank you so much for this opportunity but I’m sorry… I can’t…” He said and she felt her tears slip

“W-Why…?” She whispered, her voice cracking.

Ryo quietly sipped her drink, eavesdropping on every single word ushered between Tendou and Elise.

‘Fuuuuuck…. This is some top-level K-drama shit, right there’ She thought to herself, leaning forward, trying to hear more. Tendou sighed, shoulders dropping as he retracted his hand

“Elise… it’s been two years… A lot has happened since then, my life has moved on. I, have moved on… I can’t go to Paris, not when I’m in love with someone…” He admitted and Ryo’s eyed widened, as she sipped her drink harder. Elise looked taken aback

“Satori… you’re making a mistake” She started but he shook his head,

“No, I’m not Elise, Y/n needs me here… I feel needed, she’s given me more purpose. Please understand, you can’t expect me to leave a life I’ve just started building behind for you… I’m not sorry…” He said and Elise face twisted into a frown, she turned, simply walking out of the shop, down the street. Tendou sighed, turning around only to be face to face with Ryo, who now felt sheepish for being caught eavesdropping…

“That was some heavy shit dude…” She said and Tendou rolled his eyes, before he groaned sitting on the stool in front of her, head resting on the cool marble counter

“What the fuck is happening….?”

Ryo sipped her drink, knocking softly on Tendou’s fuzzy head, he peeked from his arms

“So…. who’s the blondie?” She asked, even though she figured it out… Tendou just frowned

“My ex… We broke up two years ago and she suddenly showed up outta nowhere, wanting to rekindle… She even offered me to be partner in her father’s patisserie…” He said and Ryo hummed,

“…But you declined because you’re in love with the cutie?” She asked and Tendou blushed, feeling his ears burn, he began pouting

“It’s not nice to eavesdrop Ryo…” He scolded her and she laughed before ushering him to tell her. He sighed,

“I know it’s only been like two months but she’s perfect y’know? It’s like an angel just walked into my life… I mean, she feels my emotions through my chocolates…” He chuckled, shaking his head

“How pure is that? She’s a good person, inside and out… I just… want to protect her. She’s been through stuff… She confided in me and I know deep down inside that shell, there’s a fun-loving girl in there. I want to be the one who makes her shine brighter than she already dos…”

Ryo stared at Tendou; her mouth open. She had never seen him so cheesy or mushy before. He looked so enamoured right now,

“What makes her so special?” She asked, urging him for more details. Tendou was lost in a daze about Y/n, her cute face and sexy body flashing in his mind. He rested his face in his palm, sighing in happiness

“She doesn’t find me scary… Remember when we first met? Everyone here thought I was some kinda delinquent or something… You were creeped out to talk to me too!” he reminded Ryo, who just laughed

“Sorry man… I’ve learnt never to judge a book by it’s cover…”

Tendou chuckled before he glanced at the clock, it was getting late. He checked his cellphone, no messages. He frowned, hoping she was okay. Ryo raised a brow,

“What’s up? You keep checkin your phone?”

Tendou hummed, putting it away

“I’m waiting for Y/n… promised to walk her home after work, since she passes Angelina…”

Ryo’s eyes widened, as her mouth formed an ‘o’…

“Oh god… now it makes sense…” She muttered and Tendou gave her a weird look, Ryo rubbed the back of her head

“Cutie-chan came earlier but you were kinda hugging blondie and she saw you guys…. So she… left?”

Tendou’s jaw dropped as he panicked and stood up from his stool

“R-Ryo!? What the fuck? When did she come in?” He panicked and Ryo began panicking too

“I-I’m sorry! it was like an hour ago, I think…”

Tendou let out a loud groan in anguish, clutching his head

“I’m so fucked… Why didn’t you tell me this information, first!?” He shook the woman’s shoulders and she whined

“I was gunna but, then your conversation with blondie peaked my interest and I forgot!”

