Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 14: Sexify! (Mild Smut)

Chapter 14:

“Congratulations Miss! You’ve won a prize for being our shop’s 10,000th customer!” The cashier beamed as she handed Y/n a brochure and a coupon. Y/n puckered her lips in slight astonishment, eyes wide as she read the contents of the brochure.

“A hotel…?” She asked and the cashier nodded, excitedly

“Mhmm! It’s a free night’s stay at this new hotel! You get to bring a guest along…” The woman winked as she bagged Y/n’s groceries, making Y/n blush as Tendou immediately popped into her mind. She shyly thanked the woman as she handed her the bags

“Enjoy your prize!” She called after Y/n, who squeaked and walked out of the store.

‘A free stay at a hotel… with Satori…?’ She thought, her cheeks warming against the cold air, she huddled her chin further into her thick scarf, gripping the handles of the grocery bags harder. It shouldn’t be too much of a big deal, right? They practically lived in each other’s homes, to the point that Tendou now knew how to give Maro a bath… which granted had taken some time as Maro was quite feisty with Tendou. When he poked Maro in the wrong place one time by accidently… Now that Otosan knew about their relationship and the fact that they were dating for almost 5 months now, it was quite rare for her to be shy with him, the shyness usually came out when they were in public but in private, she was most as ease with him.

But was the thought of inviting him to stay at a hotel too suggestive? They had taken their relationship slow, only exploring each other’s bodies, letting her get comfortable with him, enough so now he could hug her from behind without her almost knocking the wind out of him, as a reflex.

She quickly weaved through the crowd, wanting to get home as quickly as possible. Sighing because Tendou wasn’t in the city since yesterday. He was asked to hold a chocolate making workshop at a sister branch of Angelina’s further out of the city. He wasn’t going to be back till tomorrow afternoon. Y/n assured him that she would be fine staying by herself, she did it before they met, and she could handle it now. Though truthfully, she was nervous. The first night sleeping by herself in her bed, left her sleepless. She had gotten so used to his warmth against her, that her mattress felt cold last night.

It amazed her how a year ago, she couldn’t handle having a full conversation with a man without having a panic attack to now craving her boyfriend’s presence constantly. Tendou probably meant near and dear to her because so far, she was experiencing all her firsts with him. He was trying his best to make her enjoy the romantic side of a relationship. She felt bad because they still hadn’t gone all the way… He told her not to feel pressurised, he could wait till she was ready… but the problem was….

She had been ready for a while…

But she was too shy to tell him.

Often when their ‘body explorations’ would get heated, Tendou always mistook her excited trembling and closed eyes as nervousness, making him back off her sweetly. Telling her, it’s okay.

Y/n wanted to slap herself for her being so shy…

Since the beginning, Tendou often mistook her as being super fragile like glass, like she would crack under his fingers… It was granted after how she freaked out when they first met but now…

That wasn’t the case, in total honesty, she was too shy to be vocal about what she wanted. It took him and her ages to get used to her taking the lead in their sexual escapades, sometimes. In the beginning, Tendou would feel really guilty when she would blow him. She looked too cute while she did it, that it felt too sinful for him. However, after a few times, she had gotten better and he finally let loose, being a little friskier with her.

She wasn’t going to lie, she started understanding what her female friends from high school meant when they said they liked guys who took charge. She realised how sexy it was, when Tendou gripped her hair, leading her mouth against his cock. She finally understood what Ohno-sama meant when she would continuously announce the beauty of orgasms.

Tendou had her addicted… She learnt just how skilled his hands were, they way his long fingers caressed her in all the right places, he knew what to whisper in her ears while he brought her to the edge. In the beginning, she always shied away, even now, sometimes she felt shy, but she always welcomed his touches. He had her heart racing, toes curling under him. Tendou gave her amazing inspiration for her novel, she was pretty happy with it. It was almost halfway to completion.

Y/n sighed as she reached her front door. Thinking of Tendou as she walked by herself had made her forget her anxieties as her attention was diverted to the dampness between her legs. Of course, thinking of all the times they messed around got her horny. She was embarrassed, walking into her house in shame.

