Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 13: Overprotective

Chapter 13

It was early Sunday evening, as Tendou and Y/n walked hand in hand towards their home. Tendou was laughing at how Y/n got scared by a jump scare in the horror movie they watched in the cinema, dropping all her popcorn on the floor and on the row in front of them

“C-come on! I was scared, okay!” She whined and he chuckled

“But the way you threw your popcorn was hilarious! That poor guy in front of you had an afro, he’s probably still pulling out pieces of popcorn from his hair, as we speak!” He laughed remembering the guy who sat in the row in front of them… She shyly pushed Tendou to the side and he grinned, stopping

“Are you getting mad at my teasing?” He asked and she pouted, turning away and crossing her arms


Tendou chuckled, before he gripped her chin, turning her chin towards him as his cheeky eyes locked with hers

“If I kiss you, will you forgive me?” He purred, and she blushed, looking away shyly before she nodded. Everyone around them was busy in their own lives, they didn’t seem to notice the couple who stood stagnant. Y/n looked at Tendou’s eager face, she closed her eyes and shyly pursed her lips. Tendou closed his own eyes, leaning forward to kiss her lips.

“Huh!?” Y/n gasped feeling herself being pulled behind someone as Tendou leaned forward to kiss her. Her strong perfume hit his nose, as sniffed, eyes still closed

‘Hmm? Did she change her perfume…?’ His lips pressed against something… prickly? And he heard someone clear his throat?

When Tendou’s eyes shot open as he came face to face with a man. A man that he was currently smooching on his stubbled cheek… Tendou as he went pale, almost screamed jumping back, as an angry looking older man stood in what was meant to be Y/n’s place, with his arms crossed…

“Wh-what the…!?” He stammered until he saw Y/n’s horrified face, peeking behind the older man’s back

“O-Otosan!?” She squealed

And it was in that moment Tendou had died. (AN: RIP baby)

The older man sheltered Y/n, pointing at Tendou

“What do you think you’re doing to my angel!? Pervert!” He accused Tendou, who was still frozen in shock from kissing Y/n’s father…

“I… I…” He stammered before Y/n’s father put an arm around her shoulder, trying to tug her away

“I’m glad I got here in time! Let’s go Y/n!” He started but she pulled away from him, moving to Tendou

“N-no! Otosan, it’s okay! He’s my boyfriend!” She blurted loudly, grabbing Tendou’s arm, stunning the older man who was now as frozen as his jaw dropped. For the first time in Riichii’s life, he was at a loss for words.

Tendou was anxious, he was sure he had actually witnessed the older man’s soul leave his body when Y/n introduced him as her boyfriend. From her stories of him, he figured that he would definitely be an overprotective man Riichi’s jaw hadn’t closed and he was sure more than a minute had passed. Y/n cleared her throat as she nervously stepped towards her father, shaking his arms lightly

“Um… Otosan?” She asked, unsure, making the older man shake his head, looking at her and then Tendou… He raised a brow as Tendou held his breath, quickly bowing

“Hello s-sir! I’m Tendou Satori, it’s very nice meeting you! i’msorryikissedyou” He whispered quickly under his breath, making Riichi sweat drop and his eye twitch. He grabbed Tendou’s extended hand, the grip didn’t go unnoticed by the chocolatier, who tried his best not to look amused. Y/n’s father actually wasn’t scary looking as he thought… In fact, he also seemed like a meek person.

“Nice to meet you Tendou. How long have you been seeing my daughter? Are you part of a gang? Hahaha” He fake laughed, gripping Tendou’s hand harder. Tendou fake laughed too, as he shook his hand back

“Almost three months now… no, I’m not…. hahaha?”

He tried not to hiss when Riichi gripped his hand, in almost a death grip before he turned to Y/n.

“Th-three months!?”

She flushed, rubbing the back of her head

“I tried to tell you…”

Riichi eyes widened,


She pouted, crossing her arms

“Otosan, you’re being dramatic… I told you a few weeks ago that I was seeing someone!”

Riichi thought back to their phone conversation when Y/n excused herself, saying she was seeing someone and going out for dinner. Riichi wanted to punch himself, he never in a million years expected Y/n to befriend a man… let alone find a boyfriend. There had to be something suspicious about this man. He looked like a delinquent standing next to his precious daughter. She was so small compared to Tendou… In fact, Tendou stood taller than Riichi too… Three months was a long time in Riichi’s eyes… Three months was enough for the man to defile his daughter. Riichi felt anger burst in him, Y/n didn’t notice but Tendou froze when Riichi glared at him for a split second.

