Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 10: Wolves

Chapter 10

Days went by, Tendou kept anxiously waiting to hear from Y/n, but alas he received no inclination from the woman. He sighed, stirring his tempered chocolate. How could he bring himself back into her life? This was an entire misunderstanding and she wouldn’t hear him out. He didn’t know when he would receive the chance to face her again and hold her in his embrace.

His brows furrowed as he sighed, his chocolates weren’t tasting their best. He just wasn’t in the mood to be passionate with his work, not when she wasn’t there to try out his creations and give her feedback. He missed feeling her lips, the softness and sweetness of them when pressed against his.

“Y/n…” He muttered to himself


“Y/n… what’s the matter with you? You haven’t made an effort with your drafts. They’ve gone back to crap…” Ohno sighed in exasperation, looking at the quiet girl. Y/n rubbed her arm, not knowing what to say. Quite frankly, she didn’t really care at the moment. What was the whole point in writing romance stories when romance sucked. Ohno raised a brow, noticing Y/n’s blank expression

“Sit down.” She said and Y/n complied, placing herself on the leather chair, avoiding Ohno’s gaze

“Trouble in paradise?” She asked and Y/n flinched, looking at her lap

“Oh… so I’ve hit the nail on the head, haven’t I?” Ohno said, lighting a cigarette, inhaling it.

“Y/n look at me. Did something happen with your neighbour?” She asked and Y/n bit her lip, feeling her eyes water. Ohno frowned,

“Talk to me…”

Y/n looked at Ohno, feeling despair…

“I was going to tell him how I felt… but his ex came all the way from Paris to rekindle their relationship… Um, I saw them together… They were hugging…” Y/n admitted and Ohno just stared at her in disbelief, Y/n blushed

“Um… Ohno-sama?”

Ohno sighed, stubbing her cigarette

“Y/n… was he kissing her?” She asked and Y/n shook her head, Ohno put her hand to her temple

“Did you at least confront him?”

Y/n again shook her head,

“N-no… he wanted to talk to me, but I asked for some space…”

Ohno groaned,

“Y/n, you can’t run away from situations. It doesn’t solve anything. You should listen to what he has to say… It’s not fair to assume things just from seeing them hug... Anything could’ve happened between those two. What you need to hear is the truth, even if it hurts… just don’t run away. You’re neglecting your work… Solve your issues before it hinders your life.” Ohno said and Y/n nodded, thinking her words over. Ohno quietly opened her drawer, bringing out an old thick stack of papers bound together, handing it to Y/n.

“Read this whenever you have the chance… It’s a novel I wrote when I began my journey as a writer… It might help you Y/n. I’ve never published this, don’t think I will but I’ve kept it as a reminder to show me how much I’ve accomplished in my life. Take your time, reading it.” She smiled softly, dismissing Y/n as she thanked her and left the office.

She sighed, sitting at her desk, looking at Ohno’s unpublished novel before slipping it into her bag. She was still feeling like crap, thinking about how things turned out with Tendou. She hadn’t run into him this past week, nor did she have guts to go on to her balcony. Y/n bit her thumb, feeling tense. She didn’t even give him the chance to explain but what could she have done? She witnessed something; she wasn’t expecting.

‘I should talk to him…’ She thought to herself

It wasn’t fair on Tendou to leave things like that. She nodded to herself, deciding to go to Angelina after work.


Y/n held her breath, finding herself outside of Angelina. She was perspiring lightly under her collar, suddenly feeling too chicken to go inside. Tendou’s face flashed in her mind. She couldn’t run away right now. Exhaling, she walked into the shop. The ring of the bell, caught Ryo’s attention as she straightened herself

“Cutie-chan! Good evening, it’s good to see you again!”