“Hi Maro!” She beamed, letting him out of his cage before she unpacked her groceries. She put them in their places, but her mind kept drifting off to Tendou. Well… truthfully Tendou’s dick. She was still shy when seeing it, but she stopped covering her eyes finally. It wasn’t as scary as she expected as penis to be. She liked seeing his reactions when she touched it, the way his face would get red or how he would stutter her name in pleasure. It often left her flushing just as much as him, her pussy would be dripping but Tendou would reciprocate with his own tongue or fingers.

“Oh!” She squealed when she felt something brush against her foot. Hand on her chest, feeling her beating heart as she looked down as Maro, sniffing her heel

“Maro, you scared me!” She bent down to pick him up, stroking his nose softly. Her eyes landed on the brochure that lay on the kitchen counter. Maybe, if she invited Tendou to join her, he would finally get the hint that she was ready to go all the way. She knew in her heart that she was ready. There was no one else that she trusted more than him.

“That settles it… I’ll ask him tomorrow!” She said to Maro but then she sighed,

“Oh gosh… but then who will take care of you…?” She said… looking into his beady eyes as they stared at each other…

2 minutes later

“H-hello Ohno-sama?” She asked quietly as Ohno hummed on the other end of the line

“Why hello Y/n, everything alright?” Ohno asked, Y/n could hear her inhaling a cigarette from the other end of the line, shaking her head at Ohno’s excessive habit. She cleared her throat as she explained the prize, she won at the grocery store earlier, making Ohno sigh in delight

“Lucky you!!! I’ve had dinner there on its opening, it’s a pretty swanky hotel! Are you going to stay by yourself or….?” She teased and Y/n felt herself blush

“I’m thinking of inviting Satori to go… with me…” She said. Ohno dropped her cigarette, as she sat up straight, her husband looking at her confused when she broke out in an excited grin

“You’re shitting me, kid!? You mean you’re going to do it? Like ‘do it’ ‘do it’?”

Y/n covered her face in embarrassment

“O-Ohno-sama! Please!...” She fell silent for a few seconds before she ashamedly admitted

“…. yes…”

By now, Ohno’s husband was startled when the older woman jumped off her sofa in joy, knocking his glasses of his face accidently

“D-dear!?” He asked but she waved him to keep silent

“I’m very happy for you Y/n! I’m so happy that you came to me for advice! If you need a pep talk or anything, just come to me! In fact, I’ll send some steamy hotel smut stories for you to read! It’ll put you in the mood” She grinned, winking at her husband who blushed as he adjusted his glasses

“P-please don’t! Actually… I do have a favour to ask of you…” Y/n said, looking at Maro. Ohno was still smiling, expecting the inexperienced woman to ask for words of wisdom

“Of course Y/n, how can I help?”

“Will you… be able to take care of Maro for me…?” She asked with hesitation as Ohno’s smiled dropped

“Huh? Who’s Maro?” She asked confused and Y/n awkwardly laughed

“My… hedgehog?” She said unsure and Ohno looked at her phone, with a frown

“Your hedgehog….” She paled and Y/n felt bad

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just… I can’t leave him unattended for the night… He sleeps in his cage! So, you wouldn’t need to touch him or anything! I’ll feed him beforehand too! I promise, Maro is well behaved!”

Ohno scowled… She was a clean and pristine woman… who was not fond of animals or messes… But Y/n’s sweet face popped in her mind, she sighed in defeat


Y/n let out a breath of relief

“Thank you so much Ohno-sama! I owe you!”

Ohno just laughed,

“Oh no dear… You and I are going shopping before this night stay of yours. I’m going to sexify you!” She revealed and Y/n froze,

“S-sexify!?” She squeaked

“Don’t worry Y/n, I got you covered. Make yourself free after work one of these days next week. No buts, you owe me.” Ohno reminded her and Y/n didn’t know how to counter this argument

“Okay, fine… Thank you Ohno-sama” She said and Ohno smiled

“That’s my girl! Now go get some rest, I’ll see you on Monday” She grinned, ending the call

“You seem to really like this girl, dear” Her husband said softly when Ohno settled next to him, she smiled

