Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 12: New Territory (NSFW)

Chapter 12

“Y-Y/n, as nice as that is, you don’t need to force yourself!” Tendou said blushing, sitting up and grabbing her shoulders. She bit her lip, shaking her head

“I-I’m not forcing myself Satori… I-I want to do it… please?” She asked, looking straight into his. Before he could say anything, she shuffled off the sofa and sat between his legs and he tried to stop her.

“Please!” She blurted, making him freeze. She looked very determined and he didn’t want to demotivate her… However, he felt awkward on the inside, he felt like he was taking advantage. She noticed his reluctant face, he seemed deep in thought. She sat back, rubbing the back of her neck before she rested her hands gently on his knees, peering up at him, making him bite his own lip.

“Satori… you’re not forcing me to do anything… I’ve been thinking about it a lot… but you’re always making me feel good… I want to try taking charge too… or at least try becoming familiar with your body… Um…” She flushed and she looked away, her grip on his knees tightened

“I realised when I read my drafts… only my female characters seem to be on the receiving end… It seems to be unfair for the male characters…It made me realise that you’ve been holding back this entire time… I want to make you feel good, so please? I’m your girlfriend…. So… I should start getting used to seeing and… touching… it… I’m not made of glass…” She was blushed hard; she was still too shy to refer to his penis… He leaned back, looking up at the ceiling, hiding his blush from her under his hand. Tendou’s epiphany regarding cute things had skyrocketed. It was official, he was dating the cutest woman in the world. Hands down.

And right now, she was offering to jerk him off….

Y/n was right… How else could they progress physically if she kept shying away from his body… Tendou had picked up on Y/n’s behaviour patterns in the passing months. He realised she was shy and reserved in general, especially in public but ever since they started dating and exploring more sexual boundaries. He learnt two things. 1: She wasn’t as shy as he thought she would be around him… In fact, she was always enthusiastic, he wasn’t sure if it was because she was dedicated to her current novel but it was a factor which helped them in the bedroom. 2: She loved being praised, it turned her on even further. Every little coo of encouragement he gave her, fuelled her confidence in the bedroom. He loved to praise her because he genuinely meant every single comment he made and she knew it too.

Taking a deep breath, he realised that he’d cock-blocked himself far too many times now….

“Y/n… do you promise you’re comfortable?” She nodded quickly and he raised a brow

“Like, 100%?”

She nodded again, and he sighed

“Kami-sama, give me strength…” He muttered under his breath before he nodded

“Fine, but if you want to stop, I won’t be mad.” He said and she beamed,

“T-thank you Satori!” She said and he sweat dropped…

‘She’s saying thank you because I’m letting her give me a handjob…. I should be the one thanking her….’

Tendou broke from his thoughts when he felt a small tug on his shirt, he looked at Y/n, who was pouting slightly, looking at him shyly

“C-can we do this in your room?” She asked and one look at that kawaii face and he felt that last string of self-control snap

“Whoa!” She yelped when he suddenly stood up, bent down and swooped her in his arms, making a beeline to his room

“Y-you seem much more eager than a minute ago…” She mumbled and he flushed dropped her on the end of his bed. He sheepishly laughed, rubbing the back of his neck before a grin adorned his face

“You looked really cute… I couldn’t help myself…” He admitted and she blushed, fiddling with her fingers. Tendou stopped moving when he felt her fingers holding the edge of his pants. He stood still, as she stared hard at his covered crotch

‘I can do this… I can do this…… I can do this…’ She chanted in her head; her heart was pounding. She was so close, but she was really nervous… Penises seemed weird looking to her… she had never seen a real one. All the smut manga she read, were blurred out. She could only visualise her idea of a penis through the descriptive erotica she had read. Her fingers were trembling as they hooked under his waist band, Tendou stifled a groan, feeling her soft cold fingers pressing against the skin of his hips. He closed his eyes, chanting a prayer of gratitude to the Gods.