Ryo ushered Y/n towards her, making her sit down. Y/n gave a small smile

“Um good evening…”

Ryo grinned, quickly making a warm drink before she placed it in front of Y/n, a chocolate gleaming at her from the plate. Y/n looked at Ryo,

“Ryo-san, I couldn’t possibly take another free drink… Please let me pay this time”

Ryo shook her head at Y/n’s insistence, and Y/n felt sheepish, quietly sipping the delicious drink

“I’m very sorry for the other day… It was rude of me to walk away like that.” She began but Ryo shook her head

“Nah… it’s okay. Wrong place, wrong time, am I right?” She said knowingly and Y/n looked into her drink, before she eyed the chocolate, lifting it up. She took a bite, only to frown slightly and Ryo raised a brow

“Cutie-chan? What’s wrong?” She asked and Y/n put the chocolate down

“This chocolate… it is making me feel… sad?” She said unsure and Ryo stroked her chin

“So, it’s true… you really can sense his emotions through his chocolates!” Ryo blurted and Y/n looked at her confused,

“What do you mean?” She asked and Ryo rubbed the back of her head

“Tendou-san told me that you’re the only person who can tell his feelings from his work. In fact, he really sung praises about you last week!” Ryo admitted and Y/n blushed, before she remembered Elise and him hugging and her shoulders slumped

“I see… Um, when will Tendou-san be done with work?” She asked and Ryo checked her watch, before smiling

“In around 15 minutes… You know Y/n-chan, he has been pretty depressed this week… I think if he sees you, it’ll cheer him up… You really don’t have to worry about blondie… I can vouch for that” Ryo winked, and Y/n was confused, blushing as she nodded sipping her drink

“You know about Elise?”

Ryo nodded,

“Mhmm, Tendou-san told me about her… She wanted him to move back to Paris with her, but he refused, saying he has a reason to stay in Tokyo… Besides, I think Elise has changed her mind too. She left day before yesterday…”

Her eyes widened as she looked at the waitress who gave her a small smile

“She left? And he didn’t go back to Paris either?” She said in disbelief but before Ryo could respond, the kitchen door opened

“Ryo, I’ve cleaned up… I’m gunna head ho- Y/n?”

Tendou asked, a little shocked that the woman on his mind was sitting right in front of him. She sported a blush, quickly standing up and bowing to him.

“H-hello Tendou-san… I’m sorry for coming unannounced like this…” She began but he shook his head quickly

“No! No, it’s okay! Um, would you like me to get you something to drink?” He asked, unsure what to do. Ryo just laughed and patted his back

“Don’t worry Tendou-san, I got that covered already. I’ll be locking up so why don’t you guys get a head start home?” She grinned and both of the blushed, not knowing what to do. He lifted her work bag, placing it on his shoulder before turning to Y/n

“Um… shall we?” He asked, opening the door for her. She nodded, avoiding his gaze, walking out of the shop, him following behind her. Ryo smirked to herself, crossing her arms

“I’m the best goddamn wingman out there” She muttered, proud with herself

Tendou and Y/n quietly walked by each other, side by side. Not a word uttered between them, she bit her lip. She glanced at him, his face was neutral, he was quietly humming to himself

“So… How was your day?” She began and he stopped humming, looking at her

“It was pretty slow…. How was yours?” He asked

“Slow.” Was all she said before they went silent again. She felt so awkward, the silence was killing her. Tendou was feeling the same. He sighed, stopping and she stopped to, looking at him. Tendou frowned, before he sat on a nearby bench, and she sat beside him

“Y/n, can we please talk?” He asked and she nodded, fiddling with her thumbs

“Y-yeah… I want to apologise Tendou-san. I didn’t give you a chance to explain what happened and that wasn’t fair on you… It’s just, when I saw you guys hugging, I was confused because the night before… we… you know…” She muttered embarrassed and he nodded, turning towards her

“Y/n, it’s okay. I understand how one could misunderstand that. Elise came by that day and she asked me to come back to her, to go back to Paris and work in her patisserie as a partner…”

She looked at him, a little shocked, Ryo told her about Paris but she never mentioned him being offered a partnership too

“Why didn’t you go Tendou-san? Isn’t that an amazing opportunity? How could you dismiss something like that!?” She argued, feeling hurt at herself for encouraging him to leave Japan but Tendou shook his head, quickly grabbing her hands and her heart raced

“I don’t want to go Y/n… I want to stay here… You’ve got to understand, I don’t have feelings for Elise anymore. My life is here now, and I like the direction it’s going in. Truth be told, I don’t have to move to Paris… not when you live right next to me. Imagine how much it’ll hurt if I’m so far away from you. This week has been like torture for me and we live next door to each other!” He revealed and she flushed, gripping his hands tighter.

