Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 15: Cute (NSFW)

Chapter 15

“Sa-Satori…this is embarrassing… Why do we have to do it… here?” She muttered, turning her flushed face away from the mirror. Tendou was sitting right behind her, his chest pressed against her back. He held an innocent look, but it was impossible to miss the mischievousness dancing in his scarlet irises. She felt his chest rumbling against her when he chuckled

“Because I’m showing you how to use these, the right way”

He dangled the rotors in front of her face, making her eyes widen as she blushed.

“Ca-can you stop waving them in my face!?” She said, covering her eyes in awkwardness.

He grinned before he kissed her shoulder, his teeth biting her bra strap, as he pulled the strap up a little before letting it go. She squeaked when it snapped back into place

“Oops… Did that hurt?” He asked and she nodded

“J-Just a little……”

He quickly pecked her shoulder, muttering an apology.

His fingers danced up her arm as he tried to slip her strap off, but she quickly stopped him

“P-please don’t take them off! Not in front of the mirror” She squeaked and he just grinned, cuddling her, nuzzling his cheek against hers

“Kawaii! When you say it so cutely, I got no choice but to listen”

She held in her giggles, but her breath hitched when his hands began caressing her stomach, one large hand, outstretched as it rubbed its way up her body, the other rubbing her side. Her skin was forming goosebumps under his gentle touch. Tendou’s eyes focused on their reflections in the mirror, she still wasn’t looking but he didn’t mind, at this point. He was too preoccupied, checking her out.

‘Stripes… Kwaii’ He thought, pleased at the simple pink and white striped cotton panties she was wearing. They were mismatched with her plain bra, but it made her all the more, sexier for him. His fingers danced down the sides of her legs, gripping her knees, making her shiver slightly when he began kissing her neck.

Y/n leaned back, his chest pressed against her back as she relied in his warmth, light moans arising from her mouth. She kept her eyes closed this entire time, too shy to see her own face. Too shy to lock eyes with him. Tendou spread his own legs wider, before his hands slowly pushing her knees apart, spreading her legs against his.

“Aww Cutie-chan, you’ve made a little mess here”

He teased causing her ears to heat up, while he was busy looking at the damp spot growing on her panties. She gasped, holding a fist to her mouth to supress her moans when he fingers slowly traced her clothed slit

“Satori…” She whined lightly and he grinned

“My poor baby… you haven’t orgasmed yet…”

She squeaked when his finger found her clothed clit, pressing and rubbing the nub harder as she squirmed against him. His other fingers continued tracing her slit, continuing their ministrations as she began panting.

“You love it when I tease you like this right? This is what you were fantasising about earlier. Me, touching this pretty pussy…”

Y/n could feel the familiar heat beginning to form in her pussy, she began mewling against Tendou who seemed to move his fingers faster, which resulted in her breathing getting heavier.

Tendou leaned forward, causing her to crouch over when one hand slipped under her panties, she moaned when his fingers began tracing her slit, coating them in her slick. She mewled, when his other hand began teasing her clit above her underwear. She couldn’t hold in her pants

“Are you close Y/n?” He cooed and she grabbed the back of his fuzzy head with one hand

“I-I am...” Y/n panted and Tendou looked at her lewd reflection. Fuck, she looked so hot right now, but he had other ideas in mind…

“Too bad” Tendou sang, before he licked his fingers

She was starting to feel really good but Tendou halted his actions.

“Sa-Satori… w-why…” She panted, feeling awfully pent up, she couldn’t ignore the throbbing between her legs.

Suddenly a hand gripped her chin, his lips ghosted to her ear

“Open your eyes Y/n”

Her eyes opened slowly, locking into his playful eyes. He kept holding her face, making sure she was looking in the mirror. He began kissing up and down her neck again,

“I’m sorry cutie, but tonight I’m teaching you how to use your toys…” He cooed, locking his eyes into hers once more, his cheeky smirk growing at her blushing face. His quickly bent forward to grab the bullets,

“Pick up the remote baby, let’s do this together” Tendou purred, as she shakily held the remote in her palm. The pink plastic seemed daunting to her now. Tendou hummed gently,

“Okay, turn it on slowly now”

Watching her thumb slowly and reluctantly turn the dial. She shied when the light noise of buzzing seemed to fill the room. Tendou grinned, feeling the bullets vibrate between his fingers

“Good girl, now lean back… That’s it…” He encouraged her when she leaned into him. Bracing her palms, flat against the floor on either side of their bodies. Tendou cheekily hooked his feet under her ankles, spreading their legs wider, before his fingers began teasing her body with the rotors. She squeaked when he rubbed them against her stomach, twisting her body from the tickling sensations as Tendou teased her

“You put one in your panties earlier, right?” He asked her but she was too distracted from the bullets tickling her body. He chuckled, listening to her tiny whimpers and squeaks before he retracted his hands.

