Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 11: Take Charge

Chapter 11

“Y/n, I understand that you’ve gained ‘some’ experience but… in the previous stories you’ve drafted and these new ones… I realised that only the female characters seem to be on the receiving end! You don’t describe the male characters penises at all! There still isn’t any penetration, no mentions of oral sex… It’s always cunnilingus and fingering! It’s too repetitive!” She said, pointing to all the red pen marks she drew on Y/n’s rough drafts.

Y/n gulped, there were a lot of red comments scattered on the pages. She was flushing at how casual and loud Ohno was in discussing sex. But then again, she was a renowned erotica novelist…

“Y/n, you’ve been with Tendou for two months nearly? How’s your sex life been so far?” She asked and Y/n flushed, eyes widening at how direct her was.

“I-I… we… um…” She stuttered, avoiding looking into Ohno’s eyes

“…W-We haven’t… gone…. all the way…” She said reluctantly, making Ohno’s mouth open a little, at a loss for words. She had assumed with how infatuated Y/n was with her boyfriend, that they would’ve had sex by now, but she was not one to make Y/n feel bad about that. She simply nodded

“That’s alright, so what do you guys do then?” She asked, genuinely interested. Y/n began playing with her fingers, a light hue on her face

“We walk home together after work and when we are free, we go on dates… Satori knows I’m uncomfortable in public settings alone, so he’s been trying to help me experience Tokyo, with him. It’s been really nice; I’ve seen so many things and places that I didn’t know existed here!” She revealed and Ohno smiled,

“That’s pretty cute, where’d he recently take you?” She asked. Y/n smiled, laughing lightly

“We went to an arcade last night!”

“An arcade?”

Y/n nodded happily,

“Yeah! Satori decided that since he’s my first boyfriend… he wanted us to have fun like we were teenagers. You know, trying to give me a high school experience? He’s showing me what I missed out on… So, we’ve been doing some pretty fun things!”

Ohno grinned, thinking for a second

“That’s so sweet of him… Ah, to be young again…” Ohno sighed dreamily, a nostalgic look in her eyes as she lit, yet another cigarette. Her eyes were glued to her cigarette as she twirled it between her fingers. She seemed like she wanted to say something, but she went back to being professional

“Y/n, your need to be more descriptive with describing your male characters. Remember, your readers look forward to the smut. Every single detail counts. Every sound, movement, emotion and body part. Look at all the red markers I’ve made on the draft.” She pointed to the draft, making Y/n concentrate on all the red marks

“The smut in your drafts are quite repetitive. You’ve stuck to just finger play and oral for the female character. If the readers wanted to visualise that, they might as well go watch a porno… Readers need the details to visualise. Erotic literature has a large fan base too. People like to read the intimate details they can catch through the power of words. You can’t pick up feelings from porn, that’s all acting! Literature has the power to make people really feel a connection, which is why I think you need to start writing about the female protagonist taking charge too!” She said, leaning back in her chair as her gaze was locked on Y/n’s. Watching the younger woman get flustered. She laughed, dismissing Y/n to her desk. Y/n was deep in thought as she sat on her chair, staring at the pen marks on the drafts…

Despite Tendou and her dating for almost two months, they never went all the way... On the night they confessed, she thought she was going to spend the night with him, but she ended up chickening out.

After they parted from the couch, Y/n closed her eyes waiting for him to ravish her. An eye popped open and she was confused when he sat back, looking a bit sheepish. She sat up, blushing as she straightened her dress.

“Um… Satori… what’s wrong?” She asked and he rubbed the back of his head, letting out a light laugh.

“It’s nothing Y/n, I’m just happy that we finally get to be together. I almost can’t believe it. Are you really sure you want to be with a guy like me?” He asked and she was a bit baffled, looking at him

“A guy like you? What do you mean?” She asked and he looked away. He had long gotten over his insecurity over his unique looks. Now everyone’s reactions or comments go through one ear and out the other. However, the reality of having a such an innocent yet stunning woman as his partner hit him, when he had eyed her under him earlier. She was so radiant, it left him breathless. But, what would people say about them together, side by side? What if she began feeling the same?