“Tendou-san… I had a chocolate from Angelina today… It was the first chocolate that I couldn’t finish… It tasted so sad. I feel horrible for how I dismissed you that night, I should’ve listened to you. I don’t understand how you’re giving up a lifetime opportunity for someone like me…” Her shoulders drooped and he listened quietly to her

“I’m scared of almost everything… I’m not out going nor am I fun… How could someone as wonderful as you, sacrifice so much for someone like me?” She asked, feeling her eyes water but he leaned forward, his thumb swiping a stray tear

“Y/n… don’t put yourself down like that. I’ve liked everything about you, ever since we met. You don’t have to be an outgoing or social person for my sake. I like you for who you are. You’re the only person who’s valued my work to a personal extent. In Paris and before we met, I felt like a robot, making chocolate after chocolate with the intention to sell. But… the moment you tasted my cake and gushed about how it made you feel, I felt that passion I once had when I was younger. I found myself wanting to make more and more chocolates so that you could be the first one to taste them… I love watching your face fill with delight and it stirs something in my heart because it was my chocolates that did that.” He said, stroking her cheek and she blushed, her heart hadn’t stopped racing. Without thinking, she grabbed his hand

“Tendou-san, you always make me feel safe and comfortable. Never in my life did I think I would be able to face a man properly. You’ve done everything with consideration for me and honestly, when Elise came into the picture suddenly, I felt jealous… She’s beautiful, looks experiences and everything I wish I could be… but I didn’t want to lose you to her either. I honestly got scared that night, when you said you wanted to talk because I thought you were going to reject me and tell me that you were getting back together with her. So, I ran away when I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry” She muttered, looking down at her lap. Tendou grinned at her honesty. She was so damn cute. His hand gently lifted her chin, making her look into his eyes

“Y/n, even though you’ve probably figured this out but I’m in love with you… I don’t want anyone else but you…” He admitted and she bit her lip, she felt like she was going to faint. She felt so happy, he was startled when she embraced him, bringing him closer

“Satori, I love you too!” She admitted, hiding her face in the crook of his neck and he blushed, grinning. She had finally admitted her feelings too. He pulled her away gently, cupping her face

“Kiss me, pretty lady”

She flushed as he closed his eyes, waiting for her to make the first move. She giggled at his eager face, feeling all of the week’s tension wash away. She cupped his face and he opened his eyes, a little taken a back when she actually pressed her lips against his. Tendou closed his eyes, quickly gripping the back of her head to deepen it. Y/n fisted his shirt, moaning lightly before he pulled away. A victorious look on his face

“Now that tasted better than chocolate I’ve ever made” He said and she blushed making him laugh, as he stood up

“C’mon Y/n, let’s have dinner at mine?” He suggested, as she stood up, nodding her head

“Yes please” She said, as they made their way home. She glanced at his hand, feeling shy when she slowly grabbing his hand. He looked at her, curiously as she looked ahead, her face was scarlet. He grinned, intertwining his fingers with hers. He felt like he had won the lottery

“Oh Y/n?” He said and she hummed in response

“We’re walking home together after work from now on. You can’t run away now” He cooed, and she flushed

“Y-yes…” She muttered, a little smile on her face as they headed home. She quickly excused herself to freshen up and feed Maro, promising to return back to his place after she was done. He pouted,

“But… I’ll miss you” He whined, and she blushed, rolling her eyes

“I-I’ll be quick, don’t be so dramatic!” She scolded him and he laughed, rubbing the back of his head