“There are two bullets for a reason, baby” He purred and before she could question him, he pushed the bullets into the cups of her bra, making her moan in surprise when he pressed them against her nipples. Her hips moved unintentionally as her back arched but those only cause Tendou to push them harder against her nipples. His fingers left the bullets in her bra before he reached out to grab the remote. Y/n was shaking, legs trembling and Tendou could almost see her dripping pussy from the almost transparent material of her panties.

“Satori… w-wait...” She panted but he smirked, turning the dial and her eyes widened


The vibrations were turned up higher, she squealed his name when he dropped the remote and cupped her breasts, purposely squeezing them and pushing the rotors against her nipples firmly.

“Your nipples are really sensitive, cutie; I can make you cum just from this” He purred, while she began mewling, she peaked at her reflection in front of her

‘I look so naughty….’ She thought, looking at her flushed face, she seemed so tiny, squirming in Tendou’s arms. Even while sitting against him, he seemed to tower over her. She saw just how wet her panties were now, it was almost alarming. A hand came to cover from face from embarrassment but Tendou was quick to catch it

“I don’t think so Y/n, you need to learn” He cooed, bringing her hand down to the floor again.

“Sa-Satori, please! I-I” She couldn’t find the words; she was too distracted from the intense sensations the vibrations were shooting towards her pussy. She wasn’t sure if she had a tiny orgasm already. Tendou’s grin remained intact, as he kept the vibrators in place, turning the intensity down. She was almost relieved but that was cut short when he grabbed the wand behind him.

He winked at her, his feet locked with hers, preventing her from closing her legs. He turned the wand on, letting it buzz fast. Y/n bit her lip, she was nervous, but she wanted it... She wanted to try it out so bad. She couldn’t stop staring at the toy as it buzzed in his hand.

“You’re in for a treat.”

He pressed the wand lightly against her nub and she gasped, eyes snapping open

“Ah!” She moaned loudly; her legs were trembling as the vibrations pressed hard against her clit. Tendou licked his lips, nibbling on her neck

“It feels good, right?” He groaned, pulling her further onto his lap, pressing his crotch against her ass. She could feel his erection press against her but before she could move her hips to give it some friction, Tendou increased the vibrations on her rotors making her squeal again

“Satori! I-it feel’s weird” She mewled but he shushed her gently

“Just enjoy how it feels. It must feel really awesome because you’re drenched. I’ve never seen you this wet before” He awed, and she flushed.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” He asked, pressing it harder against her nub. Her pussy was pulsating achingly again. Tendou had edged her far too much tonight and she almost sobbed when he dropped the wand to the floor. The vibrators in her bra were set to it’s lowest setting. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties. Tendou nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck

“C’mon lift your hips, babe”

She flushed, feeling awkward but as if she was on autopilot, she raised her hips.

“Good girl…” He purred, lifting her legs as he pulled them off her. Tendou eyed her naked pussy, his cock was rock hard… As much as he wanted to give it attention, he was preoccupied with rocking his girlfriend’s world at the moment. This moment was so erotic that he wanted to memorise each and every detail. His fingers stroked her lower lips, pressing on them lightly, making her bite her lip as she held in a moan

“You’ve got the cutest pussy Y/n… It’s so pretty…”

“Stop saying such embarrassing things…” She muttered

She turned her head away, the cool air from the room against her heated lower body made her so aware about how erotic this situation was.

“Sorry cutie… but I’m being honest. You look so lewd, it’s making me wild… See?”

He gripped her jaw lightly, making her look back into the mirror. Eyes locked into her naught flushed face. Beads of sweat already forming all over her body,

She was taken back earlier by how seductive she looked. She didn’t know she could make such a sultry face. Tendou looked so mesmerized. She felt dirty from the way his eyes were still staring at her pussy. She felt like she was being analysed but it fucking excited her. Tendou smirked when he eyed a little trail of her juices spill from between her slick lips.