“She’s truly a good kid…. Sometimes when I see her, it makes me think if I had a daughter, I wonder if this is how I would interact with her…? You know, give motherly advice and shit…” She said quietly, as the older man looked at her. Sure, his wife was strong, but she had her weak points too. They were too old to have children but then again, it was impossible for them… Given Ohno’s past. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She smiled softly looking at him

“It’s okay darling, I’m still happy because I have you”

He smiled leaning in to kiss her

“That’s my girl…” He whispered

“Hey, by the way… you’re gonna have to take care of a hedgehog for a night cause I’m not going near it for shit…” She muttered and he looked at her confused

Back to Y/n

Y/n clutched her phone, feeling nervous about what her mentor meant by ‘sexify’… Ohno-sama was unpredictable at times, Y/n had to brace herself. She walked with Maro to his cage, plopping him back inside while he shuffled to his corner.

“Sexify…” She mumbled, going into her room. She pouted as she stared at her reflection, patting her cheeks.

“I guess I’m cute…?” She admitted. She was grown accustomed to people’s remarks on her adorable cherubic features since she was a child, but she never thought of herself as breath takingly beautiful.

Elise’s face flashed in her mind, from her beautiful features and elegant posture. Y/n could imagine her turning heads, anywhere she went.

’She’s the definition of ‘sexify’…’ Y/n thought glumly before she inhaled and looked at herself determined.

“I can be sexy too!” She muttered, slipping off her clothes as she stood in her undergarments. Hands on her hips, she tried to pose more seductively…

“I look so stupid…!” She whined, feeling embarrassed. She sighed, looking at her desk, where some of her fashion magazines lay. Grabbing the nearest one, she flipped through the pages until she found a lingerie advert. Y/n stared at the foreign model and how she posed, noticing how she jutted her chest out, one hand on her hip… but it wasn’t her body which Y/n focused on… It was the model’s face. The woman’s eyes screamed confidence, it was almost like Y/n could tell, she was implying ‘you know, you want me’ just from her expression. That’s what she wanted to look like under Tendou, not like the little mouse she would turn into.

Throwing the magazine on the floor, she radiated her focus to the mirror, trying to mauver her facial expressions like the model’s. She ruffled her locks, a hand on her hip as she straightened her back, sticking her chest out as she titled her head slightly

“You know, you want me…” She tried purring… after a few seconds, she slapped her forehead before she groaned in embarrassment

“I could never…. Oh god, I’m going to die a virgin…” She whined (AN: The amount of times, I’ve say this to myself…. It’s unreal…. Ya gurl, Author-chan needs some real dick :3 Anyhoo…). Dropping onto her bed, as she stared at her ceiling. She wasn’t even confident enough to find herself sexy, how could she possibly convince Tendou that she was more mature than she seemed.

She turned her head, her bottom lip jutting out slightly as she stared at the empty space next to her. She really missed him right now. Sure, they spoke on the phone before his workshop in the morning, but she wanted to see him. She didn’t tell him that, she didn’t want to seem so clingy but of course, this was part of being in love for the first time. You’d want to be by your partner’s side as much as you could. She was lucky he was super affectionate and always welcome her with love and compassion. Her legs kicked happily, thinking of his cheeky grin. How his lips curled up in mischief before he would tease her.

Tendou’s lips….

Y/n closed her eyes, remembering the feel of his lips when he would kiss her neck gently. How they would glide over her skin so smoothly before he reached her lips. Tendou’s hands caressing her body against him while he continued kissing her. She clenched her thighs, shuffling her hips slightly. Oh… how she missed the way he touched her. Her fingers slowly danced to her covered crotch, feeling shy as she touched herself lightly. Tendou always knew just how to move his fingers in perfect sync to her body’s need. Biting her lip, she softly stroked herself, imagining it was him.

A finger glided to the middle of her covered slit, pushing the fabric of the material against her to add friction. She was shy when she felt the dampness start to seep through, but she stopped. She needed to satiate her desires, but this wasn’t working for her… It never did…

Sighing she sat up, trying to ignore the dull throbbing in her nether regions. Feeling that brink of frustration because she had tried to masturbate a few times before, but she could never seem to get it right… Only he knew what to do to bring over the edge and he did it immaculately.