He groaned, throwing his apron at Ryo, quickly rushing to the back kitchen

“You’re cleaning and locking up tonight, it’s your punishment for ruining my love life!” He yelled from the kitchen and Ryo groaned,

“Don’t take your anger out on me, idiot! I, was not the one who was hugging my ex” She yelled back and Tendou ignored her, glaring and pointing at her as he made his way to the exit

“You’re going to open up the shop in the morning too. Bright and early.” He said, leaving the shop. Ryo let out a hmph, sticking her middle finger towards his back. She grumbled as she began wiping the countertop,

“Wasn’t my fuckin fault…” She muttered, before the bell of the shop rung

“Satori” A voice called out. Ryo looked up and spotted blondie, who had returned, looking at her. Ryo stood straight, damn this lady was beautiful

“Um… good evening… Tendou-san has left… He’s gone to his girlfriend…” Ryo felt bad for lying but after his earlier revelations, it seemed pretty evident that he had no desire for his ex. Ryo felt a bit sly, but then again... one man’s ex is another woman’s pleasure….

Elise’s shoulder’s slumped, as she just nodded, turning to leave

“Wait blondie… How about a coffee? On the house!” Ryo suggested, ushering to the bar stool in front of her. Elise looked reluctant before she quietly sat in front of Ryo

“Thank you” She muttered; Ryo grinned to herself. She was currently single again. She never had a foreign woman before. She placed a mug and a heart shaped chocolate in front of Elise

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ryo” She purred, leaning forward to greet Elise.


‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…’ Kept repeating in Tendou’s head as he came closer to the apartment. His legs carried him up the stairs in lightning speed as he lunged up them. He began knocking on her front door

“Y/n?” He called out as he kept knocking but there was no response. He cursed himself, unlocking his door, rushing inside towards his balcony. Sliding the door open, he held his breath trying to listen and see if her balcony was open but alas, there was no sounds except from the streets below. Tendou sighed and tried to text her, telling her that he wanted to talk. He anxiously waited for a response, only to groan when she didn’t reply.

“Fuck… what do I do?” He muttered, walking back into his flat.

Y/n was in fact, aware of his attempts to talk to her however, she wasn’t in the mood right now. It hurt her to see how casual he hugged Elise back. It made her envision scenarios of Tendou and Elise in Paris together, intimate moments under the Eiffel Tower… and more intimate nights in each other’s embrace. Both of them shared similar professions, they seemed perfect for each other.

She saw his text message, he wanted to talk… She hugged her knees anxiously, he was probably going to tell her that he still had feelings for Elise, Y/n didn’t have the heart for rejection at the moment. She couldn’t bare it. She read about heartbreaks, but she didn’t expect it to hurt this much. She was embarrassed from her behaviour this morning, where she confidently stood her ground against Elise. Now she probably looked like an idiot. Tendou stirred so many feelings inside her but she didn’t know what to do. She felt lost…

More knocking on her front door, startled her. She got up and reluctantly made her way to the door. Not opening it.

“Y/n?” She heard him call out again. She sighed, feeling her heart pang

“Tendou-san, I’m busy right now.” She said through the door and he felt his heart race, coming closer. She reverted back to his last name…

“Y/n, c’mon let’s have dinner together? We need to talk…” He muttered and she bit her lip, eyes casting to her feet as she shook her head

“I’m sorry Tendou-san but I’m not hungry.” She said through the door and he groaned, leaning his temple against the cool wood

“Y/n… I know you saw what happened at Angelina, I swear it wasn’t what it seemed like! You’ve got to believe me!” He urged and she sighed, shaking her head

“Tendou-san, please give me space right now… I… really don’t want to see you at the moment” She felt her eyes well up in tears as Tendou backed away, his shoulder’s drooping


She held her breath, until she heard his door close. Before she began quietly weeping, sliding onto the floor, feeling awful for how she shunned him away.

Y/n’s heart had officially broken in two.

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