Y/n’s eyes widened when she caught him looking at the wand, the mischief in his eyes glinted when he looked at her

“Spread your legs now…” He muttered, although he didn’t wait, he hooked his fingers under her knees and pulled them wide making her gasp when she felt her pussy spread. She felt so exposed but Tendou held her legs in place with his. She had never seen her pussy like this before and it made her feel really dirty. Her heart was pounding, when he picked up the wand with one hand and his fingers from the other, spread the folds of her pussy apart.

“W-Wait! Agh!” She moaned, throwing her head back when he turned the wand on to a high setting, pushing it against her clit

“Satori! Ooooh!” She panted, her gasping was loud and Tendou was absolutely turned on. Her body was burning against him, but he didn’t want to move. He wanted to see more of her lewd side. This was totally different from what they usually did, he wanted to see climax under his touch

“You’re so naughty Y/n, look at how you’re moving your hips”

Y/n caught sight of her reflection, eyes darting to her gyrating hips that she didn’t even realise she was moving until he pointed it out. She couldn’t stop, Tendou kept moving the wand against her pussy, occasionally bumping and pressing it harder against her clit making her toes curl. Her throat was starting to feel raw from all the gasps and moans she slipped out

“My girlfriend’s so lewd…” He cooed,

“Nooo!” She whined but she could feel her orgasm build, she was so close. Letting out a string of “Ah’s”. Tendou cursed under his breath, grabbing her hand, making her hold the wand against her. She almost let go, in embarrassment but he placed his hand on top of hers

“You’ve gotta learn Y/n, come on baby. Make yourself feel good, show me…” He whispered, slowly retracting his hand. His fingers from his other hand, spread her lips further as she shyly stimulated herself. She moaned, when he sneakily pushed the cups of her bra above her chest, freeing her lovely breasts. He grabbed the bullets, the vibration settings now turned the highest as he began rubbing her nipples. She squealed and moaned, arching her back, accidently pushing her pussy against the wand harder. It bumped her clit and she moaned again

“You’re doing so well, baby. You’re almost there…”

She pushed the button and that’s when she legs immediately trembled, she couldn’t stop her tears of pleasure dropping from her eyes. Tendou knew she was so close, he locked onto her lips, leaning his face closer to her

“Kiss me”

She immediately turned, locking her lips with his, Tendou dropped one bullet, his hand grabbing hers again, as his thumb pressed the button of the wand to its highest setting. She broke away, as she let out a loud shaky moan, her eyes closed tightly, legs shakings and she threw her head back and let out a scream. Tendou’s eyes widened when she gushed hard on the wand and their hands. He quickly turned off the wand and rotors, as she slumped against him. He chuckled, kissing her sweaty temple before he hooked his arms under her legs

“Up we go” He sang, lifting her exhausted form up and dropping her on to her bed. He slipped his clothes off, before he crawled next to her, pulling her against him, hands rubbing the back of her head and her lower back.

“How was it?” He asked grinning, watching her come back to realisation of how erotic they had been. She blushed, snuggling into his chest

“It was really good…” She mumbled into his chest and he chuckled. Y/n took in his scent and relished in his warmth; she was almost lulled to sleep when she felt his erection against her. She shuffled back a bit,

“Satori… you’re hard…” She muttered shyly, a blush on her face as Tendou became painfully aware of his hard cock straining in his boxer. He laughed sheepishly

“It’s okay, I need to take a shower anyways” He said, starting to get up but she stopped him, making him turn to look at her. She fiddled with her fingers

“L-let me, take care of it…” She muttered shyly, before she looked up at him. Tendou smiled, patting her head

“You must be exhausted Y/n, it’s okay…” He began but she slipped off the bed, dropping on to her knees in front of him

“Please…?” She asked sweetly. Tendou wanted to scoop her up and squeeze her so tight. She was so fucking cute; his heart was hurting. She was perfect. He decided not to pass up an opportunity, his dick was painfully hard and if his adorable Y/n wanted to suck his cock, then so be it. He gave her a dark smile, hooking his thumbs into his boxers, lifting his hips. He pushed them down as his cock sprang up in front of her face. Her breath hitched, but she didn’t waver her vision. They were locked on to his cock. Tendou hooked a finger between her lips

“Fuck Y/n, you looked so mesmerised when I whipped my dick out. Did you miss my cock that much?” He teased, pressing his thumb against her tongue. Making her look up at him, even sitting on the edge of her head, she still felt like he loomed over her due to his tall stature.