“I’m not really the ideal man in the look’s department. Everyone gets taken back by my face or the colour of my hair… I look like a creep or I’m misunderstood as a delinquent…” He turned to twirl a lock of her hair between his fingers

“… and yet, someone as beautiful and pure as you, wants to be with me… Take a good look at me, are you really sure you want this?” He asked, eyes locking into hers. She was really taken back; his appearance had never bothered her. Only in the beginning, when she had accidently walked into him, but she liked Tendou because of his face and how courteous he had been with her…

She found herself standing in front of him, before he could mutter her name, she held his face between her hands. Tendou was astounded at her face, she looked upset, cheeks puffing slightly

“You’ve got the kindest face I’ve ever seen Satori…” She muttered, her thumbs caressing his cheeks slowly as they turned pink

“You’re the only man, I can be myself with. In my eyes, you’re perfect… these weeks we had been apart, the only thing I could think about was your face. I missed you so much. I know I always say this, but you make me feel so safe… That means the most to me because I had not been feeling secure living alone in Tokyo, but I was too afraid to admit it. Satori, I never ever expected to fall in love with someone, but you made it so easy for me… I don’t need to think twice about it, I want to be with you…” She ended up trailing off her last sentence, her familiar shy face suddenly coming back as her cheeks glowed pink.

Tendou’s hands went on top of hers, he couldn’t get rid of the mesmerised face he wore as he stared deep into her round eyes. He was at a loss of words, his body taking charge of his emotions. Standing up slowly, her fingers slipped from his, the taller he stood until she was gazing up at him. Tendou came closer to her lips, his fingers holding up her chin

“Damn… you’ve got my heart racing Y/n…” He muttered, his thumb gently caressing her bottom lip. She gripped the sides of his shirt as he leaned down to kiss her. She trembled slightly, not feeling afraid but from the excitement she felt growing inside her. Tendou’s fingers played with the hem of her dress, slowly lifting it up.

Y/n’s eyes popped open; she suddenly remembered the lewd lingerie she was wearing underneath. Feel embarrassed about being seen in them, she found herself pushing him away. Leaving him confused,


She was blushing like mad, avoiding looking into his eyes

“I… um…. Period!?” She blurted, quickly regretting the lie she spat out. Tendou was left baffled, not knowing how to respond. He looked like he didn’t believe her, but he rubbed the back of his head, going along with it

“S-sorry… I guess I was being too eager…” He flushed, a sheepish smile on his face and she felt guilty for lying but she wasn’t so sure if she was really ready to go all the way… There was still a tiny bit of fear lingering in that department…

That night, she didn’t stay over at his. They ended it with a gentle kiss goodnight and after that, they went on dates and spent their free time together. However, Tendou never tried going all the way with her. The few times they did get more intimate, it was mainly Tendou making her feel good with his fingers or tongue. Getting her used to his presence and less scared of sex. She wasn’t going to lie and say she never noticed the erection he tried hiding from her… She felt bad, it must have been painful to him. Maybe she could try exploring his body more…

Y/n sighed, pulling out a smut manga to read for inspiration…

(AN: The lies I tell myself when I’m scrolling thru smut mangas… I keep telling myself it’s just ReSeArCh for my fanfics :3)

As she skipped through the manga, she stopped at a page when the female lead was jerking off her boyfriend… Flushing, Y/n flipped the page and it ended with the female lead, now sucking his cock. Y/n was about to close the book, but she eyed the look on the character’s face… She looked like she was enjoying it? The expression in her eyes… It was so lewd… Y/n’s eyes trailed to the male character, who looked like he was in euphoria, eyes closed as he gripped the couch. It was embarrassing to think about, but she realised she had never seen or touched Tendou’s dick… She had only felt it against her crotch…