“Mmkay, I’ll order us something in the meantime, I’ll be waiting for ya” He winked, and she blushed again, rushing into her apartment. She greeted Maro, who was waiting by his cage, his nose twitching in anticipation to be free. She greeted him again, opening the cage letting him wander and sniff around. She quickly made her way to the bathroom, stripping and jumping into the shower, taking time and consideration to lather herself up with her nicest bodywash. She let out a tiny squeal, clasping her hands to her mouth to silence herself

‘I actually confessed to him! He’s my boyfriend…’ She gasped, as the hot eater washed the suds down her body

“I have a boyfriend now….” She muttered in disbelief. She hadn’t even mentioned Tendou once to her father. How was he going to react? She wasn’t so sure. She suddenly remembered when she had turned thirteen and she was celebrating her birthday with her father. He decided to impart some wisdom on the new teenager.

“Remember Y/n, boys are like wolves! They’ll eat you up, so you better be cautious around them” Otosan advised her, hands on his hips and the little girl innocently nodded before tears welled up in her eyes and Otosan panicked

“Wh-whats wrong!?” He asked her and she sniffled

“Does that mean you’re a wolf too? Are you going to eat me, Otosan?” She began wailing and he panicked shaking his head

“No, no! Papa is here to keep you safe, I’m not a wolf. Promise!” He reassured her making her stop crying before she hugged him.

“Come on Y/n, open your presents!” He ushered her and she began grinning, making a beeline towards her gifts as she laughed in happiness at the variety of boxes in front of her. He really did spoil her, so. Otosan stood there happily watching Y/n twirl a brand-new dress he bought her. He felt sad on the inside, he missed his wife on occasions like this. Y/n needed a maternal figure in her life, he didn’t know how to handle certain topics and her turning 13 made him realise that there was a lot more in life that she needed to learn about but he had no idea how to talk to her about those things. She was such an innocent girl and he didn’t want her to get hurt.

Otosan’s thoughts were broken when Y/n went to hug him again

“Thank you Otosan, this is the best birthday ever! I promise not to let the wolves get me!” She said determined and he stood still for a second, before he cuddled her hard, crying in happiness

“You are such an angel!” He cried out

“O-Otosan! You’re crushing me!” She whined.

Y/n snapped out of her daze,

“Strange… I hadn’t thought of that memory in a long time…” She muttered to herself, turning the shower off before she walked out. She began thinking of her childhood, how reserved she had been. Any boy who tried talking to her, she would only see him as a threat and would avoid them. She had a childhood friend, she couldn’t remember him well, but he was nice to her and Otosan liked him too. She tried thinking of his name, but nothing came to mind

“Who was he…?” She asked herself before she walked into her bedroom. She sat at the end of her bed, realising that she had dinner with Tendou soon. But what would happen after dinner? Would she be sleeping over? Was it okay to assume that? She suddenly began feeling shy. She liked getting intimate with Tendou, she felt like he opened a lot of door for her however they still haven’t had sex… Last time they slept together, she was completely ready for him to slide into her, but he refused, saying the time wasn’t right.

Today they finally confessed to each other properly, did that mean that she would finally be bed by him? Her heart was pounding, and she made her way to her dresser, opening it and eyeing her lingerie. She was not the type to buy super sexy underwear, but she enjoyed cute frilly bras and panties, it was part of her personality, however she was a woman and she enjoyed wearing lingerie that made her feel somewhat confident on the inside. She settled on her cutest set; one she rarely wore. As she put it on, her face burned. There was no way he would see her like this… She felt a bit too vulgar… despite the fact that he had already seen her without clothes, being dressed in just this made her feel a bit embarrassed. Her breasts were pushed up nicely… they looked a bit too inviting… She was just about to take them off when her phone rang, quickly checking the ID, it was Tendou


“Y/n… the food’s here, come over already before it gets cold!” He whined and she didn’t realise how much time went by

“Oh gosh, I’m coming!” She said, quickly grabbing a dress and slipping it on before she rushed to her lounge, picking Maro up and placing him back in his cage, much to his dismay.

