Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 16: The Day Before

Chapter 16

“What’s the matter with you Tendou-san? You’re unusually quiet today…” Ryo asked as she munched on her lunch, whereas Tendou was aimlessly stirring a post of chocolate, lost in his thoughts. Ryo wanted a few seconds before she got irritated, flicking a cherry tomato at him. Tendou shook his head, glaring at her before he picked up the tomato and threw it in the bin

“Nice aim!” Ryo cheered and he sighed. Ryo huddled her high stool closer to the counter, leaning forward

“Talk to me buddy”

Tendou looked at her, shrugging

“Our ‘date’ is tomorrow night…” He said quietly, avoiding eye contact as Ryo raised a brow ad thought for a second, before her eyes sparkled in excitement

“Oh!!! Its finally ‘the date’! Why don’t you look excited about it?” She asked confused and he bit his lip

“I am excited but… it’s a night at a hotel… what if I can’t control myself or something?” He asked, stopping his stirring motion as he looked at Ryo helplessly

‘Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve controlled myself these last few months…’ He thought before he hissed when Ryo pinched him

“Are you dumb!?” She yelled at him, grabbing his collar, almost pulling him over the counter. Tendou’s eyes widened

“Whoa! R-Ryo!?”

“Idiot! She’s invited you to the hotel because she clearly wants to go all the way! Do you honestly think she would even suggest going with her, without even thinking about what happens after dinner? No!” She smacked her hand on the table, making him almost jump in startlement

“I’m not stupid Ryo! Of course, I know what’s going to happen tomorrow! It’s just she doesn’t know what I’m really like in bed… If I get too rough, it might scare her for good… I don’t want her to be scared of me” He pouted, eyes dropping in shame and Ryo just rolled her eyes

“Look Tendou-sama, just because she’s uneasy around men, doesn’t mean she’s with you. I mean you guys have done a lot of kinky stuff so far. Don’t deny it… I’ve seen the hickeys on her neck… If she was uneasy with you, there would be no way, she would let you touch her… There’s a reason why she asked you out, Cutie-chan is indirectly showing you how much she trusts you”

She let go of Tendou’s collar, huffing as she stuffed another forkful of her lunch into her mouth, shaking her head

“Honestly… when we used to go drinking, you were super smooth with the ladies… Why are you acting like a boy who’s never seen a pair of tits before?”

Tendo glared at her, straightening his uniform

“Because those women aren’t anything like Y/n. I like waking up next to her, instead of having to grab my clothes and sneak out like the others… I genuinely love Y/n” He said, a blush on his face as Ryo gave a pleased smile, crossing her arms and nodding

“And I know she loves you too, anyone can see it from a mile away! The way she looks at you, it makes me envious. I wished she looked at me that way too” Ryo sighed dreamily, making Tendou’s eye twitched, flicking her forehead in annoyance

“Ouch! What’d you do that for, asshole!?” Ryo scowled and he pulled his phone out, pointing at the picture of Y/n as his wallpaper.


Ryo rolled her eyes,

“Geez… I’m talking about how much she loves you and you only picked up on my infatuation with Cutie-chan. Chill out, I’m not gonna steal thisgirlfriend of yours…” She sipped her drink as Tendou nodded in appreciation before she froze

“Wait… what do you mean by ’this girlfriend’ of mine?” He asked her, raising his brow.

Ryo whistled, Tendou didn’t know she hooked up with Elise… Oops

She quickly glanced at her watch,

“Oh man, my break ended a while back… Gotta bounce!” She declared, jumping off her stool, leaving Tendou flabbergasted.

“Remember, Y/n is way stronger than you think. Don’t ruin this for her!” She called as she entered the café. Tendou was still confused by her sudden abruptness but he chose to leave it be, he had a feeling that it was something he shouldn’t pry about.

Tendou thought about Y/n, he wasn’t stupid, he knew she had been anticipating the moment when they would finally have sex. Just from how active she started becoming during their intimate moments. Being together for almost half a year, he saw how much she changed in a little amount of time around him. From the way, she would talk enthusiastically about things, to initiating cuddles and sometimes kisses with him. When they first met, she was so deep inside her own shell, sheltered in the walls of her apartment to now happily going out in public with him. In the span of six months, Tendou watched Y/n become more and more lively, her eyes shone so much brighter now.