His fantasies were slowly coming to life…

Y/n’s eyes were wide, she was sure her face looked like a cherry tomato, as she began sweating slightly. She noticed his erection was starting to show and she felt embarrassed

“I… I can’t do this!” She wailed, ducking her head in shame and Tendou’s eyes snapped open and he looked at Y/n’s crouching form. As much as he wanted to sob… He knew how much pressure it must have been for his girlfriend. He wasn’t going to make her feel guilty about it…

‘I’ll just jerk off later…’ He reasoned with himself before he rubbed her back, laughing

“Aww cutie, it’s okay! The fact that you tried to take charge tonight, was a massive step for us! I really appreciate that you tried” He bent down, to pat her head, as he smiled looking into her teary eyes. Y/n bit her lip, she felt so embarrassed and she felt so guilty for doing this to him again. She wanted to make him feel good, but she was too shy to look at his penis. She shook her head,

“N-no… I still want to do it… but I... um… I’m too shy to look at it… so close…” She muttered quietly and he laughed. Of course, she was. He was kind of relieved that she didn’t chicken out entirely… She just was too shy to look at his cock… He stood up, thinking for a second, but he wasn’t so sure what a good solution would be. Y/n cleared her throat, eyeing his crotch for a second before she looked at him

“What if… you cover my eyes?” She suggested and Tendou almost dropped dead

“C-cover your eyes!? You want me to blind fold you?” He said a little louder than intended and she flushed, covering her face with her hands

“Yes! Remember the first time we did stuff…. You did it from behind and I didn’t freak out! What if I cover my eyes? Maybe then, I can atleast touch it!” She blurted. Tendou froze again, for the millionth time that night. At this point, he could retire as a chocolatier and be a skilled robotic street performer.

Taking a deep breath, he decided that he refused to cock block himself tonight. He didn’t want to walk on any eggshells. His dick was throbbing for attention.

She settled down when he walked to his dresser, pulling a tie out. Y/n clenched her thighs, staring at the black satiny material between his fingers. Tendou’s eyes were serious, as he turned his face to look at her. She felt like a tiny animal who was about to be devoured in his eyes. However, Y/n was right, they had to explore new territory to progress further. He had to start showing his true bedroom nature to her, slowly… With each territory they would explore, he would add a piece of his true sexual self in there. He wasn’t a sadist, no…

But there was a reason why he was attracted to adorable things.

Tendo walked back to her slowly, dangling the tie in front of her face as she fisted the sheets under her

“I’m going to ask you one last time, Y/n. Are you absolutely sure?” He asked, his voice was low, more serious. She almost didn’t hear him from how loud her heart was beating. He seemed slightly different, but she would be lying if she said that didn’t excite her. Was he starting to be himself around her now?

She didn’t want to let him down, her own curiosity got the better of her. She nodded, too shy to verbally admit it. Tendou grinned, patting her head, crouching down

“You’re such a good girl” He purred, smiling at her flushed face before grabbed her chin, making her look at him

“Satori…” She whispered, as they both stared at each other’s lips

“Kiss me.” He said before he pushed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him in deeper. She finally got used to kissing him, learning how to move her lips, what to do with her tongue. Tendou parted from her, grinning. He taught her well, he felt really proud of her.

“You’ve become so good at kissing; your lips always taste so sweet!” He said, licking his top lip, teasing her as she felt her own pussy throb lightly. He ushered to the blindfold, looking at her

“You ready?” He asked softly and she gave him a shy smile

“I am”

He pecked her warm cheek before he wrapped the tie around her head. She held her breath when her vision was skewed.

“It’s not too tight, right?” He asked and she shook her head

“I-it’s fine!” She said louder than intended, feeling embarrassed. Because she couldn’t see, her senses felt heighted. He could smell him more intensely, feel his body heat radiate close to her. He was standing in front of her, not knowing whether he should pull his sweats down or wait for her to do it… Now that she was blindfolded, he was clueless in which direction to go. It wasn’t his first-time blindfolding or being blindfolded by a girlfriend. But she was the first girlfriend, who was inexperienced with these things. Now he felt pressure, what if she got scared if he pulled his pants down? Thinking he was too eager… Or what if she thought he was an asshole, ordering her to take them off for him.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.’ Kept repeating in Tendou’s mind. Here he was standing in front of the end of his bed. He didn’t know whether he felt like a virgin or a criminal at this very moment. His sweet delightful innocent girlfriend was quietly sitting in front of him right now. Her own face flushed as she waited in anticipation. He began second guessing himself.