He was usually very shy whenever she gave him oral but today, he wanted to see her pretty lips wrapped around his cock. He knew she preferred it when he took control. Y/n lightly exhaled when he pulled his thumb out,

“I did… I really did” She whispered, her warm breath huffing against his shaft. Y/n realised how thick he was, he seemed bigger than before. She wasn’t sure she could ever take him deep, but she really wanted to taste it. Tendou bit his lip when she parted her lips and wrapped her hands around his length, his head titled back, groaning when she shyly kissed his cockhead. Y/n pushed her hair behind her ear, before she circled her lips around his tip, sucking him

‘He’s so hard…’ She thought, bobbing her head further down his length. Tendou looked down at her, his hands cupping the sides of her head. She was almost halfway there but her cheeks were already so stuffed.

“Fuck, keep going baby. You’ve gotten so good at this” He hissed, when her tongue rubbed his length, fisting her hair harder making her moan against him. Her bra felt tight against her chest, she quickly unhooked it and threw it off. Her hand went to wrap itself around the neglected part of his cock, stroking it as she bobbed faster. Tendou moaned, as he began pushing her mouth further down. She began gagging making him pull her off his cock

“You okay?” He asked, rubbing her back while she tried catching her breath. She nodded, licking her lips,

“M-more…” She mumbled, and he bent down lower


She looked at him, her eyes lidded with lust making him freeze. She looked so different; it almost took him back. Y/n didn’t know what came over her but when he fucked her mouth earlier, the way his hands gripped her and moved her head. She began getting turned on again. It amazed her how she didn’t get frightened anymore, at least not by him. She enjoyed pleasing him.

Tendou groaned,

“Oh… Y/n…” Closing his eyes when he felt her tongue licking along his cock, she kissed his tip when she reached it. Tendou shuddered, when she grabbed his hands, putting them back on her head. She gave him a lewd look, about to wrap her lips around his dick again but he was quick to notice her rub and squeeze her thighs together. His lip twitched into a smirk; she was getting aroused too.

Y/n was taken back by his dirty grin when he let go of her hair, leaning back on her bed. She was confused but Tendou’s chuckling diverted her attention.

“Come here Y/n”

She climbed onto the bed, next to him. Before she could settle down next to him, she squeaked when he grabbed her hips.

“Satori!” She squealed, her face flushing when she found his cock in front of her face but she was clearly aware of his face nestling between her thighs.

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

Tendou spread her folds apart, eyeing her wet hole as it twitched. She moaned again when his lips wrapped around her clit, sucking on it. Her legs quivered, as she gripped his legs

“Stop... ngh! Satori! O-ooh”

Tendou could feel her panting against his cock, quickly releasing her clit, he rubbed her ass gently

“C’mon Y/n, don’t leave me hanging…”

She flushed, staring at his cock. She grabbed it, slowly bringing it back between her lips, Tendou grinned before he held her hips and plunged his tongue inside her, making her moan around his dick. Y/n could feel her hips trembling, moving them around his face. She wanted to feel embarrassed but the feeling of his tongue pushing deep inside her wet canal drove her wild.

“You’re dripping all over my mouth, you close baby?” Tendou asked, as she hummed light, bobbing her head harder on his shaft, making him groan. She could feel his cock throbbing against her tongue but Tendou was not about to cum first. He flicked her clit, resulting in Y/n grinding her hips against his face. She wrapped a hand around his cock, twisting and jerking what couldn’t fit in her mouth. Tendou could feel her walls tighten around his tongue, his fingers kept rubbing and playing with her harden nub. The lewd sounds of their ministrations filled the room only edged them further.

Tendou grabbed her hips, holding her in place as he pushed his face further into her pussy, moving his tongue as deep as he could, tasting all those delightful juices running down his tongue. She moaned, seeing sparks flash behind her eyelids as her hips shook, Tendou groaned, feeling his cock pulsate hard as he shamelessly licked up all of her juices spilling into his mouth

‘Fuck… I’m cumming…’

Y/n’s eyes widened when he spurted ropes of cum into her mouth. Tendou’s head fell back onto the mattress as he kept groaning in pleasure, with each rope of cum shooting out of him, and into her warm mouth. Y/n swallowed when she pulled off his cock, panting hard as she rolled off him.

“Satori… did I do okay?” She asked him while he tried to catch his breath. Tendou looked at her, a hazy grin adorning his features. She squeaked when he grabbed her arm and pulled her against him. She was pressed flush against him as one handheld her lower back.

“Okay…? You were incredible. You’ve gotten much better at oral!” He grinned and she blushed, hiding her face in his chest.