He felt his heart skip a beat, thinking of her sweet face. It must have taken her so much courage to ask him about the hotel…. Ryo was right, Y/n was showing him how much she trusted him.

If Y/n was truly ready, he wasn’t going to prolong it any further.


Y/n sighed as she packed the final documents on her desk into her work bag. It had been two weeks since she had invited Tendou to spend a night at the hotel with her. They decided on this weekend. Tomorrow night, she was finally going to convince him to go all the way. Her cheeks were flushed

“Come along Y/n, stop dragging your feet!” Ohno said as she marched past Y/n’s desk towards the elevator

“C-coming!” She squeaked, rushing behind Ohno-sama. Ohno grinned before she told her assistant to take Y/n’s bag

“Oh no… um… it’s okay, I can hold it”

Ohno’s assistant ignored her, taking her work bag and placing it on her shoulder

“Ok.” Y/n sweat dropped, Ohno gripped Y/n’s shoulder

“Alright, so your date’s, tomorrow right? What time?” She asked

“Dinner is reserved at 9:00… so…” Before Y/n could continue, Ohno looked at her assistant

“Book the salon tomorrow for 7:00pm, hair and makeup.”

Y/n gasped, feeling herself go a little pale

“Sa-salon!? Ohno-sama, isn’t that too much? Makeup?”

Ohno glanced at Y/n, while her assistant ignored Y/n and was already on call with the salon as they walked to Ohno’s car

“Nonsense Y/n, once in a while, it’s nice to treat yourself. People should groom themselves from time to time…” She gripped Y/n’s chin, making the younger woman blush as Ohno moved her face around, staring intensely, humming

“Besides, you’re beautiful as it is… You don’t need any heavy makeup, we’ll go light. Have you ever been to a salon before?” Ohno asked and Y/n bit her lip in awkwardness. She hadn’t gone to as salon since the stalker… She was too afraid. Her hair was very long and unkempt now, she didn’t have the courage to cut her own hair

“I haven’t been to one in over a year…”

Ohno just nodded,

“It’s alright, treat yourself tomorrow! I’ll be joining you anyways, need to trim my bob. Tell your boyfriend that you will meet him at the restaurant tomorrow. You will be fashionably late because you’re gonna walk into that hotel with a BANG! He’s gonna be shaking in his boots from how sexy you’re gonna look!” She laughed, swishing her hair, making Y/n giggle and blush before she looked out of the car window. Her eyes widened as they drove past Angelina

“Oh! That’s where Satori works!” She said excitedly and Ohno grinned looking at the shop

“Looks like a fancy café! I’ll definitely drop by soon. Too bad, we can’t stop now to meet your boyfriend but it’s time to sexify you!”

Y/n blushed, looking at her lap

Right… Sexify…

After a small discussion about her date for tomorrow, Y/n found herself standing in a boutique with Ohno. A variety of fancy clothes displayed on mannequins around the shop. A store clerk recognised Ohno, quickly hugging her before she greeted Y/n, declaring they needed a dress.

“She’s having dinner at a fancy hotel, so something that’s not too daring… and please no frills, pastels or pinks. Nothing girly, I want something mature” Ohno said, looking at Y/n’s clothes. She blushed, cursing herself for the pink ruffled blouse and beige trousers she wore today… Most of her wardrobe was super girly… but she liked it

(AN: Idgaf if you don’t like the colour pink or girly shit. Y/n likes cute things, so keep in mind that her nature and the things she likes are always sweet and cute… So plz don’t crib about my MC’s nature, her sweet nature is a highlight behind this story. Besides… I like girly things too, which people find weird now because I used to be a tomboy when I was younger lmaooo :3)

The store clerk didn’t miss a beat, she led the women to the dressing room. Ohno sat on the velvet sofa, across Y/n’s changing room, waiting as the clerk went on a hunt for dresses. Y/n shyly sat next to her, fiddling with her thumbs, a blush on her face