“Um… Y/n, you really don’t have to do this…” He muttered but she shook her head, she couldn’t see him not with the blindfold on, but her heart was pounding… but this is what she insisted on… She had to take charge. Y/n took a deep breath, ignoring him as she found his legs, hands blindly searching for his waistband. Tendou held his breath when her fingers hooked into them and she pulled them down to his thighs.

‘Fuck…’ He thought, looking at the view below him. His throbbing shaft was just mere inches away from her blindfolded face. His eyes darted to her slightly open mouth, it looked so inviting that he held in a groan

Y/n’s hands were shaking, she was aware of it being very close to her. She wasn’t turned off by the manlier scent that lingered in her nostrils. She was more curious. She wanted to touch it. Tendou was amused by her flushed face, as her hands shakily reached out to find his cock. She gasped when his hands grabbed hers

“Here…” He muttered quietly, bringing them to his shaft. She flushed when she realised, she was holding his shaft in her hand, accidently gripping it too tight, making him hiss

“S-sorry babe, but be a bit gentler…” He said, a blush on his face when she quickly apologised. She felt really at ease because she couldn’t see his cock. She took her time, stroking it in her hand lightly. Tendou groaned from feeling her soft hand stroke him lightly, he felt himself get harder and she stopped

“It’s gotten bigger?” She asked unsure and he bit his lip

“It has… because you’re making me feel really good right now” He admitted, she blushed



She felt a little happy on the inside, she was making him feel good for a change. She felt his length, before she reached his tip. He groaned, when a finger rubbed it.

“Ugh… Y/n..”

She could feel a wetness

‘Is this his…? I’ve gotta make note of this for my stories’ She thought for a second, before she remembered the night he accidently came on her front, he had caught her when she tasted it. She remembered she didn’t mind it…

‘The girl in that manga licked his dick…’ She thought, picturing that scene. Tendou almost gasped in surprise, eyes shooting open when he felt a minute sensation on his penis. Did she give him a kitten lick or did he imagine that? His vision darted down to see how close her mouth was to his cock. Her breath was dancing around his shaft, he didn’t know whether he should stop her or let her continue…

(Of course, Tendou chose the latter…)

Y/n was surprised that she didn’t find the taste of his penis unpleasant, his precum was definitely not the best flavour out there but she could handle it. She felt a bit shy, but she was on a mission to make him feel good

“T-tell me if I do something wrong… okay?” She asked him blindly, thinking of the smut mangas she had read, deciding to copy what the girl did. Before he could react, her lips wrapped around his tip

‘Okay, she sucked on it, am I doing this right?’ She thought as she sucked harder, making Tendou groan. He felt big in her mouth, but she wasn’t sure if she was being biased with her boyfriend. She slowing began sliding her mouth further down his shaft, it seemed never ending that she pulled back in hesitation, Tendou moaned her name, preventing her from pulling off his cock completely. Her pussy was starting to get wet. Before his tip could leave her mouth, she began slowly bobbing her mouth back and forth on his cock and he couldn’t hold in his moans

“F-fuck Y/n, you’re doing so well. Keep going” He groaned, noticing how her lower body was squirming against the mattress. He realised she was getting horny from this. He felt a surge of excitement when locks of her hair fell in front of her face. She slipped of his cock, panting lightly

“I’m doing fine, right?” She asked, shyly and he grinned, his fingers pushing her locks back, weaving into her head, gripping it slightly, not adding too much pressure. She whimpered feeling his fingers tease the shell of her ears gently

“You’re doing just perfect…”

She beamed under her blindfold and he felt his heart clench. She more confidently grabbed his cock, making him choke back a groan

“C-can I continue?” She asked and his grip tightened

“Please do, but can I take a teeny bit of control?” He asked and she stopped, feeling his fingers massage her scalp. Her body was boiling, her clothes were feeling tight. She was excited. Not being able to see anything made her confident. She leaned back and Tendou felt a little worried, but his anxiety melted when she made her way to her dress