Ohno-sama was right, in all her current drafts, she barely described the male character’s body… All the sex scenes were getting more repetitive. Eyes glancing once again at the open manga book, concentration hard on the censored penis. She began thinking about what Tendou’s would look like? What if it was big? It felt big but what did she have to compare it with? Maybe she was just being biased… She tried to imagine his dick, feeling her thighs clench

“L/n-san? Do you have a fever!? You’re bright red!” Her desk buddy blurted, causing Y/n to snap out of her daydream, not realising that she had been blushing the entire time. Feeling embarrassed she shook her head, but her co-worker handed her a bottle of water

“…Thank you…” She muttered, taking a sip to cool off from her dirty thoughts… However, as they day progressed, her dirty thoughts became over thought… She began thinking of Elise, her sapphire eyes flashing into her mind. Did Elise and he do lewd things like that? Did Elise ever pleasure him in that way? She gripped her desk, suddenly imagining Elise’s lips wrapped around his co-

Bzzzt Bzzzt!

Her phone began vibrating, breaking her thoughts as she grabbed it. Tendou’s name flashed on the screen and she felt a little happy. He was just checking up on her, like he usually does when they were at work. She replied before looking at her wallpaper, it was a selfie Tendou took of them on one of their dates, he sported a cheeky grin while she just looked shy and flummoxed next to him… however, she loved this photo because it was the first one they had taken together. She cherished it. Slipping her phone into her bag, she stretched looking at the clock, only an hour left... She was looking forward to seeing him after work.

Tendou was happily humming as he tempered the next batch of chocolates. He was feeling giddy ever since he began dating Y/n. His co-workers were laughing at how he was shaking his butt as he hummed, his lips curled into a cheeky smile as he focused on his chocolates. Ryo grinned, sipping her coffee as she watched him prance around

“Geez Tendou-san, you look like a love-struck puppy, it’s kinda creeping me out” She grinned, and he stopped humming, adjusting his toque

“Rude… I’m just having a good day, that’s all” He justified himself and she giggled, swirling her coffee

“So, what’s Cutie-chan like as a girlfriend?” She asked, wiggling her brows and he grinned, as he filled his piping bag with chocolate ganache

“Man… Ryo, she’s so frickin’ adorable, my heart seriously can’t take it!” He said clutching his chest dramatically as she rolled her eyes

“I don’t blame you Tendou-san, she’s really cute. Sometimes when she’s ordering chocolates, I’m blinded by the sweet innocent aura that’s enveloping her. She’s so friggin pure!!!!” Ryo exclaimed, hands on her face as she sighed dreamily

“Ow!” She flinched when Tendou flicked her forehead,

“Don’t even think about stealing my girlfriend… Otherwise I’m gonna take your share of the tips…” He warned her, pointing his piping bag at her in accusation as Ryo rolled her eyes again,

“Don’t be dramatic. It’s thanks to me that you guys confessed anyways. If anything…. I deserve your share of the tips!” She revealed, a hand on her chest, as she puffed it out in pride. Tendou shook his head,

“Whatever… Matter of the fact is, that I’m the first guy Y/n’s ever gone out with… I’m tryna show her how fun dating is, without her getting scared of going out in public. So far, it’s been pretty awesome! She sticks by my side because she gets nervous and I feel guilty admitting this but I fucking love it! Man, cuddling her is awesome too. She’s so soft” He purred, his face resembling a cat’s as he daydreamed about hugging her form as he napped. Ryo snapped him from his dazed

“So… does that mean you’re her first…?” She trailed off, making Tendou’s eyes snap open as he glared at the woman, who was innocently checking out her nails

“Shut up Ryo… I’m not her first… well not yet… so…” He trailed off and Ryo burst out laughing, making him flustered

“S-stop laughing and stop asking such indecent questions!” He muttered and she shook her head

“Please don’t act all reserved now, Tendou-san… Let’s not forget the bar game we used to play before either of us got into a relationship...”