Y/n fiddled with her thumbs, nervously looking at her closet

‘Should I…?’ She thought reluctantly… Biting her lip, she opened her closet, standing on her tip toes to lift the parcel above her. Feeling embarrassed as she dunked the contents onto her bed.

“Huh? How’d this get in here…?” She mumbled, finding a sugar packet inside… Shrugging, she threw it on her bedside stand

“Ohno-sama went overboard with her expenditures…” She gasped when she spotted DVDs under a box of rotors… The covers were so steamy, it was obvious they were porn, given the titles of these movies… She hastily shoved most of the toys and all the DVDs back into the parcel, throwing it under her bed. All that was left on her bed was something labelled as a ‘magic wand’ and

“…bullet vibrators…?”

Confused as her lifted the wires, the two bullets dangling at the end of it. Its shiny purple surface glinting. This toy didn’t seem as weird as the ‘magic wand’. What was all the hype about these?

“How do I use this?” She muttered, slipping on to her floor sitting in front of the mirror… She was too shy to take her panties off, but she was fascinated to try these bullets out. Y/n awkwardly spread her legs; she noticed the wet spot forming on her panties. Eyes darting to the remote, seeing a dial. Her thumb switched the dial and the loud violent buzzing from the bullets startled her

“Oh!” She squealed, dropping the wires, making the bullets drop on her legs as she squirmed from the tickling sensation. Grabbing the remote, she turned off the rotors. Heart racing, she took a deep breath and recollected herself.

She had to try again, despite being clueless. She should explore her body more and become comfortable with herself. Not only would that be good for her own self-confidence, but it would help her connect to her own fiction characters in her stories.

“I know I have a sex-toy themed smut manga somewhere… Where did I keep it…?” She thought, quickly standing up as she rummaged her bookshelves. Finally spotting the familiar cover, she took her spot back in front of the mirror. She flipped the pages until she found the page

“So, she’s put in inside herself… maybe I can…” She was hesitant to push a foreign object into her, but she opted to slip it under her panties and nestle it between her folds. So far it didn’t hurt but she was afraid to push it in any further. Some part of her had this terrifying rendition that she would do something wrong. The wire rested on her leg, softly tickling it but she ignored it as she reluctantly held the remote. She turned the manga page with her other hand and raised a brow as she flushed at how the character’s face was twisted in pure lust and euphoria compared to the previous page… Could she make a face just like that too?

It was a strange sensation to feel something between her lips, she hadn’t even turned the damned thing on and yet, she could feel her juices sliding out slowly. She needed a boost of courage to turn the toy on. Closing her eyes as her thumb rested nervously on the dial, she tried to control her heart beating. Without a second thought, she flicked the dial and gasped,

“O-oh!” She covered her mouth to hold in her moans, as the sudden vibrations built up in her pussy. This felt so weird, but she tried to embrace it. Her mind darted to Tendou, what would he have thought if he knew what she was up to… Would he finally gaze at her with his lustful eyes? Would he find her sexy or find this dirty? This was so lewd for her to be doing but she was enjoying it. She held a finger against her panties, adding pressure to the bullet between her slit. Y/n could feel her pussy pulsate, but she still couldn’t get the build up to her orgasm. The vibrations were nice, but she still didn’t feel that level of euphoria that manga character did. She tried to move her fingers to move the bullets around,

“Satori…” She panted, leaning back as she felt her face flush. Her panties were soaking, it almost feel excruciating that she wasn’t orgasming. Feeling frustrated, she reached for the remote and turned it off. About to pull the bullet from her panties when her door flung open

“Surprise Cutie-chan!!! I’m ba-” Tendou’s sing song voice was put to a halt when she screamed in shock and fear at his arrival. Tendou was at a loss for words… His eyes landed on Y/n’s almost nude form, she looked like a deer in headlights, but his eyes immediately landed to the delicate wire coming out from her panties and the wand on her bed. He almost wasn’t sure if this was a dream…

“Sa-Satori!” She yelled and he snapped out of his daze, his cheeks burning. She scrambled to her bed, covering herself with the sheets as her cheeks burst with flaming colour. Oh god, she wanted to die at this moment. As much as she wanted to see him, it wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Tendou was still frozen in his spot, he never expected her to ever dabble with masturbation, nor did he think she would ever actually use the sex toys in the parcel he found once. He honestly, never assumed her to be that adventurous. But fuck, was he pleased. Was she thinking of him while doing it? He was thankful she gave him a spare key to her flat after he received her father’s approval. Riichi’s surprise visit was a blessing in disguise.