“Y/n, you were so vague! I thought you were seeing a female friend for dinner! You should have been clearer!” He whined and Tendou definitely realised that Y/n and him were the same natured now.

“I’m sorry Otosan, but I want you to get along with Satori, please! He’s really nice! Why are you in Tokyo anyways! You never called me!”

Riichi looked at Y/n’s face, he was taken back at how defensive she was with another man. She definitely seemed much healthier than the last time he visited her, she looked happy too. He felt his heart melt looking at Y/n. She resembled her mother slightly right now. For everything she went through, to being able to have a boyfriend. He was slightly relieved on the inside. Some of his fears had been washed away.

But he still didn’t trust Tendou, completely. There was something off about his face. He was sure, there was a darker intention from this man. Y/n was a sweet little angel in his eyes, and Tendou was a wolf…

Her father suddenly did a 360, his face melted into a smile as he laughed and hugged Y/n.

“That’s wonderful darling! I only just found out this morning I had to do some work in Tokyo tomorrow, so I thought I’d surprise you but it turns out that I’m the one who was surprised” He turned and bowed to Tendou,

“I’m sorry about my rudeness earlier… How about we all grab some dinner, as my treat? Let me get to know you better” He said, a little forced which Tendou picked on as he laughed awkwardly

“Dinner sounds nice, thank you”

Y/n just smiled as they walked towards a restaurant, as her father read a menu that was on display, she leaned into Tendou

“I think he likes you!” She beamed and he tried not to show his distress

“Really…? I’m glad…” He said, as Riichi turned to glance at him

“Do you like pork buns, Tendou?” He asked, as Y/n took his place to scan the menu and Tendou shrugged,

“Not really, sir…” He replied and Riichi smiled

“That’s a shame because I do. So, we’re gonna eat here. Hope that’s not a problem?”

Tendou’s eye twitched, the old man was trying to test him. He wasn’t stupid. The game was on, he looked at the menu quickly and grinned

“Aww man, they have tempura too! I love those, great pick sir! Y/n, you love tempura! Your dad has great taste!” He said, as Y/n laughed and he grinned at Riichi, who turned around eye twitching

“Table for three…” He muttered to the waitress.

“Would you like to sit in the family room, sir?” She asked


The waitress was taken back at how blunt the older man was, it felt like a dark aura surrounded him as they were escorted to a table. Tendou slid into a seat as Riichi sat opposite to him. Both men turned to look at Y/n and she froze… It really felt like they were both expecting her to sit next to them… She slid next to Tendou and Riichi held in his tears, feeling irked when Tendou gave him a victory smirk. He cleared his throat,

“So Tendou… what do you do for a living?” He asked and Tendou grinned, resting his face his hand

“I’m a chocolatier by profession. I’m currently the head baker at a patisserie called Angelina. I’m in charge of the desserts menu and new recipes for chocolate desserts.” He grinned, looking at Y/n, squeezing her hand

“That’s how I met Y/n…”

She flushed and looked at Riichi,

“His chocolates are incredible Otosan! You need to try them!” She gushed and Riichi raised a brow at how delighted her face was as she laughed happily

“While you’re here sir, why don’t Y/n and you drop by sometime for tea? I’d love to host you” He said, and Riichi just nodded, feigning a smile

“That sounds nice…” Riichi said uninterested as he turned to Y/n

“So, Y/n, how is work for you? Are you still working on that… ‘mature’ book...” He asked, a little displeased and she nodded, blushing


Riichi just nodded,

“I hope it goes well dear…”

He was about to ask Tendou another question when a waiter came to their table. Y/n suddenly went quiet as she scooted near Tendou, trying to distance herself from the waiter, Riichi was about to distract her but he heard Tendou whisper

“Don’t worry, I’ll order for you… Talk to your Otosan alright?” He said gently as she thanked him and focused her attention to her father, who smiled warmly at her, while Tendou spoke to the waiter for them.

Okay, maybe Tendou might be decent after all… but then again, it could all be for show

“How’s Maro? Hope you’ve been taking good care of him?” He asked and she smiled, taking her phone out to show him pictures of the hedgehog.

“He’s gotten so big now! Still grumpy as ever…” She laughed as Riichi swiped, he stopped when he stumbled across a picture of Y/n and Tendou. Both of them looked happy as they stood in front of a weird mascot… He wasn’t sure what that was but nevertheless, he zoomed in on Y/n’s smile. His eyes softening, when was the last time she looked like that? Was this man the reason behind her newfound happiness?

She smiled like this before that horrid incident happened to her… The one he couldn’t protect her from… He closed her phone, quietly handing it back to her. Tendou raised a brow, he noticed the sad look the older man had in his eyes… but he didn’t call him out.