Tendou thought back to when Ryo and him were single, after work they used to go drinking at a club or bar but they had a competition between them. Who could get more numbers from other women or even a hook up? Ryo or Tendou? (Usually it was Ryo…) Either one would gloat to the other, the next day, not sparing any details… Hence why Ryo was very casual in asking about his sex life. Tendou was not embarrassed but he was more so avoiding Ryo’s comments when she would find out…

He began filling the chocolate shells with ganache again

“I’m not her first…. yet…. Okay? I’m taking things slow with Y/n, I don’t wanna force her into anything. She’s never dated before and I don’t want her to think it’s all about sex. She’s precious to me and I don’t wanna lose her. It’ll happen when it happens…” He said quietly as Ryo watched him in sheer curiosity, she leaned forward on the counter

“Well…. have you at least done anything?” She asked and he nodded,

“Yeah… she trusts me enough to do some stuff, but I feel like she’s not ready to go all the way. I don’t mind though” He revealed, and Ryo feel her jaw drop slightly

“That’s kinda shocking, coming from a horn-dog like yourself… So, doesn’t that mean you’ve been cockblocking yourself this whole time?”

Tendou sweat dropped from being called out like that but he knew there was no lie in Ryo’s question.

“Sa-satori… put it inside” She whispered, looking away but he shook his head

“I-I’m sorry Y/n but I can’t… Now’s not the right moment. Please understand…” He cursed himself, as much as he wanted to push his way in, he held his ground. He was not going to take her virginity until she was clear with her feelings. He wanted to give her that special moment and this wasn’t it.

It was this very moment where Tendou wanted to slam his head onto the marble counter

‘I fucking cock blocked myself….’

On the night, they confessed. He was ready to take it further, but she was trembling under him. He was worried that she was about to be triggered and it made him back off automatically. He had been holding himself back. He was worried that he would see the scared trembling Y/n underneath him again, and he couldn’t face that, knowing that he made her get uncomfortable.

She used the excuse she was on her period, but he could guess that she was lying. She was too shy to be casual over mentioning that so quickly. She said it so unsure as well. He could sense that nervousness built inside of her. Therefore, he kindly let her excuse herself to her place.

“Whatever…. but I’m enjoying all the time we spend together. She’s not shy with me anymore, maybe sometimes…” He trailed off, shaking the chocolate moulds to get rid of the excess chocolate. He continued speaking,

“Y/n’s a lot of fun to be around. You should see her at the arcade! She got so caught up in the 2-person shooter game against me. It was so kawaii, the way her cheeks would puff up when she lost. She looked like an angry baby chick” Tendou said imagining her as a sweet angry baby chick, Ryo took note of his flushed cheeks and tiny grin. He looked like he had just won a prize.

“Y’know Tendou-san, I respect your decision and patience for Cutie-chan. It shows just how serious you are about her... Never expected you to be such a gentleman!” She beamed and he rubbed the back of his head, feeling sheepish

“It’s worth the wait, I just like being by her side y’know…” He trailed off eyes to the clock before he felt annoyed, looking at Ryo

“Oye! Your break ended ages ago! You’ve been making me ramble as an excuse to waste time” He accused her, and she closed an eye and stuck a tongue out

“Busted!” She said, jumping off the stool as she put her apron back on

“Stop using my love life as your pastime gossip, Ryo!” He sneered at her and she gave him a peace sign, walking back to the shop as the other co-workers stared at him, giving him curious looks towards his sudden outburst. Feeling embarrassed he turned back to his chocolates…

“Brat…” He muttered…

Tendou sighed, stretching as he made his way to his apartment. Y/n messaged him earlier to tell him that she wanted to cook tonight and that she would go home without him. Tendou had given Y/n a key to his place after a month into their relationship, his way of showing her how much he trusted her already. He didn’t ask for her key in return. That was her decision to make, he didn’t mind.