“Sorry Maro… I’ll let you wander around all you want tomorrow, promise” She said as he ignored her, turning away to scuttle into his newspaper and shavings. She pouted, before she turned to leave, making her way to Tendou’s.

Tendou opened the door, grinning down at her as she blushed

“Sorry, I took longer than expected…” She mumbled and he could smell the body wash lingering off her. It smelled so inciting. He cleared his throat, stepping aside to let her walk in

“Don’t worry cutie, I’ve set the table for us. Let’s eat!” He said happily and she giggled, following behind him. Now that they were in a proper relationship, she was feeling shy during dinner as he began chatting happily.

“How’s the food?” He asked and she smiled,

“It’s really good! It’s from the street below?” She asked and he nodded

“Yup, sometimes I get home late from work too and this guy’s udon is the best, I swear. Even though, I’m so such a big eater, I do enjoy a good meal” He hummed, and she grinned, taking another bite.

“Do you not like cooking?” She asked and he shrugged

“I suck at savoury foods to be honest… I prefer take-out if I’m really hungry… I can make pretty basic stuff” He answered, and she frowned

“Well that’s no good… Home cooked meals are better… I’ll cook for you from now on… um, that is if you’d like?” She suggested, blushing and he grinned

“Now I’ll take you up on that offer… You looked so adorable in that apron on our first date, I wanna see you wear it again” He cooed, and she flushed, at his bubbly face, finishing her meal. Tendou and her kept chatting, as they cleaned up before they moved to his lounge, the conversation had died out as they sat side by side together. He casually turned the television on, draping an arm over her shoulders pulling her close. She tried to control her facial reaction, but she couldn’t contain the smile breaking out on her face. She felt so content at the moment



She kept her eyes on the television, but she just wanted to confirm their relationship, for her closure

“We’re… dating now? Right?” She asked and he looked at her, his Cheshire grin adorning his face. As he hummed, holding his chin, pretending to think

“What do you think? Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked, looking at her. He obviously knew the answer but then again, he loved teasing her, watching her sweet face turn red and more importantly the tips of her ears heating up too. He twirled a lock of her hair, waiting for her response. He was so straight forward; it threw her off sometimes. She decided to give him a taste of his own medicine

“No… not really” She said, and his jaw dropped, and he pulled away from her stuttering

“Wh-what!? B-but I thought…? You... You said you loved me!?” He said shocked, eyes wide as he looked at her serious face. His panicked lessened when she broke out in a smile, laughing

“That’s what you get for teasing me!”

Tendou sighed in relief, looking at her, a cheeky look on his face. She stopped laughing when she found herself pinned down on the couch under him

“Sa-Satori!?” She squealed, he really looked wolfish right now, but she wasn’t scared, she was getting excited. Excited feeling like his prey. Being something, he could devour whenever he wanted.

She could feel the butterflies flutter in her stomach as he gazed down at her

“You need to be punished for teasing me like that. You almost broke my heart” He purred, stroking her cheek. She bit her lip, looking away shyly

“I’m sorry… Please don’t punish me” She said but she really didn’t seem like she meant it. From smut, she knew what a ‘punishment’ meant. She was curious. What was Tendou like in bed, truly? Was he rough? Could he be dominant? Would she be able to handle it? So many questions, she wasn’t sure about but she knew with time, all of them would be answered, but right now, she wanted to cherish this current moment between them.

He chuckled, his fingers tracing down her neck and she tried to hold in a moan.

“Then, answer my question cutie… Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked again, his tone more serious and her breath hitched. Her eyes were locked into his, he waited for her response. Her arms slowly wrapped around his neck, bringing him closer. Her heart was racing, she could feel the heat radiate between their bodies.

“Yes, I do. I want to be your girlfriend, Satori” She whispered, and he grinned, licking his lip slowly

“Good… because I really wanna be your boyfriend…” He leaned down, his lips ghosting over hers

“You’re mine now…” He whispered before he locked his lips against hers.

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