“Riichi-san, do you want half of my meat bun?” He asked trying to distract Riichi, splitting the hot bun, making the older man look at him.

Riichi was stunned for a second but he smiled, splitting his own pork bun offering it to Tendou

“I’m sorry… I know you don’t like pork buns but it’s only fair” He said and Tendou smiled, thanking him. The rest of dinner went by smoothly and Tendou felt relieved, Riichi had seemed to ease up on him now but he was still being guarded

“Are you staying at a hotel sir?” Tendou asked and Riichi glanced at him,

“No, I’ll be staying with Y/n… I’m only here for tonight. Is that okay, dear?” he asked, and she nodded,

“Of course! It’s no issue!” She said laughing, Riichi turned to Tendou, bowing to him

“Well, it was nice meeting you Tendou. I’ll drop by Angelina before my train back home. Get home safe!”

Tendou stood awkwardly,

“Um… yeah, sure…”

As Riichi and a confused Y/n turned. The couple glanced at each other, they weren’t sure how to tell Riichi that they were also neighbours… Riichi’s smile was frozen as he tried not to let the confusion get to him as Tendou was still walking towards Y/n’s apartment with them

“Hahaha are we going the same direction…?” He asked and Tendou sheepishly laughed,

“I guess so…”

Riichi’s fake smile was still stuck in place as he got even more confused and irritated when Tendou was walking behind him and Y/n up the stairs to her apartment. She awkwardly unlocked her front door as Riichi turned to Tendou, to tell him to go home

“Tendou, as kind of you that is, you didn’t need to walk us ho-…” He stopped, when he realised Tendou was unlocking the door next to Y/n’s, as he awkwardly grinned at the older man, rubbing the back of his neck….

“Um… Satori is also my neighbour….” Y/n said quietly, and it was like time turned back. Riichi froze as his jaw dropped, every fear of his popped back up. This man was definitely a wolf… If they lived right next door to each other… That meant Tendou and Y/n would go into each other’s flats… He clenched his fist (AN: like da Arthur meme… :p I do picture Riichi to have Arthur’s round glasses lol, he probably wears sweater vests too :3)

“This night is full of surprises for… you… sir…” Tendou said awkwardly as Y/n laughed, trying to ease the tension. Riichi frowned before he turned to Y/n.

“Sweetie, go inside. I would like to talk to Tendou in private, okay?” He said and she hesitated

“I… don’t know…” She said unsure, looking at Tendou who crossed his arms

“It’s alright Y/n, I would like to talk to your father too” He said, giving her, a reassuring smile and she just nodded,


A few minutes later, Tendou found himself seated on a bench as Riichi leaned against the banister in front of him, puffing his cigarette as he stared at the canal down below

“Don’t tell her that I’m smoking, she will get upset” He said and Tendou nodded


“Want one?”

“I don’t smoke, sir…”

There was an awkward silence before Riichi cleared his throat, grabbing Tendou’s attention

“Let’s get to the point. Are you a delinquent? Any trouble with the law? Any enemies that could cause potential harm to Y/n?” He asked sternly, making Tendou freeze before he pretended to think

“Well… there is this one guy…” He stared and Riichi began sweating but Tendou burst out laughing

“I’m kidding sir, my record is clean! I have no connections to any gangs, nor do I have enemies… Don’t let my looks deceive you. I’m completely harmless….”

Riichi eyed him suspiciously, Tendou had an innocent grin on his face as he blinked at Riichi

“Tell me honestly, what are your intentions with my daughter? Do you really love her?” He asked and Tendou froze, looking at Riichi, who wasn’t angry, he genuinely was concerned. Tendou sighed

“Sir… I promise you; I have no ill intentions towards Y/n. I genuinely have feelings for your daughter. She makes me happy” He said, smiling making Riichi raise a brow when Tendou looked at the starry sky, grinning

“I’ve never felt like this with another woman, if I’m being honest. I am in love with her and I don’t intend on backing down” He said, looking at Riichi with a determined look. Riichi inhaled, holding his breath for a few seconds.

He sighed before sitting next to Tendou on the bench, staring at the canal below them

“I’m sorry for being hard on you kid… It’s just hard seeing Y/n rely on another man that’s not me… I didn’t think I’d see the day; she could look at another man’s face without quivering in fear. Do you know what happened with her before she moved to Tokyo?”