The walk tonight was pretty lonely for him, but it gave him time to think about their relationship. He truly was enamoured by her… but he couldn’t stop thinking about his conversation with Ryo. Tendou had been in a few relationships but sex was so easy to initiate.

Only his first ever relationship had he taken it slow because both he and his first girlfriend were virgins. He waited half a year before either he or she were ready to go further than just making out… After that, sex became more frequent, more fun to indulge in. With each passing relationship, he got better and better at it. When he moved to Paris, it was a game-changer for him. He learnt techniques from foreign women, became more confident, more dominant…

Y/n and him had known each other for almost 5 months, they had been going out for 2. The way they started their relationship was unique, no doubt. Not many people are brought together by a hedgehog or dry humping… but there Tendou was. Defeating all the odds against him.

He manged to control his self for two months, but he wondered how long he could keep hold of his self-control. He felt a little bit like a pervert for jerking off in his shower each time she or he went back to their own apartments after messing around. He felt guilty that she had no idea what he was doing after she left. It was kind of pathetic, but he’d lean against the cool wall, moving his fist back and forth as he pictured her riding his cock, visualising her lewd face as she moved those hips wildly. He had seen her nude body before and my god, it was sensational in his eyes. He had never been with a woman like her, he wasn’t even sure if her flaws were even flaws (not that he thought she had any…)

Knowing about her past. It made him feel very protective about her. Y/n was quite docile and meek, topping it with her beauty and delicious figure. It was anything a man could want and that’s what scared him. If another sick twisted asshole tried to hurt, her again… She would be broken completely. Tendou definitely didn’t want that for her. He worked so hard to bring her out of her shell with him, he wanted to see her bloom into truly what she was. Even if it meant that they wouldn’t have sex. If Y/n wanted to be celibate it, then so be it. He would abstain for her as well

He straightened his shoulders as he unlocked his front door,

“I’m home” he called out, immediately being greeted with the smell of spice and the sounds of the stove in his kitchen. Feeling happy, he slipped his shoes off and shook off his coat. He skipped into the kitchen where Y/n was standing over the stove, deep in thought. He eyed the knife in her hand

‘Definitely not going to hug her from behind this time…’ He learnt his lesson from sneaking up on her because it always ended up with him bending over in pain from where she would hit him in her panic. He wasn’t going to risk it while she was holding a knife…

“Cutie-chan, I’m home” He sang, and she jumped slightly before she turned to him, smiling

“Satori! Welcome back!” She beamed, put the utensils down as he skipped to her, hugging her tightly

“Walking home alone was super lonely, y’know?” He pouted and she giggled, hiding her face in his chest as he swelled in in happiness

“Sorry… but I really wanted to cook curry tonight… wanted it ready for when you got back from work” She muttered, shyly peeking up at him. Tendou could feel her plump breasts pressing against him but he tried to ignore it. Instead his fingers played with the back of her head, treading through her locks before he pecked her forehead

“You’re so cute! The curry smells really good” He said, smelling the pot over the stove and she smiled

“It needs a little more time so why don’t you go shower? It’ll be ready by the time you’re out” She said, and he grinned, rubbing her head

“You’re too good to me, you know that?” He asked her and she blushed, feeling shy, playing with the hem of her dress

“G-go take a shower” She muttered, and he laughed at her shyness, leaving her in the kitchen as she shook her head, cooking. He was too good to her, really… She could hear the sounds of the shower running and she stopped stirring the curry. In her smut novels and manga, sometimes the female protagonist would sneak into the bathroom and surprise the male character. What if she did something so bold like that? Y/n found herself looking in the direction of his room. She imagined herself opening his bathroom door, he would be startled when he would feel her arms wrap around his waist, from behind.