“Ohno-sama, do you think I can be sultry? I.. don’t know how to flirt or um… do much when we are alone… He thinks I’m cute, he always says it… like maybe every two minutes when we’re together… he sometimes calls me sexy but… I don’t know if he just says it because of the heat of the moment…”

Y/n sighed, thinking of all the times Tendou referred to her as cute. Ohno just grinned, looking at Y/n, before she smacked her back lightly, making Y/n sit up straight

“Y/n, don’t pressure yourself… Our intention today is not to make you change yourself completely. We are just going out of your comfort zone because I want you to see yourself in another light. We are doing this for you. Every woman has the power within her to be sexy, it’s all about confidence. Being cute is a wonderful thing, but being sexy… you’ll know what I mean..” Ohno muttered as the clerk walked with a few dresses on hand. Y/n’s eyes widened at the dark colours. She didn’t own anything super dark, seeing the contrasting colours of deep wines, blacks, burgundies, reds made her a little shy.

Ohno grinned,

“Nice picks! Alright Y/n, get in the changing room and show me your sexiness!” She declared making Y/n flush as Ohno pushed her into the changing room, closing the door behind her. Y/n frowned looking at the dresses, she reluctantly tried on a plain black dress, it felt a bit too long for her stature…

“Are you dressed?” Ohno called from the other side

“Y-yes!” She squeaked, opening the door as Ohno hummed for a second, looking deep in thought

“It’s weird seeing you in black… I like it but no. Next!” She declared, as Y/n defeatedly walked into the changing room. She tried on all the clothes, but some dresses were too suggestive, some were unflattering, none of them felt right…

Feeling her shoulders slump, she was about to give up

“Ohno-sama, I think I should try a jumpsuit or something… I don’t look nice in any of these…” She said quietly opening the changing room door, only to see Ohno was gone. Confused, until she heard the clacking of Ohno’s heels. She had a triumphant look on her face

“I know I said no pinks… but I decided that we could meet in the middle. I think I found the perfect dress. Now, before you panic about the spaghetti straps. I want you to try it first. No buts…”

The clerk hung the plain champagne pink satin dress on the rack as Y/n stared at it. The colour was perfect, but the dress looked figure hugging and it looked short too. Ohno observed Y/n’s hesitation, after knowing the girl for a year, she had hardly seen Y/n show any skin.

“Y/n… Try it, if you don’t like it, we can go somewhere else! Don’t worry” She consoled Y/n, who looked at Ohno. She felt bad, her mentor had gone out of her way to help her and she didn’t want to dismiss her.


Ohno put a hand on her shoulder,

“Remember, you want to look different for Tendou tomorrow night. It’s special for both of you. There’s nothing wrong in being a bit daring, just think about his reaction when he sees you” Ohno said gently and Y/n nodded,

“I’ll try it!”

“Great! Don’t forget to try these heels with them when you come out” The clerk said, handing Y/n shoes.

Ohno and the clerk, cheered leaving the changing room. Y/n untied her changing gown yet again, she felt the soft material of the dress. It was pulling her in, she unzipped it and slowly pulled it on. Her face was bursting red when she zipped it up.

It was indeed figure hugging as she expected. It felt a little revealing, but her breath hitched when she saw herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to toot her own horn, but she did look pretty good. Y/n turned to observe her derriere in the dress, giving herself an appreciative nod. Now all she could think about was Tendou’s reaction if he saw her in this dress. It was lowkey getting her excited, there’s no way she looked cute now. She looked and felt sexy.

“Come out Y/n!” Ohno called out, the young girl sheepishly opened the door and walked out, only to blush when Ohno and the clerk’s eyes widened, both at a loss for words

“Um….” She began but Ohno held a hand out, quickly standing as her and the clerk circled Y/n.

“Damn kid! Look at what you’ve been hiding! Look at those curves!” Ohno gushed, causing Y/n to blush

(AN: In this chapter, Ohno-sama legit reminds me of my older sister… they have similar personalities lmaooo, from being divas to great support systems…. You can say, I based Ohno-sama on my sister :p Anywayssss….)