Tendou nodded, as leaned forward, his fingers fiddling with each other

“She told me…” His brows furrowed as he frowned,

“It makes me really angry that some asshole would try doing that to someone as precious as Y/n… Truth be told, I don’t like her going out without me, I have this fear that another sicko might try to take advantage of her… and I won’t be there to protect her…” Tendou said quietly and Riichi’s eyes widened as he puffed his cigarette

“That’s how I feel every waking minute of my life… I keep constantly wondering if she really is okay living alone in Tokyo… I can’t sleep at night because I’m busy praying that she’s safe… She’s the only thing I have left in this world…” Riichi said quietly and Tendou nodded, he understood exactly how Riichi felt. He stood up, this time leaning against the rail as the older man looked at him

“Y/n isn’t alone in Tokyo. I promise you that I will keep her safe. Sh-she means a lot to me and I know its early right now but when the time is right, I plan to marry her! I know she’s the one for me… So please let me continue dating her! She values your decisions and opinions, the most. I want us to get along well because you’re the most important person in her life” Tendou admitted, as he kept bowing leaving Riichi gobsmacked. He was certainly not expecting such a large confession. He stood up, a hand on Tendou’s shoulders, making the taller man stand up

“You know… I realised recently that I’m getting quite old now… Y/n’s mother and I had a significant age gap… Ten years…” He laughed quietly, remembering his wife

“She was my student, but we never got into a relationship while I was her teacher. She confessed to me at the beginning of her second year, but I told her I couldn’t date her… It was inappropriate and she was young… I didn’t want to take her youth away from her… However, she insisted that I was the one for her. She never gave up… Eventually I fell in love with her, but I promised her, that if she focused on her studies and graduated then we could get into a relationship. She found me on the day of her graduation, and I don’t know why but I proposed to her because I truly was in love…. Her family disowned her, and I lost my job as people began suspecting me of indecency… but it didn’t matter. We lived together and then got married when I turned 29, she was 19… We had Y/n a year later and then my wife became sick… She was gone within a year, leaving us behind…”

Riichi lit another cigarette, Tendou bit his lip

“I’m sorry sir…” He said and Riichi shook his head

“It was unavoidable… But what I’m getting at is, all my life was dedicated to making sure my daughter was safe and happy. Recently, I’ve realised just how old I’ve gotten. I realised that I won’t be here forever, and I guess that’s why I came to see her in Tokyo... I just wanted to make sure she was okay. I keep fearing she will be alone all her life, hiding from everyone in fear after I’m gone but I’m relieved… She found you…”

Tendou was shocked,

“Sir…” He said and Riichi smiled,

“You’ve really helped Y/n… I’ve realised that now… Though I’m not comfortable that you live right next to each other… I have to keep reminding myself that she’s an adult… My wife was 20 when she had Y/n… So, it’s not my place to dictate what happens in your relationship. All I ask is that you don’t break her heart!”

Tendou nodded, placing a hand on his heart

“I promise you, I will never break her heart! Thank you for trusting me!” He said but Riichi laughed

“I still don’t trust you fully but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you… C’mon, let’s go back home, I’ve got to pick up my luggage”

Tendou looked at Riichi

“Pick up?”

Riichi smiled

“I think I’ll stay in a hotel tonight, Y/n doesn’t need me, so it’s alright… Plus, I hate her sofa…” He admitted and Tendou laughed

“Me too! It hurts my back!” He whined and Riichi raised a brow

“So… you have been inside her apartment?” He said and Tendou’s breath hitched

“I…I… uh…”

Riichi burst out laughing, slapping Tendou’s back

“I’m just teasing you, boy! Ease up”

Tendou felt relieved, he laughed with Riichi as they walked home

Y/n was a bit sad that Otosan decided to book a hotel instead, somewhere closer to the station. He promised to meet the couple for lunch at Angelina before departing back home

“See you tomorrow, sweetheart” He smiled at Y/n who hugged him tight

“Thank you for trusting Satori, Otosan” She whispered quietly as Riichi just patted her head

“If he ever makes you sad, tell me. I will come all the way to Tokyo and beat his ass…” The older man muttered and Tendou sweat dropped behind him

“I can hear you sir….”

Riichi looked at him

“And I know where you live.”

Y/n sighed,

“Otosan… be nice”

Riichi just laughed and patted Tendou’s back

“I’m just teasing him Y/n. You’re a funny guy Tendou. Y/n and you should come visit me sometime” He said, grabbing his luggage as he turned to the door. He looked back at Y/n, who was currently smiling at Tendou. He had an arm around her shoulder as he beamed at her. Riichi smiled to himself, a sudden vision of Y/n in a wedding dress. He felt content, he finally felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders

“I’ll see you kids tomorrow then… Take care”

Y/n hugged him one last time for the night,

“I love you Otosan, see you tomorrow!” She said and he smiled

“I love you too.”

Riichi and Tendou looked at each other once again, this time both men smiled at each other and they meant it.

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