“Satori…” She whined but he rubbed her back soothingly

“Seriously Y/n, I’m really proud of you, you’ve come such a long way in such a short amount of time” He began, but she shook her head,

“It’s because of you, ’Tori…” She whispered, kissing his neck, making Tendou beam as he pulled her closer

“It’s not because of me, this was all you. You’ve been working really hard to overcome your fears and I’m honoured that I get to be by your side, each step of the way…”

One hand intertwined with hers, as Tendou sweetly titled his head to kiss her. Y/n wrapped her arms around his neck, melding her lips against his too. She loved kissing Tendou the most, there was something about the way he kissed her. She could always feel all that love he held for her, being transferred through his kisses. She loved the way his lips tasted (They were just as good as his chocolates)

When they parted, Y/n couldn’t help but stare at his face. His large eyes looking back at her in awe as they were gently nestled in her bed

“I really did miss you…” She said quietly, feeling yet another blush form. Tendou grinned, caressing her cheek

“I know… I really missed you too, that’s why I came back early… I didn’t want to be apart from you. I’m sorry for barging in like that…” He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck when she became red

“P-please knock, next time!”

He laughed again, snuggling her before he realised something.

“Oh yeah! Hold on, Cutie-chan”

She watched him get up as he quickly got up, grabbing his underwear to pull on before he rummaged through his work bag by her door. He was muttering to himself before he let out an


She smiled, sitting up when he brought a new box of chocolates in front of her eyes.

“Are these from your workshop!?” She asked in excitement and Tendou sat on the bed, opening the box

“Yep! These were made fresh this morning! Here, try them” He picked up a chocolate, holding it in front of her mouth. Her cheeks were tinted pink when he pushed the sweet treat between her lips. As she chewed, her eyes widened, looking at Tendou and he laughed,

“Pretty good, right?”

When she swallowed, she grabbed his shoulders, almost scaring him

“These are incredible! You’ve gotta sell them at Angelina or make a dessert with them. I can’t get over the flavours!” She beamed, making Tendou blush from her flattery.

Suddenly Y/n remembered the prize she won earlier today. She quickly stood up from the bed, grabbing Tendou’s discarded shirt as she pulled it over her form before she hastily left the room, leaving him confused

“What just happened…?” He muttered to himself, as he heard her shuffling in the lounge outside. A few seconds later, she appeared again. This time, her shy demeanour was back. Tendou noticed the paper she was clutching in her hands.

“What’s that?” He asked when she shyly sat down next to him. She pushed the brochure in his hands

“I won a prize today… Free dinner and a night’s stay at this hotel” She started while Tendou read the contents of the brochure in awe

“Whoa! I’ve heard about this place; it’s supposed to be a very fancy hotel! I’m so jealous, this looks awesome!” He whined, eyeing the photos of the fancy establishment. Y/n bit her lip as she fiddled with a lock of her hair

“I can bring someone with me…”

Tendou looked at her, tilting his head to the side as he observed her shy features

“D-do you want to come with me!?” She asked, a tad bit louder than she hoped but Tendou just grinned, he felt quite excited to spend a night a hotel with her. It would be different from their usual routines and dates. They hadn’t done anything fancy before, so why not now? Y/n squeaked when he hugged her tightly,

“Let’s go! I’m so happy, you asked me!” He beamed, pecking her nose before making her snuggle into him.

Y/n felt really happy, part of her was expecting Tendou to chicken out but she was pleased with his response.

“You’re so cute Y/n! I can’t wait for our date” He grinned, before he went to check his phone and her smiled dropped slightly


She didn’t want to be cute in his eyes, she wanted him to see her as more mature and sexier. Ohno’s words kept drifting in her mind. She was going to ‘sexify’ Y/n before this date and earlier the young girl was nervous but now, she wanted nothing more than to be sexified so that Tendou would realise that she could be seductive too. She definitely was not going to let her shyness get in the way. Tonight, she had done really well, she just needed a few tips.

‘Maybe I can ask Ohno-sama next week… I’ll call Nee-chan too… It’s been a while…’ Y/n suddenly remembered her older cousin who lived in Miyagi. Despite being a new mum, she was always gushing about her sex life with her husband to Y/n whenever they spoke on the phone. Often leaving Y/n, flushing by the end of their phone calls but she realised that her cousin was actually perfect to receive advice from.

‘That settles it, I’ll give her call her for sure!’

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