“Don’t you miss being young? If I had Y/n’s body right now, I’d wear stuff like this every day!” Ohno fanned herself making Y/n blush

“You really think it suits me?” She asked and Ohno nodded

“It’s perfect, just look at yourself Y/n!” She said excitedly, pushing Y/n in front of the mirror. The store clerk fluffed Y/n’s hair before she bent and pulled the dress down a little more to cover her knees but expose her cleavage more, making Y/n flush as she tried to pull the neck up but alas, Ohno stopped her.

“B-but isn’t this showing too much skin!?” Y/n began and Ohno just snapped her fingers, making the store clerk, pull out a fancy shawl and drape it over her shoulders

“There you go, now don’t you look stunning. You can wear this shawl when you’re walking into the restaurant but take it off when you guys are sitting. You’ve gotta use your charms to seduce him! You don’t want him to call you cute again, now do you?” She asked and Y/n bit her lip, shaking her head

“No, I don’t want that…”

Ohno nodded, hands on her hips

“That settles it then, we’re getting the dress!”

Y/n changed and thanked the clerk as she handed her the shopping bag with her new dress, packed neatly in it. Ohno smirked, leading her out.

“Alright, let’s put this in my car and head to the next shop!” She declared and Y/n stopped

“N-next shop!? But we already bought the dress Ohno-sama!”

Ohno hummed, putting the bag inside her car boot

“Yeah, and now, we have to buy what goes underneath your dress” She casually said, and Y/n felt her face flush


Y/n stood in the middle of the lingerie shop, eyes not knowing where to go. She usually ordered hers online so being in a store with a variety of lingerie (from plain to downright kinky) was a new experience. Ohno hummed a tune to herself as she picked out a variety of kinky lingerie

“O-Ohno-sama, I cant wear these! These sets are so daring and too revealing!” Y/n said embarrassed at the lingerie in Ohno’s hands. Ohno gave her a confused look

“These are for me.”

Y/n sweatdropped,


Ohno just chuckled before she turned,

“Pick something out for yourself, go on!” Ohno urged as Y/n sheepishly walked around the store, looking at the mannequins and lingerie sets hanging on the hangers. Eventually her eyes landed on a frilly pink set, she lifted it up and went back to Ohno, showing her

“Aww, this is adorable!” Ohno said before her fake smile dropped into a frown


Y/n gasped when Ohno flung the pink set to the side (AN: Legit, no fucks given)

“O-Ohno-sama!” She squeaked

No cute lingerie Y/n. Plus remember the dress you’re wearing has thin straps, you need to opt for a strapless bra and the material of the dress is satin, no panties, let’s get you a thong. That way, you can avoid panty lines, they seriously kill a dress”

Y/n’s face was bright red, she covered her eyes

“A th-thong!? I-I can’t…” She stammered and Ohno just laughed

“Y/n, you’re too funny kid. It’ll be fine, when you wear sexy lingerie, you feel sexy too. I’ve seen your figure in that dress, its honestly killer. Tendou will fuck you in no time!” She beamed and Y/n felt like she would melt into a puddle of shame.

“D-Don’t say such things out loud! People will hear!” She squeaked, blushing and Ohno just laughed. Was this what shopping with a daughter felt like? She wasn’t sure but she enjoyed spending time with Y/n, the girl was trying her best to get out of her comfort zone and Ohno was appreciative.

“Relax Y/n, majority of the women here are buying sexy lingerie for the same reason. Either they want to seduce their partners, or they just want to look sexy for themselves, it’s an open and safe space here! Lingerie has the power to tune up one’s confidence. In fact, I think I found the perfect set for you” She smirked, and Y/n’s eyes widened when her vision followed Ohno-sama’s.

“O-oh no….” She stammered but Ohno’s grin became wider and she nodded in approval

“Oh yes…. Prepare your dick, Tendou Satori because Y/n’s going to look like a sex bomb tomorrow night!” She announced and Y/n whined in embarrassment


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