*Day Dream*

“Wh-what are you doing?” Tendou said, startled but Y/n let her hand linger down his abdomen, reaching down to grab his shaft…

“I want to make you feel good too…” She moaned lightly

Y/n’s eyes snapped open from her lewd daydream… There was no way in hell she could sneak into the shower like that… She wasn’t confident at all… but she wanted him to feel good… Shaking her thoughts, she quickly turned the stove off when she heard the shower water stop running. Y/n set the table, trying to keep a straight face, when Tendou walked in with a grin, the smell of his body wash wafted through the air as she inhaled it. He grabbed the plates from her, setting them before he pulled a chair out for her

“Babe, this looks incredible! I’ve been looking forward to your food since your text message. Awesome!” He complimented her as he began plating the curry on to her plater and his.

“Itadakimasu!” They both chanted before they dug in. He couldn’t help but savour the flavours and make it a note to tell her how much he was enjoying it. She blushed, thanking him as they ate. They talked about their day,

“So, what does Ohno-sama think about your drafts? Any progress?” He asked and she shook her head, sighing

“Not really… According to her, the stories are getting repetitive and stagnant. She wants something new… something different…” She muttered and he nodded,

“I see…”

Y/n remembered her conversation with Ohno, trying not to frown. She cleared her throat

“How was your day then? Anything interesting?” She asked, changing the topic and he hummed, grinning as he stood up from the table

“Now that you’ve reminded me… One second!” He called to her before going to his work bag. She eyed him curiously as he skipped back, and happily placed a small box in front of her. She got excited

“Chocolates! Is it a new flavour?” She asked eagerly and he grinned, nodding

“A new tester flavour, made them with you in mind… today…” He blushed and she looked into his scarlet eyes, he was flushing and looking away. She giggled lightly, feeling the pink box

“I can’t wait to try them!”

The rest of the evening went smoothly for them, quite a lot of banter between them and Tendou being his goofy self. He loved to make her laugh; it was like music to his ears. How her cheeks flushed, and eyes shined in delight when she was around him. Ugh, he loved her so…

Tendou found himself laying on his couch, with Y/n snuggled happily on top of him as they watched a movie. He was trying his best to ignore her breasts again, as they were pushed comfortably on top of his chest. His hands stayed on her back, he didn’t dare to move them down to grope her ass, no matter how badly he was itching to... She smelt really good too… He was going slightly insane trying to prevent the blood from rushing to his dick

Y/n was thinking back to when they first met and sat in his lounge, she was too scared to be near him and now she loved being wrapped in his arms as they watched a random anime or movie. A particularly racy scene began showing on the screen. As the couple was getting more intimate, Y/n felt herself flush. Even the actress was taking the lead in the scene. She could feel Tendou reaching for the remote, probably to change the channel for her sake and she stopped him. She remembered the smut manga she read earlier; she took a deep breath.

‘Take charge, take charge, take charge…’ She kept repeating in her head

“Don’t… I’ve heard good things about this movie. I want to finish it…” She muttered/lied as he nodded

“Oh okay… sure…” He tried to casually watch the scene in front of him, ignoring his adorable girlfriend as she sat up, knees on either side of his waist. Tendou lifted his head, cocking a brow

“Uh… Cutie-chan? What are you…?” He trailed off when her fingers hooked themselves in the waist band of his sweats. He flushed, looking at her shy face.

“Sa-Satori… I realised that you’re always the one making me…. feel good… C-can I… try making you… feel good… tonight?” She said slowly and quietly, her cheeks were bursting aflame.

Tendou froze, he wasn’t sure if at this very moment he had died. He legit felt his soul leave his body. As he looked to the ceiling, he silently prayed to the Gods above him. Thanking them for rewarding his patience but also for giving him the cutest girlfriend ever. He felt her move slightly, capturing his attention and his breath hitched as she hovered over his sweats, her face was still flushed, and she was trying not to look awkward since he had gone lost in thought earlier… She almost wasn’t sure if she imagined him whisper

“Thank you Kami-sama…”

Or if he had actually said it…

“Y-Y/n…” he stuttered making her look at him

“S-so… can I?” She said under her breath.

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