He felt his cock stir… There was no way he was going to let her go that easily

Initially, he had the intention of giving her a sweet surprise, but he ended up receiving the best surprise of his life. Tendou let out as grin, as Y/n flushed reverted further against her bed.

“I take it you missed me…?” He cooed, as his dropped his jacket on the floor, making her blush.

“I-I was just doing r-research for my novel, okay!” She squeaked when he sat on the edge of her bed, beside her humming. His fingers gripped her chin

“Cutie-chan, look at me” He said sweetly, tilting her face towards him. She avoided looking into his eyes, still feeling shame from being caught earlier

“…what…?” She mumbled and he grinned, his thumb caressing her cheek

“Were you really doing research… or…” He pushed his thumb into her mouth, making her quiver, when he rubbed her tongue softly, his eyes glinting darkly into hers

“…were you thinking about me?” He purred, lips dangerously close to hers but he waited for her response, his gaze didn’t waver from hers. She was beginning to feel that earlier embarrassment wash away, she felt like she was sucked into a scene from one of her erotic novels (AN: You’re welcome, Y/n 💁🏽‍♀️) She didn’t want to lose this momentum

“I was…” She mumbled but he heard her clearly, his smirk widening

“Honest girls get rewarded” He purred, pushing his lips against hers, making her moan when he leaned forward, pushing her against the headboard, she panted when they parted for a few seconds

“Sa-satori…” She mewled but he held the back of her head. God, she looked so lewd right now, it was driving him insane.

“Stick your tongue out, Y/n…” He said lowly and she listened, opening her mouth slightly to push her tongue out. Tendou’s hands pushed her sheets down, before he rubbed his tongue against hers. His hands weaved into the back of her hair, she could hear every sound of their lewd kiss but each sound, caused her pussy to stir. She was feeling so hot, her body was burning.

Tendou was about to lean forward, when his foot was poked slightly, breaking the kiss, leaving her gasping lightly. He turned and eyed the ‘magic wand’ lying at the end of her bed. Biting his lip, to contain his cheekiness, he grabbed it and waved it in front of her face, causing her to flush

“Put that down!” She squealed,

As she tried reached for it to hide it but his arms were longer than hers and he held it out of reach.

“First answer some questions and maybe I’ll give it back to you” He said, and she crossed her arms in defeat, covering her bra-clad chest. Tendou grinned, leaning closer to her, face annoying close as he smiled sweetly

“Was it your first time using these?”

Her breath hitched and she was definitely sure that the blood vessels in her cheeks had burst by now. He was really teasing her but now she was curious to see where this night led. Would she finally be able to convince him to go all the way? She bit her lip, looking back at him, uncrossing her arms, sticking her chest out subtly but he noticed…

“Yeah, it was…”

He was slightly surprised at how honest she responded but it further excited him, his dick was throbbing, but he was still entranced by her face. She was adorable and he wanted to tease her further.

“How did it feel? You like it?” He asked her so casually, almost as if they were having friendly banter, hands idly waving the wand in front of her as he looked at it bored, waiting for her response. She swallowed; she did like the bullets, but she never actually came… Her pussy was aching to cum and she didn’t miss the tent forming in his pants.

“I-I liked it… but I don’t think I’m using it right… I couldn’t go all the way…” She admitted under her breath and he stopped playing with the wand in his hands, his eyes piercing into hers. The wolf was coming out of him. Oh, how he wanted to play with his mate… He crawled over her, knees on either side of her form as he raised the wand in front of her face, pressing the button making it vibrate. She blushed at the buzzing sound, feeling embarrassed but Tendou’s smirk didn’t waver as he came closer

“Want me to show you how to use this?” He whispered as his lips nipped her ear lobe before they lingered against her ear

“Let me take you all the way, baby…”

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