“S-sorry… I’m feeling really hot… Help me please?” She asked and he smirked,

“Of course, baby, raise your arms”

She listened obediently and he grinned, humming happily as his hands unbuttoned her top, sliding it off her shoulders, lading on the bed. She felt better, the cool air hitting her chest, easing the suffocating feeling she felt earlier. Tendou’s hands rubbed her bare shoulders, before he dropped between her knees, his hands went to her skirt. He unhooked it, before his fingers slid her zip open, revealing the lace covering her hip. He licked his lips,

‘Pink…’ he took note of how they matched her bra. Because she was blindfolded, she didn’t realise the lights in his bedroom were on. He could see her as clear as day in front of him. She raised her hips, letting him slide the skirt off her legs, dropping on to the floor. Tendou eyed how damp her panties were, he was itching to sink his face between her soft thighs, but he was more eager to feel her lips around his cock again.

“You’re so sexy, Y/n…” He muttered, before he stood up, dropping his pants completely off his legs. She blushed, looking up at him. He couldn’t see her eyes, but he knew she was looking at him. His hand grabbed the side of her face, thumb rubbing her cheek gently. She shyly turned her face to kiss it, making him grin.

“Kawaii” He cooed, embarrassing her further. She nuzzled his hand

“Can I….” She asked slowly and he gripped the back of her head

“Open your mouth” He said, and she opened it slightly, making him chuckle

“A little more, babe” He teased making her blush, as she followed his instructions. He wanted to capture and embed this image in his head forever. It was too erotic; she was so innocent but the sexual power she had over him was insane. He threw his head back, letting out a moan as he felt his cock slip between her lips.

“T-try licking it” He asked, and she hummed slightly. When he pulled her mouth of his dick, letting her lick his wet shaft experimentally. He kept slipping moans of encouragement, his dick was throbbing as her tongue glided up and down his length. His hands gripped her head a little harder, but it made her wetter. She couldn’t stop her juices from dripping between her folds. She didn’t care anymore. She was insistent on making him feel good

She went back to engulfing his shaft, bobbing her head on his cock. She increased her pace with each groan and moan he made.

‘Fuck… how is she so good at this?’ He thought before he let out a long groan, when she focused on tip, sucking harder, making him twitch and throb

“O-oh god! Y/n, I’m gonna… you’ve got to stop” He tried to push her off, but she grabbed his hips, going faster. She could feel his tip, pulsating against her tongue. Tendou moaned, hands gripping her head tight as he announced his climax, spurting into her mouth, making her eyes widened when she felt him pool into her mouth. His cum was thick and warm on her tongue.

Tendou controlled his breathing as he looked at Y/n. He snapped out of his euphoric daze when he eyed a bit of his cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth

“Sh-shit! Wait let me get a tissue!” He tried to reach over to his bedside, but he froze when he heard her swallow. He looked at her in shock, her face was bursting a flame

“It… doesn’t taste so bad…” She admitted and he was at a loss of words. Sitting beside her before he collapsed on the bed, in shock

“Sa-Satori!?” She asked, turning to face him, her hands slipping off the blindfold. She crawled towards him, shyly hugging his side

“Are you okay?” She asked, quietly and he just hummed, still stunned at the fact that she swallowed his sperm. He definitely did not ever expect he would live to see the day she did that. Tendou shook his head, before he turned to look at her, he was still trying to control his breathing

“Damn, Y/n… that was really good… You didn’t seem like you needed my help…” He said, raising a brow and she blushed, hiding her face in the crook of his neck

“I have to do research for my stories… I’ve… read a few mangas and books…” She admitted shyly and he laughed, before he turned to hug her and kiss her forehead

“Thank you, babe, I feel fucking great!” He beamed and she stilled, feeling his cock press against her. She realised how bright it was in the room and she was hesitant but curious. She had to see his dick after blowing him. She pushed herself up with her arms, Tendou looked at her in curiosity. Y/n was blushing, her eyes quickly darted to his crotch for a split second, she gasped, and hid under his bedding, in embarrassment

“I saw it!” She squealed and Tendou sweat dropped, before he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her cocooned form

“Kawaii!!!!” He laughed.

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